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How am I supposed to conserve ammo and avoid fights when the zombies are as wide as the hallways and I physically can't get past them?

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You have to kill the ones who are really in the way and avoid the others, game is crap though.

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You're right, literally nobody was able to do it and thus nobody beat the game, which made it never become popular so it didn't spawn a series

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You use the environment around you. Luring zombies into more open areas, having them chase you around tables, and so on. You can also conserve ammo by going for headshots. The whole idea is that you have to be tactical. Some zombies in narrow high-traffic areas need to be killed. Others are in one-off rooms and you can just ignore them

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Don't kill zombies. It's a scrub/noob method.
Just strike them with a knife IN THE LEGS a couple times, they fall, you run past. A LOT of ammo is saved this way.

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Push her down, Son

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Because you are supposed to know which ones to fight and which to avoid.

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A thread died for this garbage.

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It was most likely a bowsette thread so its a good thing

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Shoot them, or use your knife.
There's an advantage in just running past or escaping enemies, but there's also times where you have no choice.
Don't try to slice/stab the Hunters though, they'll hack your head off.

Personally, years of FPS has hardwired me to the "search and destroy" mindset, meaning I usually make sure to kill every enemy I encounter in games, which is something you actually *can do* in Resident Evil, but it's a lot less smooth at some parts, particularly on higher difficulties.
You don't make life easier for yourself by this method, but what it does do is give you some peace of mind, unless you get yourself hurt like an asshole, or use too much ammo.

Also, the flamethrower that you find much later, is complete dogshit, it can reach maybe about the length of you stretching your arm, and does poor damage, I wouldn't hold on to it longer than I had to.
Save your inventory space for literally anything else.
I forget, did you actually need that hunk of shit to progress in the original, or was that added in the REmake? It's been a while.

What a fucking remarkably plain and uninteresting flavor of the month.

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Have you tried the game without auto aim?

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>Don't try to slice/stab the Hunters
You DO know you can LITERALLY stun-lock Hunters with a knife? Knife is BEST weapon against Hunters.

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When you can physically get past them, you do, and when you can't--that's exactly what you conserve ammo for.

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I did not, I kind of hurry to shoot them instead.

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If the zombie is as wide as the hallway, you take them out. You should have more than enough ammo conserved from avoiding other zombies.
If the zombie is in a tight hallway, but there is space to barely move around them, wait until the zombie's shambling leaves them walking into a wall, then run past them.

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Oh man if the zombies are giving you a hard time you're fucked when the hunters show up.

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>you're fucked when the hunters

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all you'll get is tryhard answers (maybe this is just a dog whistle for the same autists as always) just shoot them mate. Play Jill, explore until you get a Shotgun or Grenade Launcher and play the friggen game.

It's not worth breaking down tank stutter stepping, backwards-baiting into wide arcs or wall grinding. Its defs not worth the mundane couple of hours of grinding out the knife if this is your first playthrough. Fuck, I can't even talk about these games anymore despite loving them - they've become such a tribe of shouting.

I like to carry a handgun, no ammo, secondary weapon and herb most of the time but I like speed running or knifing the games. Have fun, clear enemies that are in hallways you are always running through and WAIT FOR BARRY.

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Is knife good enough to be used this way in the first game?

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We ARE talking about first game here, you dumb shit. It doesn't work in many games past first one, because they've reworked how zombies react when they're being hit in legs and falling, to circumvent such "cheating". In BIOHAZARD when you're capping a zombie it just falls and you can run past it while it's lying there. Since BIOHAZARD 2 Dual Shock Ver. and later on (Last Escape, Code Veronica, and etc), when you're hitting a zombie in the legs it'll be falling down like usual, BUT it'll will try to GRAB you as it's falling down, so a knife-abusing tactic immediately becomes a no-go since you have to be close to zombie for this to work and thus you're bound to get grabbed when it's falling towards you. You can still knee cap them from behind, though (not working well in Last Escape and later ones, though, since they've also made zombies turn much faster). Also, in B2 DSV and later, if you DO managed to get zombie fall down while not grabbing you, it will NOT fall into a stunned state (like in the first game), but in a CRAWLING state, so it'll still be able to attack you. All of this makes close range knife usage in any game past first one essentially useless, or at the very least much more dangerous and thus risk/reward ratio is much worse. This is especially bad case with Last Escape, as this game takes place before B2 and zombies in it are considered technically "fresh" (in B2 they're "withered", weaker and slower), so they move much faster, much more resilient and aggressive.

