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>Pick a /vr/ quote
>Type it down on translationparty.com
>Post results

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to be fair this is not a bad thread, but its just not the right climate. its an older crowd here, most of whom would rather talk about retro spiderman games such as pic related.

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Oh, why not.

"Fight, Megaman! For everlasting peace!"
"Mega Man battle! peace!"

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I sub booby trap them must know that alien maggots. (I should have known those alien maggots booby-trapped this sub.)

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You must pay for the son of a bitch.

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Hey Einstein, I was on your side

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Some kind of secret human miserable little mountain. But enough talking to you!

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The planet's dyin', Cloud!
Death planet ' cloud!

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CAIN IS A LIAR. The clans know his story, and some know the truth. He was a human being, as if we were all of us. But his contempt for humanity drove him to make him and my brother. I am Raelel, the birth of his adjutant. I am an empire

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Funnily enough, i found this on /v/. >>>/v/431296741 i can't believe those kids even know about this game, but anyway, enough with the off-topic: 'Just in case someone... I it can be do not... wear tights if there freaks to save little Miss fashion model and... and bring it. While New Yorkers. poison Marathon will continue to'

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its getting some bumps so ya never know. heck maybe vr can do one of these

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Your sword draws the hotel.

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Gordon Freeman - instead of meat and, hazard suits. Solve your weapons, I took the liberty. Most of them were Government property. I think I won it for the suit. In the Xen Borderworld is, for the time being. Thanks to you, our control. You are there; Management much more difficult works I am impressed. That's why I here, Freeman said. I have recommended your services to... employer, and they are in my work to provide has been approved. They agree to have endless possibilities to me. Will have any problems to decide what to do, so don't expect you yourself proved decisive man. If you're interested, just enter the portal and yes take it. Otherwise, well, I provided as much as possible after having survived. Do not fight rather have a chance of winning a Flash in the pan. To select the time.

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Fortesque, jawless arrow magnet. Back here, or what?

How Gallowmere, their fate, like you I in the hands of two cents in once again should sorry people! still, I assume them to take it out is not fair.

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Hey sidewalk, get outta my way!
Hey trail, get outta my way!

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>Once funeral 100 women's leisure life blood is dirty. The abuse of the ruined castle, she and her. Old tower is monument to God, a lonely wilderness of poor people.
this is a silly thread

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Watching a three-headed monkey behind you!

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To the fate of your welcome

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grub 1 million can attract maggots, as always!

You can gather together a million maggots, but they'll still just be maggots! - Luca Blight

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Guess this one.

>All the running gear. When I can't find. And yet many of us certainly hurt me hurt me

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>i can't believe those kids even know about this game,
>he thinks /v/ is underage.
Most of /v/ struggles to keep up with memes and were were the source of the boomer/zoomer meme. The way they act and respond to shit it's a safe bet most are over 25

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That's even more sad, though.

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agreed but it's clear they are no longer underage by majority, /a/ acts more underage than them.

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>The monster dies. Do you belong to this world, not!

>My hand was given meat once again. Want to compliment the man you want to be!

>Compliment! what? slaves of you steal your soul!

>Perhaps, all religions are the same...

>Your words are empty as your soul! don't have the disease in humans.

>What are you guys? A small bunch of secret misery... But enough talk. To order!

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>How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
>Wood chuck does not chuck wood because wood chuck can not chuck wood.
>The woodchuck could however is the amount of part of the amount of Chuck Chuck wood, timber and wood.
>Even if woodchucks chuck trees, chucks are trees, do woods need to chuck trees?
>As long as the wood chuck is chucking the wood, if the wood chuck can chuck the wood, the wood chuck must chuck.
>Oh shut up!

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>You fight like a dairyman.
>How is appropriate. To fight like cows.

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>You won't pay more than $ 20 in the computer game.

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0 / 2101
The war had begun.

Captain: What will happen?

Mechanic: Sets the bomb people.

Operator: We get that signal.

Captain: What!

Operator: · Main screen

Captain: it's you

CATS: How are you gentlemen!!
CATS: All your base are belong to us.
CATS: There are ways to destroy.

Captain: what you say

CATS: In order to survive your time is your chance.
CATS: Ha-ha-ha-ha...

Operator: Captain

Captain: Please release all "ZIG"!
Captain: I know what you guys are doing.
Captain: I am going to "ZIG".
Captain: For great justice.

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"The curse of the horrible night"

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>I am Gwaelin, daughter of Lorik.
>Will thou take me to the castle?
>But thou must.

"I am Lorik's daughter Gwaelin."
"But you need to do it."

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Please leave us. People who eat strange dogs.

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Corylia, the fourth planet of the Lylat system. Andros changed this prosperous system to almost withered wasteland.

The common red pepper of Cornerian Army succeeded in expelling this crazy scientist to barren devastated planet Venom.

There are generally strange activities in five years. James McCloud, Pig Danger, Rabbit thoroughly investigated the power of the Starfox team. The perfect team James Andros Pigma has arrived in Paris.

His father James Fox is full of poison energy and I know little about his son's fate.

A long time has passed. Andros' LRT system is lost again. The target release was rescued again by the Star Trek team by Cornelia Pepper Fox McCloud and Lilat System.

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My Japan cartoon-like.

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>>My hand was given meat once again. Want to compliment the man you want to be!

I see Kojima wrote this version

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i'm guilty here,i was there,i generally lurk /v/ regularly but dont like posting much,just on these special random threads which are actually good imo

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You almost gill sandwich.

