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Now this is an exclusive /vr/ problem, as thankfully 99% of most YouTubers call it out rightfully as the trash game it was - the same trash game I played in the late 90's.

So what's the deal? Is it because of the music? The general feeling that it could be more but isn't?

In my opinion, I feel like because there are a finite number of retro games, so some people are getting desperate -- especially in regards to quality N64 RPGs. Not to mention it's cheap as chips because of its low quality

So /vr/, what's the deal?

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Game sucked back then, but there's a charm to it now.

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I always liked this game. It's one of my favorite RPGs of all time. It's very light hearted and simple. I don't like much story in games so there is that. The game is more focused on battles and it has an innovative system of real time turn based battles that I really love. I finished it countless times and never got bored of it.

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N64 apologists have finally lost their minds and will now worship anything instead of accepting the fact that the N64 was garbage.

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I'm not a console warrior like >>5020409, I actually enjoy various games on N64 like Wave Race, Goemon, Sin and Punishment and the like. Quest 64 sucks.

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The only person here who's 'meming to try make Quest 64 seem good' is you, OP. I haven't seen anyone make that statement on this board except for this thread. Now that I think of that, didn't you make the exact same thread a month or two ago? Maybe you should concentrate on playing something different instead of telling others how much you hate a certain game. Go be an angry video game nerd somewhere else please.

By the record, I don't give a damn about Quest 64, I didn't before and I still won't despite your shitty thread.

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Yeah, DKC3 is the meme some weird anon has been doing for months. I still don't get why he thinks it's so hated when it isn't.

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I tried the game and I agree, it's shit. I can however understand the recent "love" though. It has that early 3D "muh nostalgia" look to it. There are very few games on N64. It's cheap.

I feel as if the game had potential but missed the mark. This isn't bait, I like N64, but as far as N64 goes, the game is in the top 50% of games.

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I think that it's cheap is a huge deal. A lot of games like it are getting expensive. It's one of those games where you can buy it and play it for 20 minutes for nostalgia and not feel bad for blowing a lot of money.

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I liked Quest 64, but I play the JP version when replaying it, since it's a bit better in several areas. Is it a good game? No, it's not. But I like it.

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>YouTubers call it out rightfully
stopped reading there, thread hidden

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>The Recent Meming of the Recent Meming of Trying to Make Quest 64 Seem Good

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This is just as bad as the "aged" argument.

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It’s trash, but it’s not as trash as Knabenbauer or anybody else says it is.

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It was never hated, but what happened was the people for whom it’s their favorite put words in the mouths of the rest of us who simply thought it was the weakest one. So we all enjoyed it, but its diehard fans got defensive for no reason. I only say this because it’s not just the past couple months, this persecution complex has existed since the early 2000s.

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this game is pure SHIT

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This game isn't the RPG any fan of the genre would want. It is one of the most basic, barebones, simplistic RPGs ever made. There's just nothing here for any but the youngest of kids.

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During 5th gen console wars, a very valid argument Sony fanboys had was the utter lack of RPGs on the N64. Nintendo fans were so desperate to counter this that they would go so far as to call Ocarina of Time an RPG. So this example of an actual RPG finally comes around so of course it was hoisted up like a championship trophy.

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If there really was a Nintendo 64 fanboy trying to defend the system's RPGs, he would talk about Ogre Battle 64, maybe some japan-exclusive games like Zool or Shiren 2, not fucking Quest.

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Ogre Battle 64 came out in 2000, it wasn't around during the heyday of the N64.

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Isn't the entire point of /vr/ to pretend old games are better than they actually were? Why single out Quest 64?

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Go back to /v/

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Sin and punishment man i love that game too bad nintendo dosent want to make anymore seaquels and re release the game

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I'll go after you take off your rose-tinted glasses

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>Isn't the entire point of /vr/ to pretend old games are better than they actually were?
Not really, it's just a board for pre-2000 vidya. A lot of people here bash popular games a lot, contrarianism is alive just like in any other corner of the internet.

