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In the span of a month and a half I've beaten DOOM3/Ultimate DOOM/Master Levels for DOOM 2/DOOM 64 for the first time in my life. Out of all of them DOOM 64 was possibly the most frustrating one since you can't manual save in the middle of a game and there are a couple cheap deaths. I tried Final DOOM but it's not fun. Should I go for Hexen? What other DOOM mods are worth trying?

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Just git gud and beat Plutonia

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Hexen is a different type of game. Heretic is more like it.

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Play No Rest for the Living as well. Vivisection is a friggin masterpiece.

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Scythe 1 is incredibly crafted.
Scythe 2 is great too but I perfer the shorter levels of the first.
You should also look at the "so you want to play some doom" image.

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I can't play FPSes that aren't polygon anymore. I've got to have full room-over-room and polygon enemies. Possibly the only exceptions are System Shock 1 & the Ultima Underworlds but they are more RPG then just pure FPS.

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Final Doom is great

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>manual save in the middle of a game

now do quake1,2 and 4 but without savescumming

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It's too hard, I'll give it a go soon enough though.

I just downloaded them and I love it so far.

If I can save scum I'm going to do it at least once per level. I don't "abuse" it.
I do have Quake lined up; I remember my grandfather downloading Quake 2 when he bought me my first desktop. I really loved that game but I don't know why in the world I never kept on with the series.

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Have fun, friend.

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>why in the world I never kept on with the series
because there was no series, except 2 and 4

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I am not OP, that dude is a bitch.

I would like to point out with how busy I am the ability to pause/save is important. Not in Doom or Quake with how short the levels are. But in Hexen/Heretic/Strafe or similar, it is mandatory. Nothing worse than being 80% in a 10-20 minute level and having to quit because life.

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