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Can this be played in English in an emulator? And where would I get a patched version if it could?

Also, Densha de GO! thread (other vehicle based games also acceptable).

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Obligatory "lol at EOPS" post

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Yes. Find your own fucking ROMs.
Also, you have to byteswap before applying the patch.

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I picked this baby up half a year ago for 300 yen

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That is way too complicated. I have no idea what that even means. Is there a place to download an already patched version or not?

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Just get pre patched off emuparadise.

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It's legitimately almost impossible to find the right rom for the patch thanks to the author being a retard, just take this shit a guy from a previous DDG thread uploaded.


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You know there's still a way to download from there, right?

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Does this work with emulators? Or do I have to get a flash cart or whatever and play it on real hardware?

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Not that guy, but that's bullshit. Stop making shit up.

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How many versions of DDG are in english?

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Zero. If you understand the basic mechanics and how everything works then they CAN be played though. They ARE arcade games after all.

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>I picked this baby up half a year ago for 300 yen

Wow. A women.

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the explain that shit instead of being all cryptic and shit nigga

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Most probably a women (male)

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Yeah -- I played a recent PC version of DDG and had no trouble whatsoever even though I don't know Japanese and don't usually play untranslated games. It's trivial to figure out through trial and error.

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i enjoyed based glenn plant's review of this game

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Do you need a specific emulator, or a specific version of an emulator, to get this to work? Because I tried this with an emulator and it didn't run at all.

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What's the recommended N64 emulator? Is Project64 OK?

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As I recall you need to switch Project64 from recompiler mode to interpreter mode, then it should play nice. Plays great on a flashcart as-is.

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>you need to switch Project64 from recompiler mode to interpreter mode

How do I do this?

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why did this version have voice support?

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So you can say DEPAAAAAARTING like a faggot

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that's awesome, your comment is pointless as playing a train simulator at all is gay as fuck, hence being able to say things over the com system is only a benefit.

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That was a joke, bro, chill out you little faggot

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don't even care brah, you helped me put another item on the "next time in japan" list, so thanks for that. Can't wait to tell virtual Japanese who don't exist that the doors are opening on the right.

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You can control the game with voice commands. This (supposedly, according to shit I've read online) makes it EASY AS FUCK.

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What's the best Densha de GO! game?

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This one. It was ported to PS2, but original arcade version is retro or barely retro (apperently it shows 1999 in the main menu, but it actully started appearing in game centers in early 2000). It looks nicer and has a better engine than previous games, but it's still as hard and fun as original game and not casualized like later PS2 titles.

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Depends on your taste.
Some are better looking, others more challenging.

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>Densha de GO! 3 is still not emulated

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How do you do this?

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It's fake.

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It's not, it's a real script, but it doesn't work very well...or at all, in my case.

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If you really can download stuff from Emuparadise then just post how to do it.

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Is it true that you can get 16:9 in Project64 without stretching?

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I don't know about PJ64 specifically (haven't used it in over a decade), but almost every 3D console game can be "squashed" (wider field of view in horizontal direction only) with cheat engines (e.g. gameshark codes) so that it has the correct aspect ratio when stretched to fit a 16:9 display.

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How in the fuck do you do that for Nintendo 64 emulation?

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I can understand enough Jap to play the game and it emulates fine, but I have no desire to play it whatsoever.

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Here I googled it for you

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The tutorial is really boring, and then it's really fucking frustrating at first. But if you put a few minutes of honest focus into it you'll get the hang of it and be able to take satisfaction in progressing through the routes.

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>The tutorial is really boring

Is there even a tutorial? I just jumped straight into the game. Mind you, I was playing it in Japanese, so I had no idea what the fuck anything said.

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>needing patches
>needing all this shit that 99% of people won't be able to do

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>apply patch
>straight up doesnt work
>oh, you need to swap it between .z64 and .n64 then apply the patch
>game boots and then crashes


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gives me an 'unknown country' 'unknown cic-chip' error

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>You: Can you do a thing?
>Me: Yes.
>You: How?
>Me: Here's how.
>You: How was I supposed to know that? Fuck this
Grow up man

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can someone make this into a .wad file so i can play it on my Wii VC? thanks

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you eat poop

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Because I have basic computer literacy? I'm not expecting much from you here, I tried harder to help you than I can justify, honestly.