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>"Toward the end of the game, Brian runs into his father. Know what happens? Nothing. You can talk to him, he acknowledges your presence, and then... nothing. You move onto the next room like nothing ever happened. No heartwarming reunion, nothing."
>"Why is this? Brian doesn't care. In a bizarre twist, Brian is a heartless jerk. But that's only a bizarre twist if you haven't been paying attention to the fact that Brian is a prepubescent sociopathic killer."
>"At first you might not notice this, but throughout the game you will fight several monsters - many of them humanoids - some of the bosses are just outright humans that you fight and kill using large boulders and fire to crush and burn them alive."
>"And at the end of the fight, there's no text telling you they're knocked out, no cutscenes where they recant their evil ways - they just burst into an explosion of light like all of the other monsters that you kill off. We can only assume that Brian is leaving the charred and broken bodies of his victims in his wake."
>"But this tendency towards brutal violence is really only to be expected from a soul-sucking demon. Brian actually consumes the souls of those he defeats in battle. Throughout the game you explore and you find spirits out in the field. The game never explains where they came from or what they are so one can only assume that they're the lost souls of the dead."
>"When you approach them you can press the A button to absorb the spirit, increasing your elemental attributes by 1. And every once in a while, after defeating an enemy, you're prompted again to choose which element to increase - because you've just consumed one more soul."
>"Brian goes off into the world to track down his father but doesn't care at all when he finds him. Instead, he just walks into the next room, consuming souls and leaving a trail of carnage in his wake."

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I rented this game when it came out and got stuck after a few hours. Walked back and forth through the entire game multiple time but couldn't find anything to do.

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I've yet to see this outside of the extremely rare oddball who probably finds charm in every game, and it's not on par with the level of praise other N64 games get.

Quest 64 does suck, though. I dislike it as much as Time Stalkers.

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I liked it at the time a lot, mostly for the visuals/atmosphere/immersion rather than gameplay.

I was 8 or 9 and had a good imagination though, and probably filled in my own details in the story, or just had more of an ability to be immersed in games. Looking at it now the visuals/story/atmosphere don't stand out.

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i rented this when it came out. coming straight out of games like chrono trigger and ogre battle, i fucking hated it from the get go.

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I never had a Nintendo 64 because my parents loved me and cared for my well being and got me a PSX instead, but I just watched some gameplay footage of this on Youtube and holy dogshit Private Pyle that is BAD

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What's this about the GBC version and it being good ?

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>>"At first you might not notice this, but throughout the game you will fight several monsters - many of them humanoids - some of the bosses are just outright humans that you fight and kill using large boulders and fire to crush and burn them alive."

This is a stretch of a reason to hate on a game or it's MC. You kill humanoids in pretty much every RPG. It dosen't make you a sociopath if it's them or you.

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there's a lot of people posting about videogames on the internet whose peak nostalgia is 1998 and later n64 era. That's why. This was a game made to be babby's first RPG and they were literal babbies playing at the time so they love it from nostalgia.

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and here's proof that late n64 era is what the majority of /v/r worships

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I liked it when I originally rented it out. The combat was cool and finding the little spirits was fun.
Is it so hard to believe some people have different tastes or tolerances for games?

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Loved the Gameboy version as a kid and resented the N64 one for being more well known.

I really, really liked the battlesystem. And mixing elements to make new attacks was cool. I tried to go back a few years ago and even the gb version is just alright, but it certainly had novel ideas and I really liked it for that.

N64 one has more atmosphere cause of the early THREEEDEEEEE but is barely functional. GB version also had some cut content that had some surprisingly hype moments that weren’t in the 64 game.

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Isn't this copypasta? I swear I've seen this exact OP verbatim before.

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The gameboy color version was actually better. It had actual plot, cutscenes, items, etc. Only think it lacked was better graphics, not that the 64 version was beautiful by any means.

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Does the GBC version even count?

