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I've heard people say that the AVGN is a big part of why so many people today know about Castlevania. Is there truth to that?

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There's only truth to this if you were 6 years old when that AVGN episode was released and was your first experience with anything 8-bit.
Seriously, if you were alive at all at any point during the 1990s, you had heard of Castlevania. It is one of the most well known franchises of 2D games, and retained its popularity and reputation through the GBA era.

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Simon's quest was such a stinky puke turd it was only a matter of time before the smell went mainstream

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And DS, I would not hesitate to say the three CV games on that would place in the top ten games on the system.

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Maybe in a world where Symphony of the Night never existed.

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Never played Simon's Quest back then. Chinese decided not to ship this game to ex-ussr along with Legend of Zelda, Metroid, etc. But at least we had Battle City and that was great.

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I'm twenty three, growing up my older brother/father had Castlevania 2, 3, Super Castlevania IV, and Castlevania 64. Everyone knew those games. Kids younger than me? Hard to say. The series spent the last like 10 years on the Nintendo DS.

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No, it's thanks to Mana-sama.

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Good question. I’m 22. Can’t recall the first time I heard of Castlevania. Not sure if AVGN was my first introduction. None of my friends/family knew or cared about it. I would say I had vague knowledge prior, but AVGN showed me what Castlevania was all about.

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I'm pretty sure Castlevania is the reason people know about it.

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You must not have been very into video games then.

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I have wondered at times if Gackt era Malice Mizer was inspired by Castlevania and Symphony of the Night. The single for "Gekka no Yasoukyoku" did come out right after...

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I'd lay more stock in the fact that it's tied to the highly-promoted Netflix show over AVGN, and even then, 99% of people who've heard of Castlevania are video gamers who know it by reputation or word of mouth or advertisement.

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Mana is a Castlevania fan and has even worked with Iga back in 2002, sadly he didn't write any music for the games (it would have been perfect), but he did make a ringtone for japanese cell phones to promote Harmony of Dissonance.
Here's a translation of an interview with Iga.
Mana is also into /vr/, and has published a book about his collection.

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Of course it was.

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being 34 years old is how i know about castlevania

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At your age it's safe to say most things "people" say is bullshit. Unless its your teacher, in which case it's probably 90%

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People today? No. People today don't even know much about AVGN anymore.

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If their first CV was SOTN or another Igavania I can imagine them learning about the NES games from him

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AVGN, yes, people today still watch the new and old AVGN stuff.
Cinemassacre's other stuff, not much. I like the idea behind the new video rental store whatever they're doing, but man, how I miss Bubsy and Kyle. Fuck Mike and the other literallywhos.

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lmao I mean Bootsy, I'm high af.

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I just heard of AVGN this year but known of Castlevania for almost 20 years. Saw it in Gamepro.

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I never even played Castlevania and I knew all about it. It's that metroid rip off

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That's the metroidvanias, not the classicvanias.

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You shouldn't let people know your father is your older brother.

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He's probably japanese, probably meant "aniki" which he probably translated as "older brother".

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You shouldn't let people know you're a weeaboo, we'd rather you're the product of incest.

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>muh weeabo
Get with the times gramps.
Weeb culture is hip now. DWI.

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I meant between their two collections

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He's a salty cunt who couldn't even figure out that you need to press the ACTION button to perform an ACTION in Castlevania 64 and blamed the game for being an absolute moron.

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honestly? no
Sotn is one of the most popular videogames for the psx
those pc games were pretty successful
so i don't think people know about castlevania for the avgn

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Castlevania was legitimately big in the 80's to mid 90's. Anything past Symphony is Cult Status really.

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So eceleb threads are okay on /vr/ again? Good to know.

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Please keep the e-celeb garbage in /v/.

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>Is there truth to that?
yeah, if you're underaged kiddo

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> avgn
> taking credit for introducing people to a game that was isanely popular when it was released
this is some extreme level of faggotry that will make any castlevania fan vomit. also, we don't give a single fuck about e-begging cancer such as avgn. get back to /v/ and stay there.

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Weird, in one of the Dendy Chronicles videos, you can see there were pirate carts of Simon’s Quest. I think the only NES Castlevania you can’t ever pirate with carts is the third, due to the sound chip the original had.


>Castler Vahia

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Chad Warden is worth it though.

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It runs so slow. So sorry for the yurp-bros.

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Dude wtf is chad warden doing in there, he made a two fucking videos 67 years ago and that's it.

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You realize Castlevania: SOTN had a greatest hits release right? that means it sold fuck tons

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AVGN started the shitty trend of "Angry Gamurs"

that's the only truth

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Why are you even aware this exists

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No. Castlevania was a very popular series on the NES. There's a reason why there were so many games in the 80s and 90s.

