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inb4 a billion fights

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What did you guys think of Alien Armageddon?

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Can we just extract those cool intro/outro screens for the original LA Meltdown, than burn the rest in hell?

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how is that RedneckGDX?

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Xztrix Entertainment!

Also, unpopular opinion: Cryptic Passahe is the Blood's highpoint.

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Don't act like the aliens blaster pistol isn't the coolest shit. It makes sense logically they would drop their own gun instead of pistol ammo and the sprites are done so well it's like it's straight from the original.

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Replayed Lunar Apocalypse after a while and realised the maps by Levelord are so awful and incoherent compared to Allen Blum's. He almost killed the entire episode with his Incubator and Warp Factor. The secret levels were awful too. The only other map I disliked was Overlord, but boss maps always suck.

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I like those maps.

Incubator has some really cool architecture and effects.
Warp Factor has a nice layout and seeing the outside of the spaceship is really cool.
Both maps also make good use of palettes, blue for Incubator, red for Warp Factor.
Both map also have a nice 3D feel with their layouts.

This being said they're a bit weak gameplay wise, most notably because of Levelord's "fuck you" flying drones.

The secret maps are weaker but it's due to their gimmicky nature, although Lunatic Fringe is amazing and makes great use of Sector over Sector. I love being in the middle around, looking at the door and seeing area A, then stepping a couple of steps away and looking at area B through the windows.

Spin Cycle isn't fun as it should be because the conveyor belt doesn't work well with auto aiming as far as projectiles go.

This being said, if there is anything that Alien World Order proved, is that Levelord isn't as good as Blum.

I think Overlord is great but I'll never understand why you can simply jump to the vent and then to the boss right from the start.

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Douk bess gaem

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Is Ion Maiden finished yet? Is there a market for retro FPS games?

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No and no.

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The drone spam in Incubator and Warp Factor is like facing Spectres in dark pulsating mazes in Doom. It's scary and that was the point.

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A little bit, the darker environments could be kind of spooky, especially with protozoid slimers crawling about, or protector drones, who are near silent and can shrinkray you.

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>protozoid slimers
you're scared of harmless wet toilet paper?
>protector drones
literally a cartoon


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Said levels were scary with the drone spam.

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Every game has its scary monster. Doom has the Revenant, Blood has the Gilbeast, Duke has the Sentty drone.

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Puke Flukem: Fail to the King, Babby.

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Man, where's your imagination, your immersion?

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>Is Ion Maiden finished yet?
Nope. It got pushed back to early 2019.

>Is there a market for retro FPS games?
There is definitely a loyal following for these types of games. A lot of content that is regularly discussed are mod-related, but there has been enough releases and evidence to show that people are willing to buy new stuff as well.

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Douk will always be the best of the build games and no amount of shitposting will ever change that, nigger.

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>Also, unpopular opinion: Cryptic Passahe is the Blood's highpoint.

Cryptic Passage has some great level design, minus maybe Mountain Pass which kinda drops the cake, but gameplay isn't on par with the original game.

Enemy placement and the way enemies are mixed together is really weird.
And then there are supplies, there is like WAY too much of everything, even on pitchfork start, and I imagine you'd be full of all supplies pretty much at all times if you keep your stock from one map to the next, and that's starting the first map. When I say full I also mean HP and armor, I mean how many goddamn Life Seeds do you need to give PER LEVEL ?!

The result is those really cool level but which play amateurish for the most part.

I really do enjoy Robert Travis style for layouts and secret places though. He has a really unique way of concieving these two things and his influence can heavily be felt in many places of CP, his style in that regard is pretty much THE definition of classic style Build era level design.
Architecture is also really neat in places and most of the times more detailed than most of the original game's maps.

Pic related is a good example. Really neat architecture with a layout base on circles. Where I'm pointing at leads to a secret with a switch which leads to a secret place outside the boundaries of the map. All of that just screams Travis, ie: Monastery, the 2nd level of Wanton Destruction for SW.

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if you sent Duke a letter it'd be mail to the king, baby

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best way to play blood nowadays?

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>early 2019.
Hahaha... it won't be released until 2020. Or fags will get their money back and it will be just that single level.

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BloodGDX, ignore anyone that says it's shit

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Maranax harmonicux faggot poster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZKyFRPPX2Q god i fucking love blood

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>Get close enough he stood using missiles and starts spinning
>Be far enough his spinning doesn't hit you

Absolutely devilish. Eat shit and die.

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Man, I sure dig William Gee's usermaps so far.

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You need to play WGRealms.

And not WGRealms episode in WGRealms 2, no, you need to play the original WGRealms.

It's magical.

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I definitely will, but not right now, I try to tackle things more or less chronologically.

I just played through Alienx, Wgspace1 and Wgspace2 for the first time, then replayed WG-old1 (like one of the two oldest maps he released, stuff from 1998), which I didn't manage to finish the first time around. Now I did though, and, curiously, liked it the most out of these four maps. What interrupted my previous attempt was that I managed to lock myself in a dead man walking scenario, and the beautiful thing about this level is that its point, in fact, seems to be that if you do obviously irreversible stuff without having a very clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish while doing it, you just might royally screw yourself over, which, in fact, is communicated not by one, but by several intentional dead man walking scenarios, one of which is major and is, in fact, what got me on my previous try, since I had already managed to overwrite the save file by the time I discovered I screwed myself over. Also, it has some really memorable and inventive stuff I just don't want to spoil in case anyone decides to take a look at it.

Now I want to replay WG-old2 as well kinda badly.

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Also, curiously, Alienx seemed to have an entire portion (even if small) of the level created specifically to get across the point to spare the babes when at all possible.

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>Dude I just spawned a battlelord behind you lmao!

>Dude 2 battlelords in a tiny enclosed space lmao

Fucking trash level design. Fuck you.

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Who is that on the left

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Caleb from Blood

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How come none of these games have been upgraded to build 2?

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level design

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GDX if you care more about gameplay. DOSBox if graphics really matters for you. Though GDX will get a software renderer soon. Wondering what people are going bitch about after that.

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maybe u shud blow you're brains out xD
get it? haha

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William Gee was goddamn amazing. He was an actual artist, making paintings and selling them for a living, and for build maps he really had an eye for scale and colours.

It's a shame he stopped doing anything. At one point, like 10-15 years ago, it's like he suddenly discovered Dukematch and spent all his free time on DukesterX. He even told me he still had a limit internet service (like 50h per month, that kinda shit, whereas everyone already still had ADSL, maybe he lived in the countryside I dunno) and paid extra because of all the dukematching.

At that point he started making DM maps. Some of them weren't bad, until he discovered the power of the Expander and started hiding it in his maps just so he could rush to get it and exterminate everyone at the start of a match.

At that point I pretty much gave up playing and haven't heard of him since. I'm 99% confident that the map of his used in Alien Armageddon is an unfinished DM map from that time.

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I don't know if you're trolling, but since I've seen people genuinely ask that question, I'll answer seriously.

Build2 is a tech demo, a sketch. It'd need extensive work on the engine side still before you could think of making a game. As for porting afaik Build2 is a new thing, not an extension/improvement of Build.
Also the only 'advantage' of Build2 compared to other engines of the same caliber is that it's still sector based, so it still looks really retro.
It does has nice True Sector over Sector but you're better off just improving EDuke32's TROR to match that level than to improve Build2.

Here is an example, and it's just an example. Pretty much every effect in Build games, Sector Effectors and Sector Tags, are built on the game side, NOT on the Build engine side. BUT there is a common base on the Build side that allows devs to do that. Afaik that base barely exists in Build2.

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I think his mapping style was closer to Unreal than to Duke honestly. Very few people understood core Duke mapping well, Charlie Wiederhold was one of them. Or Mikko Sandt.

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Yeah that's true. Also personally I'd put Travis above Wieder (I'm sorry if you he reads this, he's still great though), and as far as usermaps go the one who seems to understand classic Duke the most is Conrad Coldwood


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it was; I'm still not fond of that map as a starting map but what are you gonna do, I didn't want to impose on the project. I have a good mind to make a simpler starting map and then lead onto that map, it seems it has put a fair few people off

(btw what did you think of Area 59? I did try and go for a more open-ended 3DR style layout with that one although I'm already thinking of a few things I could of improved)

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>GDX will get a software renderer soon

really? that's my no1 problem with it, I hate how polymost fucks up the colouring. I don't play enough Blood to really pick out the tiny differences though.

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Your maps were good but I felt there are scaling issues. I don't mean the size of the map, I mean actual scale, most of everything just seem to big

Also you should fix that door that is supposed to require character swapping but which can be sequence broken

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I would love to see a Doom version of WGRealms level 3.

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that's fair enough, some stuff could of used a bit more tweaking.

that bug's been fixed IIRC, the issue was a GSPEED sprite not touching the floor according to Forge.

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I am sorry to interject, but what is "core Duke mapping"?

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Something he pulled out of his ass.

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Which map do you love more, Insurance overload or RRRA Factory? :)

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RR:RA factory. It's more impressive technically speaking, and Insurance Overload lacks outdoor area(s) which are key elements of classic style maps.

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About Charlie.
Basically what I currently see his trick to be is related to walking and running modes.

His maps are sort of big and empty, sparse on details, baiting you to basically never stop running, so that not to waste time. However, they are constructed in such a way, so that once you start running, you start to skim over subtle, not apparent on the first glance, clues and falling right into numerous traps. So, basically, you are either wasting time walking through empty expanses, or you are wasting time running in circles and replaying failed combat encounters.
I simply don't find this gimmick of sorts particularly interesting, particularly illuminating or even particularly pleasant to experience.

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Are we talking about the same person? Caribbean's boss level was one of tge first Build porn levels ever with fantastic layout, cool shading and an excellent secret to underwater and outside.

His plane map in WD is also not big and empty, the exact opposite, despite the serious gameplay flaws.

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I have played two of his maps. The DC's secret level, then level2 of Caribbean. I've reached the conclusions I described above while playing the latter.

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>level2 of Caribbean
Actually, now that I look at the dukewiki page on it, I didn't catch Travis had a hand in it as well.

Hm, I might give level4/Wavemistress a whirl today, it seems to be purely Charlie's level.

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>an excellent secret to underwater and outside.

I could bet that secret was Travis' influence. It's such a Travis secret place.

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Wavemistress is flawed, but mostly good. Alien Remains is a top 25 level in Build engine history.

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What is the difference between the WGrealms episode of WGR2 and the original?

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WGRealms is a Duke episode. It's Duke gameplay, with Duke enemies, and the only difference are some new textures iirc

In WGRealms2 it's that same episode but with everything WGRealms2 does: the new weapons, enemies, items, loot boxes, etc

Somehow I still like the first better. Pic related, played it in co-op a very long time ago

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You know, playing Hollywood Holocaust from beta version of Duke kind of put the level in a pretty different light.

You more or less don't have the resources necessary to assault the movie theater from the back door. Which makes the front door assault mandatory. Which, in turn, makes finding the first secret (RPG) necessary and unavoidable. In fact, that seems to be the main setup of the level, the main gist, everything that transpires outside of the cinema, it being a tutorial on looking for secrets. And the cinema itself, the insides of the building, what's its centerpiece? The cinema screen secret, naturally. Again, the keyword being "secret".

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I wasn't trolling, this is interesting.

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Normally I'd disagree, but it's 3D realms we're talking about here.

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Hm, Charlie's first Quake map, Deadly.bsp, was a bretty good play, color me somewhat surprised. I liked the sort of messy somewhat haphazard look to it too, it was different, made the level seem abandoned and decrepit. And there was a pretty clear, even if not particularly illuminating, idea to it as well. In the end the player has to backtrack through the entirety of the level with spawned anew enemies and without pickups, showing that maybe he was somewhat overly confident (in his assession of how he was doing overall) when going through the same locales the first time around.

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Oh, sorry, forgot. It's in here:

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Also, not backtrack, more like "retrace his steps through the entirety of the level".

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I shouldn't have played Blood first, it makes all the other Build games feel disappointing in comparison

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Disappointing in what way?
Also, Duke's mechanics is FAR more versatile than Blood's due to its simplicity - which is naturally very, very good for usermaps, since it enables a far wider range of gameplay experiences.

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>shit taste confirmed

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Duke Nukem 3D is great fun on all its own merits.

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What map?

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Blood makes 99% of the games in history seem lackluster by comparison.

>> No.5031948

More agile movement, more weapons & alt-fires, more gore. And I'm partial to the theme as well.
IIRC it's from the French Meat mapset.

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Well, Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake, Unreal, Half Life, Serious Sam, COD, Halo etc just laugh at Blood hard.

>> No.5032307 [DELETED] 

>COD, Halo
you revealed a bit too much of your doom bab there kiddo

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>Quake, Unreal, Half Life, Serious Sam, COD, Halo etc just laugh at Blood hard.


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>Unreal, Half Life, Serious Sam
*these are shit, too, just to be clear

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Quake laughs at your fat face NESpleb.

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What did he mean by this?

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>everything made after 1997 is shit

C'mon /vr/, you can do better than that.

>> No.5032327

Generally, FPS game became super formulaic setpiece rollercoasters after Half-Life.

>> No.5032337

>implying there wasn't dog shit fps before HL

bad devs will make bad games, doesn't matter if they tried to rip off Doom instead of Half-life

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I fucking hate look-shearing and the fact the all the games use it liberally. Literally unplayable. That is all I have to say about BUILD games.

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Well, Rides Again was released in 1998.

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Is this game really as good as some people make it out to be?

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It's real good, but it's also real hard.

Running and gunning like a madman, ducking and jumping to make gun toting cultists miss their shots, running from cover to cover.
Mobility is very important.
Also expect to be ambushed, don't wander out in front of open doorways or past corners without assuming there's something there waiting to get you.

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File: 2.98 MB, 640x480, blood 1997.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never try to tank damage by the way, guns hurt like fuck.

>> No.5032431

Cultists, how good they are, are pretty much the only reason why this game is so good on the long term, after so many replays.