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The GBC is a pretty faithful remake that adds more story content to the game. The overall plot and most of the maps are the exact same, albeit they're 2d now. The big gameplay changes are: the dungeons are now full fledged mazes versus the original linear ones, and the combat changes the spells hit boxes. There's also an extra boss towards the end. It counts just as much as any other game. It's not like the Quest "series" has a strict fucking cannon the the GBC version retcons.

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>this shit came out at the same time as Panzer Dragoon Saga and FF 7

Stick to the platformers Nintendo, you're out of your league here

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Okay but is the Gameboy game as big as the N64 game in relevance?

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you are on a retro video game board. thats like going to a bath house and telling them to stop fucking each other in the ass.

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I like the game but I also forced myself to like it when I bought it as a kid. There is literally no story which I hated and the towns are empty but I liked the ability to mix magic, run around while battling unlike other RPGs where you're static and the music.

It was never as bad as people made it out to be, it has good ideas but the overall product doesn't let it be a great game. I heard the GBC port fixed many of those things but I guess the battles weren't as dynamic.

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I rented this shit once when it was out, and I'm glad I didn't finish it after reading about how shit the ending is.

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Dude you've been trying to get people to help you reach for the same conclusion this entire thread. Neither game was ever relevant. The only reason people talk about this game at all is because with the benefit of hindsight we know there were 4 rpgs for the system total. And half of them were shit. Nobody cared about either game when it came out, it was rental fodder. It's talked about more now then ever. Both are equally relevant because the even smaller subset of people who care about the game after playing it will talk about both.

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>I like the game but I also forced myself to like it when I bought it as a kid
>It was never as bad as people made it out to be

You literally just said you forced yourself to like it

Are all retro64fags this stupid?

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That’s the thing. It isn’t great, it isn’t bad. It got its exposure purely out of the console having the amount of RPGs countable on one hand. I will say that I love he dream-like atmosphere it had, whether or not it was intentional beyond the final section. Particularly, the cave section with the giant vine path - felt like some crossing that occurs in mythology.

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You're literally ignoring context though. This was the 64's flagship RPG compared to the SNES which had CT, FF6 and Secret of Mana, not to mention all the Japanese only games we'd discover later.

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>That’s the thing. It isn’t great, it isn’t bad.

It is bad though. Have we lowered the standards of what fucking bad means just so we can pretend Quest 64 is slightly above mediocre?

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This is the memeing OP was talking about. It is bad bro.

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Plenty of retro games that were popular in their day get heaps of criticism on this board. But you'd have to have a base level of reading comprehension and objectivity to understand that. Just because you're incapable of looking beyond your prejudices doesn't mean everyone is.

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>Plenty of retro games that were popular in their day get heaps of criticism on this board

I bet the same people that say Chrono Trigger is overrated are the same homos that would say Quest 64 "isn't that bad guys!"

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I used to have a poster of Quest 64 in my room for the longest time, I always wanted to play it but I never got the chance to do so. This thread makes me wonder if it was even good?

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>quotes from Q64

what did they mean by this?

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It's straight up unfinished

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Get out of here, retard. N64 is great but quest 64 sucks

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"This post is genius!"
-the guy posting this

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it isn't, but I'd play a remake of it. The battle system could've been the charm of it if only it spent some more time in the oven, or came out when devs had more experience with the n64.

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People that say Chrono Trigger is overrated are taking a cheap and easily defended contrarian position about an otherwise high-quality game that is quite obviously overrated. The internet is full of vapid gushing about how Chrono Trigger is the best JRPG of all time or at least the 90s. So yeah CT is fucking overrated but noticing that doesn't make you special.

The most common defensible I've seen on /vr/ is that CT is a breezy beginner's RPG that's very polished and not absurdly dumbed-down like FF Mystic Quest.