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You just reminded me that RE knife shit was the first true video game autism.

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Jesus anon you might want to get that 'tism checked.

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Ah you :)

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>somebody provides a long and detailed post contributing lots of info

I would tell you to go back to Ieddit and stop treating 4chan as your personal shitposting grounds but we all know it's too late for that and this website has been ruined forever by fucktards like you

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I enjoyed that more than I should have.

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I like Code Veronica and its super knife.

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t. an autist

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t. normalfag cancer

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What gun is he holding?

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SWEET HOME came way before first BIOHAZARD, so no.

Go and slit your wrists, itchy fagshit.

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I also should've mentioned right away from the very beginning, but forgot to do so, that in REmake capping zombies with a knife and NOT killing them is ESSENTIAL, since this way not only do you preserve ammo in considerable amounts, but ZOMBIES ALSO NEVER TURN CRIMSONS DUE TO THEM NOT BEING KILLED! Sure, SCRIPTED "dead" zombies (ones which were already "dead" by the time you come into a location, like the fagshit in the arrow corridor) still turn Crimson if you don't burn them right away, but REGULAR ones, those which stand/walk, need to be KILLED first for them to turn Crimsons later, and since you're never killing them via knife and just running past when they're falling down, they'll NEVER turn Crimsons any. However, please do take into consideration that, UNLIKE the original PSOne release, REmake has ALL of the behavioral "additions" and "upgrades" which were made in B2DSV and later games, so in REmake in particular zombies try to grab you when they're falling down and when they fall they most often than not (this is actually controlled by difficulty level you've selected) will be falling into a crawling state instead of just stunned, so bad risk/reward ratio is fully present in REmake, a thing original BIOHAZARD release doesn't have. The only thing from the later games which REmake's zombies lack in their behavior, is movement and turning speed of Last Escape, which is logical since BIOHAZARD's and REmake's zombies are not "fresh" at all (they're actually quite weaker than even B2's "withered" ones) by game's canon. Only Crimsons are fast and aggressive.

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>saving ammo
>in RE
for what purpose? even in arrange mode, the hardest old RE ever got, you'd still have more than enough ammo to kill 90% of enemies

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>Arrange mode, the hardest old RE ever got
Original uncut/unaltered very first release of BIOHAZARD with Chris, you dumb motherfucker.

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so you really shouldn't neutralize any zombies at all except those absolutely required?
sounds boring

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Depends on what you're trying to achieve.
Wasting ammo on zombies in REmake and then either wasting fuel or dealing with a shitton of Crimsons later is a no-go for any speedrunner or just a person which wants to beat game fast to get high rank and bonuses, for example.

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not even close dumpass
all that version has is no auto aim, and all chris has is 2 less spaces but a lot more health

have you even played arrange mode in RE1?

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You never played the goddamn game, holy shit.

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I read you're supposed to conserve ammo in this game so I did, and ended up with loads of bullets after the last boss on both difficulties.

I think people just mean, don't shoot literally every zombie you see.

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if we're talking about the original release of biohazard and not resident evil, that's literally the easiest version of RE1
arrange mod doesn't pull punches and is honestly the hardest of any of the classic REs outside of CV with improper item managing

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1. Arrange (ESPECIALLY Green Arrange) gives MORE bullets and health items.

2. The ONLY thing which it differs at from Standard, is different locations of puzzle items and different pathway/layouts of enemies (it's like playing same stage of Tenchu, but with different Layout).

Enemies are NOT harder and you are NOT weaker. It's just that you're a fucking scrubshit that can't play for jack shit.

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mmmm its pretty far on the spectrum, but still better then literal autists running and rerunning the games on twitch or the usual slew of waifufaggotry. I found a lot of joy knife running the series (maybe not Final "A" Birkin). But you have to spend a lot of repetitious and tedious time learn enemy patterns and mob formations. If its not your thing then that's fine.