The dosage has to be good though. No cultist at all, like in The Hunting, and gameplay is boring. Too many cultists with little supplies, like Hallowed Grounds, and gameplay is too painful.

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I dunno. In my opinion, Blood just tried its best to be utterly disgusting on every possible level, and you know what? In my opinion, it succeeds with flying colors! At least I do consider it being utterly fucking disgusting in its look and feel.

I like Hubbard's and Hamel's mapping styles though, but their levels are a minority, for one, and built around mechanics I absolutely, positively abhor, for two.

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How the fuck do you get Blood running decently?

>> No.5032548

It runs great in Dosbox on my potato.

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Use BloodGDX
Naysayers are retarded

>> No.5032775

Mods OK on BloodGDX? I finished Blood on Dosbox but I wanna switch to play Death Wish.

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I don't think Redneck Rampage gets enough love. It has a lot of problems in terms of weapon/enemy design, but the level design is great. I certainly enjoyed it more than I did Shadow Warrior.

I'm playing through it right now, and I'm enjoying it, but I'm not really a fan of the AI partner stuff (though you can at least drop them off somewhere to keep them out of your hair), or the dumb bobbing crosshairs, but I'm a sucker for a lot of what it has to offer.

I like Blood a lot, but it's way overrated as some kind of hidden masterpiece that only true masters of playing old videogames would know about. The level design alone leaves a lot to be desired, and it's ultimately just a less solid experience than Duke 3D, just one with some neater ideas.

Nope, it has been delayed to "the first quarter of 2019" which sucks, but I hope it just lets them finish the game properly. I'd much rather wait for the game to be 100% done than rushed in any way, since the preview showed that the game just has so much to offer, and could probably be my favourite Build game if the rest is as consistent in quality (and some more weapons/enemies are added).

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One of the reasons to use BGDX is how easy to play mods with it. Just put them in a separate folder and run them for the custom content menu.

>> No.5032835

It's a masterpiece just like Duke 3D.

>it's way overrated as some kind of hidden masterpiece that only true masters of playing old videogames would know about
Nobody pretends it's obscure and it gets plenty of shit.

>> No.5032838

after googling it, I still have no idea what you're talking about.

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Would anybody here play an eDuke32 based game where every level is a metroidvania style map that you have to collect powerups to incrementally access more areas until you reach the end?

Then the next level has it's own entirely different set of powerups? And the next level after that has it's own unique set of powerups too?

Like a combination between linear level structure and the big open maps with lots of backtracking seen in Super Metroid and SOTN, but there's different items to collect in every level to keep it fresh.

Does eDuke32 even allow that many different inventory items? Or permanent powerups?

>> No.5032874

>Nobody pretends it's obscure and it gets plenty of shit.
I don't know, maybe "obscure" isn't the right word, but there definitely seems to be a bunch of fans who insist that the game is "underrated" and a "hidden gem" who push to talk about it whenever any other Build game is mentioned under the pretense of it being less-known and therefore better.

I also never see anyone talking bad about the game, I've only ever seen it get lauded with almost universal praise, I like the game a lot myself, but it has a lot of problems that rarely get addressed.

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>>5022707 (OP)

Would anybody here play an eDuke32 based game where every level is a metroidvania style map that you have to collect powerups to incrementally access more areas until you reach the end?

Then the next level has it's own entirely different set of powerups? And the next level after that has it's own unique set of powerups too?

Like a combination between linear level progression and the big open maps with lots of backtracking seen in Super Metroid and SOTN, but there's different items to collect in every level to keep it fresh.

Does eDuke32 even allow that many different inventory items? Or permanent powerups?

>> No.5032895

Duketroid was a recent userlevel that did what you describe.
In my opinion it failed precisely because all the abilities were known in advance and it was at any point of the level immediately obvious what powerup is required here.

However, if you would manage to pull off, like, mini-Axiom-Verge after mini-Axiom-Verge after mini-Axiom-Verge, etc., I would most definitely play that. Good luck coming with THAT number of abilities though.

>> No.5032901


Does eDuke32 even allow the addition of arbitrarily large numbers of custom powerups? Can you make a permanent powerup in eDuke32 rather than a limited use item?

>> No.5032995

I believe he means the way the environment is sheared when you look up and down in the 2.5D world.

>> No.5033183

why not just disable mouselook then? looking up and down was just a little quirk silverman implemented as a bonus.

>> No.5033209

eDuke32 is the GZDoom of the build engine but with less functionality and more bugs.

>> No.5033286


I don't understand how that relates to my question. Is that a yes or no? I don't know anything about GZDoom

>> No.5033308

This. If anything, Blood likes you to run,crouch and jump, but never ever try to tan damage in this game. You will die quickly.

>> No.5033313

Does crouching actually allow you to avoid damage in the Build games? I've always done it because it seemed to help and was fun but I've never been sure if that was just in my head or not.

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File: 2.82 MB, 768x432, blood dual wield.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know about the other ones, seems to vaguely work in Duke, but it could be my imagination.
In Blood though, rapidly ducking and jumping, it absolutely makes it harder for the cultists to keep you in their sights.

Combine it with all the strafing and moving back and forth, I imagine if properly reenacted in 3D and seen from a third person perspective, it would look really freaky and cool to see Caleb move and shoot like he does. Guy must have double joints and springloaded heels.

>> No.5033485

Sorry. I was just trying to be creative. The answer is no and the feature you need will probably never be added because they'll be too busy trying to find some use for the latest OpenGL features, which are then going to be abandoned next year because they don't work and nobody wanted them to begin with. Such is life.

>> No.5033628

No, it isn't.

>> No.5033645

Yup, but it's one that the plebs really can't handle and it makes them menstruate pretty hard.

>> No.5033651

all claims of blood being this HARDCORE difficulty game is immediately invalidated by the fact that you have a quick save key

>> No.5033704

It definitely does in Blood. Significantly reduces hitscanner accuracy.

>> No.5033710

You don't have to use it you know

>> No.5033740

never said it was a hardcore game lol, just said the plebs don't like it, which they don't

>> No.5033745

What's everyone's personal rule for saves in classic FPS? I make checkpoint saves whenever I open a door with a new keycard.

>> No.5033758

Save before boss or tricky section

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webm related

>it would look really freaky and cool to see Caleb move and shoot like he does.
It does. Just play multiplayer and you'll see. Or press F7 (I believe that was the default? maybe F9) to change to a third person perspective, but of course that camera only stays behind you

>> No.5034132

I'm sorry, but I don't see how anything he said should be impossible with EDuke32. Care to elaborate or are you just talking out of your ass?

Except you can't use in-level saves in Blood due to the difficulty glitch. The only possible save is just before exiting a map.

Besides there is only 2 true ways to play DN3D/SW/Blood/RR:
- restart the map pistol start when you die, like the game intended
- always do pistol start anyway

>> No.5034137

I like Warp Factor. Traveling from one side of the ship to the other in that shuttle is a great use of the Build engine and very atmospheric.

>> No.5034139

>game has quicksave/quickload feature so you are able to save midgame and load after you die without restarting a map
>b-but you h-have to restart the map without you weapons. t-that's totally how the developers inteneded
The only reason you are loosing you weapons on restart is because there were no autosaves and the game doesn't remember what weapons you were carrying at the beginning of the map.

>> No.5034140

Has anyone ever made for Duke something comparable to what Death Wish does for Blood?

>> No.5034142

It was intended. It's part of the arcade gameplay that Doom installed. If it wasn't intended, they wouldn't have the player restart the map with only the starting weapon, and wouldn't have balanced each map to be playable that way. If it wasn't intended, they would done something like what Powerslave did and force an autosave between each level.

The fact is, you can play those games however you want and use save if you want to, except in the case of Blood because the difficulty glitch will completely fuck up the balance, so the only save allowed is before exiting a map since things get back to normal when you (re)load a map. Doing that, you will keep your gear from the previous map, but you still have ot restart the map from start.

>> No.5034204

Yes, that's trivial to do. CON code is like Zscript, it's much more advanced than decorate and was capable of a shitload of stuff long before GZdoom was.

>> No.5034235

There were some rumors from TerminX that the map layout was made by Blum, that's why it's a more complex level with Levelord's standards.

>> No.5034361

Care to elaborate how that would be possible with eDuke32 without changing the source code and re-compiling, which you can't do because people on windows would never install your modified binary?

>> No.5034367

Con code.

>> No.5034368

Ok, I didn't know about CON scripting:
Looks interesting.

>> No.5034394

>source code to make changes
>installing eduke

stop, just stop. you don't have a single clue what you're even talking about.

>> No.5034409

I do. It's just that the knowledge of the CON scripting existance was lost in the sea of time and I use the Jonof sourceport exclusively. I would never touch eDuke32.

>> No.5034421

CON exists since DOS Duke. Todd Replogle created it.

Then (someone correct me if I'm wrong) Matt Saettler improved it and gave more freedom with eduke. Then, the eduke32 devs improved it too.

But it already existed in DOS Duke. Build games based on Duke also use it (all 3 Redneck Rampage games, NAM, WW2 GI)

>> No.5034425

If you check a DOS Duke install you'll see game.con, def.con, user.con.
If you check a Redneck Rampage folder you'll see what feels like a thousand con files.

>> No.5034445
File: 112 KB, 800x600, polymost_sw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always knew that. It was there since the beginning but I just forgot. But maybe you didn't know this: before polymost/OpenGL, Ken did a software version of it, which is there in the code. It's fully playable, however it doesn't support voxels and has an off-by one error where a line appears on to of sprites sometimes. It adds correct perspective and true color. Pic related is it.

>> No.5034456

> I use the Jonof sourceport exclusively. I would never touch eDuke32.

In one of my previous posts I typed this question and then deleted it, but here it is now: are you Corvin?!

>> No.5034467

I have no Idea who Corvin is. My story is that I wanted to play Duke Nuken on my Raspberry Pi after many years, tried eDuke32, was garbage, full of bugs, ugly looking, slow, and then I found out about the Jonof sourceport.

>> No.5034613

That it unintentionally punishes you for using.
Making a save is a decision by the player, if you abuse it, it is your fault, and that makes you a bad player.

>> No.5034618

I've read a little and now I remember why I forgot or rater passed on on CON scripting back in the day. You can do SOME things with it but the most interesting stuff is hardcoded. As a matter of fact whoever did Shawdow Warrior, Redneck Rampage, especially Blood, couln't just make CON scripts, they also had to make extensive changes to the source code anyway.
eDuke32, as it does, just amde things worse over time and I feel those people made overall made a great disservice to Duke, also by creating the most silly and grotesque looking renderer in existance (Polymer).

>> No.5034623

Blood, doesn't use CON, and not even Shadow Warrior do. CON is not a Build engine feature. It was made by DN3D devs so only DN3D and games based on DN3D use it.

>> No.5034650

You're right. I'm looking at the Jonof sourceport and CON scripting seems to be implemented in gamedef.c, which appears only the DN3D specific section.

>> No.5034653

Just to clarify: CON scripting seems not to be part of the Build engine and Shadow Warrior (and AFAIK Blood) doesn't have it, but maybe other games do.

>> No.5034654

Does BloodGDX fix the difficulty bug?

>> No.5034657

I should have read your post more carefully before actually checking and writing >>5034650 >>5034653 You're right.

>> No.5034779


>> No.5034814

More, it lets you customize the difficulty if you want, so you can say, go for medium, but have the max amount of enemies.

>> No.5034867

What is the difficulty glitch? I completed the game with it, was I inadvertently playing on a lower difficulty or something?

>> No.5034884

>What did you guys think of Alien Armageddon?
Just took a look at some Youtube gameplay vids. Looks damn promising!
But yeah, just what the hell were they thinking with the constantly bobbing crosshairs?
I was also about to get worried about the new protagonist, but apparently there's a choice between Duke and that female character. That voice acting for the female protagonist's quips is quite dreadful...

>> No.5035032

The crouching causes some of the enemies to bug out and be unable to attack you (bloated butchers, stone gargoyles in melee). It has always felt like it just wasn't finished properly to me, yet nobody seems to mind.

>> No.5035037

As in adds in a bunch of really well designed fun levels? I'd say the base game + D.C + Caribbean cover that, really.

>> No.5035038

Yeah, unfortunately EDuke32 is not really recommended for toasters anymore, for that there is JFDuke3D as you mentioned, and XDuke which is like Chocolate Doom but with more leisure.

>> No.5035043

Forgot to mention, XDuke has the most stable multiplayer.

>> No.5035047

It's really bad. Honestly. And what's worse is that it's hyped.
eDuke32 is not recommended for playing at all.

>> No.5035064

>eDuke32 is not recommended for playing at all

Well, it does support a couple of enhancements (that's what the E stands for) and engine breakthroughs like raising the hardcoded limit of sectors/walls/sprites, and the implementation of TROR which is Quake-like 3D, which can make for more complex levels (like the ones used in the most recently popular mods/maps like DNF 2013) and the amounts of sprites used in what you may call the precursor of Brutal Doom, DukePlus/WoA. It has also a couple bugfixes like the ones afflicting non power of 2 textures.
The worst thing about it is, sadly, optimization is not their most major concern right now. Ion Maiden also suffers from that.

>> No.5035158

>eDuke32 doesn't support 320x400 or 640x400, so the hud is stretched with non-integer scaling

>> No.5035176

This had to be changed from some other version because I vividly remember those resolutions being there, but then again, I'm not sure if 8bit Polymost was also still there. Real mufuggas play at 1600x1200 tho.

>> No.5035293

>And what's worse is that it's hyped.
Really, that kind of voice acting? Hyped? The fuck...
Ion Maiden quickly came to mind as the most direct comparison, and while the lines on that one don't come close to even touching the cheesy greatness of Duke 3D, those oneliners at least sound like they were done by someone who knows what voice _acting_ is supposed to mean and actually put some feeling into reading them.

>> No.5035392

I've never understood why mods to games have such bad voice acting in them, is it really so hard to pay someone on the internet 5 bucks to read out a few lines?