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Seem good? I don't see anything wrong with FF Mystic Quest 2: Electric Boogaloo. </sarcasm>

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>Is it so hard to believe some people have different tastes or tolerances for games?
Think about that for a second

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Building up a tolerance to Quest 64 like a poison

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I enjoyed it but I was young

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I ODed the second time I played Quest 64. But I got used to it and now I can play it without any side effects at all!

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Very sad state of affairs

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I liked it as a kid, it's pretty fucking trash though but I still kind of want to replay it

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Truth is sometimes boring, but it's better than being the fool tilting at windmills.

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>that butthurt Smashboards mod that's obsessed with this game

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The truth is even more boring when you realise people that hate Chrono Trigger are fucking idiots and then tell me some linear garbage like FF6 or 7 are better

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I like it a lot more than the standard mediocre JRPG, especially since you could decide where to invest your elemental points into and then unlock more spells, along with investing in various elemental trees seeing the new sorts of spells you get access to. It was great to attempt to dodge spells in combat as well and that certain spells had some ideal positioning in relation to you and the enemy.

Was it rushed and lacked a comprehensive story? Yeah, but I didn't find it as much of a drag compared to other JRPGs.

Though Hybrid Heaven being one of the best if not the best on that console with Ogre Battle 64 behind it.

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This game is just the ultimate 5/10, its atmosphere reminds of Megaman Legends but lame and the gameplay is interesting but the execution was never going to be enough since the game wasn't trying to be complex, total lack of ambition in the most ambitious console of its generation, it never had a chance and that's why it's hard to hate it despite the game not doing much to make you like it at all.

That explains the Banjo Kazooie worship and the GBA posting on this board.

As if indie shit these days was any better.

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It’s not a 5/10. Stop it

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Oh boy, this is a weird game for me.
This and Pokémon probably ignited my interest and love for turnbased RPGs. A genre I called my favourite for many, many years to come. What probably got me the most as a kid was the atmosphere and of course that unique spell system. It was one of the first games I've actually finished by myself, without sharing the save with my older brother.
Is it good? Nah, not really. It's literally unfinished. Is it bad? Well.. not really, no. The gameplay is very unique and atmosphere of the game is actually really good. I'm still craving for a game with a similar battle system, just balance it. Some spells are flat out broken while others are barely worth using.
I never really cared about the story in RPGs and I still in fact don't. So it's personally for me not a minus that the story is so barebones. Actually a plus because I don't get annoyed by so many god damn cutscenes. But that's just for me.
About the unfinished part - it was planned that you had an actual party. A pirate which was supposed to be the melee attacking dude, a princess that was more of a support with healing spells and whatnot and.. the MC we got which was probably mostly using offensively strong magic.
I would've loved a sequel, which was actually planned but it didn't happen in the end.
This game still has one of the most unique RPG battle systems.

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Nobody hates Chrono Trigger. Some people just find it a bit shallow and prefer games with more depth like FF6 and FF7.

>> No.5034798

Those games aren't necessarily deep either. If you want deep JRPG gameplay there's games out there, but those two FF games in particular are cinematic experiences. Chrono Trigger is a more focused game.

>> No.5034808

Whenever you ask a question about the state of the "retro" gaming fandom, the answer lies within the following, inarguable truth:

Gamers who aren't old enough to have played through the actual golden age of retro video games are old enough to make youtube videos about it.

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I replay this game once a year if possible. I liked it as a kid and I honestly like it even more now as an adult. I'm well aware that the game is clearly in a rushed unfinished state, but I always thought that was charming in a weird way. The fact that most of the game was barren gave this lingering eerie feeling to the whole atmosphere. Also, the combat system which to this day still seems pretty damn unique. The game also had a really nice OST that flowed well while adventuring.

However, I'm not delusional. I understand why people would dislike or even hate the game, but it really doesn't matter in the end.

I would like to see what they would have done with a sequel though. It would have been really interesting to see all of the cut content and what they actually had planned.

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>Those games aren't necessarily deep either.
"Deeper than Chrono Trigger."
Reading comprehension. Jesus Christ.