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>someone's much better than me, i'll call it autism and come off as the winner

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I've heard a couple hours ago from my gamer neighbor, who's a MASSIVE RE-anything nerd, that in first Resident Evil non-Director's Cut, as well as REmake and also Deadly Silence on DS, you can actually control and deliberately increase the Critical Hit chance of handguns when playing as Chris, as Chris is a high tier marksman by series' lore and thus can do more precise shots. According to the info, the initial Crit chance is 5% for both Chris and Jill, but when playing as Chris you can actually up the percentage significantly (to something like 40 or even 50 percent!) if you do the following: aim at the zombie for longer than 5 seconds while NOT moving at all (steady aim) and then try to fire and aim the gun upwards at almost the same time in a couple first frames when Chris' animation goes from body aim to the upward aim. My neighbor said he was landing crits (destroying the head) each 3-rd to 4-th shot by doing this, but this doesn't work in Director's Cut and Director's Cut Dual Shock.

Can someone confirm or debunk this? Please note that it's not supposed to make EVERY shot a crit, but it massively increases crit percentage on game's internal counter (it's 5% by default). This also supposedly doesn't work with Jill at all, only Chris.

Basically what this implies is that Chris, due to being a sharpshooter in the team by the series' lore, can aim better if he has enough time (5 seconds of not moving while aiming) and then he can land headshots much more often if he instantly shoots while he changes aim from middle to upper.

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>Enemies are NOT harder and you are NOT weaker
first of all that's bullshit and you never played arrange mode
zombies not only can kill you in 1-2 bites as jill depending on whether or not you mash to get them off, but there are a significantly more hunters in the game and they DO NOT allow themselves to be stunlocked to death as they are not only invulnerable once they get back up, but also immediately go in for a jump attack, plus the chimeras are actually introduced a LOT earlier and replace hunters for the third part of the game and are SIGNIFICANTLY harder

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>invulnerable once they get back up
You were just confirmed for being utter fucking scrubshit that doesn't know jack shit on terminology and what stunlocking is.

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I swear I've heard this too. I also swear that Chris would have this animation where he slightly rotates his shoulder for aim. Lets player know to shoot.

Its possible that was some other game but I'd be fucked to know which one

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>hunter gets shot
>goes down
>gets up
>screeches to tell yo it can be shot
>hunters goes down
>gets up
>jumps mid-air and beheads you, can't be shot during this

are you just autistic or am I being baited

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Holy shit you're a fucking MORON. Just...WOOOOOW you're DUUUUUMB.

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Are you thinking of Kevin (RPD guy) from RE: Outbreak? He had a "potshot" mechanic where he would reposition his arms after aiming for a few seconds; it made his next shot a critical.

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Statistically speaking, the knife is only slightly weaker than the handgun. In RE2 though it's completely useless, doing 3 damage to a zombie that has 80-120 health (handgun does about 12 to zombies).

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That must have been it. I knew it was in one of the RE games

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You're a retard? He said Chris in original pre-Director's Cut RE, and also in REmake with Deadly Silence.

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>RE 2 knife
Oh god, this uneducated imbecile AGAIN, huh?
Here's a (you), you moron: you can stunlock the flying fucks out of Lickers with a knife in RE 2, exactly like with Hunters in first RE. This is because, aside from new moves, lickers' first close-range attack is a claw swipe. ALWAYS. And it's EXACTLY same as Hunters' claw swipe in first RE. You can stunlock the flying fucks out of those morons with a knife.

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Good thread.

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no, I think most people are fucking autists who seem to obsess over how OTHER people could play these easy ass games without their superior knowledge. Fucking speedfags almost convince people that the door loading times are a hindrance and should be removed.

Just use the fucking gun. Just don't carry spare ammo and use it between boxes, idk.


...and you get chucklefucks like this dude arguing with people not exploiting the same game mechanics as him, killing another chance of discussion. Just fucking walk around the Licker its fucking blind and they only mob (1) ONCE in the Lab in a way that is a pain. Jesus fuck.

