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Hey /vr/
What are your favorite Horror games that are actually scary?
I am looking for some to play over the next couple months on stream

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Silent Hill is still pretty scary, at least to me

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Waxworks is pretty good

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Its a great game, Already finished it on the PSx

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Doom was scary to me as a kid. After that Undying was the only game to captivate me in such a way. Silent Hill and Sanitarium are unnerving, and great.

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i was just looking at sanitarium
Just did a playthrough of doom, doom 2 and doom64

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Sanitarium is sadly only creepy in the begining

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Oh look a namefag asking the same question that pops up 5 times a day. How about googling "scary video games"?

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I have compiled a decent list, I am asking what people's favorites are
hence why some of these are on my list already
Also, Tripfag, not Namefag
Get it right
that's disapointing

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the original clocktower

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>No one is going apeshit over OP mentioning steam.
Gee ,seems like /vr/ autists are dying out ,thank god. Try Charnel House Trilogy OP. Its like a couple hours long and a decent way to pass your evening. Its not really /vr/ but i don't think i played horror games back then.

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He said "STREAM" you illiterate deformed meth-addicted incest baby

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Dark Seed and The Dark Eye have pretty creepy atmosphere. And D2 is scary.

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Waxworks. Seriously, that game messed me up for YEARS.

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Played that on the SNES back in the day i think....I might have to revisit it

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No it doesn't you basement dwelling mongoloid. If you don't like the thread hide it and move on.

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Splatterhouse for the Arcade.

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Ecco defender of the future (dreamcast)
Ecco (mega drive)
Nosferathu Wrath of Malachi (must be played 100% blind, don't spoil anything about the game, not even how the game works/runs, it's worth it, it's very unique)
RE1 (but it's too well known by now)

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Enemy Zero is also pretty unique, maybe not worth a full playthrough, but it is interesting

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You don't think it was a typo or autocorrect?

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Doom used to be absolutely terrifying to me. I couldn't play it without iddqd on and even then some levels were too much

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Op here
Twitch Stream, possibly playing from steam

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Is ecco a horror game?

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I found this hard as fuck.

Would also add Darkseed.

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Dreamweb is not exactly scary, but dark as fuck.

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You never played ecco? It's on the same level as silent hill2. It's a complete nightmare. It's like the movie aliens underwater in the open ocean without guns or armor with shit that you will hope doesn't exist in real life.

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I'm not sure if you could say SotB is scary, it's just that some levels are... disturbing, maybe.

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It's not retro.

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The game that I consider to be actually scary horror is not a retro, even if by just a couple of years.
IHNMAIMS wasn't even horror in my books, but still one of the better adventure games out there.

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Clock Tower.

It's Basilisk-scale existential horror, but yeah the game itself isn't real spooky. Kinda like SOMA although that game is also actively terrifying (and not retro).

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Fair enough, i might skip it

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It's an excellent adventure game. It's just not a horror, unless you REALLY get immersed in the characters and live their fears. But since most people don't, it's instead a great thriller, just not really scary, but simply very tense. And definitely top 10 of retro adventure games (my personal No. 5).

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Eternal darkness scared me as kid but I never finished it.

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I still want to play it maybe not as a part of a horror game marathon though

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Gabriel knight 2: the beast within

now...it's not a super scary game...but it has a few moments that are awesome...

and the best soundtrack of all times


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wouldn't i need to play
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

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played through "detention"

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I just ordered a dreamcast HDMI cable, here is hoping ILL Bleed works well

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As far as /vr/ horror, I guess silent hill would be the best of the bunch. The alone on the dark games, System Shock 2 is kind of a horror game

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The only game that ever legitimately scared me in my life was Thief: The Dark Project.

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Oh yeah, SS2 as well.
I have fond remembers of huddling shivering in a dark corner of the crew quarters level playing the Gamepig to avoid having to think about the horrors awaiting me.

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Not really. But I don't see why one would want to skip to Beast Within when Sins of the Fathers is just as good and doesn't have cringy FMV acting.

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Call of Chtulul

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arent there several games based on that?

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there are but anon is probably referring to the one titled "Call of Cthulu"

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The scariest shit about that game is the bullshit amount of softlocks.

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>Just did a playthrough of doom, doom 2 and doom64

You should stream Blood if you haven't already.

Other games you could try:

Alone in the Dark
Realms of the Haunting
The 7th Guest

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forbidden forest on c64

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