>> No.5036420

Crouching works great in Blood to avoid damage and I don't think it's a glitch. Btw, Caleb doesn't crouch, he lies on the ground and crawls.

You gotta put things back into context. Crouching was a very new thing. Before DN3D it was NOT a standard at all, and even then it usually barely did anything in terms of combat for games that did have crouching.

Blood took it to the next step and made it matter. Now mind you, it was one of the first to take it into account at this level, so it was still experimental, and also players just weren't used to crouch at any moment like we've been for 20 years now.

The fact that it's so OP is merely accidental due to poor balancing and players not being used to crouch so much.

What makes me thinks that everything about crouching is intended and nothing about it is "glitched" is simply how it works with cultists:
Cultists are able to lie down and crawl JUST as Caleb does. When they do, it becomes really hard to shoot at them, the same way Cultists have a hard time when Caleb crouches.
If they could think of something like this and program, then yeah, they put a lot thoughts into crouching mechanics and they are definitely aware of what's going on with the butcher and gargoyles.

Besides what you're saying is inaccurate. Butchers still attack, it's just that their projectiles go straight. They can still hit if if you crouch if you're on a higher level than they are.
Also Stone Gargoyles can still hit you with melee if you let them too close.

The only arguable glitch is how swimming cultists seem to have the a much worse hit detection as crawling ones.

>> No.5036863
File: 40 KB, 480x360, hqdefault[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why is nobody discussing this?!


>> No.5036895

Wake me up when that slav decides to use a programing language that doesn't put your computer at risk.

>> No.5036916
File: 1.69 MB, 1920x1080, rr0001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Works really great so far, supports CD audio. Finally I can play this series.

>> No.5036920

>how do I show everyone that I'm racist, paranoid and computer illiterate all in once sentence

>> No.5037004

I have no idea how anyone could play this. It looks so wrong it strains my eyes, and that's without mentionning the way the red and green flashes are treated when getting hit or picking up anything which make it unplayable for me.

>> No.5037012
File: 141 KB, 800x600, rr_044.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Finally I can play this series.

And what exactly prevented you from playing it before?

>> No.5037034

>aspect ratio
>mouse polling rate

>> No.5037084

RR supported up to 1600*1200 by default. Besides, as far as Build games are concerned, there is little difference between 800*600 and above. RR was designed with 640*480 in mind.

>aspect ratio
Sure widescreen is a little bonus but there is nothing wrong with playing with the 4/3 ratio the game was designed with and for

Without mentionning that this is /vr/, and tons of people here keep computers from the mid to late 90's.. I know Blood could have issues running in DOSbox with a toaster, but RR doesn't.

>mouse polling rate
You can use bmouse to fix the wrong diagonal mouse movements. This being said, I know mouse aiming is incremental in Build, but at the same time this level of presicion is not required in those games. When Ion Maiden got an update and fixed that "incremantal" factor, it made a huge difference, but only because the game, and the way its auto aiming works, is more modern.
It wouldn't change your efficency in RR, and you wouldn't want to play this game without auto aiming, not when there are enemies like the dogs or the turd-throwing-aliens which are a pain even with auto aiming.

Also honestly, for the little time I tested RRGDX I couldn't get the hang of the mouse, it just felt super weird. Though I'll admit I didn't try for long because the game was literally painful to look at... and none of the points just mentionned justify that pain, the innacurate sound, or the gameplay glitches and innacuracies people have already started to report.

>> No.5037108

I don't know man, it definitely feels like the crouching is half implemented, I shouldn't be able to completely invalidate enemies just by holding a single button. I remember one playthrough where I ran out of ammo so had to kill a stone gargoyle by croucing in a corner and stab it with the pitchfork until it died, that definitely feels like just an oversight, the stone gargoyle is meant to be one of the most imposing enemies yet it can be trivialised like that. Similarly for the bloated butchers, I don't think the game is working as intended if I can just hold down the crouch button and have them throw axes/vomit over my head indefinitely without hurting me or really changing their attack pattern. Blood feels kind of rushed in some areas, and the crouching definitely feels like something that was never properly finished, it probably works right for some enemies (cultists) but doesn't for others.

>> No.5037127

Look. very few people have a 20 yo PC that can run native DOS, so realistically speaking you've got 1024*768 tops in DOSBox vs native w/e at hundreds fps in GDX. Not to mention that the mouse controls are indisputably fuckton better. Build's mouse just sucks, even with the bmouse hack.

I bought the RR collection on GOG a while back and it was just a pretty bad experience compared to Eduke32, SW Redux and BloodGDX, so I'm glad I can finally play it with modern amenities.

Hopefully he does PowerSlave next.

>> No.5037263

woah...its almost as if these things have no budget to them and they have to take on amateurs willing to work for free....

>> No.5037281

Okay, so I played this for a bit.

Is RR supposed to be so unforgiving? I can't beat the first level on the default (2nd) difficulty.

>> No.5037641

They can't spring 5 bucks to hire someone from Craigslist for their lines?

>> No.5037709

Always crouch while in combat.
Peecaboo (rock back and forth behind the corner while firing) using even the first pistol.
When wielding shotgun, briefly pressing the fire button discharges one barrel, pressing the fire button for good discharges both.
Don't use dynamite unless absolutely unavoidable, generally wait until the crossbow.
Use food as your main heals, only use booze as much as the food available allows you. Never ever get your drunkness meter into the red zone.

>> No.5037710

I am so sorry, folk.

>> No.5037779
File: 65 KB, 960x960, 1518175391522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it just takes some getting used to due to how easy you can die, how bad the weapons feel and how unreasonably tough some enemies are. Most of the human enemies can be taken out with the shotgun at close range with 1 shot, and the revolver at long range (even if it takes a while), which are both guns you get plenty of ammo for while you probably want to save ammo for your other guns for the other enemies.

The difficulty really spikes to un-fun levels with the aliens in the second half of the game, but I still overall enjoyed RR way more than I thought I would. I honsetly prefer it over Shadow Warrior, if mostly due to how well its levels are designed and how much atmosphere it manages to hold

>> No.5038338

no voice acting is wildly superior to bad voice acting

>> No.5038547

cool, I disagree

>> No.5038558

no voice acting is wildly superior to voice acting

>> No.5038616

Because it worked just fucking fine before.

>> No.5038620

What is even different about it? Why not just play the GOG version?

>> No.5038683

The only times you really need to crouch are against projectiles. Otherwise you either take cover or dodge the bullets/projectiles. All hitscan enemies, including the Vixen although I wouldn't recommend it unless you are really good, can be dodged by strafe-running towards the right, in the same manner you can with DN3D's Pigcops and Enforcers, except even more easily.

Once you start meeting Vixens, keep the AK and Titty Gun for them and place yourself against a wall so it only takes a split second to take cover if they fire. If you don't have enough ammo for those, use the Alien Arm Gun. Atlernatively, you can snipe the bitches with a pistol from a distance so long you're out of reach of their titty guns, although this only works in E2L1 and in a couple of maps of Route66.

The dynamites can be pretty good in some situations, you just need to get the hang of it.

Your gut meter also serves as armor. Not sure about alcohol. You can reset the meters by using Moonshine, or slowly reduce it by taking a piss or a shit.

As for the Turd Minions... whenever there is water, make sure to kill them before they go in it. If that can't be done, you'll want to move to different distances until the aiming actually decides to work and they start getting hit. Being on the ground while they're in the water also helps, and if you have no choice but to be in the water with them, jumping before shooting helps. Dynamite/Crossbow may also work.

>> No.5038695

You also need to get the hang of the shotgun spread, so you can take out basic enemies in 1-2 shots at the right distance.

>> No.5038727
File: 166 KB, 800x600, RDNK0002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Use food as your main heals, only use booze as much as the food available allows you. Never ever get your drunkness meter into the red zone.

Whenever you can, you should always use alcohol first.
Alcohol in the red zone= drunk, but food in the red zone has trivial consequences.

But using food decreases your alcohol meter. Therefore if you use alcohol first, then food, you can use alcohol again, and so on.
This way you can make the most use of the alcohol .

>> No.5038764

I don't know, bad voice acting can be fun and charming.
Emphasis on the word can.

>> No.5038872


>> No.5039330

Why Build engine games stalled in their original campaign?

Doom had a shit campaign thanks to Mr. Petersen, but consistently recovered, and now it produces amazing wads year in, year out.

Build games are still about their rock solid original campaigns, and most of the work after that didn't had any truly legacy in them. Even Duke's episode 5 failed badly.

>> No.5039351

>Doom had a shit campaign
bad meme

>> No.5039386

There's World Tour for Duke + Duke Nukem Forever 2013. Death Wish for Blood, 2 expansion packs for Shadow Warrior. All of these are relatively high quality and should be enough content to make you sick of these games anyway.

>> No.5039404

Take your bad opinions somewhere else, ESL.

>> No.5039409

retard detected

>> No.5039418
File: 1.55 MB, 1448x790, DUKE-NUKEM-WHY-MOVIE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5039419
File: 8 KB, 240x240, bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And lo and behold, he actually open sourced this one:


>> No.5039450

Not really. It's just like for Blood, he shared the source on the Build side of things because he's obligated, but he doesn't share the game side.

>> No.5039462

You sure? It's a separate branch from his BuildGDX thing.

>> No.5040414

Man his explaination for not sharing the game side source to Blood has got to be some of the worst bullshit I've ever heard and basically the most uncommie thing a Russian's ever done.

"Dude when I was a youngling I asked for some programming tips and muh peers told me to fuck right off so I'll be a dick just like them and hoard my hard earned knowledge used for incredibly complex tasks such as converting a leaked alpha source into its final state using fucking Java by decompiling the last known exe so I can identify them variables and subloops truly a great commit of my great AAA programming skills who cares if the community could fix all the presentation inaccuracies and add a software renderer in a day's work now forgive me while I black out my site and vanish back to my home planet ;)"

>> No.5040426

Oh, I almost forgot

>"while snatching off Polymost and other related code from EDuke32"

The previous post should have also been greentexted but whoops.

>> No.5040450

because redneck is shit

>> No.5040452

Hendricks pls

>> No.5040459

Haven't booted up Ion Maiden since I beat the preview campaign but I see in the News section that they added a multiplayer beta

Has anyone played it? Any good?

>> No.5040517

Read more than the headlines.

>> No.5040519

I'm not reading shit. You're gonna sit down and TELL me.

>> No.5040558


>> No.5040814

Fair point.

>> No.5041447
File: 25 KB, 480x480, 1813050-transparentcultist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you please post more cultist gifs? I lost all of them.

>> No.5041483

Are you gonna read the shit that he'll write (sorry, forgot you're mentally ill there for a sec, TELL) you?

>> No.5042569
File: 80 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God Tier:
Duke Nukem 3D, Blood

High Tier:
Shadow Warrior

Very Good Tier:
Powerslave, Redneck Rampage Rides Again

Good Tier:
Redneck Rampage

Okay Tier:
Witchaven, Witchaven II, NAM, World War II GI, Redneck Rampage Deer Huntin'

Could Have Been Good Tier:

Haven't Played Yet Tier:
William Shatner Tekwar, Ken's Labyrinth

Haven't Played Either But Shit Tier Anyway:
Extreme Paintbrawl, Legend of Seven Paladins 3D

>> No.5042576

Ken's Labyrinth wasn't Build, it was a Wolfclone.

>> No.5042583

Then why does Ken lists it under his history of the build engine? I thought Build was an improved version of Ken's Labyrinth but I'm not sure really.

>> No.5042591

I said I'm not reading SHIT. Make a rough draft of your post, have a peer review it and improve your sentence structure and word variety, get a fucking condensor mic off of ebay (not that cheap shit, I want clear mids and some proper resonance in the low-end), record your fucking message and link it to me via vocaroo. Capiche? *slaps you around a little* Yeah? You get it? Now I suggest you get started

>> No.5042645

How's AMC TC Episode 3 coming along, James?

>> No.5042739

Does anyone know what you need to do exactly to run Suckin' Grits on Route 66 with RedneckGDX? I checked the forum but I'm not quite understanding it, like do I put a copy of RedneckGDX in a folder with all of the Route 66 content and rename GAME66.CON to GAME.CON? That gives me an error when I try to load it, so I'm going to assume no.

>> No.5042753

nearly there but my employers fucked up my holiday when I moved stores so that's made things a bit more difficult (still planned for november though, probably late)

>> No.5042795

Read the forum thread in full, you need to rename a bunch of other files as well. Shaking my head at the current generation and their attention span.

>> No.5042854

From what I saw in the sticky, the only other two files you had to rename were the .ART files, which I had already done. Seems to be working fine now though, after I copied everything from another rip of Route66 I had, must have overlooked another file.

>> No.5043142

What is the most out there DN map you have played?
Hard mode: don't mention plug'n'pray

>> No.5043465

what do you guys think about Shadow Warrior?

>> No.5043536

What's the best source port for shadow warrior? The Classic Redux feels weird, probably due to some major input lag, and when I tried SWP a few years back it would keep losing my saves.

On another note, any good user maps/campaigns for shadow warrior?

>> No.5043542

Really liked the remake; though didn't like its sequel.
I should give the original another go sometime.

>> No.5043547

>Classic Redux feels weird, probably due to some major input lag
Turn off vsync, same issue as in D3D Megaton, both are made by the same dev.

And no, there's no better port atm.

>> No.5043554

so which game has the best protagonist?

>> No.5043561 [DELETED] 

The Agent because he's the only one who actually gets to make a decision that actually matters, in who gets the totem

though ironically all the choices are canon

Champion of Cyrodiil is the strongest because he's a god

>> No.5043584

Think you wandered into the wrong thread here, bub.

>> No.5043594

Caleb > Duke > Lo Wang

Caleb is the has the most characterization as an individual,and the show tunes bump him up another notch

Duke is a lot of fun but as a more general action hero parody he's a bit less distinctive than Caleb

Lo Wang feels kind of lazy compared to the other two the silly engrish accent does nothing for me and I know we all like to play /pol/ but it genuinely has aged poorly as a goof.

