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>want switch for new games
>want gpd win for retro games
/vr/ pls choose which one i should buy

>> No.5059085

Get a gpd win so you can actually play and emulate good games without the hassle of daddy nintendo breathing down your neck everytime you want to do something out of the ordinary.

>> No.5059098

why not both?

>> No.5059102

This pretty much. GPD Win is capable of emulating 6th gen games and (especially Win2) playing even most current major PC games at low settings


Switch is for children and manchildren

>> No.5059103

both? unless you live in brazil you can buy them

>> No.5059109

>lol u poor
jackoffs gonna jack off

>> No.5061191

>that ost

God, it's worse than I thought. How does that jerk off composer get away with this

>> No.5061291

GPD Win.
Nintendo doesn't deserve money.

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