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>19 today

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Say something nice about it?

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I love my Dreamcast.

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its alright

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Second-best Sega system after the Saturn

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Helluva lot better than the Saturn
inb4 Bernieposter

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Bernieposter and Oggposter are literally the only good users on /vr/.

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I'm the original author of that mosaic btw and I would have included more games like more shmups, fighters, and racers but the mosaic maker I used limits you to 6x6.

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I never got why the Saturn got such praise when half the games that were good required a $90 Dollar (inflation) ram cart. That’s a bit more telling of how piss poor the thing was.

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unironically the truth!

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that kind of thinking is a slippery slope to retro fascism. we dont need a super mario trotsky or metal gear mao.

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Please give me recs on shmups, fighters, and racers

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>that kind of thinking is a slippery slope to retro fascism. we dont need a super mario trotsky or metal gear mao.

I love the atmosphere of /vr/.

>Super Marxist Brothers
>Step on the bourgeoisie as you "Stomp" your way to perfect Mushroom kingdom
>Share collected coins with other members of the kingdom.
>Starvation ensues. Turtles begin eating mushroom people.
>Step on them too for not trusting in the party.
>Entire Mushroom kingdom starves to death.
>Blames "Yoshi's Cookie" for its failure.

(its amazing how warped the internet is that it actually gave me an image for my made up bullshit)

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I'm late but here it is


see you next year for ps2

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Redream just got a new release as well.

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Next year ps2 will still be from the year 2000

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FUCK, I forgot to do something nice for Dreamcast's birthday this year.

Here's something autistic I did for Dreamcast's 16th: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BoiMypt28uI

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