>> No.5043606

Duke > Caleb > Lo Wang

"It's funny because it's politically incorrect" is shit tier humor

>> No.5043630

I liked him better in the reboot, where's outright kind of a dumb dick, and the other characters make fun of his intellect repeatedly, while he's also kind of cool and capable.

I haven't played the original in a long time though, so I can't really remember how the gameplay was like.

>> No.5044262

There have been updates to it by one of the eduke32 devs but I believe the only place you're going to find them is by digging into the duke4 forums

I love it, except for a couple of maps which look like they're from the early 90's. The funny thing is that one of the un-used but almost finished maps we can see in the released beta would have been a better map.

One thing about the game is that the way it treats enemies for the most part is very early 90's too. I mean, you got wild animals, a fire breathing monster, a ghost, and a ninja guy and girl used at the same time who all seem to team up and get along just to kick your ass.

>> No.5044287

I'm sorry for being such a newfag but I heard there is a source port for Blood, is that actually true?

>> No.5044290


>> No.5044296

Thanks Anon, I have heard great thing about Blood so I'm excited to try this one out. I'll do the same for the redneck rampage source port that some other guy linked in the thread.

>> No.5044374

>except for a couple of maps which look like they're from the early 90's
Which maps are those?

>> No.5044375

Zilla's Villa and Monastery. Monastery being the worst offender.

>> No.5044406

>There have been updates to it by one of the eduke32 devs but I believe the only place you're going to find them is by digging into the duke4 forums
I'll save you the time:

This one works on Windows 10. There's still no CD soundtrack support however, unlike Redux.

>> No.5044431

>except for a couple of maps which look like they're from the early 90's
Shadow Warrior's development stretches all the way back to like, 1993 or something, lingering and morphing periodically, until they finally made a game out of it after Duke Nukem 3D.
The game looked so crazily different at some points: https://tcrf.net/Proto:Shadow_Warrior_(1997)

I'm thinking that some of those maps may very well have been something salvaged from the early 90's.

>> No.5044434

Opinion on Blood mappers' ranking:
Terry Hamel > Craig Hubbard > Nick Newhard > Jay Wilson > Kevin Kilstrom

>> No.5044435

Does this explain why Shadow Warrior is significantly worse than both Duke and Blood? I always found it baffling.

>> No.5044436

I couldn't even comment on that.
I play through Duke Nukem 3D a couple of times a year on average, but the last time I played Shadow Warrior was when I was a little dipshit who only played with cheats and didn't appreciate challenge or game/level design.
I remember that Lo Wang rubbed me the wrong way, but cheating, I couldn't give any kind of idea on how it was as a game. I really need to replay it to form an opinion on that.

>> No.5044440

You know that's the funny thing, it's actually the contrary, the old versions were better in some regards. If you look at this one from 1995


Monastery, aka E1L4, (same map, some parts are pretty much as is in final) actually has a real outdoor area, which is one of the main issue of the final version as the only 'outdoor areas' are just rooms that might as well be indoor, which help convey the feeling that the map is just a succession of random rooms à la Rise Of The Triad.

On that same page, Zilla's Villa aka E1L6. EXACT SAME THING.

>> No.5044674
File: 165 KB, 800x600, back_to_duke_nukem_x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've converted the textures from the Doom Back to Saturn X mod and I trying them in Build. I think it has some potential.

>> No.5044686

I don't remember the original textures and this has potential indeed but you should work on the conversion a bit more imo, some of the colours look very messy, in a "this is not supposed to look like this" way.

Also aligne those pillar and wall textures and use the ceiling window as an opportunity for strong lighting/shading differences. There could be some big shadows behind the pillars for instance.

Also why is that staircase askew? and where is it going? Even if what you step on is sprites or if you use TROR it doesn't look like it goes down enough to warrant another floor

Yeah I'm a bitch

>> No.5044709

>you should work on the conversion a bit more imo
>this is not supposed to look like this
You're not a bitch, you just have OCD because you felt the need to chime it even though you've clearly never played that mod on Doom and you have no idea what it's supposed to look like.
>aligne those pillar and wall textures
I don't need a Build tutorial from you. What I posted is clearly not even started and was just a sample.
>Also why is that staircase askew
OCD and powerful asperger desu

>> No.5044729

Why else would you post a screenshot but for other people to "chime in" ?
Maybe you don't like the answer, but, your textures looked wash off. Like a pair of jeans one would wear on sundays that have been owned for a decade.
I have played BTSX but noone except maybe actual pro computer artists would rememeber the precise shade of each pixel. It's just how they look at first sight, and quick google search for comparison confirms it.

Like you said they have potential, and granted you have been given the right to use them, they need more work to look good in Duke.

>> No.5044750

Ok, look I'm sorry I posted that screenshot. Please don't look at it anymore.

>> No.5044781

>you have been given the right to use them
I thought BTSXs texture sets were supposed to be off limits until it was finished?

>> No.5044785

I have no idea what you're talking about and there has to be something wrong with you.

>> No.5044794

>I have no idea what you're talking about
that was specifically said when tormentor tried to use it for Blade of Agony

you cheeky cunt

>> No.5044804

That was specifically said by who? Where? Who told you I'm going to release anything? Who told you I needed a lawyer? Please, please, for you own good, try to distract yourself. Try to think about something else. The voices in your head, they'll go away evetually.

>> No.5044813

>this sudden surge of defensiveness
don't think i'm the one hearing voices, my dude.

>> No.5044815


>> No.5044818

Calm down.

>> No.5045013

I tried this out but still had the save corruption issue among other issues. Ended up getting SW Redux and enjoying it.

>> No.5045017

Lel at someone who acts like this calling anyone else aspergers

>> No.5045054

Yeah Redux is currently the best port available, but it crashes like a motherfucker when quick loading (esp. in the first mission of the 2nd episode for some reason) and vsync introduces crazy mouse lag.

SWP kinda works but no proper widescreen and no CD/ogg audio, just silence.

It's funny because all SW ports are open source (including Redux) but nobody's bothered to make any fixes or a definitive port.

>> No.5046134

Hey webm guy, post your DN3D webms of dodging Pigcops/Enforcers bullets.

k thx bye

>> No.5046214

Ken's Labyrinth had stuff Wolf3D didn't and Build eventually retained, like wall sprites. Not too far from an ancestor. but yeah, Build didn't start until a couple months later.

>> No.5046219

Looks amazing bro. Has that 1.3D/1995 feel I can't quite put into words, and I'm also talking about the level design in general, really inspiring. Every usermap nowadays looks too modern for some reason. Not that I have any issues with that, but there's nothing like a grounded urban environment that speaks mid 90s.

>> No.5046247

Shadow Warrior has best weapons in any game to this day, both Duke and Blood had underwhelming weapons. Sword > kick or useless pitchfork, auto shotgun > boomsticks, nuclear rocket launcher > devastator.

>> No.5046262

Aren't those just Quake 2 textures? Why not extract the originals for better quality?

>> No.5046303
File: 157 KB, 800x600, btdn3d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was mostly to see if I could import textures from Doom in batch. I wil try other sets.
They're not Quake 2 textures and the quality is never going to be perfect because it's all paletted material.

>> No.5046351
File: 154 KB, 800x600, btdn3d2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the same set with 1.5x overbright. It's better in some ways but I'm afraid stuff from Doom is never going to look much better than this. But I think it's useable.

>> No.5046439
File: 3.00 MB, 640x480, 1505395188044.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5046441
File: 1.49 MB, 640x480, 1505395348533.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5046579
File: 144 KB, 800x600, 2mbdn3d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is another set called 2mbrown, still from Doom with 1.5x overbright.

>> No.5047212

You could still go EDuke32 only and use the art with the original palette instead of having to convert it.

>> No.5047251

I still don't get why Duke's kick was so weak and underwhelming. Kicking is fun, and kicking aliens with your boots should better than using any guns. It could also be deadly as hell when properly executed.

Yet, the game's kicking is just utterly lame, and no use for it as a weapon (other than slimers, which you're not supposed to kick).

>> No.5047276

Yeah, it's kinda bizarre that Blood has a better fan port than SW despite the latter being open source.
Those stray yellow pixels are disconcerting.

>> No.5047438

For the longest time eDuke3d didn't work for me like, at all. Last time I've tried it (years ago) It was so buggy it wasn't even funny, so I've always used Jonof. Today I've given it another shot and now it works, so maybe I'll try some of the extensions.
Oh well. The EU will fix those pixels.

>> No.5048723

What is the best place to start with Build Engine games?

>> No.5048818


>> No.5048826

Duke Nukem 3D.
I would save Blood for later, because it's much much harder.

>> No.5048956

It gets stronger when you are on steroids. But it should've been that strong normally and steroids should've added knockback and even more damage.

>Shadow Warrior has best weapons in any game to this day, both Duke and Blood had underwhelming weapons. Sword > kick or useless pitchfork, auto shotgun > boomsticks, nuclear rocket launcher > devastator
I love SW cause it was the first FPS game I owned but I can't agree with that, I haven't played through Blood cause I'm waiting for a good port, so I'm substituting Doom, which you shouldn't have overlooked in the first place.

>Sword > kick or useless fists
I agree with this but the chainsaw is at least even with the sword in terms of usefulness and fun.

>dook pistol > useless doom pistol or even more useless shuriken
Nobody can argue against this one.

>double UZIs > peashooter minigun or peashooter chaingun
I'm surprised you didn't bring this one up, easy pickings for SW.

>SSG > any other shotgun in any game ever
Come on.

>dook RPG > doom RPG or kamikaze nuke
Heat seeking is shit and nukes are unpractical. Dook's RPG has the most damage and spash damage for regular rockets and is the most fun to use by far.

>pipe bombs > sticky bombs
You know this to be true.

>> No.5048965

I'm fine with the kick not being as strong as say, the shotgun. It's fast and can be done during shooting, hence why magdumping with the pistol and continuously kicking can be used to stunlock certain enemies very reliably.

>> No.5048987

>But it should've been that strong normally and steroids should've added knockback and even more damage.

Literally Dukeplus.

>> No.5049020

I actually have Shadow Warrior clasic redux and the megaton edition on steam, I just downloaded Blood gdx. I'll try DN3D first, I take that I have to turn off vsync right?

>> No.5049235

Got any more of those gifs

>> No.5049382

>I take that I have to turn off vsync right?
do as you see fit, I turned it off and only use the frame limiter. Set textures to retro

>> No.5049389

>no music
into the trash it goes

>> No.5049412

>thinks there is no market for retro FPS games
>Strife, Dusk, Amid Evil, nuDoom, Shadow Warrior, Quake Champions, Ion Maiden just in the last 8 years

>> No.5049579

Of those, Shadow Warrior was kind of a success (I loved it, but it isn't perfect, and I only sometimes see it talked about), but I think the sequel killed the new take on the franchise.
For the others, they seem much more subdued in popularity, rereleases with niche audiences, or smaller stuff which didn't get a lot of attention.

I think NuDoom did a lot to get people to pay attention to shooters which weren't Call Of Battlefield though (and it was a big success), so I think there's an interest for shooters closer to classic ones, though mind that in a lot of ways, NuDoom wasn't like a classic 90's shooter, only partially. Also the extremely lukewarm multiplayer I think held it back (so I'm glad they're not outsourcing it for the sequel).

>> No.5049650

Music is working, it just needs to be in .ogg format.

>> No.5049694
File: 1.78 MB, 350x255, vqGeMsr.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>William Gee was goddamn amazing. He was an actual artist, making paintings and selling them for a living, and for build maps he really had an eye for scale and colours.


>> No.5049887

NuDoom was a modern take on classic shooters, keep in mind I'm not hating the game, I just think that when it comes to classic shooters, NuDoom got inspired by their ideas but modernized them instead of actually being faithful. I think NuDoom was a good game despite its flaws and more importantly, the financial success helped to open up a market for old style FPS due to the interest that NuDoom generated within many younger people.

>> No.5050253

The peashooter is great against tougher foes like Mancubi or Cacos, since it's a stun weapon too.

>> No.5050635

I too use the peashooter against cacos. Doesn't change the fact that it feels like a peashooter and using it against zombiemen feels completely unsatisfying without using weapon mods. Vanilla minigun doesn't feel good to use.

>> No.5050923

In the Downtown Hickston map (Redneck Rampage) you're supposed to shoot out the windows into the library, right? Is it just a bug with RedneckGDX, or am I not remembering correctly?

>> No.5050935

It's a bug with GDX unsurprisingly

>> No.5051000

Reeeeeeeeee Blood is just trial and error bullshit fuck this game

>> No.5051203

Git gud. Crouch. Use alt-fires. Always expect something around corners. Peak in and out of cover to shoot flares or throw dynamite.

>> No.5051262

Crouching casualizes this game

>> No.5051337

Yeah, instead you should tank damage and just die. Crank up the difficulty to compensate.

>> No.5051342

Using your weapons is pretty OP too, it kills the enemies so you don't even have to deal with them anymore
Devs pls patch

>> No.5051463

What does crouching do? Fuck with the hitscan? Is it cheap tactics like the anon said? I don't wanna cheese any games.

>> No.5051480

It makes it so hitscanners have a harder time hitting you.
You can't just go and lie down on the floor and just win though, you need to be mobile.

>> No.5052224

Is world tour worth the bucks if I already own megaton edition?

>> No.5052320

The new episode is pretty good, but if you're on PC, just pirate it.

>> No.5052467

Javen't played, but it looks sick. I like the crosshairs - you guys are complaining about a slight modification to the established conventions of the game because you're not used to it.

Feels weird, I'm sure, but it's a natural choice given the new movement options and it make you consider your movement a little.

>> No.5052470

A great Egypt and San Francisco map, and 6 other random usermaps fill the space.

