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Guys found an original 1st gen GBA at the flea market for a dollar, when i tested it there i only saw the red led coming up, but no picture on the screen.

Now that i opened it up for cleaning i noticed there are 2 components burnt, and a black spot on the actual metal shield right when one of thosecomponents is.

Do you guys know where i could find a list of the components on this model? i want to try to bring it back from the dead if its cheapenugh, i only want it to use it as a controller with my GamBoy Player on the Gamecube, i dont really care if the screen is cracked or damaged.

Components clearly shot are the ones labeled EM1

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Those are part of the power supply circuit. They appear to be inductive chokes, components that smooth out noise on the power line.


You can confirm this by looking at the schematic on pg17 of this service manual. The component with reference designator "EM1" and "EM2" are at the the left.


The parts are labeled as ACM4532-102-3P (and ACM1532-102, but I can't find a datasheet on this, a misprint?). Searching for the component brings up the following part and datasheet



I'm not a pro at electronics, but it appears your GBA suffered a really nasty current surge, and the choke/inductor developed a large enough voltage across it to cause arcing. Maybe by replacing the parts you could resuscitate it, but I'd wager there may be other damage.

I've owned a GBA since they came out. Sometimes I miss my gen1, but with the SP is superior in every way; rechargeable battery (although they might be getting a little old now), backlight (Circle of the Moon was one of the first games I bought, and it wasn't until I got my SP that I could make out all the detail in this game), and ergonomics (I also got F-Zero as a launch title, and blast turns are incredibly awkward with the shoulder button arrangement. I'd suggest giving up on this GBA and finding and SP.

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sorry meant to say the one marked EM2, and in this picture the one marked as R34.

Also im not sure if the one to the left near the screw hole, its marked as D4 is actually dead or missing or is this what its supposed to look like.

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Sorry but the GBA is not retro. Take that to /v/ or Emugen.

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oh the police arrived

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It came out 17 years ago
Its older than the average person on this site.

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Somebody plugged in the wrong power supply and let the smoke out

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And you fucker think you have the right to determine or say what's retro or not according to the rules of this board?
Did you MAKE this board?

Get out, get that question to Emugen. GBA is not retro.

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...did you?

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No, but I can read and the fucking sticky states the GBA is not retro, ergo, your thread has no place here and you give a rat's ass about it which is why I fucking hate you.

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seems to be completely fucked i guess.

I have an SP already, but i get cramps trying to play o it,its so fucking small and thats the reason i was looking for an original GBA, now that im holding it in my hands it feels so great, and now that i have my GameBoy Player setup i really want it.

Guess i will have to find another one.

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weel this mdoel doesnt have a plug for A DC adapter and runs exclusively on batteries, so whoever destroyed this unit was completely retarded.

you must be really fun to be around... i envy your friends that have the opportunity to hang around every weekend when you go around hitting on girls and having fun.

I didnt know GBA isnt allowed here.. WTF

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Look dude, yeah it's technically against the rules but honestly, this is one of the best places to talk about it. I good chunk of us do collect, own and tinker with GBA stuff.

Should the OP have posted in the repair thread? Sure, but whatever it's here now lets be productive, help anon out and move on.

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I have none, no friends and no girls even say hi to me.
I'm lucky my family barely remembers I exist, you don't have to remind me how sad my life is.
Everyday I consider suicide because I can't stand my loneliness.

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Hey, tough guy. Make him leave. Go on. We're all waiting.

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