>> No.5069128

>door loading times are a hindrance and should be removed
They've added option of "press action button several times fast during door/ladder/screen transitioning to skip the scene and load location immediately" since Deadly Silence, you dumb shit. It's a real thing. It's in DS, REmake's HD Remaster and HD remaster of Zero, even though they weren't there in original Gamecube releases of REmake and Zero. It's not about speedrunners, you dumb fuck, they've implemented it because of Deadly Silence.

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>Just use the fucking gun.
Scrubshit. You're utter fucking lamer and an absolute noob that doesn't know or understand jack shit on any of the BIOHAZARD's intricacies/quirks.

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>Just fucking walk around the Licker its fucking blind
"Hitboxes? Nope, never heard of them".
Holy shit what a truly miserable, totally lame cocksucker you are. Just...wow.

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>because of deadly silence
I mean first of all they were in the OG PC releases but whatever

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Never played those ones, so that's that. I base my info purely only on my own personal playing experience, so I can say only for those things which I've played. Interesting, I'll check that out.

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nigga I've beaten those knife runs, I'm over the series for a year or so at least by now. You apparently can't accept depth of gameplay variety, but I think we've realised now that you're just the God Tier Gamer I can never hope to be.

Any tips on Knife fighting the Alligator, champ? That one was a pickle.

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U seem MA

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The people in this thread cannot truly be this pathetic. But wouldn't be surprised seeing its RE fans

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>conserve ammo
literally just run past everything you can and kill what you cant run past, i ended up with 60 shotgun shells 24 flame rounds, 30 magnum rounds and like 6 redgreen herbs/FAS
my only problem is that even though i have the PC version and completed the game with no saves in under 2 hours and DIDNT get the ingram for jill or the mini for chris

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And people think the Sonic fanbase is awful and autistic.

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>tfw never played chris
should i do it?

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I've honestly never completed either RE1 or REmake as Chris. Jill is my waifu and I just can't quit her

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want a real challenge? play chris for the first time in arrange mode in DC or rebirth mode for DS, shit gets wacky

but personally, I rarely played chris because he's just... not a cute girl

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You dont kill everything in sight.

>> No.5069318

>less item slots
>no barry husbando
>no jill waifu
>no master of unlocking

chris a shit

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i always play as chris, hes based

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>You can also conserve ammo by going for headshots
This isn't Resident Evil 4

>> No.5069363

You can still point up when they're close to shoot them in the head, m8.

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>he doesnt know
you can aim upwards and shoot for a headshot, works most of the time with shotguns and it increases the chance for headshots on pistols/does more damage
way to show your autistic rage of RE4 at every oppertunity

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For shotguns sure, for pistols to get the upwards shot you have to be close enough to where immediately after you'll be bitten

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i have a feeling this person is under age!

pic related (you)

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but you dont, you can aim up and midway through aiming up you can shoot that can hit a zombie halfway across the room or is that RE2?

>> No.5069419

>it increases the chance for headshots on pistols
Only Chris and only in non-Director's Cut/Dual Shock, apparently. Also, that's just a rumor for now, since no confirmation/debunk was provided by anyone.

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well it must be true since i got more headshots than usual by aiming upwards

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he does get best cute girl rebecca
it's a shame it wasn't chris and barry's budy cop adventure vs jill and rebecca's college experimentation adventure

>> No.5069498

> Jill: lockpicks, grenade/napalm/acid launcher, more inventory slots
why am I gonna choose Chris?

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Chris is Very Hard mode (applied over other modes, so it's essentially "even more HARD over already selected Hard in game's menu) in very first original uncut Japanese BIOHAZARD release (the 1.0, basically), while in later updates/releases he's just Hard. Either way, when you're playing as him it's basically adding double the Hard on top of the other Hard modes you can select. For example, if you're playing on Arrange or Green Arrange (which both are Easy and Very Easy modes, respectively), selecting Chris would essentially make game "Normal", while playing as Jill will be "Very Very Easy/Training" in that regard.

You again, you fucking imbecile?
Anons, don't listen to this retarded shithead, he spouts BULLSHIT. Arrange mode is EASIER than Standard game.

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See >>5067471.

>> No.5069517

The grenade launcher ammo glitch cheat still works with Chris, though.

>> No.5069519

He can take more damage and does more damage with the knife, and gets healing from Rebecca. In all honesty, he should've had the extra two inventory slots.