>> No.5052479

who is william gee and where can I get his usermaps

>> No.5052481

It sucks because it's distracting, but more importantly, it's not just the crosshair, it's the entire accuracy that gets shifted, meaning you lose way too much accuracy. Try using Bombshell's magnum, unless you're standing still, at least 1 out of 2 bullets will miss. Retro FPS games are supposed to be all about movement, not standing still to carefully aim or use sights.

>> No.5052486

This is why the gunplay in BLOOD feels so good...

You need to actively prevent yourself from being hit while doing unto others...

>> No.5052541

Yeah, I like how Caleb is kind of a glass cannon. Kind of brittle, but he can put out the hurt, and he's as agile as a cat.

>> No.5052606

So you like jump sideways (say left) then immediately crouch while in the air, then upon landing immediately jump sideways in the opposing direction (say right), crouching again while in the air, then jump left with a crouch once again, then jump right with a crouch once again, etc.?

Man, that sure is some awesomesauce gameplay, that surely won't get old the 50th time you do that. I mean, in other games you can just move and shoot, while in Blood you move and shoot WHILE doing this, so that hitscanners don't rape you. Surely there is some awesome skill involved in the whole skedaddle somewhere.

>> No.5052612

I mean, you can just concoct a macro doing that any time you strafe and be done with it.

>> No.5052617

dude just use god mode lmao why bother trying to be good at the game

>> No.5052625

Yeah, it's pretty exhilarating.

You could, but what the fuck would be the fun in that?

>> No.5052667

I remember M210 posting something about the GDX code being based on the leaked Blood alpha, which is not open source.

>> No.5052685

Start with Douk, then Blood, Shadow warrior and Redneck Rampage in that order.

>> No.5052697

>Strife, nuDoom, Shadow Warrior, Quake Champions
>retro FPS games

>> No.5052706
File: 990 KB, 1280x829, trust no one.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Strife is.

>> No.5052729

>>5049412 clearly meant Strafe and i just messed up citing him.

>> No.5052739

What issue are these scans from?

>> No.5052743

Strife was just recently re-released and did really well, why wouldn't he be talking about it?

>> No.5052747

It's simply cutting on cumbersome busywork.
That kind of thing is supposed to be fun? It's basically no more than a rhythm minigame.

>> No.5052751

Because everything else in the post are modern shooters either stating they are utilizing retro design principles or being remakes/sequels.

>> No.5052753

So it needs to have old graphics and play on DOS?

>> No.5052789

No. But the health bar and medkits system, full arsenal at once (not two weapon limit popularised by Halo) and explorable levels with some form of keyhunting are mandatory. Arena gameplay of NuDoom and NuShadow Warrior has its roots in Serious Sam and Painkiller, which are a different breed, Quake Champions is a contemporary multiplayer hero shooter, and Strafe is what now called a roguelight (i don't like the term but let it be).

>> No.5052815

Why do you come here?

>> No.5053204

>used for incredibly complex tasks such as converting a leaked alpha source into its final state using fucking Java

Besides, he also uses EDuke32's code, which IS open source, and it's not like you're copying the alpha source verbatim since it's been converted to another language and tampered/reworked after disassembling blood v1.0. Most open source reverse-engineering based ports would be running into legal trouble if that was the case.
Also he's a fucking Ruskie, laws don't apply to him or any of his domains.

>> No.5053250

I think it might have been a magazine ad. The guy with a machinegun barrel in his face isn't seen anywhere in the game. Maybe he's on the box or the manual, but I never had those, I swiped the .wads online in like 2008.
"Trust No One" was the tagline for the game though.

>> No.5053410

How about you actually play the game instead of concocting ideas of what it's like based on things you read?

>> No.5053463

Why don't you fucking make macros for Super Mario and Castlevania then, you fucking faggot.

>> No.5054543

I'm this faggot >>5049020 >>5048723 your build engine games are legit somw of the most fun I've had with a FPS in years. DN3D nosedives with the second episode but the rest is fucking spectacular. Blood is tough but goddamn that level design and aesthetic. Not a fan of SW so far, though

>> No.5054547

Except the 2nd episode of Duke is the best.

>> No.5054559

Except is not

>> No.5054567

EP2 has the best layouts, craziest architecture and effects, a fantastic atmosphere, and amazing gameplay outside of a few "fuck you" Drones.

EP3 has a few really great maps like Flood Zone but is very uneven, very rough on the edges, and gameplay is a lot worse.

EP1 is great but short, and limited in terms of weapons and enemies.

EP4 is also uneven, very gimmicky, and rough in many places too. Most of the maps are based on old rejects and beta material and it shows.

EP5 has only 2 truely good maps and is the most flawed.

>> No.5054781

I feel like these games would benefit from a life system and time limits on the maps.

>> No.5054838

>life system

Powerslave does that, it's cool

>time limit


>> No.5054848

man i gotta be honest, I Duke Nukem 3d, blood and shadow warrior but I never beat any of them.

They all get kinda boring at some point

>> No.5054851

Is Powerslave "pistolstart"able? Can you just substitute the first level's map file with, like, 15th and just jack in without getting absolutely slaughtered?

>> No.5054852

No. The game is designed with the contrary in mind. Except from grenades you only can find each weapon once through the entire game.

>> No.5054854

Yeah. As in Quake's ep4.
Well, that sucks. Thanks for the info.

>> No.5054863

Try pistolstarting, for one.

>> No.5054868

Also, they could become boring specifically due to you swimming in ammo and weapons carried over from the previous levels, due to which you start paying way less attention to the way the maps are put together, than you are more or less supposed to.

>> No.5054882

>a fantastic atmosphere

I've probably said this in a couple other threads, but when I played Dead Space 1 years ago I had a huge nostalgia boner from playing Lunar Apocalypse decades ago. It's like the proto-Dead Space, they could have made an Alien game off of that alone.

>> No.5054884

Well yeah it's essentially all the same assets and weapons/enemies over and over again. Little variety across the whole game and eventually the fatigue just sets in. I beat all these 3 once though.

Still have to do the SW expansions (heard they were shit), the last few levels of PowerSlave (man that game is such a slog but hopefully it gets better once you enter the alien territory) and maybe I'll actually sit down and give Redneck Rampage a thorough try, but it seems like crazy a hitscan hell with spongey enemies from what little I've played, a lot like NAM/Napalm.

>> No.5054886

>Well yeah it's essentially all the same assets and weapons/enemies over and over again.

That's a pretty weak complaint IMO, where is that not the case in a 90s FPS? Hell, even in modern ones.

>> No.5054960

They're not fucking arcade games.

>> No.5055012

That stuff isn't limited to arcade games.

>> No.5055063

Why would you add a time limit and lives system for an FPS?

>> No.5055612
File: 61 KB, 410x880, 1537477799537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5056225

You know what? I am going back again, maybe in the same difficulty rather that picking up hard and see if I agree on this 2nd run

>> No.5056469

Unpopular opinion: DNF is Blum's major work and is a genuinely curious example of ultra-functional, barebones, necessity-driven level-design (even if for a game, the mechanics of which leave a lot to be desired), while DNFDLC and his levels from Alien World Order are more of hackjobs. Hollywood Inferno, however, is perhaps the most curious of the AWO maps, since it is a straight (and very successful, when pistolstarted) retelling of DNF's leveldesigning principles in DN3D form, and, as such, it brings something genuinely new to DN3D that wasn't there in any of the previous canon maps, even if ultimately not invented specifically for DN3D. Moreover, it serves as a proper tie-in to DNF, being now the very last (sequentially) DN3D's map and all.

>> No.5056737

I just played the version of Toxic Dump from Duke's beta.

I really, really don't fucking get this level.

Also, what the actual fuck with 17 secrets?

>> No.5057592

It's, like, the earlier parts of the map don't teach you how to be better at the later parts of the map. It's just, like, endless... abuse, so that you just stop caring and start savescumming and to play with a general "fuck it" attitude.
Also, the initial encounter in the beta version of this map requires you to run up the ramp, quickly kill the pigcop with pistol and kicks, and LUCK OUT SO THAT HE DROPS THE SHOTGUN. Then you jump down where there is a box of shotgun ammo, and then you have just enough ammo to kill 5 pigcops that are after you. Like, that's not even a question, it's clearly the intended way, level starts, there are 5 pigcops after you, you run up the ramp to the lone pigcop, kill him, and if there is no shotgun you restart the level. If there is, you jump down to the niche with the ammo, crouch and pray while shooting.
The "fair and square" shotgun appears at the part of the level you basically have little to no chance to reach on CGS without looting enemy's shotgun first.

It could be kind of like a commentary on Romero's, like, The Living End and Perfect Hatred maps, but it still doesn't make all that much sense to me, to be honest. Despite this map being pretty much the centerpiece of ep1.

Actually, the entire progression in Duke's ep1 (Abyss excluded) sort of, well, I sort of don't quite get, what's it all about, and what Toxic Dump is all about in particular. But yeah, Toxic Dump seems to me to be pretty much ep1's Alien Rendezvous (map 5 from Plug'n'Pray).

>> No.5059084

One thing I have to say against Lunar Apocalypse... is that they lack many features which defined DN3D. The realism and real life immersion, the humour...

I think that's why people considering ep2 "generic" when it's everything but that.

But finally, once you know the game as well as I do, played hundreds of times for 20 years, these points of realism and humour have stopped effecting me to the same degree, so I give more credit to the crazy layouts, architecture and effects, and well crafted gameplay (against ep3's often random enemy placement, for instance)

>> No.5059108

Fuck you, if you think Golden Carnage and Mirage Barrage are hackjobs. I'm glad these maps were made, they showed how talented Blum is.

>> No.5059139

The older I get the more I appreciate Toxic Dump. I said it was a rather weak level back then (by episode 1 standards), but now I think it's a fantastic, adventurous map, and has that special feel that defined the entire episode. I cannot pinpoint the exact leveldesign element or set piece what made it - and the entire episode 1 - great, just know I'm playing with the real canonic thing, not just a phony userlevel. Comparing Toxic Dump with the hackwork of Alien Rendezvous might be some kind of a bad joke from your side (or some low standards).

With that said, after episode 1, very little of the remaining Duke levels have that unique atmosphere. Lunar Reactor and Dark Side definitely, Derelict probably, maybe Freeway and Going Postal from the city maps, and Golden Carnage from the new set. Outside of Blum, only The Abyss had that special, unique Duke feel.

In the case of Doom, Romero was the guy who created the Doom atmosphere, and his levels in episode 1 were the gold standards for the rest of the game. If they had released a Sandy Petersen calibre episode for shareware, the game would have bombed. You can bitch and moan about Romero's work, particularly E4M2 or Map29, those maps have visibly higher standards. Also his maps in 2016 showed we can still live in 1993 and re-experience the greatness, unlike phony hackworks like DTWID or D2TWID, which were just silly, inferior remakes.

>> No.5059145

>the humour...
Something that didn't age too well with Duke. Episode 2 is rightfully rediscovered, and now it's clearly more liked than episode 3 and 4.

>> No.5059230

A gotta ask, did you pistolstart beta versions of the DN3D's ep1 maps?

I don't know, after seeing beta, I am really starting to think that Blum's portion of ep1 and Plug'n'Pray may have much more in common between them (purely by coincidence), than it might initially seem.

In my opinion, Plug'n'Pray's sort of point is something along the lines of "I, the author of these levels, can be literally anyone, as far as you are concerned, a psychopath, a crazy, a fart-sniffing moron, an idiot, anyone, DO YOU REALLY WANT TO RELY UPON MY GOODWILL OR UPON MY JUDGEMENT?" with Alien Rendezvous (when pistolstarted) serving as the bullet's tip.

I am starting to think that Blum's portion of ep1 specifically could be something more or less along those lines as well.

>> No.5059239

I find the humor is alright when it doesn't try too much, what's funny and/or endearing in the Duke Nukem games to me:

>Duke's attitude and oneliners, "Huhuhu, what a mess!", "Eat shit and die!", 'Why I'm So Great'
He's macho and kinda cool, but he's also hard to really take seriously, because he's so exaggerated and silly, that's what makes him fun.

>The odd Easter eggs.
Stuff like the little nods to Beavis & Butthead and The Simpsons, the best ones are the Easter eggs which aren't directly in your face, but the small ones you have to look for, or which take you a moment to recognize.

>The babes.
Maybe not so much hilarious, but just a charming novelty, other games wouldn't so overtly just put eyecandy like that in their game.
The fact that one of the levels is a strip club is just a good part of that.

>The fun weapons.
The Shrink Ray, the Freezer, the Microwave Expander Cannon, the Devastator Weapon, hell, the mundane rocketlauncher is fun just because of the powerful thump of the explosion, and how limbs and gibs just go flying all over the place, it's a satisfying spectacle, looking amazing, and giving you results.
The Shrinker is my favorite too, you can just give a Fat Commander a ray, and then crush him like a cigarette butt underneath your heel, that's you telling one of the strongest monsters "Nah, fuck you.", that's funny.

>The theming
>Each episode of Duke Nukem 3D often has some kind of theme, or has levels with novelty.
Lunar Apocalypse is space themed, it's more dark and imposing.
Shrapnel City, you're back on Earth, this time going strongly for the city theme that's so briefly visited in L.A Meltdown
The Birth is a bag mix of various novelty levels, with various themes.
Nuclear Winter is Christmas (though this one wasn't very good)
Duke It Out In D.C was more or less a tour of Washington
Life's A Beach has a strong and cheerful tropical vacation theme, it goes the whole nine yards for atmosphere and locale.
World Tour is a World Tour.

>> No.5059323

You read way too much into the levels. Also it's not just Blum. It had many quality controls back then, they couldn't do just what they wanted. Blum also restarted and redesigned many of his levels. No such psychopathy or whatever BS you are talking about.