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Reminder that if you use buzzwords like "underrated" "overrated" "aged well/bad" you aren't worth of reply. Bonus points if you post just that without even an argument.

>> No.5035081

How would the battle system have worked with multiple characters anyway

During an enemy turn would you just control one person to dodge?

>> No.5035115

>Some people just find it a bit shallow and prefer games with more depth like FF6 and FF7.
Hmmm, a comedian, have we?

>> No.5035225

No, but apparently I'm in a thread full of complete retards. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised given the OP topic.

For a simple example that even the stupidest brainlet should be able to grasp:

CT: 7 characters
FF6: 14 characters.

FF6 also has a far greater variety of abilities and effects. Here's a short list of abilities and mechanics FF6 has that either have no analog in CT or are only available to enemies: Throw, Break(petrify), Poison, Weak, Control, Dual-Wield option, Dual-Hand option, spells that damage all allies and enemies (Quake/Merton), Reflect, Float, Vanish, and Image. Then there's most of Strago's Lore magic and Gau's rage ability.

Meanwhile, the only things that CT has that FF6 doesn't are a couple of spatially sensitive abilities like Falcon Hit, and the multi-tech system where it takes 2 characters using a turn simultaneously to use an ability.

So yes, FF6 has objectively deeper mechanics in most respects. More party customization options. More character build options. More decisions to make in combat. A greater variety of spells and effects.

>> No.5035239

>Pretend most of the shit he mentioned isn't completely redundant because FFVI is even more busted and unbalanced than CT
>Call anyone else brainlets
It's amusing that you think having ten irrelevant trash options makes a game deeper than another with five trash options, both are press A to win trash with the same exact level of "depth", FFVI just has more dressing, which doesn't make it deep, if anything it makes it even more embarassing since they bothered to add so much useless stuff.

>> No.5035291

>CT: 7 characters
>FF6: 14 characters.

CT: all characters are equally useful, maybe two of them are just not game breaking on their own (but they are with double techs).
You only need to ever use 3 characters. You don't need to grind endlessly to max out everything, since you can do a new game+ and then use different characters and end up with enough pre-made levels so early game is easy and by late game you manage to unlock the best skills.

FF6: half the cast is either useless, or needs very specific late game equipment/setups to be not horrible. Or shitload of grinding to give them good attacks that make them useful. The gear that makes a character the most useful is often unique, so you half your cast will always have sub-optimal gear. And you need to use 12 characters simultaneously for the final and extra dungeons, if they are under leveled or under equipped, you get fucked.

FF6 may have more options but it has more useless shit too. CT is more balanced and more enjoyable to just play, yet still has enough content as to not be considered a casual title.

>> No.5035489

As expected, you're too stupid and delusional to even have a coherent discussion about it.
>CT: all characters are equally useful
Exactly. The game is very well polished but it's also much less ambitious.
>FF6: half the cast is either useless, or needs very specific late game equipment/setups to be not horrible
You can't be serious. Every character is useful, even Umaro although he and Gogo are admittedly just gimmicks. But still, FF6 at least has gimmicks.

>FF6 may have more options but it has more useless shit too.
Yes, exactly. Hence the term I used: DEPTH. FF6 is more ambitious, with more detail and variety. And yes there are tradeoffs.

CT is more polished and balanced while FF6 has more depth. FF6 is not massively deep or anything, but it's deeper than CT. And my only point is that yes some people fucking prefer that, and state as much in threads here.

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there's some fag in another thread right now trying to tell people the n64 had more than 30 good games

>> No.5035576

You're the crazy who's been sperging for the past two days about how the PS1 had 1400 games so it must have several hundred good games while the N64 has only 300 games so it must have only 30 good games. That's not how it works. I know some other guy said the ratios were the same, they're NOT. ok? Stop with this ratio/numbers bullshit, just because a load of shovelware titles were released for PS doesn't mean they were any good.