>> No.5069524

no, I earnestly need help with the Alligator knife fight, I've even landed like 28 stabs in one fight before but its really hard.

>> No.5069538

you're thinking of rookie mod, spud

>> No.5069556


Did you mean mode?

>> No.5069618

Semantics now? Fuck off.

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just skipped to random part of the video and holy shit he merc'd those dogs with the knife. I didn't know that was possible

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>shoot zombie
>green blood
do i have the censored version?

>> No.5070989

Yes. Did the opening cinematic show any dogs being shot?

>> No.5071263

no, where can i get the uncensored PC version?

>> No.5071281

No idea. Here's the uncensored intro though.


>> No.5071462

It's just German, or Saturn release.

>> No.5071672

German version of RE1 was never censored. It's the same as the American version, B/W intro, Chris isn't allowed to smoke, can't see the Kenneth's head at the first zombie encounter.
RE2 was straight banned and only re-released last year on PSN.
RE3 was censored, grey blood, zombies despawn immediately when they're killed, no headshots, and Mercenary mode is unwinnable because only dogs give time bonuses.
RE4 removed Assignment Ada and Mercenaries so you can't get the Handcannon or the Chicago Typewriter on GC. Since Typewriter is the bonus for clearing Separate Ways in any other version, you can get it from PS2 onwards.
All the other RE's have been uncensored since then, except Umbrella Corps. No blood, iirc. Umbrella Chronicles was banned, Darkside Chronicles uncensored, even though it contains a more gory/realistic retelling of RE2 without any of the puzzles and focus on shooting.

>> No.5071673

>Umbrella Corps
I meant ORC.

>> No.5071968

>RE2 was straight banned
PC had German release, it has green blood and bodies don't explode/limbs don't fall off.

>> No.5072043

DS version has green blood as default but you can change it

>> No.5072219

The GC version is the same unless you set the system language to English, but the game was never officially re-released here on physical media, instead straight out banned again. It only re-released in Austria and Switzerland, since they generally don't ban or censor games and stick with the PEGI rating system instead of our USK. The PSN version along with Nemesis is the uncensored NTSC version.

>> No.5072239

You have a knife

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>mfw hitler was austrian

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You shoot a zombie 1 to 6 six times, then knife it. Adjust for skill

>> No.5072598


That guy is right. Resident evil as a game in fact was never beaten. The clips on youtube are mostly spliced together fakes. I firmly believe that one day this game will be beaten by a talented gamer. But till then we can only hope!

>> No.5072623

Lickers take 8 damage from the knife, and have 85-125 HP, meaning that's 11-16 strikes. It's easier to just avoid them. The knife wastes an inventory slot.

>> No.5072625

I'd rather have an option to turn them off completely.

>> No.5072634

you can mod them out of REmake and RE0, dont know why people havent modded them out for the PC releases of 1 2 and 3

>> No.5072758

Gamecube's version is just a port of Dreramcast's release.

>> No.5072761

It's funny that there's a pic of RE1 when it's literally the easiest game in the series, I mean if you wait in a spot the zombies will just start walking into walls and shit.

>> No.5072763

You don't shoot a zombie, just knife it and run past when it falls down = pure skill.

You seriously missing/deliberately ignoring on the point here. What matters here is only the mere FACT you can stunlock the flying fucks out of Hunters and Lickers with just a knife, thus killing and getting corridors/rooms rid off of them for free. Yes, time consuming and thus no-go for speedrunners, but a very good solution for people who just play the game for 100500-th time and want to conserve ammo some. Most retarded and WRONG thing ever is to waste shotgun or grenade or MUGNUM ammo on Hunters/Lickers. And standard handgun is downright useless unless you're counter-striking in mid of their jumping animation (which is dangerous as fuck and thus risk/reward ratio is utter shit), since it doesn't have stopping power at all when they're on the ground.

>> No.5072817

they only walk into the walls when they dont see you, also what do you expect from brainless idorts?

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so are there any good mods?

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probably not

>> No.5072884

there's a mod for the pc version of re 1 to make it into director's cut. honestly though the best modding on classic re is being done on 1.5 and the re 2 sourcenext version.