>> No.5059851

>Also it's not just Blum.
Blum with external censorship is still Blum.
>they couldn't do just what they wanted
idSoft could.
>Blum also restarted and redesigned many of his levels.
Beta levels mostly differ from the released ones in tougher combat balance and some extra detailing cut from the released version for better framerate. E1M2 also has unused garage with a couple of enemies, which was probably once supposed to be the level's start. E1M4 starts you right at the main factory room and the door with the shrinker (although the shrinker isn't functional in this version of the map, and serves as a red herring with both mini-vents leading nowhere).
>No such psychopathy or whatever BS you are talking about.
Even with oh so high quality standards and even when behaving in a socially acceptable manner, level-designer can still be a genuinely immoral person (even if subtle about it), and there could be better ways of completing his levels (possibly in clearly unintended manner) than depending upon his goodwill.
I don't mean Blum here, by the way.

>> No.5059972

What the fuck is this post

>> No.5060039

He really went that far and said Hollywood Inferno is his favourite World Tour map. Even the author admitted it was just a last minute afterthought, and there were no such intents to make it as a transition to DNF.

>> No.5060053

The beta you played was a very late build of the game, when 99% of the shareware maps were done. Prior betas weren't released after Lameduke, but many insiders still know what kind of heavy changes happened then. E1L1 and E1L2 were the same level for a long time for example, before it was separated. The Abyss was also different, a previous version had no boss room, but the episode ended in E2L5 with just a Battlelord. Episode 3 suffered from major cuts due to framerate issues.

>> No.5060291

Agreed... he was far more prolific and I learned more from him than he did from me. I focused a lot more on technical whizbangery and to the maps detriment sometimes played to the audience loading the map in build rather than the one shooting.

>Market Melee big, empty, sparse

The "time travel" part of Top Secret is a literal rip from one of Robert's earlier usermaps and was entirely a nod to the community at the time.


>> No.5060298

It's not just the fact that there is an outdoor area and that this outdoor area has or is a secret. It's the way they are concieved to.

Travis didn't invent that, it is a Doom formula, but he certainly has a unique way of thinking this kind of stuff.

>> No.5060309

Understood. I was just saying no to that one being his influence. It was inspired by the desire to make my own space kinda like Toxic Dump and wanting a nice view for the opening elevator. And a place to conclude the running Kobayashi boat gag.

Robert did a texturing and lighting pass to Market Melee that helped it a lot. He also did a very helpful lighting pass on my area of Top Secret, but otherwise was hands off on layouts/puzzles.

>> No.5060343

Recently looking at Sunstorm's website archive we found out that the Casino secret level was supposed to come after the cruise ship, not be a secret level, while Lost Lagoon was supposed to.

I shat bricks because I always felt like the Casino map fit better after the Ship level. In fact, for more than a decade I never knew where the secret level exit was and i'd always use cheat to play it after the boat.

In fact, if you exclude/change the very last outdoor area of the casino, the entire map could very well be inside the ship.
Plus, the way the secret level exit is handled makes no sense at all.

I understand that switching these two maps was for the better, as the casino has a more repetitive theme, while Lost Lagoon gives a much better level progression and adventure feel.

My question is, was the casino EVER meant to be inside the ship?
Also what was the plan with the "shipwreck" mentionned on the site too? I suppose the ship supposed to wreck in a similar fasion to RR:RA's Gamblin' Boat to create a link to Lost Lagoon?

Was there ever more of the Iguana enemy than that one frame?

>> No.5060364

Where did you find this info?

>> No.5060372


it goes cruiseship->casino->shipwreck

Which again comforts me into the idea that the casino was meant to fit inside the ship at one point.

>> No.5060383

>Casino inside Wavemistress
No. Both the Wavemistress and the WD Airplane were exercises in legitimately fitting the space inside the hull, the Casino is on an entirely different spacial layout. The Casino is on the island the cruise was going to.

Dunno what the original level designer intended. There is a very small shipwreck in the level, no idea why it warranted a mention on the website.

I'm pretty sure originally was going to be the reskinned Enforcer. Don't think it ever got past those mocked up screenshots.

>> No.5060390

Well okay, I guess I got mislead by the elevator at the start of the level.
It just felt like there was supposed to be a secret elevator inside the ship, but that elevator is probably a late afterthought to connect Maket Melee and the casino.
At least I know my guts telling me to play the casino after the ship was based.

>There is a very small shipwreck in the level

Ooh, that one. Yeah. That didn't even hit me.

>> No.5060394

>Misleading elevator
It's a really oddly textured elevator in general. I could be wrong but I think RT added the ending area to that map. It's got his style.

It's pretty forgettable.

>> No.5060415

I can easily see that casino level in the ship, especially considering how small portions of the ship can be played. Cruise liners are large, and have multiple restaurant, casinos and most of them even has a large theatre. It wasn't a smart decision from them to drop the original idea. Voodoo caves could have been the secret level, since it's just a lower quality version of Lost Lagoon.

>> No.5060428

So you are Wieder, anon? Good to see you here. Why don't you make a new Duke map? A similar styled one to the boss level in Caribbean. That was a great map.

>> No.5060609

You should play it anyway. It's well balanced that way. The only way you have way too much is if you know most of the secrets AND that you save up on power ups.

It's a great game once you get used to the controls. If you play with modern controls just remember never to strafe+run during jumps, that can sequence break a LOT of things.

>> No.5060669

>Even the author admitted it was just a last minute afterthought, and there were no such intents to make it as a transition to DNF.

>> No.5060681

I did play it. Although I only played it up until map15, and the save is currently on the external HDD that is currently kind of semi-dead.

Also, modern controls depend on your using mouse. When playing keyboard-only, you are stuck with the old strafes however you look at it.

>> No.5060690

>He really went that far and said Hollywood Inferno is his favourite World Tour map.
I said it legitimately add something new to the canon Duke maps, that isn't purely level artistry. High Times is "Let's repeat a gimmick from a Levelord's level, only with somewhat more tasteful decor", Mirage Barrage is a glorified speedmap layout-wise (well, one can argue this IS an innovation in the context of the canon Duke levels exactly the same way as the "DNF-style map" is an innovation in the context of the canon Duke levels), and Golden Carnage, well, I kind of don't get its point as of this moment, other than in serving as the episode's culmination.

>> No.5060694

One of the dev commentaries of the level.

Other than that, demanding proofs is not too smart, as (You) are the one who always project fake psychological reasons to confirm your retarded views.

>> No.5060697

I don't see any relevance of that information to what I was writing about.
The point is, in beta version, in Hollywood Holocaust you have no luxury of entering the cinema from the back door since there are like 6 pigcops, you NEED to get the RPG secret and to blast through the front. In Red Light District, you NEED to enter the shop without even looking behind the first corner, in order to scavenge the resources you will NEED in order to clear out the streets. In Toxic Dump, you NEED to luck out with the shotgun from the lone pigcop in the first combat encounter in order to have enough resources to deal with other five reliably - and that's only a start.

>> No.5060710

Here are the real author intents instead of anon's projections.

>High Times
“If the aliens are attacking the world’s most famous landmarks, of course Amsterdam would be one of the places Duke would save first,” said Blum. “And while he’s there he would probably check out one of the ‘coffee’ shops. I tried to build the map similar to the first level in Episode 1, Hollywood Holocaust – namely one that’s compact, good for Dukematch, and has a memorable theme. With the improved framerate of the new renderer and processor speeds, I was able to add a lot more detail to the Amsterdam street area compared to the Hollywood street I built in 1996.”

>Mirage Barrage
“What’s a famous landmark that can actually be built in Duke 3D?” asks Blum. “With the limitations of the build engine, one floor plus one ceiling per sector and slopes, what’s a real world place that can actually be built? The Giza Pyramid! The Maze outside of the Pyramid is based off of the real ruins, and the inside of the Pyramid is based off of the actual layout of the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Also note the references to The Fifth Element and Stargate SG-1.”

>Golden Carnage
“I wanted to build a large, open exploration map that couldn’t be built with the framerate limitations of 1996,” said Blum. “And since I grew up in California, what better landmark then the Golden Gate Bridge? At the end of the original map in Episode 1, Death Row, there is one submarine. In order to have enough framerate to have just one submarine, I had to build it in a small enclosed area. Now in the new map I was able to have six submarines, the destroyed Golden Gate Bridge with cars on it, and Fort Point!”

>> No.5060713

>Hollywood Inferno
“As the last map in the new Episode, and bringing the game full circle back to where it started in LA, what better place to fight one final boss than at the base of the Hollywood Sign,” said Blum. “With the improved framerate, I wanted to make a map where you could see the final boss area from the start, and then it’s just a straight path of hard fighting toward the final boss fight. Compared to the original final boss area I built in Episode 3, Stadium, this time I was able to actually have more than a couple of flat sectors.”


>> No.5060718

Toxic Dump's starting position was screwed in the beta. You shouldn't read anything into it. The real start position was the submarine from the getgo.

As for Hollywood Holocaust, I guess 99 out of 100 players played the level on skill 2. That introduced Pigcops in the wall explosion, and it was harmed so you need just one blast. They added more pigcops in CGS difficulty to promote higher skill playing, exact the same way what we saw in Hangar and the 16 shotgun guys there.

Again, stop reading too much into these levels. They were made by professionals, and large consulting had been made between all the developers before shipping the final product.

>> No.5060719

He said, he wanted the boss area to be like Stadium, but then decided to add a linear (because, apparently, in Golden Carnage it was supposed to be "hard to find where to go next") intro in order to make you fight through to it.
>>5060039's statement about it being a last minute thought is pulled entirely out of his own ass. Second, Blum was the lead level designer on DNF, all the way through the project, and it would make sense that he would fall back to the latter's style for a linear map where you fight through the linear path towards a set destination, regardless of whether there was an intent to make it a tie-in map, or whether it ended up being one as a result of a coincidence.

>> No.5060724

Well, apparently, "large consulting" didn't stop the starting position in the biggest level of ep1, in the "99% complete beta, no less" to end up having been "screwed". You are contradicting yourself, as simple as that.

>> No.5060725

All of this is awfully vague, to be quite honest.
>I wanted to build a large, open exploration map
Where you travel back and forth along a linear path. Brilliant idea.

>> No.5060726

Not "linear path". More like literal straight line.

>> No.5060728

>in the "99% complete beta", no less, from ending up having been "screwed"

>> No.5060738

>Prior betas weren't released after Lameduke
Sure would be neat if someone were to leak these!

>> No.5060739

It's simpler and quicker to modify and use others' (as well as your previous, made in order to reach different goals) inventions in order to suit your current needs, than to reinvent the wheel custom-tailored for solving your specific situation.

Blum's levels in AWO are a hackjob, when it comes to layouting, all the way throughout.

>> No.5060745

You sir, is a retard. That was a leaked beta, nothing more. It wasn't shipped anywhere publicly, just was sent to a few people for testing. Final polish of the levels haven't been made. A screwed starting position doesn't mean they didn't consult on the levels. The best chance it was a last moment cockup from Blum and he didn't test it before sending the beta to the selected people. Death Row ended on the submarine, why Toxic Dump has a bombed submarine, but with a starting position inside the base? Doesn't make sense.

Honestly, you are embarassing yourself now. You simply don't know shit about professional game making, which includes beta testing, general cooperation between the members, just think that everyone onboard is just doing random shit and the final product can be glued somehow.

>> No.5060750

The interior of the pyramid has a great layout. It's very intuitive. Other than that, the entire episode abuses of "there is a building or something, you can go around from either side", which is the easy way out to make something with enough interconnection and freedom for the player.

Either the mapper put the start position there because he was sick of doing the switch puzzle and underwater section every time he tested, or it was simply put there last time he needed to test something specific.... Or, it was actually put there by accident. In the old DOS Build, you have no idea how easy it was to end up having the start position changed without meaning to.

>> No.5060754

>The interior of the pyramid has a great layout. It's very intuitive.
See above, it's based on references. And gameplay Duke-specific elements are simplified copy-pastes from previous Duke levels.
>Either the mapper put the start position there because he was sick of doing the switch puzzle and underwater section every time he tested, or it was simply put there last time he needed to test something specific.... Or, it was actually put there by accident. In the old DOS Build, you have no idea how easy it was to end up having the start position changed without meaning to.
And, just as you spawn in, the door with the pigcops, behind you, no less, immediately opens. Why? Doesn't look a bit like an accident.

>> No.5060757

It's like, how easy is it to spawn the player PRECISELY on the exact line that triggers the trap?

>> No.5060762

If you are Wiederhold, I am making you a priority. I've had enough of this shit.

>> No.5060816

>See above, it's based on references.

What now? What do the Fifth Element, or even Stargate, references have do with the layouts of the map? That's like saying Death Row is based on Doom because of the easter egg.

The spaceship at the end is based on references, but on Lunar Apocalypse references. Warp Factor and Lunar Reactor specifically, and again uses the "the player can go around the centerpiece from either side" type of layout I said the episode abuses of.

I was specifically talking about the pyramid layout though. Not the spaceship. You fail to see how great it is

>forced to climb up the puzzle room
>forced to blow up the wall which is going to be an important cue for the rest of this place
>see the locked doors on the way
>a first switch establishes the puzzle, so you realize you have to look for more things
>viewscreen shows you the other rooms unlocked
>you can go in any order you want
>but if you always take the first room on your way back and blow up the walls at the end of each room, you find yourself right in front of the next one. That's using a classic DN3D layout interconnection mean for intelligent seemless backtracking.

The result is something that feels classic and intuitive, that would satisfy people who aren't used to mid 90's FPS without making it feel dumb for people who do. It's great and the only part in the ep that is so great, and plays a huge part in why this level is the best in the entire ep.

>> No.5060819

>And, just as you spawn in, the door with the pigcops, behind you, no less, immediately opens. Why? Doesn't look a bit like an accident.

Actually I'm pretty sure that proves it's not intended. A general rule is to never spawn the player with enemies in direct sight, so the player has time to get his bearings. That doesn't just apply to DN3D but to all games in general.