If we're including sports games, puzzle games, everything that someone might find good, you get at least 150 games with the N64 and probably the same for the playstation, though perhaps a little more, I am not an expert on the playstation.

Please stop talking about this shit because you clearly haven't even played more than a few N64 games in your life so you objectively have no clue what you're talking about. Here is a forum where I think you belong a lot more on: https://www.autismforums.com/forums/general-autism-discussion.2/

>> No.5035981

Man, that's my only issue with /vr/. Whenever I see people suggest outdated, unmodded games where mods or superior remakes with deeper mechanics exist to play instead I just sigh out loud in real life.

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>> No.5036137

Final Fantasy 1-3 but even the remakes shit

>> No.5036847

I suggest the original FFIV perhaps only slightly modded (mainly the run speed/dash hack or content restoration of the japanese items) because that's the best way to appreciate the game for what it achieved. FFIV's ATB system is opaque and janky at times but it's also fluid, rhythmic, and fun in ways that the subsequent games never matched, despite being more polished and transparent. The pace of the game overall is also great apart from the slow walking speed.

The spritework and animations, while old and pixelated, clearly show a lot of care and attention to detail. For example, most summoned monster sprites have a frame of animation during their attack sequence, in addition to the animation on their effect. FF5 and FF6 did away with that and only had a static image with animated spell effects. This goes for many of the other animations and effects, too, like Nuke and Cure4.

That said, it doesn't bother me if people prefer the GBA or PSP versions. The only one that I specifically point out as being "not authentic" but also quite a good game anyway is the DS version. Basically, you can play the DS version if you want, it's great, but don't think that you'll be able to have a conversation with people who have played the original and be on the same page.

>> No.5038379

I remember a point in the game where your physical attack does more damage than any of your spells, which is dumb because you're supposed to be this mighty wizard and what's the point of expending MP on spells when you could just smack them for free, for higher damage?

>> No.5038390

It's not that bad of a game. The only people who think it sucks are wannabe youtubers swinging on the nuts of whatever opinion fags like projared vomit out.

>> No.5038429

Avalanche hits multiple times and completely rapes your melee attack

>> No.5038439

Here's a fact jack: Just play Chrono Trigger on the DS and ignore flavorless trash like the Final Fantasy games.

>> No.5038752



>A lot of people were hoping that Quest 64 was going to be the N64's answer to Final Fantasy VII, but it falls short of that lofty achievement. On close inspection, FFVII possesses similar linear game dynamics and rail-like motion control - there are large open spaces, sure, but many individual areas are just fancy-looking straightaways. So why is Square's giant seller so much better? For one, the cutscenes. Three disks' worth. Admit it, they're gorgeous, and they suck you right into the amazing plotline. Mystery, evil, betrayal, hope, and a certain morbid fascination - think of the two-plus million jaws that must've dropped worldwide when the falling platform destroyed the Midgar slum. Quest 64 is just way too familiar and straight-ahead. Plus, FFVII is replete with side plots and red herrings to distract you from your primary goal. In Quest 64 you just keep on truckin', for better or for worse. While part of this could be blamed on the restrictions of the cart format, Quest 64 manages to fall short in almost every possible way.

>> No.5038807

The series peaked at Quest 23.

>> No.5039724

>Is it bad?

It's horrendous, you cast the rock/earth shield and negate all damage for three turns then attack in between. That is just so broken/repetitive.

>This game still has one of the most unique RPG battle systems.

unique =/= good

The N64 was best at colectathon platformers and casual party games. That's it.

The PS1 trumped the N64 in nearly every genera and had a wider depth of quality games due to a wider third party support base.

Although I do disagree that there are 30 good N64 games - a closer estimate would be around 20, but this is from a quality standpoint - a child who owned the system may have seen many more games as magical and look at the shoddier 20 fps titles (which many N64 'classics' wound up being) through rose tinted goggles.

>> No.5039738

>Ridiculous, hyperbolic opinion dramatically asserted in sub-literate fashion.
Thanks for the tip.

