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So there was a mass shooting over a Madden game? But there was never a shooter over your friend picking Oddjob or screenpeeking.

This is the end times folks.

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Shooter was only 3 years old when Goldeneye came out. He never had to deal with tough videogames in the 8 and 16bit eras. Basically Zoomer behavior.

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There was never any money at stake when you played Goldeneye with your friends.

Also, #BillsMafia + Florida is known to be a dangerous combination.

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nerd rage + high pressure high stakes competitive environment is a dangerous combination

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I miss simpler times. Like when that guy sent a SWAT team to the dude's house over losing in an online game and he got shot by a jumpy cop.

Shit like this is why retro gaming is objectively better. The modern world and the humans that inhabit it will constantly try to tell you otherwise. But even when they aren't dealing with extreme cases like these I think they're objectively more miserable than those of us that spend our lives wallowing in nostalgia.

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Imagine the confusion of Jack Thompson and other crazy people who think shooters cause people to shoot up people, when they hear it was at a gaming event, but one for their beloved NFL.

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yeah money is always a big factor in these mass shootings.


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Videogames don't cause aggression. This has been refuted several times.

Competition on the other hand does cause aggression. Look at any MOBA or "e-sport" game, toxic shithole communities, look at shit like Reddit for fuck's sake. The instant a community starts keeping score, it goes straight to hell and stays there.

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people who bitch about screenpeeking or screenlooking or whatever are just salty that they can't do it. Now turn around bitch, and eat these proximity mines

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Kinda... Last Boy Scout-y, right?

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My man.

I’m kind of surprised they didn’t go with a truck attack, given the series (but again, that was before their time)...

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>That one friend who would get so fed up with losing he would get up and hit the reset button or start yanking out controllers.

And it was fucking hilarious. Online gaming makes these idiots take themselves too seriously.

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that fucking ambulance still gets me

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I think it was just an overall better time on earth before, nostalgia or not

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We still had stuff like kids doing “suicide by cop” with Laser Tag guns. But agreed.

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>Videogames don't cause aggression. This has been refuted several times.

Studies have shown that videogames can make people aggressive but not in a bad way. You can be "aggressive" in a game/sports/conversation as in the way/strategy you're playing. Aggression is a healthy part of normal human beings, there is nothing fundamentally bad about aggression. Aggression can mean very different things.

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Maybe me and my friends were just stupid but none of us ever played as Oddjob to begin with. Screenpeaking was a semi-dick move but everyone did it and it wasn't a big deal. Even recently the last time I had enough people over for a proper 4-player game we all had a blast and nobody tried to dick one another over for a cheap win.>>5006165

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There are tons of good communities. It's funny that all of the examples you could list are exclusively online communities.

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