>> No.5072894

That's not true at all. Even if they have literally a clear path of vision to you, they will start going into walls after a few steps.Very noticeable in the room before Richard.

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>no proofs

>> No.5072996

There are, for HD remasters REmake and Zero.
And you can bet your fucking ass B2R will be the modded the flying shits out of, when it gets released/pirated to PC.

>> No.5072997

>RE to make it into Director's Cut
Why, WHY anyone would want to do such abominable shit to the game!?

>> No.5073073

because the director's cut is the superior PS1 RE1?

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>> No.5073162

what's so wrong with it outside of the soundtrack? it's been years since I played it but other than the soundtrack I remember it being fine.

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gonna make a survival horror game, what are the do's and dont's?

>> No.5073303

Don't get a fanbase like RE

>> No.5073310

how do i avoid that?

>> No.5073315

stick in this thread and ignore the SH one. There are billions of indie horror games trying to be SH, but very few trying to be RE.

>> No.5073317

People will hate me for it but the remastered version has full 360° movement without the tank controls and is a better version overall

>> No.5073320

Don't make it first person and rely entirely on jump scares. It's been done (and is still being done) to death.

>> No.5073327

Don't make us guess what you were thinking or have to know a particular real world skill to solve puzzles. Silent Hill 1 and Echo Night can fuck off for that.

If you're going to be like Resident Evil, be like the second one. More ammo, wider hallways, make it easier to avoid fights. Or better yet, be like Dino Crisis.

>> No.5073335
File: 61 KB, 500x980, Drlem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Make sure the hit boxes are precise. If I'm out of range of an enemy, I should NOT be getting grabbed or hit by an enemy. Galerians can fuck off for that.

>> No.5073346

Survival horror is ultimately a resource management game. Don't make enemies bullet sponges like Dementium.

>> No.5073347

Speaking of Galerians, when designing bosses consider the mobility of the player character. If I move like molasses the boss shouldn't be running around the room at 1000 mph.

>> No.5073360

Oh and if you're trying to make the game actually scary and atmospheric instead of deliberately campy like Resident Evil, better to have no voice acting than shit voice acting. Look at Deep Fear as evidence of that.

>> No.5073371
File: 1012 KB, 320x240, 1527478258899.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks for all the feedback bros

i cant afford voice actors anyway

>> No.5073374

No cheap jump scares either. You want to know how to do it right, look at the interrogation room in Resident Evil 2.

>> No.5073395

I think it's really cool that some people had the tenacity and talent to do things like knife runs in the game. Man, I just do not have the time or patience to figure that shit out. Seeing speedruns of it are pretty cool though.

>> No.5073482

I know you will probably not even see this but my autism got a bit triggered so here you are


>> No.5073523

Arrange Mode is fun.

>> No.5073769

>What's so wrong with it outside of the soundtrack?
Soundtrack is same, you're mistaking with Dual Shock Ver.
As for "wrong" things in comparison to original: it's easier (even when playing as Chris on """""hardest""""" difficulties available), cut/censored content galore, Rebecca's default costume design is DRASTICALLY different (though NOT bad. It's just NOT same costume as in the original), introduced new glitches/bugs which weren't present in the original.

It basically goes like this:
Original uncut/uncensored very first Japanese release (it's very important to denote it exactly like this, as even Japanese release got several "silent revisions" later which made things worse, so very first ever release should be basically called "ver 1.0" and it's the BEST rendition of BIOHAZARD, outside of REmake) > REmake's HD remaster > Deadly Silence > REmake > Director's Cut >>>>> Donkey Piss > Monkey Diarrhea Shit > Dual Shock Ver.

>> No.5073770

Yet everything else is shit.

>> No.5073771


>> No.5073938

Oh, this fag again. What are you saving that Leon Custom Shotgun ammo refill for? A fucking Birkin fight? This is the height of autism.

>> No.5074182

Holy shit you're dumb.

>> No.5074234

Knife Running isn't as intimidating as it sounds. If someone is Speedrunning (in their own way) an RE game they'll already be familiar with Problem hallways, Herb/FAS placement, and optimal routes to avoid Problem Hallways and enemies in general. The it becomes a
SLOW speedrun where you avoid most enemies, tank hits where unavoidable, use the Knife to down zombies when convenient, and throw yourself at Boss fights. Since you don't play for rank you can have a healthy amount of saves, use FAS, etc.