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it's absurd to expect people to be able to patch shit and mod shit and do all this shit that you know very well 99% of people aren't capable of doing

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pls help

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How are you using PJ64 in the first place if you are incapable of clicking on a dropdown menu and pasting a couple gameshark codes? Gameshark was a consumer product, not some super-advanced technique for highly educated hackers.

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That link doesn't give "codes". It says a bunch of shit about "patches" and hacks and mods and shit.

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>Most games with codes or patches will have a stretched HUD. Codes are in the attachment. Patches must be applied using any IPS patcher using a .z64 ROM. All codes for widescreen are in GameShark format and any code you make for widescreen must be in GameShark format.
>codes or patches
>All codes for widescreen are in GameShark format

This is the way to do what you want. It's not very hard, you could have downloaded the gameshark codes and set something up to automatically load them in PJ64 for every compatible ROM by now. I have something similar set up on my PS2 because very few games natively support widescreen on that console.
I don't give a shit whether you do it or not. You are the only one who can affect this now and no one can give you any more help than you have already been given.

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nice thighs gorgeous, mind sharing with the class?

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woman, yes. it's probably zerochan.

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Ive done byteswapped and bigendian and neither version works on pj641.6

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What is this link?

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You seriously don't need to know Japanese to play Denshadego games, like, AT ALL. They're extremely basic arcade games.

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You just need to know what all the different indicators mean. Sure you can figure it out by trial and error, but some people would prefer to know from the start what they are looking at.

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Would it be possible to play this with the N64 Desnha De Go controller on an emulator?

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please gib settings

swear to god Ive tried everything >>5058171 >>5052962

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I didn't do anything else
>The latest build doesn't work with Indiana Jones and Star Wars, they both look like there's no HLE implementation. They work fine in LLE.
>They both work fine on the build you posted 29 days ago.

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Yeah, all you need to know is what the rules of the game are.

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thanks, friend

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to my like, mupen64plus works better but this game is not even starting
https://m64p.github.io/ (it has the latest gliden64)

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Im trying to apply the patch but now its throwing up errors. Did you save it as .n64, z64, or v64?

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nigga, what the fuck, the patched rom is right here: >>5042509

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the patched rom wont boot but regular densha boots fine

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well it did

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its not working... ;_;

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>link doesnt work

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What results are you getting EXACTLY when you try to run the ROM? It might be that you just need to change a setting on your emulator. Also, WHAT VERSION OF WHICH EMULATOR ARE YOU USING?

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I used the 2.4 he linked >>5060131, and the anonfile >>5042509

it says "fatal error, stopping emulation"

if I switch it to interpreter, it gives me even more errors

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ok, this is pj642.3.2 from emulatorzone

using anonfile, interpreter, glide64, jabo, n rage, and RSP plugins. Graphics HLE OFF

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I switched to interpreter right clicking > edit game settings > recompiler > cpu core style > interpreter
it's the only thing I touched

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aw, but textures are fucked...

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Black screen with mupen64plus :(

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>jostling the passengers

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>tram stops before the ambulance even comes into view
I hope that there's a proper approaching siren sound effect involved here, and not simply replay the level until you get it right.

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>siren sound effect
There is.

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>and not simply replay the level until you get it right.
In this case, yes, there's a siren. That said, the early DDG games are fucking *defined* by "replay the level until you get it right" as they were all originally arcade machines designed to suck yen as efficiently as possible. This trial and error gameplay translated to the console/PC ports of these earlier titles. Just wanted newcomers to know what they're getting into if they want to start from the beginning.

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>and not simply replay the level until you get it right

The entire fucking point of the games is to play do everything with the maximum possible efficiency.

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You mean which game? It's probably from DDG Professional.

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>and not simply replay the level until you get it right.
Go play your German autistic garbage then.

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Thanks, saved me a few seconds. 笑

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Is that the PC version?

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thanks mate

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amazing people on vr of all places are so incompetent when it comes to emulation. Is everyone here just watching metal jesus for their retro fix?

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I actually got it working but only just realized the graphics get fucked after you start playing

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Just look up a tutorial about the series. The whole series share the same mechanics, once you've mastered one, the others won't be an issue.
You can guess what most of he text onscreen means (time remaining, goal time, distance). Everything else is just information you don't really need (train model, name of stations)

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the screenshot there is the tutorial, it pauses until you do what it's asking for.