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I am thinking about making the Xbox my retro machine. Is it worth it or should I just go with a Raspberry Pi?

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I mean if you get one that is in good shape it doubles as an xbox console so you have that going for you

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No 240p

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A pi has better support, the stuff is still being worked on and updated. The only way I would recommend you the xbox is if playing xbox games is something you are interested in.

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go with pi
it has resources that aren't from like 2005

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Xbox or even better a Wii if you have a CRT tv.
Raspberry otherwise.

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>I am thinking about making the Xbox my retro machine. Is it worth it or should I just go with a Raspberry Pi?
As someone who owns a modded Xbox, I will tell you that a Wii is a much much better alternative in just about every way.

It is small, it is compatible with a billion controllers, and is very easy to transfer data to flash drive and external hard drive.

The xbox is internal hdd, and you need to ftp to it. Sure its not a huge deal, but everything the xbox does, I think the wii does better, and it takes up 1/5 of the space.

Xbox is huge, and if you have one certainly mod it. Mine has a 250gb, and its value to me is only in playing native titles on it. Ever since I added a modded wii to my collection, the xbox has been a dust trap.

Just my opinion.

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It would have been 10-15 years ago. Now, not really. A wii is probably a better emulation machine and easier to mod, though xbox is easier to mod now than back in the day. It's not bad to have a modded one for playing burned games, but for retro the wii is better nowadays.

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Wii supports 240p. If you're going to use a low powered machine like any of these, go with Wii.

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Buy a raspberry pi for retro gaming and a Wii U to play DS, GC and Wii

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Wii is the best because compatability, 240p, and component. Not vr but OG Xbox had tons of good arcadey games

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Goddamnit I just want to talk about muh ecksbawx games. Guess I'll fuck off to /v/.

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Yes, softmod it, don't get any model with the MFG of 2004. 1.6 models are crap
I own a 1.0 with a Duo X2 + 320GB HDD IDE

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I consider the multi plats ti be the best versions because of 480p. Poor PS2 and interlaced shite

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>1.6 models are crap
Both of mine are 1.6, and I have never had to do anything other then pull out the DVD tray pulley and clean it every so often.

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Is 16 bit emulation any good on OG Xbox?

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It's has a 750 megahertz Pentium 3. That's not nearly enough for accurate emulation.

Raspberry Pi isn't enough for even 8-bit how I like it.

Would you be playing on a CRT?

Is composite video distortion something you want (many do)?

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Metal Wolf Chaos is coming to PC, with the excellent voice acting preserved.

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Nope. Your phone can do it better.

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Are you able to play Sega Chihiro games on yours? The creators of JSR made an arcade exclusive that I want to play.

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it's fine really

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It's garbage, doesn't do it as well as a wii(which doesn't need you to buy a special adapter or rig something up). I found a madcatz wireless controller dongle for my og xboxes for $3, desoldered the leads, bought a usb extension cable at the arab dollar store and was able to make my own adapter in 30 minutes. The xbox controller(big and s) suck for most games. Xbox, however has easier to navigate menus and a lot of the cfws take advantage of that in a good way. With the wii menu diving and making homebrew apps get along is a pain. Xbox can load from it's internal hardrives, but native ide hard drives are old tech and fitting sata hard drives with an adapter is pain(assuming the console will even recognize it). Wii has the benefit of loading from usb storage as well as sd card easily. Wii also has better controllers(even if plugging into a paper weight isn't ideal), has some solid 3rd party adapters that work well with nes and snes controllers and can use a gamecube controller. But, if you're plugging into a tv that has hdmi just get a cheap computer and a decent controller.

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>Is 16 bit emulation any good on OG Xbox?
It is better on the Wii, but that is my opinion.

>special adapter
What? I don't know what you are meaning. I have a few modded xboxes, and I had no adapters, no special games, no memory card. I had to swap the hdd over to my computer to rip some code off of it to unlock the drive in the future. Its been 10 years since I did it.

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It's usually part of the softmod process. I'm not him, but when I did it back in 2004 I used an action replay to get the exploit for splinter cell onto a memory card then copied it to my xbox.

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Why did you delete?

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Mods can't have us discussing this "not retro" system that would never be discussed on /v/, lest we have some autistic fuck who says everything that isn't Nintendo is shit sperging out and REEEEEEEEing all over the place.