>> No.5039765

I love the game but as a game it's garbage.

Brian would be a great Smash character though.

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when all hope fails there is always this gem

>> No.5039917

some guy in a different thread said that the n64

"had one of the best good game to bad game ratios of any system ever, so it's much safer to try random games (the PS1 is the exact opposite in this regard, where 90% of its library is zero effort, ultra-low budget, rushed crap)."

some other fag disagreed and this started a long spergy PS1 vs N64 fanboy argument

>> No.5040812


>> No.5041320

I had a school friend who had an N64 in probably around 2001/2002 and I'd always go over to play it and had an awesome time taking turns on Ocarina and Starfox and other G-rated titles and he had this game and I'd ask about it and he'd always refuse to put it in the console. I'd even ask "cmon can't I just see the first level it looks like it has cool graphics" "NO it's my N64 and my game!". Since then and especially since hearing it was probably not good years later I wonder if it was so bad he hated it that much or was embarrassed to show he owned it

the same guy later took an entire afternoon of convincing just to let me watch some of the opening of Xenosaga so he might just have been embarrassed he was into rpgs

>> No.5042318

JRPGs used to be pretty cringe

>> No.5042339

>So what's the deal?
Same reason as Castlevania 64, Legend of Dragoon, Strider, Hydlide and Double Dragon. People just wanna feel special for having a unique opinion because that makes them the TRUE retro gamer not some popular guy on youtube.

>> No.5042385

That's some decent character design IMO

>> No.5042387

>and Double Dragon.

You went too far. Double Dragon Arcade, Double Dragon 1 and 2 on NES are great games, which are better than the Streets of Rage games (I just played 2 last year and it was okay except for the music which was great. I did love how many enemies were on screen though, but the game was flat as fuck.)

>> No.5042407
File: 125 KB, 960x544, 12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>used to be

>> No.5042421

>except for the music which was great
Hate to ruin that for you but almost all of the music in 2 was stolen. Yuzo fanboys will claim he was just sampling them even though he uses entire fucking songs from other people rather than taking only a small portion and reworking it into something entirely new.

>> No.5042438

Well that's a shame to hear. Double Dragon's soundtrack was pure Japanese original badassness

>The Virgin Rage
>The Chad Dragon

>> No.5042461 [DELETED] 

He was talking about Streets of Rage, not Double Dragon.

>> No.5044051 [DELETED] 


>> No.5044353

There were only 30 decent games on N64, so Nintendo fans have stooped to retconning history

>> No.5044385

I'd agree if DD didn't had a worsea and more random hit detection than fucking Golden Axe

>> No.5045127

Considering Golden Axe is no fun to play - wrong.

>> No.5046426 [DELETED] 


>> No.5046440

It's not the worst RPG ever made, but it's not anywhere near the good ones either. Hell, if we're just talking about N64 games, I'd rather play Q64 than Aidyn Chronicles, but not by much.

I do think that it does get a bit too much hate, because when it came out people wanted it to be Final Fantasy, or at least something similar, and it just wasn't. I think if it were released on the Playstation or the Saturn it wouldn't have anywhere near the bad reputation that it does now, if only because there wouldn't have been such a large amount of hype leading up to the release of "THE FIRST RPG ON THE N64"

>> No.5046450

Suck it nerd, I like Quest 64 and there's nothing you can do to change my mind.

>> No.5046512

I've had a fondness for Quest 64 ever since it came out, but I know it's shitty. I still love it though, for some reason. In fact, about ten years ago, me and some other faggots from the internet got together and made a Quest 64 fan film, if you can fucking believe it. It's not on YouTube but it is online in a couple places. If you can find it, enjoy, but I'm not linking to that shit.

>> No.5046843

Loved it back then
Still love it
kys you fucking faggot and stop blindly following zoomer youtubers saying
>yeahhhh but was X actually as good as we remember? I know I wasn't old enough to have played it back then but it really isn't good.