Pay no attention to them. If they want "only super serious discussion about videogames for children" they can go to 8ch. To them everybody on this site is a child.

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Your friend is waiting for you. Goldman! We all know! You are doing what you know. You can not see you. It protects the life cycle of nature, the life cycle of innocent criminals.

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I keep seeing this image and I don't get why it's always posted.

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>Good reeeeel before he died he cried!

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You can have it if you want to use the master.

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Your uncle was kidnapped because he discovered the secret of the lost item!

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Shit is rip head from the neck.

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It's time to kick ass and bite bubble gum ... I am all gum.

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The death of the character ends with a prediction thread. Make destiny of the earth, destroy the game to preserve the fabric and restore maintenance.

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It will take 10 seconds for NSF to be defeated before adding victim list.

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All your base are belong to us

lol it's exactly the same. Now we know how they translated their shite.

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"Didactically speaking, seminal evidence seems to explicate the fact that your repudiation of entropy supports my theory of space-time synthesis. Of this, I am irrefutably confident."

"The spatio-temporal entropy synthetic sperm factual evidence supports a clear theoretical education and non-repudiation. This is, I believe, without a doubt it is."

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>I'll rip your head off and SHIT down your neck.
>I will rip off your head and neck from below the shit.
>Neck is a rip off from your head and shit down will be.
>Will rip off the head and shit down the neck is.
>Rip off the heads and is from the neck down shit.
>And rip off the head is from the neck down shit.
>Shit is RIP head from the neck.


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Because you haven't played Final Fantasy Tactics. Its one of many atrocious newbie traps the asshole developers put in to make sure you buy those strategy guides.

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You mean the character doesn't have the sword? The sword is missable?

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>I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of gum.

>Going to kick ass and chew bubble gum here, and I'm all out of gum.

>To kick your butt and chew bubble gum here, going to, and I'm all out of gum.

>Kicking your ass and chew bubble gum here, go, and I'm all out gum.

>Bubble gum chew your ass kicking here, go, my gum is all.

>Bubble gum chews your ass, bit your butt, go, all the gums.


>Bite your butt, bubble gum, biting your ass, go to all the gum.

>Princess Bubblegum

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See the dream of life. If you came from where. Is not in one of the Junk to fill your mind with 10 minutes! destruction. Destruction is to make life worthwhile! destruction! destruction! destruction! and tries to destroy everything.

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This thread is gold, the Duke Nukem lines are particularly funny

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>Kane is deified. The clan tells his story and I do not know the truth very much.

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No matter where Duke is, his steel balls remain.

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>You said:

Mint has that quiet elegance about her, but I bet Arche fucks like a tiger!

>into Japanese


>Back into English

Mint is her quiet elegance, Arche is Tiger's so naughty!

>into Japanese


>Back into English

Mint is her quiet elegance, because Arke is a tiger prank!

>into Japanese


>Back into English

Mint is her quiet elegance, because Ark is a tiger's prank!

>into Japanese


>Back into English

Mint is her quiet elegance, because the ark is a tiger's prank!

>into Japanese


>Back into English

Mint is her quiet elegance, because the ark is a tiger's prank!

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Without the exclamation mark it works better

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People suffering from pizza!

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it's no use




Oh, it's no use.




Oh, it's no use.

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>From deep inside my temple prison, i sent you simple instructions to follow. But you lost the gems, you lost the crystals, and i have lost my patience! There is now no other power source left on this planet...

Follow simple instructions from deep inside my temple prison sent. But have lost my lost jewelry, Crystal lost patience! now, left on this earth, there is no other power source.

Deep in the prison of the temple send me from follow the simple instructions. Have lost my lost jewelry, Crystal lost patience! now, left on this earth, no other power source.

Deep inside the temple prison, I will follow simple instructions. I lost the lost jewels, Crystal lost patience Now it is on this planet, there is no other power.

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To be fair, that new Spider-Man game just came out. Probably sparked discussion of his other games.

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Fight as if possessed by the devil.

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The game locks you into a string of really fucking hard boss fights, including one that forces you to 1v1 that guy on the stairs. In a strategy game. New players have a terrible habit of saving and locking themselves into that part of the game, with a shitty build not fit for dueling that guy.

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I ask for the police and I get this!

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This game has aged poorly.




This game has aged well.




This game?




This game?

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buzzwordfags btfo

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>the game

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>It is a true warrior of all peace efforts for my boy.

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that's mama luigi to you mario


それはあなたにママ ルイージ マリオ


It's your Mama Luigi Mario


それはあなたのママのルイジ ・ マリオです。


It's your Mama Luigi Mario.


ルイージ マリオのママです。


This is Luigi Mario's MOM.


ルイジ ・ マリオのママと申します。


My name is Luigi Mario's MOM.


ルイジ ・ マリオのママと申します。


My name is Luigi Mario's MOM.

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So, that fight is unbeatable I presume?

>> No.5049094

nope, tactics are pretty easy outside of a few fights.

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Everyone is a tuff guy on the internet and every game is the easiest thing ever.

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but it's really not? I beat it back when I was like 12? just keep your level around the enemy levels in the story fights and use orlandu, beowulf and reis. you could just turn auto battle on and sit back.

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The President is kidnapped by a ninja. Is it bad to save the president?

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>Comparing bmup's arcade and three games, there are three games. General Bmups does not need to learn all the skills necessary for decent skills and big ridiculous sweets like her shit.

a /vr/ staple

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