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*loud grinding noises*

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S-s-so? Th-that was part of its appeal!

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Are the SD readers still being produced? That sound is like no other ROM.

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Not sure, but I heard that there are now Chinese clones of the GDEMU which might be a better alternative if you have a bit of cash to spend.

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It was so good it drove its company out of the hardware market.

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i have the chinese GDEMU. it's wonderful.

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Saturn did that. Dreamcast was too little too late.

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More precisely, 32x, Saturn, Nomad and Game Gear being out at the same time did that.

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GDEmu + Noctua fan mod. Enjoy

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What about those sd dongle thing? It's not compatible with every game but still looks pretty decent and cheaper, doesn't it?

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Sega couldn't financially back all that insanity. Should have just popped out the Dreamcast on its own in higher numbers with DVD playback capabilities.

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What's the best SD loader? I was thinking about going for the USB GD-ROM from the Russian guy but I've heard it can take a couple of months. I'm willing to wait for a superior product.

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>Chinese clones of the GDEMU
b-but why not wait a year or twelve for the next official batch?

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USB gdrom and noctura master race checking in.

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you mean fan noises

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USB gdrom. Guy is legit even though it appears shady.

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Name 50 good Dreamcast games. Not "decent" or "it was good for it's time".
Pro tip: you can't because it's not the fucking goat, it's not even the best of it's gen.

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Have 36 for now.

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>vanilla HoTD 2 instead of Typing
when will they learn

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>all that 6th gen shit
sure is retro around here

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Released on a console released in 1998 shortly after Segata Sanshiro sacrificed himself to save Sega. Try tell me its not retro.

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Sure is new around here

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could easily top 50 if you added other games from the same series into this

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Missing Ikaragura and a couple of other shmups, Code Veronica, SA and if we can count Japan exclusives EOPs will never experience Hundred Swords and Segagaga

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Also missing Mr Driller and Phantasy Star Online.

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it's not. Almost every single game on that list showed up on 6th gen systems. Most of them were in the first year of the other 6th gens launch.

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better question is why even care if it is or isn't? Fags here are just as bad as /v/ with this tribal shit. The sticky makes it clear Dreamcast isn't retro. It just shows them going "look a bunch of babies would not stop crying so we throw them a bone." but that dosn't make the system any worse or better. It's not retro, it's 6th gen, that got a pass because it died young. If the thing lasted till 2004 before getting the axe it wouldn't be allowed here.

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>Illbleed, Blue Stinger, D2

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>not fixing the problem

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/vr/ NFL2k1 online night when?

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i do enjoy some cheesy tank horror. i am absolutely in love with martian gothic. so fucking good, i can see the potential and my imagination just makes it seem like alot more is going on than there is, and i just personally like the three person system, the unification idea and how you have to micro manage items and figure out who gets what when. i really like the scene in the beginning where you walk into a room with a women hanging there swinging. good atmosphere.

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I picked up one of those weird fishing controllers along with a Dreamcast recently. Are there any non fishing games I can use it with? Even as a shitty fourth controller for party games.

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>implying you still shouldn't play them

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Soul calibur

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1.goal post moving
2. Still no

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Half of those are utter shit. dynamite cop is complete garbage but rare which tells me everything I need to know about the faggot that made this list.

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You want to play with these losers?

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>no arguments

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>caring about handegg

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Looks like summer isn't over.

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Why would I bring an argument when they didn’t either. Anon ask for good games. But wait, their garbage “w-well you should play them anyway”
Don’t care what you think. I ask for good games not retards feelings of games that are shit

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are there any important or good games that GDemu can't play?

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I have a Toshiba 27AF43 CRT which has a S-Video input and I have a BenQ RL2455HM monitor which has a VGA input. I own a Dreamcast without a video cable. Which one should I purchase, the S-Video cable or the VGA box?

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>uses the Summer meme
and they say this place is better than /v/ lol

No. DC was easy to pirate and emulate.

short answer is either. Light gun games won't work great(if at all) on the CRT and there are a few games that won't run in 480p without a work around like gameshark. I have two DC, one hook up to a Sony Trinitron Multiscan monitor and the other is hook up to a Sony Trinitron 2001 consumer TV with s video. The differences are very minor.

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I'm about to buy one. Do they seem built to last?

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I have a green goblin stick on the way. I only really bought it for Cannon Spike and Ikaruga. What are the best shoot em ups on Dreamcast? I just tried Psyvarior and Karous and was pretty let down. I'm a huge Saturn fag and am trying to branch out.

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different anon but from what I have seen the parts used look and seem cheap.

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Does it matter? Its not like people ever move their dreamcasts unless they are moving house. I can't find a comparison of the real gdemu and the clones but the reviews seem pretty similar.

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It's going to look much better on the CRT despite the lower quality video input. 480p upscaled on a 1080p LCD monitor doesn't look great.

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GunBird 2

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>he doesn't have a rev0 with a greased assembly

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I’m tempted to buy a DC, but I live in a PAL region. What would be the best way to play NTSC games on it?

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Get a VGA cable. Almost all DC games are 60Hz through VGA, even PAL ones. There are a handful of games that don't support it though. Check online for lists.

For legit imports you need a bootdisc. For most burned copies you don't even need that.

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The best way is an ODE but burned discs are region free and look pretty good if you connect them to a crt. A lot of Dreamcasts come with shitty rf cables though so you will need to buy a scart lead.

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regionfree bios + gdemu clone