Here is a scenario that is more likely to have happened than your scenario:
>Blum just built this setup with the door, the trigger, and the pigcop
>he wants to tests it so put the spawn point on the trigger
>turns out it's the end of the day already
>he saves his work and goes home
>like at the end of each day, the person in charge of back-ups, backs up everything
>turns out the leaked beta we got was at that precise moment

>> No.5060821

No-no, I meant
>and the inside of the Pyramid is based off of the actual layout of the Great Pyramid of Khufu

>> No.5060828
File: 72 KB, 600x653, GPVoid1117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It has the ascending corridor with the big room at the end (like other pyramids) but that's about it. It's not like the actual pyramid has the interconnected rooms used for puzzles and other cues I mentionned

>> No.5060829

>A general rule is to never spawn the player with enemies in direct sight, so the player has time to get his bearings.
As in E1M2?
Also, there is a sound of door opening, so that he has a couple of seconds to react.

>put the spawn point on the trigger
What IS a trigger? Is it a sector? A boundary between adjacent sectors? An arbitrary line? What? And what is player considered in relation to the trigger? A shape? Or a point? If it's a point and a line respectively, and the trigger is fired by that point crossing the line, then you simply can't trigger anything simply by spawning in, since your position on a plane doesn't change, you need to trigger door's opening independently that would prove the intention.

>> No.5060838
File: 10 KB, 193x245, 1280241641392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bros, did we just witness industry blackballing in the making, or are these just two tryhard nerds bickering back and forth?

>> No.5060839

Well, apparently, the relationship is important enough for Blum to specifically mention it: >>5060710

>> No.5060845

>As in E1M2?
Also E1M3, by the way.
That being said, E1M2 DOES give you a bit of time both in the released and in beta version (about as much as beta of E1M4 gives you). E1M3 doesn't.

>> No.5060847

In E1L2 the elevator takes quite some time to go down, but more importantly, the Recon car is only there so you can see it fly away, it doesn't attack you, even if you do. You're only starting to be in danger once you start moving.

A trigger is something that triggers an action. For instance a door can be opened by a switch, or a touchplate. A touchplate triggers when the player enters that sector.
So if he wants to make sure he tagged things properly and his trigger works, he'd spawn nearby or even on that sector with the touchplate.

So you give credit for the map to the pyramid architect then? He'd mention this because the point of the episode was to be loosely based on landmarks. Like in Golden Carnage (how close does it even look to the actual bridge? in shape, scale, length? surrounding environments and buildings?) or Bloody Hell.

>> No.5060860

In E1L3 the Pigcop doesn't even attack you unless you're pretty much dead from the electric chair.

The electric chair itself causing damage is an exception to the rule since that's the whole of the entire setup between E1L2 and E1L3...

Just like the sinking submarine is the whole point of the connection between 3 and 4. The fact that you'd consider the player starting on the ground while there is an underwater section with the interior of the submarine flooded as an intended map when this setup exists start baffles me.

>> No.5060861

>In E1L2 the elevator takes quite some time to go down, but more importantly, the Recon car is only there so you can see it fly away, it doesn't attack you, even if you do. You're only starting to be in danger once you start moving.
Uh-uh, there is an assault trooper firing straight at you.
>A touchplate triggers when the player enters that sector.
What if the player doesn't ENTER the sector, but spawns already inside of it? Does it register as entering? And is being in contact with the ground significant, or one can fire the trigger mid-jump?

>> No.5060865

> Does it register as entering?

In Duke, yes

>And is being in contact with the ground significant, or one can fire the trigger mid-jump?

Both kinds exist in Duke

>> No.5060870

Pigcop is perfectly capable of seeing you on the chair, as well as shooting through the glass. When he attacks is simply a matter of random chance.

>> No.5060882

>Just like the sinking submarine is the whole point of the connection between 3 and 4. The fact that you'd consider the player starting on the ground while there is an underwater section with the interior of the submarine flooded as an intended map when this setup exists start baffles me.
Well, Duke was moved in between of E1M2 and E1M3. I don't find anything strange about him having been moved in between of E1M3 and E1M4 especially considering he apparently had an accident due to careless submarine driving. If anything this could be, in the start of the level, "What the fuck am I doing here again?", and then, as you encounter submarine, like, "Ooooooh, okay".

>> No.5060887

Not exactly. For one thing, the window has a solid red wall obstructing the bottom of the Pigcop.

Duke3D enemies hate that, in a way they "see through their feet", so if there is a wall like that, first they'll try to see if they can find a way around. This is why "window shooting" is a lot less efficient in Duke than it is in Doom for instance.
And that is why the Pigcop will always turn in round like a jackass for 2-3 seconds before starting to fire, until the realizes he has no other choice, that there are walls everywhere and the window is his only option.

On top of this he takes 1-2 seconds to wake up.

You can try it 10 times in a row and if you don't move I swear he'll only start shooting when you're at least down to 25hp... every time. You can look around without moving to see him turn in round making a fool of himself.

Does the beta version has the interior of the submarine built? If it does, that doesn't help up.

>> No.5060891

Okay then. Could you please explain then why the "canon" shotgun in E1M4 is situated in the room by the conveyor belt, overseeing the starting beta room (although the player has little chance of reaching it without the having the appropriated trophy shotgun)?

>> No.5060894


>> No.5060914

>Does the beta version has the interior of the submarine built? If it does, that doesn't help up.
Okay. You are actually right. First, if you start a beta level and godmode-noclip into the submarine, you can see the water rising in it. Second, you can trigger a secret inside the sub from its top, but there seems to be no way to open up the hatch to the submarine from the outside, it needs to be opened by solving the button puzzle from inside. Then you get to the top of the sub, activate secret, backtrack to the sub, get the secret. In other words, in beta, that secret doesn't seem to be reachable without cheating.

This could be a case similar to Derelict though, which initiall had the reverse progression route. Meaning the map could be initially built and balanced around beta starting point, then sub was added, and it was rebalanced for sub start, but the leak occurred before the change of the starting point and the resulting rebalance really took place. This is purely a speculation though. That being said, it IS possible to CGS-pistolstart this map this from the beta starting point.

Also, thanks for the explanation in regards to the pigcop behavior. That was illuminating.

>> No.5060919
File: 74 KB, 639x393, pic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5060941

Water starts rising only after you enter the submarine though. Meaning, it's not triggered independently at the start of the level.

>> No.5060960

Do you actually like anything, anon?

All you do is bashing maps and mappers from various games.
>most of Romero's Doom maps
>all of McGee's Doom maps
>Plutonia from Doom
>NRFTL from Doom
>Levelord's Duke maps
>many of Blum's maps
>Shadow Warrior in general
>Ion Maiden even before release

>> No.5060991
File: 27 KB, 480x270, BLOOD Beta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>check unseen64
>linked to a website with DOS games
>website doesnt existanymore
>apparently it had the beta version of BLOOD on there
anywhere i can download it?

>> No.5061006

Yes, there are definitely things I like in level-design.
You know, what I was thinking about is. I have the entire quaddicted, quakerepo and idgames2 archives, and I have extracted readmes from all archives from them, and I have them all in one folder, with the original dates of those readmes creations. I also have classic, current and unsorted folders from dukeworld, but I didn't extract readmes from the yet.

What I was thinkin about was just starting to play singleplayer Quake maps, just one by one, in purely chronological order (if those readmes are anything to go by), and as I do so, as a sort of a side product, to compile a sort of an expanding list of those of those levels I just happened to find illuminating (regardless of however crude looking) and generally such that I can recommend them without any second thoughts. I really do intend to start doing that, but somewhat later. And as for the sacred cows, truth be told, I am sick and tired of them, and the only thing I really want right now in regards to them, is to finally get it once and for all in regards in regards to each individual sacred cow, and just be done with them.

>> No.5061009

>and generally such that I can recommend them without any second thoughts
And to really ever talk about the stuff I like.

>> No.5061073

The fuck did you say?

>> No.5061096

Is it the alpha that's on there?


>> No.5061150

cant open it because its 16bit, can i use doxbox to run the exe?

>> No.5061154

but yeah i think thats the same alpha

>> No.5061252

I'm curious anon. Tell me some Doom WADs, Duke/Build maps or episodes or TCs you really enjoy. The more stuff you name the better.

>> No.5061612

I will take 24hour timeout in order to answer that. There are a couple of guys I am on the fence about, I would prefer to take another look on their stuff before either mentioning or omitting them.

>> No.5062079

>Casino in Ship
It was never in the ship, otherwise it would be very different stylistically and structurally. I don't remember why it was chosen as the secret level.

>Make another map...
Unlikely because all my spare attention/time I would spend on one goes to current gig projects.

>Confusing me with another anon...
I write nothing like that. If I'm gonna get spatty with someone I'm gonna do it on that other site.

>> No.5062562

What's wrong with that? You have the starting pistol, a RPG, and secret pipebombs and chaingun. The pipebombs are easy to find.

>> No.5062637

He's a total retard. The only mapset I've tried that he likes is this dogshit called Abandon for Quake and my god what a steaming pile of canine excrement it was. Just ignore what that birth defect has to say. He's a total fucking spastic and a shitter on top of it, I have no idea why he holds himself in such high regard. I think he likes maps that he's just about retarded enough to stumble through without dying and when he finally manages to do that he jizzes his pants and gives it a positive review. Those maps are far and few in between, and so everything else must be shit.

>> No.5062642

You don't sound like a particularly nice person.

>> No.5062683

He is an autist nerd who acts here like an autist nerd, unlike (You), who is also an autist nerd, but pretend to not being that, and therefore (You) hate the other autist nerds since they mirror your nerdy autism (You) feel ashamed for being.

>> No.5062746

The most annoying Build engine enemy is...

>> No.5062753

"I'LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL" hands from Blood

>> No.5062769

sentry drones

>> No.5062783

Phantasm for being obnoxious, scary and loud.

>> No.5063037

>the game which was not yet finished, ergo the build the devs NEVER intended for you to play, because they literally were not done with the game yet, is a fair representation of what the final released game was
Did your daddy fuck you in the fontanelle?

I mean do you eat the chef's ingredients before he has cooked them, then tell him that his cooking sucks?
You should be retroactively aborted for this opinion, you insipid shitdick.

>> No.5063072

You weren't supposed to play that version of the map, because it wasn't yet finished. You don't get it because it wasn't yet realized, you are meant to play the level in the published retail versions.

>Plug'n'Pray's sort of point is something along the lines of "I, the author of these levels, can be literally anyone, as far as you are concerned, a psychopath, a crazy, a fart-sniffing moron, an idiot, anyone, DO YOU REALLY WANT TO RELY UPON MY GOODWILL OR UPON MY JUDGEMENT?
Have you genuinely been diagnosed, by a mental health professional, with Paranoid Schizophrenia?

>they couldn't do just what they wanted
>idSoft could
No they fucking couldn't, Tom Hall's ideas were almost completely rejected, his most lingering influence being some of his rejected maps chopped up and retrofitted for the new design direction they were going for (vastly improving them).
He was fired because the work he did wasn't meshing with their new direction, moreover, he had been hoping for the new engine to be used to create the next Commander Keen game, which obviously wasn't happening.
On the flipside, Adrian Carmack wanted darker themes and more violence, ever since before Keen, and didn't get to realize that until Wolf3D, then Doom, then Quake, escalating in violence and edge, to his delight.
Most famously, Romero had envisioned Quake as a medieval fantasy roleplaying game, but that's not at all what it became. He ultimately liked the game for what it was, but he highly resented the team for the change in direction (in reality, all his fault), which is why he left to make his own company, to make Dai-Katana.

iD Software had plenty of people who would see many of their ideas unrealized, or changed from what they wanted, it wasn't a free for all, sometimes if you wanted an idea, but you didn't work to realize it, or the idea wasn't feasible or agreed upon, it was Tough Titties To That.
That was classic iD, you brain damaged little punk.

>> No.5063076

>Tom Hall's ideas were almost completely rejected
For Doom, that is. Obviously he had been the driving force for Commander Keen, which actually largely was realized like he had wanted.

>> No.5063096

>Tom Hall's ideas were almost completely rejected
For the better to be honest. His maps were utter suckage, even Sandy Hackersen was an improvement.

>> No.5063119

>level-designer can still be a genuinely immoral person
Unless we're talking about a hypothetical person making levels literally textured with child pornography, not in the context of his maps.

How does any of that matter when it's the beta?
Doom was broken all over the place in the Press Release Beta, which was only intended as a rough demo to entice the press, and was explicitly designed with a time limit so there was only a brief window where it would run.
It would years later be released publicly, with a hack to run it, also with a couple of the alpha builds, but under the premise that this was just a curiosity for the hardcore fans; not a playable experience and not representative of what the final game became.

Similarly, the beta you played was never originally intended for public eyes.

>> No.5063214
File: 50 KB, 720x464, Ash Williams 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is there anyway to shake them off?

>> No.5063254

You make nice, long, flowery posts. I like that. Keep on going, the more you write, the more material I'll have once I finish with my current business and get back to you.

Back to Anarchy City 3 for me.

>> No.5063260

Sounds like Weiderhold should get a gun.

No, we're watching a lunatic loose his cool.

>> No.5063270

The old alpha ones? Yeah, but in fairness, they weren't even close to finished, they were very rough drafts, proof of concepts,
Remember that those levels were made before the monsters had AI or even functions, before there were was a sound engine or any music, before the levels could even be completed.

Sandy just grabbed some crude leftovers and transformed them into good old dungeon crawls for the final game.


>> No.5063273

>considering he apparently had an accident due to careless submarine driving
"I should have known those alien maggots would boobytrap this sub!"
What happens is literally exclaimed at the beginning of the map.

>> No.5063279
File: 1.99 MB, 352x264, dude.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5063284

>Back to Anarchy City 3

Welcome home, son.

Fun fact, Anarchy City 3 is based on my home town. It's a place with the library/cinema/univeristy in the center of town. I still lived there when the map got released, and started playing and realized I was home...

Anarchy City 1 and 2, as well as Happy Hangover and Anorak City by the same author are other parts of that same town. I actually drove close to Anorak City earlire today.

>> No.5063297

How do I load any expansions with this?

>> No.5063389

The kamikaze robot fucks in Duke
Spam the use key.
IIRC it's tied to clock speed, so if that's too high in DOSBOX then it'll be impossible to shake them off. BloodGDX fixes this.