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>I did it back in 2004 I used an action replay to get the exploit for splinter cell onto a memory card then copied it to my xbox.
Ahhhh. I did it totally different. My method was different, which Is why I did 2 of them in one night. I just had to boot up the xbox, and had to pull the IDE and attach it to my computer while it was still powered on. I wish I still had all the software I used to do that. I can't remember the names etc, but lost a hard drive a few months back that had EVERYTHING on it. It was a sad day. Today, I keep a raid-1 nas box for all my backup of everything.

It can be done without a single game. I hear it is easier to do with games/memory cards, but I have never had any of that. Mine are both UnleashX dashboards. I gave one to my brother because I am an awesome big bro.

>Mods can't have us discussing this "not retro" system

What is a Dreamcast? Its not even 20 years old yet....and we have been talking about it for 4 years. Is sega so shitty that their newest console can only compete with retro?

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You could probably find it in the xbins archive that the-eye has. Last time I discussed xbox softmodding either here or on /vg/'s homebrew thread, I can't remember, I told someone I was sure it was possible to do what you're talking about because I've heard of it before but I couldn't find anything on google. Other than using the Action Replay itself it's possible to rig up an adapter to plug the xbox controller into a USB port on your PC and use the AR software to transfer the exploit to your memory card that way. I don't think that was common knowledge when the softmod was a new thing though. I remember tracking down each individual item I needed back when I was 14 years old. It was a real pain in the ass. I needed the wifi adapter for the xbox too because our modem/router combo only had one ethernet port+wifi.

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>I told someone I was sure it was possible to do what you're talking about because I've heard of it before but I couldn't find anything on google.
My mind is working, but IIRC I used something called "Ndure/UnleashX" 3.1

I found this:

The video is dead link. This breaks my heart. My backup drive had all software, instructions and videos because I knew it was too good to be true.

Perhaps that will help someone? It is all I recall at this point.

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http://daleswanson.org/stuff/xbox.htm this link from there seems to have all the relevant info, and all the relevant software should be able to be found here https://the-eye.eu/public/xbins/XBOX/

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I have gone through 3 disk drives on my Xbox. the current one won't open, so Jet Set Radio Future is just entombed in there. I don't know if this is a widespread problem, but I would think this would put a crimp on using the system for anything other than a paperweight

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Direct links to the software the tutorial requires so nobody has to go digging for it.

If you use this method we're discussing you could possibly install a larger hard drive and just play games off of that, bypassing the DVD drive entirely.

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>the current one won't open, so Jet Set Radio Future is just entombed in there.
There are guides on how to "force" the drive open with a paper clip. You can then use a different (or same) paperclip to remove the rubber belt that opens/closes the drive. I use a hook shape to pull the belt out, and on the other end I have an odd "z" shape for pushing the belt back in. Clean the belt. I usually boil it in a cup of water in the microwave. Wipe down the pulleys and get any oil off.

It can be done without opening the system.

Pic related is the shape of my crude crafted tool.

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Speaking of emulation machines, how does the PS3 fare compared to Xbox and Wii as far as non-Nintendo games go? Specifically, arcade games.

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The last time I tried that in its officially supported "Other OS" mode, before that functionality was disabled, it wasn't allowed full access to the hardware and everything had significant tearing. An old phone can do it better.

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You shouldn't bother with either. Xbox failure rates are incredibly high, and pi's are riddled with severe input lag.
If you can't afford a PC/Laptop get a wii.
It's alright but the controller is god awful.

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I do have a laptop I can hook up with HDMI. I just liked the idea of a console with easy controller menus. But if it’s crap, not worth it. Maybe the Wii is the way to go for that, but laptop for now.

Thanks everyone.

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I literally always recommend checking Craigslist for an old computer. People practically give them away and nowadays what they're giving away is finally better then a Wii.

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Apps like RetroArch and XMB exist if you want interfaces made for gamepads.

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composite video tho

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Launchbox dawgggg look it up on YouTube and salivate

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Do yourself a favour and buy an xbox that's already hacked and setup with retro stuff. Raspberry Pis are for stupid people pretending they know something about computers.

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>Do yourself a favour and buy an xbox that's already hacked and setup with retro stuff. Raspberry Pis are for stupid people pretending they know something about computers.
I think that this is accurate information.

IF you know nothing of Rpi or Xbox hacking, either one will give you a slight headache, but I think the xbox may be easier and provide a better experience then a PI.