In RE1 Yawn 2 is a battle of attrition and Plant 42 requires finesse and knowing how to do it. You fight Tyrant once and Tyrants teach you a lot about 'off'hand dodging and choosing your frames to stab and retreat.

in 2 Birkin is pretty easy to dodge (knowing his 'off'hand is easier with its obvious tell) and Birkin Spawn is easier with a Knife. Last Birkin Scenerio A is a nightmare, RE2 lacks 180 Turns so you need auto-aim to even move fast enough in the fight. Birkin B is.. about what you'd expect, slow and a little cheesy. The Alligator is the Single Hardest hurdle in the entire series, to beat with a Knife. And You have to do it TWICE.

Nemesis relys a lot of geometry, hanging Nemesis up on corners, counting hits but desu I haven't killed him on every encounter. Nemesis with Knife in Pipe Room takes practice but you've slam dunked the game by then.

CVX is the best game if you're interested in Knife runs. The Knife is obvious better, tracking multiple hits per slash, there are plenty of healing items. Obstacles like Claire Plane Tyrant are seemingly impossible - it took me multiple days of trying, maybe just under a week. CVX most bosses have an environmental OHKO and Plane Tyrant is the most cramped you will ever fight a Tyrant. Beat that and you are rewarding with Nosferatu, which is actually the most fun to Knife in the series. He has OHKO, he bleeds poison if you don't run after stabbing him, his long limps cover 60% of the map.. fun fight though.

>> No.5074458

I never understood the "conserve ammo and avoid fights" meme. Killing zombies is satisfying as fuck, why would you turn the game into a running simulator. Also, even though ammo isn't exactly rare, running low adds to the stress and make the game, you know, fun. I guess I enjoy playing my games like they were supposed to instead of trying to figure out retarded ways to make the experience more autistic.

>> No.5074481
File: 55 KB, 714x537, 1509279718931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>run out of ammo
>literally cannot beat the game

>> No.5074482
File: 552 KB, 200x205, 1529354220286.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that doesnt fucking count

>> No.5074485
File: 15 KB, 480x360, 1527483604772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Published on 29 Sep 2018

>> No.5074515

Never happened to me. Not once. And I never knife zombies. All you gotta do is literally not be a retard.

>> No.5074521

It's not walking into walls, it's turning to get nearer to the wall because the player is next to the wall. Pathfinding probably works on lanes painted on the floor, and the zombie is just getting to the "near the wall" lane before walking forward. Zombies also clearly have slow turn speed which basically amounts to their AI using tank controls, because of which it kinda looks like it's going to bump into the wall, but in reality it's just making an ordinary awkward tank-control-turn.

>> No.5074524

>why would you turn the game into a running simulator.
It's a resource management game. Being afraid of not having enough bullets is very suspenseful, and, if you're doing good, having enough bullets to clear out a room is cathartic. Just shooting zombies is boring, but conserving enough bullets due to your own skills and THEN shooting the zombies feels fucking great.

>> No.5074526
File: 51 KB, 640x480, 1508862472529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only ever happens when im playing RE3, is there an easier way to save ammo and run straight to the nemisis? he always fucks me up when im about to kill him

>> No.5074702

Don't kill every Nemesis


Learn to use gunpowder.

Seriously, RE3 is probably the most generous game in the ammo department. By the end of the game you have so much ammo of so much different weapons you can just fuck around with enemies.

>> No.5074709

Freeze rounds (Grenade round + C Ammo/CC for more/CCC for max) Freeze rounds are special made for Nemesis and about 7-8 will kill him in the forced fights.


>> No.5074797


Basically this loser is saying to make it easy to the point of not even being a game anymore

>> No.5074806
File: 102 KB, 660x1146, 1528600197188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're all very impressed by how hardcore you are.

>> No.5074813

Get mad faggot

>> No.5075105

>ammo isn't exactly rare
It is, if you're playing anything harder than "Normal" difficulty and with Hard characters (Chris in BIOHAZARD, Claire in BAIOHAZARD 2).