>> No.5063463

Shit this is glorious, this easilly tops that /mu pasta about terabytes of sound checks collection.

>> No.5063649

OK, 24 hours are up, and I am still not done (meaning I'd still like to check up on some levels). But basically, right now I can name these Build-related level-designers, being fairly confident about my naming them:

Allen Blum
Ian Boffin
Robert Travis
William Gee

And two more from Blood:
Terry Hamel
and Craig Hubbard.

About what levels I generally enjoy, the principle is fairly straightforward. I enjoy levels from the authors that tend to make their levels mindfuck-y, BUT in a way that, by the very manner the levels are build in relation to the apparently intended player's experience, converges upon a coherent commonsensical point applicable outside of the context of the level and the game that level was created for. In other words, they heavily emphasize "why didn't I think about that before?", but in a way that more often than not simply - surprisingly! - makes sense.

>> No.5063659

That was a cool bit a trivia.
I'll make sure to play Happy Hangover and Anorak City as well.

>> No.5063809

Don't talk shit about great uncle Sandy.

For that matter, Tom Hall's head was just bursting at the seams with great ideas, Commander Keen wouldn't have existed without him, and his influences in Wolfenstein 3D were still important. Further, though many of his ideas for Doom were binned, a lot of it ended up being recycled for Rise Of The Triad, a game where he was one of the lead designers, and where his influence was perfect.
Originally pitched as a sequel to Wolf3D, iD cancelled their order, and Apogee retooled what they had into their own game, a tongue in cheek action game with hilarious violence and attitude, standing on its own legs as a near perfect mutant between the first person shooter, and the shmup arcade sidescroller.
The game oozes character and personality, and a lot of this comes from Tom's mind and sense of humor, him even going so far as to get in make-up and costume to play the final boss.

He's a great and creative mind, the issue was that his ideas for Doom didn't suit what they later decided they wanted it to be.
Originally, they more or less asked him for what's in the Doom Bible, but then changed their minds, arguably firing him unfairly, but I think RoTT alone was entirely worth that.

>> No.5063836

>a game where he was one of the lead designers, and where his influence was perfect.
It is baffling how repetitive and mediocre this game's leveldesign gets pretty from the get-go in the commercial version of the game (moreover, Hall's levels specifically), despite all the cuhrayzee and cookoo put into its decoration.

>> No.5063960

There was some repetition in the levels, yeah, but they also made the most out of the engine, IMO.
I played like 1 to 3 levels a day, and I rarely found myself bored with it, I played it for the first time very recently, so that's my perspective on it.

>> No.5064921


There's a bug in 1.00 (and possibly other earlier versions) that getting them off is almost impossible.

>> No.5065008

Other fun fact, I used to be a postman and I delivered mail in Anarchy City 2.

MRCK's street (and exterior house) is in one his maps, and iirc another map's interior house was based on his.

Even though the maps are only loosely based on the real places, it's pretty fun shooting Pigcops at home.

>> No.5065081

MRCK is very uncharacteristic from you. He is one of the typical scatterbrained mappers, if you like his work, Roch (you openly hated) or Levelord's WT levels are for you.

>> No.5065086

MRCK likes to hide stuff crucial for completing his maps in clearly intentionally unexpected places - and this is a very consistent motif for him, as far as I can tell. It is this, that makes his maps interesting for me first and foremost.

>> No.5065414

And where is your Dewm list? I guess you hate everything other than Petersen.

>> No.5065496

Dewm list, as you can see, is not here. And, actually, I have reconsidered on Petersen.

>> No.5065547

Where is Gambini?

>> No.5065576

Not in the post you are referring to, as you can easily notice.

>> No.5065729

Petersen is a good mapper.


>> No.5066630

One of the great things about Lunar Apocalypse is that even though you're playing the mighty wisecracking Duke, something about those lonely alien-haunted levels cows your spirit. Even Duke falls somewhat silent in the face of the grandeur of the outer voids. Of course the alien enemies are silly and easy to mow down in droves, but the vastness of the empty space and stars out there presses on one's heart as one plays. The human-constructed ships and bases, now bereft of human life, tug at one's instincts. It all builds to that light-battered crater in Dark Side and the cave with the chilling monolith. So when one returns to LA in 'Raw Meat', there's a visceral sense of relief... one is back in one's element, something more human and less lonely.
That's my reaction to it, at least.
E2 also doesn't strike me as particularly unrealistic if once accepts the conceit of artificial gravity or whatever it is that keeps gravity the same up there. There are many nice touches in the human-built parts of those levels which provide a realistic intimacy.

>> No.5067263

Are there any genuinely good usermaps for Duke? Everything I've tried so far was either incoherent tunnel bullshit or incoherent and unbalanced open world bullshit. Keep in mind these were all highly rated on the DL sites.

Doom usermaps spoilt me, I have no tolerance for amateurish shitfuckery.

>> No.5067391

>Doom usermaps
Yeah, slaughtering 50 Revenants and 20 Archviles in every map is so much fun.

>> No.5067540

Duke Nukem Forever 2013
AMC TC episode 1-2
Duke Hard
Metropolitan Mayhem
Alien Armageddon
WGRealms 1-2
The Gate
Starship Troopers TC
Last Reaction and Water Bases
Moonbase Accident
ADG Episode
Pray Your Prayers
Lost Highway
Murder: EDF Conspiracy
MSSP Episode
Borg Nukem

+at least 1000 usermaps and other conversions.

>> No.5067632

I agree strongly.

>> No.5068027

I think it's shit lmao

>> No.5068042 [DELETED] 

>but the vastness of the empty space and stars out there presses on one's heart as one plays
nah, that's just you projecting your shitty empty life at the game desu

>> No.5068258

There's other map authors besides Skillsaw.

>> No.5069330
File: 118 KB, 640x480, BLOOD Alpha 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cant get past the third level because the water doesnt work

>> No.5069523

Yeah, that's Beta builds to you. Just cheat to the next level.

>> No.5069874

You should play "Blood The Lost Episode". Somebody took the time to complete the unfinished maps in the alpha and compile them into an episode.

>> No.5070235

Are there any great space themed episodes besides Lunar Apocalypse for Duke? Or space levels that match the quality of E2 levels?

>> No.5070276


All the WGSpace maps by William Gee. I'd argue they're vastly better but still in the same style and spirit of those maps.

>> No.5070787

+ WG-old 1 and 2. They are way more rough, but they are quite interesting conceptually.

>> No.5070875

you got a download link for that m8?

>> No.5070915

>same style and spirit
>pigcops in space maps

>> No.5070918
File: 202 KB, 1280x720, BLOOD moot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5070924
File: 428 KB, 480x479, we where kings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any good ways to play the PC version of Exhumed? game could do with mouselook

>> No.5070961

Bind the mouselook key to capslock, numlock, or scrolllock.
Do the same with the run key to get autorunning.

Or you could use the dehacker.
Just remember, never strafe+run during jumps as the speedboost given can sequence break stuff in every single map.

>> No.5071298
File: 28 KB, 516x290, Freedom Fries.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how did queerbox even get the rights to duke nukem?

>> No.5071348

They bought it.

>> No.5071368

In the Dev Commentaroy, Levelord seems very quick about giving credit to Nerve Software for all those new sprites/textures and the jokes they contain.

So fast it's like he knows they suck, but maybe I'm imagining this.

You have no idea how much they really suck especially in that level unless you do speak French. All the French text is low effort worse than google translate shit, and the "jokes" are awful.

This being said Levelord is also guilty for mixing up posters/ads from the original game, in English, right next to those new ones. It's very uncanny and one of those "usermap feel" things.

>> No.5071536

The only Duke-worthy poster from episode 5.

>> No.5071571
File: 343 KB, 568x537, Fortune_cookie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what did 3DRealms fortune cookie company mean by this?

>> No.5071576

The shit level lord made is all references to his family and a pile of literally who fucking cares shit in Russia. Dumb out of touch boomer.

>> No.5072440

it's political, nothing like Duke humour and the joke doesn't even work because "Francais Frites" doesn't mean anything.

Lottery numbers

yeah that was terrible too. I don't mind his brother's shop but the "he's not supposed to be here" joke is handled terribly.

>> No.5072467
File: 9 KB, 300x168, bl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to play blood
>fucked up perspective when looking up/down
>get instant headache
is there a mod to fix that like in DN3D 20th anniversary edition?

>> No.5072512

The Russia level jokes are just American jokes literally translated to Russian. I expected something more substantial. Especially considering Levelord's first-hand experience with the subject.

>> No.5072702

bloodgdx uses a 3d renderer (polymost) so that distortion goes away

>> No.5072730


>> No.5072731
File: 54 KB, 750x439, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got gog version and there is this graphic menu but i don't know what all of this shit means and does. I've tried few different settings but it looks exactly the same except brightness

>> No.5072732


>> No.5072882


Where can I download maps for Douk?

>> No.5072908

fuck, that looks like fun.

>> No.5074084
File: 692 KB, 600x800, FAG ASS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5074456
File: 57 KB, 641x401, 1394148331164.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've started playing Blood on lightly broiled difficulty and i have to say this is the most difficult game i ever played.

>open the door
>get shotgun blast in the face in 0.1 second
>switch a lever
>shit ton of mobs spawn on your ass and you die
>go around the corner
>cultists mow you down in one second

Im enjoying this game so far but i would like to know if there are any tips and trick how to play it correctly? So far i've the only thing i've noticed is running towards zombies and going back to trigger their attack (same as you did in quake). Any tips?

>> No.5074476

Levelord's levels in episode 5 are incredibly lame. He should have stayed at home, and other Nerve designers should have done the job, like those who did No Rest for the Living for Doom.

>> No.5074480

now if only this forced him to sell the douk noukem franchise

>> No.5074565

>>shit ton of mobs spawn on your ass and you die
I don't remember any spawning in Blood desu. If it happens it must be extremely rare.

>> No.5074568

Crouching really helps.

>> No.5076531


>> No.5076603

Stop playing like Doom, don't try to circle strafe cultists. Use cover, dynamite, weapons that stunlock them like the Thompson, crouch, shotgun alt-fire upclose,etc

Try a bit of every weapon, including alt-firing modes, on everything, find out what works best against what.

No Rest For The Living was good, yes, but I don't believe Nerve would have done better Duke3D maps than what we got.
First of all, almost all the art and code they did for World Tour sucks. Secondly, it looks like WT was on a tight budget with a short deadline and with little supervising, hence why those things suck. They wouldn't have done better understand these circumstances.

>> No.5076890
File: 9 KB, 63x106, SWIGGITY SWOOTY.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice try Jewbox but i won't buy your Douk version that doesn't even have Life's a Beach or any of the Megaton add-ons.

>> No.5076904

No, he's pretty much on the money, two very good maps, in particular Golden Carnage, and then a couple of "Just ok" maps. I mostly enjoyed them, particularly the Golden Carnage level, but the rest is nowhere near as good as the original levels.

I wouldn't say necessarily to pay for it though, just pirate it.
You can still play the godly Caribbean expansion with EDuke32.

>> No.5076905

It's worth playing, but it's maybe not worth paying for, pirate it if you feel as such.

>> No.5076906

Fair enough, anon. I will pirate it.

>> No.5076917
File: 380 KB, 600x600, 1499046613781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all those add on packs for duke nukem and other old FPS games
is there a mega bundle with all the addons? similar to the kill a ton collection?

>> No.5076923
File: 24 KB, 704x567, maranax.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when i play blood i parrot zombie axes and their death sound like the fully fledged autistic i am. so damn satisfying.

>> No.5077039

>godly Caribbean
The first 3 maps are vomit inducingly ugly. They look bad even for a fanwork. It got better after that, but the damage had been made.

>> No.5077058
File: 283 KB, 500x312, 1536442747815.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good ol' 4chan, being contrarian as always just for the sake of being the wise gaymer of turn.

>> No.5077091

Blow it out your ass, kid, Life's A Beach is the best expansion pack that Duke Nukem 3D ever got.

>> No.5077115

Seriously though, a tropical restyle of a famous FPS, oozin' with Caribbean vibes all over the place. I never asked anything better. (I need more like this, so far only Monkey Island was there... And that's not exactly a FPS)

>> No.5077138

Wrong and wrong.

>> No.5077163

samefag acquired: opinion discarded as such: a very debatable and i dare to say shitty, shitty opinion.

>> No.5077309

crouch, it significantly affects enemies hitscan accuracy
utilize alt-fires well (eg. use the shotgun alt-fire on nearby cultists since it kills them in one shot, or the flare gun alt-fire to instantly ignite crowds)
assume theres a cultist around every corner and act accordingly
dont waste shells or bullets on zombies, always use pitchfork or fire, otherwise theyll likely get back up

>> No.5077338
File: 1.23 MB, 747x653, delete this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5078038

Zombies seem to have fixed health bar, they just get knocked down when taking significant enough damage over the course of a single hit. They are EXTRA NOT like Quake zombies. They don't resurrect.

Now, as for knock downs, for a given difficulty, some weapons can knock down a zombie, and some can't. At least, for extra crispy, machinegun never, ever knocks a zombie down dew to damage from a single bullet being way below the knock down threshold. Shotgun, however, is genuinely the worst weapon to fight them, since even a single barrel sends them on the floor and makes you waste your time waiting for the fucker to get back up.

Zombies and phantasms are pretty much exact opposites, come to think of it. In terms of how they take damage.

>> No.5078047
File: 229 KB, 432x453, STlJu1y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5078678

Many good tips were given to you.

Blood may seem like another build game or another generic fps but it plays very differently. That's why it has so many fans here.

You will learn painfully the meta game to dealing with each specific enemy. With that said, once you do your experience might get slightly boring in a way. Your first encounter with a zombie butcher was probably thrilling, until eventually you realize that by crouching they literally can't hurt you.

The spectre grim reaper things might seem like a pain until you just patiently pump alt fire shotgun into them for a quick ending

And so on...

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