>> No.5046880

I knew it was unfinished even as a kid, there are no cutscenes whatsoever the entire game, it's all gameplay, what I used to find a detriment now I consider refreshing.

>> No.5046940

why is this board full of butthurt n64 bois

>> No.5046947

the arcade original? it's a masterpiece

also one of the few cinematic games done right

>> No.5047978

I can admit the game is shit but I have fond memories of renting it and taking turns playing it with my brother.

>> No.5048115

Oh shit, *laughs* look at the top of his head, bro. *laughs*

>> No.5048747

I loved it as a kid and it still holds up today. Get mad sonyfags.

>> No.5048832

Is that a rug or a big pool of blood?

>> No.5049751

They can't admit they backed the wrong horse

>> No.5050236
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>used to be

>> No.5050408

At least the old ones the cringe was over quickly and you could get back to playing. Enduring the fully animated voiced scenes is much more painful.

But yeah it seems that modern JRPG fans of games like XC2 are quite unaware.

>> No.5052141 [DELETED] 


>> No.5052223

Typical nintoddler resposne

>> No.5053153 [DELETED] 


>> No.5054498 [DELETED] 


>> No.5054503

my parents bought this for me when I was about 10. What an absolutely dogshit game. I could never get into it because it was so fucking confusing, the combat was wack, and exploring the world sucked ass because of the random encounters along all the pathways.

It has a little charm to it though, in a so bad it's good kind of way, but it's still shit.

>> No.5055363 [DELETED] 


>> No.5055395

quest 64 always felt like a game that suffered massive cuts. you meet several unique charatcers in the game who, in any other rpg, would have joined your party, but they dont here.

>> No.5055416
File: 167 KB, 895x1062, Q64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was a very popular video game magazine. You would know if you weren't a fucking Zoomer.

>> No.5055498

It's actually just an average RPG with good ideas, but were used to its full potential.

>> No.5055668

>So what's the deal?
Japanese original release and so-called "Quest 64" is basically two completely different things, because westerner bakagaijinner localization MASSIVELY altered the initial game to the state of almost-unrecognizable mess. Basically everything was changed to shit so much that Japanese original and "Quest 64" ARE two different games. It's not just differences in visuals or music, but also GAMEPLAY and STORY. Quest 64 IS trash, the Japanese original is NOT. It's like comparing Seiken Densetsu II with FUCKING "Secret of Evermore". Yes, THAT is HOW MUCH Japanese original release of THIS game differs from the westerner BASTARDIZATION. They are NOTHING alike, Japanese original release is actually GREAT game.

>> No.5055832

I seriously cannot tell if you're serious or not.

>> No.5055875

>$9.99 magazine

yikes, I now remember why I stopped buying magazines after the mid-90s

>> No.5055887

It is complete trash. Take it from someone who dropped $59.99 on it.

>> No.5055923

Q64 isn't even the worst rpg, just meh with some good ideas and ok ost. The game with all his flaws can be enjoyable.

>> No.5055982

If it's a big thick high quality monthly magazine like games tm it may be worth it especially at the time. I have fond memories of reading lots of my magazines from cover to cover. Some of them had quality writing unlike the shitty zoomer drivel you see on websites nowadays. Though others, especially in the early years, were clearly directed at kids and didn't have very good writing.

>> No.5056532

Go google it up, uneducated inexperienced child.

>> No.5057646


>> No.5057659

When I first heard about the game, I thought it was a joke parodying video game naming conventions.

>> No.5057751

Could Quest 64 beat Final Fantasy Mystic Quest in a fight?

>> No.5057782


most of the magazines that expensive back then were ones that came with demo discs

>> No.5058556 [DELETED] 


>> No.5059279 [DELETED] 


>> No.5060325

I never knew this existed and I'm a 30yo boomer.

>> No.5061885 [DELETED] 


>> No.5063376

It was definite 90's magazine over saturation

>> No.5065346 [DELETED] 


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