>> No.5075110

Well, he clearly said HIS autism.

>> No.5075120

>Don't kill every Nemesis
Only three encounters in the entire game (magazine office, clock tower, park) don't garner items from him, so fighting Nemesis is essential.

>> No.5075138

Killing Nemesis everytime is actually the more "hardcore" way of doing things. You're expected to not fight him, and gain some awesome items if you do, but none of them are necessary.

>> No.5075156
File: 14 KB, 480x360, hqdefault1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Are you a tough guy or not?

>> No.5075164

>none of them are necessary
You get weapon parts several first times, you dumb fuck. After 4-th time you get MUGNUM rounds, and then only First Aid Sprays later.

>> No.5075201

>having good hitboxes and being able to figure out what to do without wasting 20 minutes fucking around only to look up a guide
how does this not make it a game?

>> No.5075227
File: 17 KB, 432x321, 1515509304293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how can chrislets even compete?

>> No.5075239

>honestly believes the ultimate failure is his savior
Why are weskheads so delusional?

>> No.5075248
File: 55 KB, 1283x678, 1498763012528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ultimate failure
>raped Claire multiple times

>> No.5075280

Also banned here.

>> No.5075286

shut up

>> No.5075305
File: 47 KB, 273x246, 1531841584390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

delet this

>> No.5075643

that's actually pretty cool.
Have you recorded and published it?

if not, pleas edo it.

>> No.5075673


I never understood that image. Is there a screen on the other side of the street? What's holding it up? It looks like a news reporter.

>> No.5075798

Some people play videogames for more reasons besides flexing on others online.

>> No.5075804

He's playing it for the first time, let him get into challenging himself when he's done a few laps on the game.

>> No.5075828

What the fuck are you even saying lol, what you are saying is not even true.

>> No.5075840

I save the Magnum for the final boss and the end run, when you need to just GTFO as fast as you can, and you can't be trifling with no Hunter bitches.
The .357 always knocks them on their asses, so you can pop them when they come running, and just skedaddle past them.
It feels fun to "hit and run" like that.

How the fuck do you run out of ammo? At best it holds you a bit tight early on, but it's hardly constricting.

I like a challenge, but I also like not compulsively rounding down games into an exact science, I did enough of that shit as a teen. I have WAY too many games in my backlog to do that.
I mean some games I'll replay a lot, but by the point where you just dismantle the game to get the most perfect time and score possible, it kills the magic.

I just cannot be bothered to just invent abstract rules for challenge, if I have to do that, then I'm probably bored with the game, and I'd rather not wear it out permanently.

>> No.5075964

Thanks buddy. I might consider do a write up for the series, just some notes and strats I used over time. I don't have recording equipment and many others have done it before me. I saw my first Knife run back in 2004/5 on SDA - back then I was too scared t even play the games. Knife runs have always been the "thing" in gaming for me. it's really true that documentation is few and far between. I had to use a lot of Youtube videos of the games being Knife run. Maybe I'll compile the useful ones I copied off of. (uncommentated) I've beaten REmake as well, with Cemetary Crimson Head being your silly Benny Hill boss fight waiting for lounge animations.


(already posted)

>> No.5076037

I always figured it was Chris watching TV in apartment when I was a kid.

Now Im assuming its giant TV on building and reporting on Umbrella fucking up. Would make sense as this was before RE2 so prob meant to convey Umbrella was in deep shit for closure.

>> No.5076845
File: 1.96 MB, 220x165, 1506370176975.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how do you run out of ammo
nemesis, thinking of just doing mercs and gettin the inf assault rifle

>> No.5077307

What version of RE on PS1 was the best?

>> No.5077359

just get the PC version bro, its uncut, doesnt have the shitty soundtrack and has 2 additional weapons

>> No.5077502

Director's Cut (non-Dual Shock) if you're limited to PS1.
I know a lot of people have been playing the modded PC version, but does anyone have any experience running it natively on Windows 98? Does the 3dfx Glide support work on Voodoo 3/4/5, or is one of those early titles that needs a Voodoo 1/2? What about finding the right PowerVR card? This seems like the perfect title given the hardware I've been grabbing and the spooky season.

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