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Bloodstained's kickstarter raking in a huge pile of cash from Castlevania fans when Iga said "I'll make my own Castlevania without blackjack and hookers!" says otherwise, troll faggot.

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>Not being aware of Castlevania: the band

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Nope, I was born in 90' and I knew it from a pretty bad GB game(at least at the time I did not like it, I should retry it) and of course Symphony of the Night.

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Fuck off, if Chad Warden comes back one day /v/ would shit bricks

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*beats you*

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I've learned about Castlevania because of him. Growing up as slav in 90s, NES and Genesis were what I played before I got PC, but somehow neither me nor my friends stumbled upon it before. Now 1 and Bloodlines are some of my all time favorites.

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WAIT... HE? WTF i masturbated to that japanese beauty, IM GAY NOW?

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bootsy was the best sidekick

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now? maybe always have been? who's to really know?

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symphony of the night put castlevania on the map for normies but other than that video nerds knew of it. We grew up with captain N so if you where a true a video nerd you would now about the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyoUecpe_wU

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I enjoy this video

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I'm friends with someone 12 years younger, and basically yeah. All their /vr/ info comes from YouTubers.

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The first castlevania has been my fav NES game since i was 7

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Simon Belmont was a core member on the captain N saturday morning cartoon that ran for two years during NES prime. Castlevania was one of the featurd flagship titles along with mega man. Those were among the biggest 3rd party titles at the time.

it may have gone into obscurity in the handheld years for the young millennial crowd, who knows, but in prime NES days it was among the most well known series.

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If true, based James.

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It would at most only be true for very young people who aren't very into gaming as a hobby.

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I really like that video rental store thing they have going on too, my grandparents owned a very small video shop so it bring back memories.

Complete opinion pieces though, I could just watch the movie for that.

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Most people watching AVGN have never played any of those games. They're normies trying to be cool.

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>ahh, castlevania
>now that was a good game

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I don’t see why that’s a problem? What’s wrong with him introducing the game series to a whole new generation of kids at the time? Keeping it relevant, or at least relevant to younger kids seems pretty cool.

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Wooooah The Games radar guys! I didn't know they still made stuff! Thanks Anon!

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Based game sack

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Ah, the Game Sack parody episode.

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Huh? People don't know castlevania? I mean even if you haven't played any of them unless you have zero interest in videogames you would have heard of it.

It's just one of those very iconic games, it's pretty hard to not at least see the name.

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If kids who like games enough to watch avgn, haven't heard of castlevania that's pretty fucked. Problem isn't the dude introducing it, if kids don't know then bless the guy.

Not like we talking about 2600 games or early 3d shit, castlevania holds up over the years and I believe various iterations are readily available on PSN and other stores.

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They wouldn't watch avgn then. That's the part that is making me go wtf.

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The fuck is going on with his hair in the dirty harry video?

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>I really like that video rental store thing they have going on

It is terrible. The new guys are uninteresting, unfunny, and disgusting to even look at. If you find that entertaining, then you must not have a whole lot going on in life. OR... you're just one of those silvermania greaseballs shitposting on here like usual.....

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All this Mike hate. Listen guys, without out Mike AVGN wouldn’t even exist. Not only that, but Mike is a highly skilled gamer and he’s good at art. He’s also pretty damn funny and a fantastic actor. I guess you’re all just jealous of his god tier hairline, 10 inch cock and hot blonde girlfriend?

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Circle of the Moon was my introduction to the franchise. I wasn't aware of it before that.

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If kids haven't heard of something, it's probably better if they don't get introduced to it by a guy that exaggerates the shittiness of everything.

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That's my point. OP is in full-steam-ahead retard mode.

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Didn’t he make an entire video series on Castlevania where he sucked the games collective dicks and praised all but the second one... the one most people agree is the black sheep of the original trilogy?

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He said Zelda 2 was a good game too, and literally wondered why he was getting so many requests for it IN the video, and people still claim "it's a shitty game cuz muh nerd says so".
Dude can't win with his audience.

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If anything, he’s actually one of the more fair “angry” critics on YouTube.

A lot of them are just contrarians who hate everything, but James seems to only really give overwhelming negative reviews to LJN games... and most of them deserve it.

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way to miss the joke you aspie

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You just jerked off to a dude, lmao.

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I agree with you except on the point that he's a good actor. Mike is an average at best actor.

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I honestly can't watch that fat guy at all. It's distracting.

I guess I'm a fat shaming monster but jesus if you're going to be on camera in front of thousands of people at least practice basic hygiene, get a haircut at nice barber and have a girl pick out some clothes for you.

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silvermania was the underbelly of youtube. racist, edgy shit that dirtbags in your 5th grade class would laugh at. lazy gay jokes and racial slurs for cheap laughs. watch their cringe tmg panels on yt and see what direction cinemassacre is going in. james is better than this. or is he? bring back the guitar guy ffs

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