However, as I said earlier the Wii is better then both other systems. I have a wii modded. I have an xbox modded. My pi was never even used, and is still in the box.

Wii has everything Xbox has except 32x Emulation. I am sure there are other things, but that is the big one that jumped out at me.

Wii is smaller, does 240p, and is much quieter then the Xbox. They are almost light years apart. I used to think my xbox was pretty big shit....until my kids got bored of the wii and became computer master race. Me modding their wii out of boredom opened my eyes to the potential of the system. I hated wii games and the gimmic waggle horseshit. But it plays GC, SNES, NES and god knows what else without issue.

My xbox turned into a media center/Halo machine. Its not even hooked up at the moment lol. It is too big to fit under my 25" tv next to a PSX or N64.

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Does the Wii play arcade games well?

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>Does the Wii play arcade games well?
Don't know honestly. I don't get into arcade games aside from the occasional MvC2...and my buddy owns a cab, so I just play it there.

There is Mame for wii. How good it is? Your guess is as good as mine. I would think that if it runs on the xbox, it should run on the wii.

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I have Xbox and Wii hacked.
The Wii is better, little, better pad for 2D games.

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This, Wii is a more powerful Xbox. Plus non-/vr/ Nintendo games is a plus too.

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MDW ... My dick when

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No TSOP so no BIOS flashing as well as a lottery on whether you get a Samsung or Hynix DDR. Hynix DDR chips are low quality and might run at low speeds, which combined with the fact that Xbox uses shared RAM architecture and is already quite bandwidth starved means lower framerates.

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I have CPS1/2 sets and have no problems playing them through Retroarch. There is a Google spreadsheet that details compatability in depth and tons of games works. I have tried it post it for you but 4chan thinks it's spam.

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>A pi has better support
How strong is a Pi 3? What can it not run?

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Does the Wii-U do RGB? Wouldn't it be the best Emulator machine in theory since it does Gamecube & Wii games natively?

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I dont think Wii U does 240p

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not even a hacked Wii-U?

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nope. a wii does.

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That's a damn shame then. If there were a way to force 240p on the Wii-U through software if would be perfect.

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How about the computer you are using to post stupid questions?

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Shut up tosser, it's a good question actually and no I'm not OP.

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The Xbox is literally a (now outdated) standardized PC. the Pi is literally an underpowered PC. It's highly likely you are running a better PC than either the Xbox or Pi to engage in this conversation.

The real question is, in 2018, why don't you have your computer hooked up to a TV? Autism?

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Because my TV and computer aren’t in the same room. My office is for work only. How is that autism? Do you just have a room in your parents house or something?

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Mame for wii is shit from my experience. You have to manually choose a bios for a game every time you use it and it has no external USB controller support. Wii has been great for everything else though. I even got it working with my PS3 fightstick for GC Capcom vs SNK 2

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Hot take : use the XBOX to play XBOX games

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honestly, I just plug my laptop into the TV
three cables, power, ps1 controller box, hdmi
it's compact, powerful (a few 6th gen games run full speed even on a cheap laptop with integrated video on a post-2013 machine), and isn't much hassle

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you can mod it for HDMI or RGB.

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Wii is cool and 0$ to hack. You need vanilla splinter cell+usb adapter to hack the xbox

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Not really, hotswapping works fine too.

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>I am thinking
lol. youre not fooling anyone

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>Not really, hotswapping works fine too.
Hotswapping does certainly work, and costs $0.

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Just get a Wii, it has an SD card slot, does 16 bit emulation alright along with 240p, along with a ton of other homebrew stuff as it's homebrew scene is still sorta alive, just don't update your console, but then again, Nintendo's not going to be Updating the Wii anytime soon.

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The only active project is nintendont and USB loader. everything else is dead. it's not great but xbox vs wii; wii is much better.

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Pretty sure any Wii firmware can be hacked

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How?? Is there a Wii driver?

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>You have to manually choose a bios for a game every time you use it and it has no external USB controller support

Did you know that you can use a USB controller with Retroarch on Wii?

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This is the correct answer.


>Download Letterbomb
>Download Homebrew Channel and Emulators
>Download Roms

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>What can it not run?
anything newer than psx/snes/genesis

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then you'd still have the issue of limited rgb in vWii-mode (full rgb can be enabled in wiiu-mode with a program)

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