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Blocky thread. Post blocky models, because blocky graphics are best graphics.

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We'll never have a game that looks like this again

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>Format Factory
It\s fucking DREAM Factory for you, BITCH

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Love Tobal, beautiful low poly models, virtua fighter 3 button combat, rouelike dungeon crawler sidequest. Very underrated game.

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Hunter, 1991

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These aren't even remotely "beautiful".

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I believe you are wrong.

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worst era of 3d

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what's that from?

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Tobal is one of the best.

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Wing War on Sega Model 1

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Fuck you!

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Holy fuck this looks so cool

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*tires screeching"

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holy fuck this looks so cool. better version of the same webm

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Model 1 games looked like THAT??

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apparently it supported the R-360 too


looks fun. also looks expensive

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Model 1 was really powerful. To this day we never got a single arcade-perfect Model 1 port. Akira model in Virtua Fighter 1 was around 1500 polygons, ant that's Dreamcast level.
It just couldn't handle textures.

The Saturn couldn't do it, and the games were too old when the Dreamcast arrived.

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I love these guys.

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Beautiful game that I'm trying to imitate with my 3D models and textures.

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What's that athletics sports game on the Saturn that has nice models too?

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This one?

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Decathlete, right. Looks great, colourful.

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death to blocks, begin glorious age of perfect shiny spheres and cylinders

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Why are Saturn games so over-saturated and paper mache looking compared to PSX and N64 games, especially at higher resolutions? Not that I'm shitting on the Saturn, I personally love the look.

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Bloody Roar is a Playstation game.

But I guess Sega liked strong colors. I love the look too.

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pic related has some nice low poly models, shame the game sucked so bad tho

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Well of course it sucked, DBGT is cancer incarnate.

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Virtua Fighter 1 was a 1993 game and the first 3D fighting game. So of course it looks crap. Check how Virtua Fighter 2 looks at Saturn. It's much more improved in visual terms.

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Rival Schools is my favorite fighting game but God damn, the faces at Playstation port are horrifying. Putting that aside it's a great port.

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>t. dbsuper brainlet

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that had nothing to do with it, the game had shitty animations and broken fighting mechanics. it was obviously rushed to meet demand.

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Faces were a fuckfest on PS1 in general due to warping.

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N64 face looks derp as fuck tho

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N64 looks like an alpha build where half the textures are missing. Fucking disgusting.

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Love my textures jagged

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>posting anything fighter maker
>not posting the music


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Still better than PS1. With N64 you were a bit short-sighted. With PS1 you were on some kind of drugs.

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does Frontier count?

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I don't mind blocky polygon graphics. What annoys me about 5th gen games is 3D in 240p looking jaggy as fuck, with things more than a few feet in front of you looking like shuffling pixels, as well as the horrible framerate many games ran at.

I have no fucking clue how I was able to play through Turok 2 as a kid.

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>this isn't my phone

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>lara 0 hits

yall niggas gay

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Dear God, what's happening with his shoulders?

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Turok 2 looks awesome and with fine framerate 99% of the time you ape. You were smarter as a kid.

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Most Saturn games used 4 bit textures from a palette of 2048 colours and no shading whatsoever.

PSX had native shading in every mode and more texture memory for better quality textures, and then it dithered the result to look better.

Saturn COULD do RGB colour polygons and shading, but it used so much memory that very few games used it. The few that do easily look on par with PSX games (Scorcher and Sonic R from the top of my head).

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>Dear God, what's happening with his shoulders?

Skeletal model animation. Vertex animation and motion interpolation only became a standard later on, early titles only had very limited hand-animated vertex animations, like that dudes face in the gif.

Then later someone figured out that they could make a skeletal model but have the outer polygons seamlessly joined; but the models were too low poly for the time so it looked like ass - and that's why Virtua Fighter 3 looked the way it did.

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I used to think that the game looked like complete shit, but the look grew on me.

But still not a pretty game. Tobal is blocky but looks amazing, while Final Bout is just cheap.

This is beautiful

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I find it amusing how pre-rendered CGI tech would be later emulated by console games. I feel as if CGI stagnated, however, yet there are still massive render farms and prerendered videos in games.

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AKI's wrestling games have notoriously blocky wrestler models.

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I can't decide which one looks worse.

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Best Dire Straits song.

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that ass is wack

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No way, fag

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Surprised no one has posted Starblade. Nothing will re create the arcade experience but at least you can play a visually perfect port on Tekken 5.

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Fairly few Saturn games use real-time (or even any) lighting, whether for memory reasons (eg, using 8-bit textures) or performance ones (you have to calculate lighting on the CPU, and then set the shading on the VDP).
Even if they are lit, it's often via flat-shaded polygons instead of gouraud shaded ones (more intensive to process the lighting calculations for -- you need to do it per-vertex instead of just per-face).
Plus, a bunch of 3D Saturn games are Model 2 ports, which had a very characteristic look to its visuals -- the arcade board couldn't gouraud shade polygons, but it could throw a fucking ton on screen and it supported fairly high resolution textures.

Sonic Team did a good job with the Saturn and none of their games have that flat, bright look. Sonic R is another good example, TT did a ridiculous job on the visuals for it.
Still, I like the saturated full-brightness look too, even if smooth shading largely does look better.

If you're using 4-bit textures (or 15-bit ones), you can use RGB shading since the resulting color data put in the framebuffer is proper 555 RGB.
If you're using 8-bit textures, you can't (well, you can, but the resulting shaded colors will be treated as color indices and it's restrictive to work with and you need a specially set-up palette, it's not for straightforward general-purpose shading), as the resulting color data in the framebuffer is to use the VDP2 palette for when VDP2 puts the final image on screen, and isn't stored as RGB data in the buffer.

God, I love how fucking stylish Model 1 games look.
Virtua Racing in particular still looks so nice that it's almost as if its blocky flatness was a deliberate design choice rather than a technical limit.