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Nigga stole my bike

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Greetings fellow boomer

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go back to /pol/

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>being so young you can't remember early 2000 memes
>better accuse them of being /pol/

top kek, lad

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What game is this?

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ytmnd content you fucking brainlet zoomer

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Bike stole my nigga

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Summer is almost over we won't see them long

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>"racism outside of /b/"

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>we live in an age when modern 4channers get unironically triggered by the most mundane of old memes

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Fuck, I miss YTMND

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Imagine being this young and dumb

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We've almost come full circle here. First we were using racial slurs jokingly to shock. Really anything that was shock based humor was the norm on 4chan, pedophilia jokes were huge too. Then actual legit racists thought they were welcomed here and spilled out onto all the other boards from /pol/. Now there's backlash against anything that could be perceived as racist. I hope this means we can stop being serious about everything soon and finally bring this shitty era to a close. I miss when people here didn't believe in dumb shit like pizzagate and qanon. When we would laugh at the kind of people that do and scare them off with jokes about fucking children.

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It is funny how on the one hand you have people who go full "4chan was never racist and problematic, that's just thanks to /pol and 2016 election babies" and on the other you have full blown, unironic conspiracy theorists and vigilantes who think that's the real history of 4chan. I bet neither side was even aware of 4chan pre-Chanology, or fuck, probably weren't even over the age of 10.

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I wish anon, I truly do. I've been here since '05 and it's nothing to brag about.

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I've been here for as long as you have, I miss when it was just shitposting and anime

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I miss when people weren't all weird about it and anime was just some kind of nerdy hobby. I came here from an anime fansubbing IRC channel. A lot of the 05-06 memes were anime based and /b/ was very much into it despite being shitpost central. It's a shame that board is just used for anonib tier porn dumps now.

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Cock goes where?

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loli haet pizza

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Old /vr/ memes - dangerously retro.

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I see the shitposting of August is leaking here from /v/

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I see somebody who's first ever 4chan board was /pol/

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zoomj fuck DONATE TO 4CHAN

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who is she who is she who is she

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>if i don't like something, ill pretend its just a joke

You're as bad as zoomers that get triggered over everything.

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And yet you are.

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it's summer

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funny how you have this "ironic offensive humor" attitude but at the same time you're obviously triggered by the idea of sharing this site with people who don't respect your personal beliefs

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It's not racism. It's just reality. Where there are blacks, there are crimes.

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These zoomers are unfortunately immune to the game of risk that comes with browsing 4chan these days.

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You are gen X. You are not a boomer.

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Why were memes a decade ago better than today?

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because they were meant to be dumb inside jokes that would circulate around small communities rather than being passed down the social media chain

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Muscle-powered Transportation Device Retrieval Simulator

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Or we came here to get away from the world's crybabies and make cynical jokes, now the feelings police walk the halls.

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Because the world as a whole has gotten a lot worse since then.

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I get the feeling that shitposters here are now pretending to get triggered just to get replies. The 2nd post in this thread got 4 replies just by writing "back to /pol/".

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>2011 + 7
>Putting your vidya in the fridge


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Cheer up, bosnian kid

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This site is filthy! Let's clean it up!
This post brought to you by Dial Soap.

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>mfw the janitors are too young to recognize these memes

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Look I've been here for a long time and I honestly don't see what you faggots are crying about. These threads come and go all the time; it's all been seen and done before, just with arguably newer packaging. Some things are forgotten completely and others rediscovered, there will always be at least one blog post like the one I am writing now explaining something akin to this. The only thing that stands the test of time on 4chan is the varying states of dependency on participating in an anonymous imageboard to fulfill some need, important or not. Don't forget, you are here forever.

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more like 4chan has become so cucked ever since gamergate and trump winning that you can't have fun anymore without the thought police cracking down on you

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4chan has always been nothing but total shit and these old memes are random and unfunny

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wheres the twin towers

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>they knew

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kys zoomer

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based and redpilled

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I'll believe it when /vr/oomers stop getting their panties twisted over arcade games & ROM hacks with tits.

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Nice strawman, last I checked I loved porno arcade games.

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We 2008 /b/ now

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They were more than a frog and pale man in various situations.

RIP peppers

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My favorite YTMNDs were all the Darth Vader "Nooooooooooooooo" parodies

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>board created in 2013
Hello, newfriend.

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friendly reminder to report /v/, /b/ and /pol/ losers

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not today sailor venus

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Paula don't hurt me, no more~

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anybody remember this fucker?

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Yes, that meme was gay as fuck.

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Umm, back to /pol/ you racist!!??

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I'm not bragging about it. I'm lamenting all those wasted years. All the time I could have been out chasing girls and having cool experiences that I spent here. Now that I'm married it doesn't really matter anymore. I make fun of the young people who stray onto this board all the time but I really must say to you fuckers, get out while you still can. Come back when there's truly nothing else to do.

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my favorite old /v/ meme was one where people would call Terranigma 'a fan mod of Chrono Trigger' every time it was posted

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did the sky had a weegee

remember when /b/ was goodz?

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Dude it's been over a decade.
It sucks, we know. Get over it and buy another bike.

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Y'know whenever I see the caption'd version of this picture, I can never tell weither he's saying it in a threatening manner or like a volunteering inflection.

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Get out and socialize more

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dudes i just discovered that homestarr and lasagnacat are on youtube. relly takes me back to a simpler time, a time when my dick still worked

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This. The fuck, can people not just sketch something out in MSPaint anymore?

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It's easier to use somebody else's drawings than make their own, that's why those dumb boomer memes are based on a brainlet wojak variation

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You can blame minorities for that one

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could at least use clipart or anything else than those 2 fucking pictures for everything.

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Most of the people who make these are 12 year olds now. Nu/v/ is filled with underageb&

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Don't want to lose those recognizable characters though, or at least that's the gist of what I get from these memes

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>retro board for retro memes

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>lol you did not know about our little initernet secret joke?? Reeee-taaard hahaha

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People used to make fun of ragecomics

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>anybody remember this fucker?


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Jokes like this would get downvoted to oblivion on this sub if it were posted today.

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how did it get this bad

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>ytmnd is still alive
holy fuck

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imagine not knowing this is a troll

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remember when these were a thing?

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Not a 4chan meme.

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was posted heavily on /v/ circa 2007 tho

here's another thing I remember making its first appearance on /v/ at that time

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Yeah nah, I'd rather read Lust Penis a hundred times in a row before submitting to reading a single word of this thing.

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It's been like that since before wojak and pepe. Don't you remember rage comics?

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Kids These Days probably haven't seen actual Motivational Posters. At least I haven't seen any IRL in a long time. Which is just as well since 4Chan did NOT know how to do demotivationals.