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the is the best video game console and the peak of gaming as a whole. Prove me wrong.

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Mega Drive and SNES (and PC Engine) are the peak of video games as a whole, but I'll give you Saturn was the peak of 5th gen.

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Can someone explain this kind of video game tribalism to me? Why does one thing always need to be BETTER than everything else?

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>arcade shit
>shit library of non-arcade shit
>bad 3D

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>Only 1 good JRPG
but it was a decent console. IT had many good arcade classics

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JRPGs are all the same anyway

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>Why does one thing always need to be BETTER than everything else?
because that's what being the best means you mongrel

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Grandia is very different from Shitbound

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Don't trash talk Starbound, you freak.

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I'm talking about Earthmeme

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starbound is not even retro anyway

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No you weren't, you were trying to trash talk Starbound which is an amazing game, even if not retro.

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Starbound sucks as well

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Decent CD player, I guess.

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Fuck you, tryhard. Grandia sucks and is easily the worst game of Game Arts.

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Best aesthetics imo

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>took 8 more months to program right
>looks worse than the PS1 version

It can be viewed as the flagship of the dark times to come.

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Is that the sequal to Earthbound?

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Completely different game.

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this game sucks too
Actually most polygon games on PS1 sucked including Metal Gear but people liked because the long story which was kinda interesting

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Not a single argument, as expected from a shitposter. Pass.

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It still struggles with what was at the time the high end 3d stuff. When you make a stupid statement like OPs about it being the "peak of gaming as a whole" and the pos couldn't even handle a PlayStation 1 launch title, it clearly wasn't the peak of anything.

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But anon, that pic isn't of a Dreamcast.

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people who love shooters and obscure games love the Saturn
Maybe there are a few japanese exclusives worth playing with heavy text

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> the is the best video game console and the peak of gaming as a whole
the only person that believes that is you. even sega would think that's a joke.

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>people who love shooters and obscure games love the Saturn
don't lump me in with you fanboy faggots. We love good games period, fuck the system, as long as the game is good and Saturn has lost most of it's relevancy.

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>and Saturn has lost most of it's relevancy.

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bud, what does any of that have to do with OP's retarded statement? Also, no on both fronts. The Neo Geo brands both have way more and way better shooters and obscure games. Sega Saturn is just a hipster system anymore.

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Saturn can do good 3D graphics outside of Nights, Virtua Cop, Sonic R and Sonic 3D blast. Examples:
>Daytona USA
>several fighting games
>Alien Trilogy
>Baku Baku Animal
>Croc 1
>Lobby area of Sonic Jam
>Shenmue beta
>Shining Force 3
>Virtua Fighter

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do you even video games? they're all about being better than everything else

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anon stop pretending you are some 16 year old edgelord

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At one point you have a small group of full blown tards that just take shit way to seriously and worship their system gods. When their stupidity gets enough (You)s other idiots just shitpost the opinion without any thought because 4chan is the closest they get to real interactions with people outside family, so they will ram a dildo up their ass while shitting as long as it get a reaction out of us.

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>Lobby area of Sonic Jam
>so desperate and limited to defend his shitty system he resorts to menu screens as proof of quality.

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"good" dosn't cut it when the question is was it a peak in the brand. More so when the competitor still did it better.

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Well, call it what you want, but I personally like it more than the N64 though not quite as much as the PSX I'll admit. The Saturn also had some internal memory along with being better overall than both the SG-1000 and Master System/Mark III.

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rpgs are fucking boring

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most people raised by boomers have psychological problems
All our parents were born after 1945

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I love the Saturn as much as the next guy who grew up with it, but calling it the peak of gaming is a bit much. It was criminally underappreciated, and it could never realize its true potential as a result.

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if you ain't first you're last

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> It was criminally underappreciated
no all things considered it got what it had coming to it.
>it could never realize its true potential as a result.
in the west sure but out east it was used past it potential right up with Ram carts.

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>The Saturn also had some internal memory
imo the battery issue and the fact you had to buy a pricey backup cart to stop it spoils it.

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Most of the Saturn's issues with 3D were
>doing things the way the PS1 did it was going to be flat slower since VDP1 just drew shit slower
>the initial devkit sucked ass -- by 96, this was largely a solved problem though, SGL is pretty easy to use
>the market was smaller because Sega fucked up really hard despite being in a competitive or advantageous position after the MD/Genesis, so no one targeted the Saturn first

also, Sonic Jam's little Sonic World bit is one of the nicer bits of 32-bit era 3D, at least apart from Sonic Team reminding you that they never had any idea how a 3D camera worked

the battery issue really does suck
that being said, very few of my Saturn games actually need to save anything

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Well, AFAIK the earlier model saturns are much more likely to end up with that issue.

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Can someone post the Saturn version of this webm?

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>the battery issue really does suck
I bought a Japanese Saturn in Japan a while back and it had a battery replacement performed on it this year. How long can I expect that to be good for?

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It's not video game tribalism, it's everything tribalism. Everything has to be ranked and pitted against everything else. I guess it's almost entirely the work of underage users.

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I replaced my long-dead release time battery for a new one in early 2016, so far it's still alive.

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I wish it was true. Library is small. Which games on this are even better than the PS1 counterparts? Because that's the thing, it has like maybe 3 or 4 games not available on PS1.

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>Which games on this are even better than the PS1 counterparts?
Pretty much all of the arcade ports (RAM cart or not).
Most of the 2D games, like Mega Man 8, are better on the Saturn. The only weird game where this doesn't happen is Symphony of the Night which has handled really lazily on the Saturn.

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>which has handled really lazily on the Saturn

That's only part of the reason, SOTN was made with the PS1 hardware in mind. It needed to be rebuilt from the ground up into a different game in order to really compare with the original.

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i agree in a sense
it was perfectly balanced between Old Gaming and New Gaming.
the hardware was lopsided, and it wasn't a "good" machine.
but the experience of being a Saturn owner in the 1990s, oh man (sips from can of Monster)
sega were peaking at that time, the quality and diversity of their output was just phenomenal. AM1, AM2, AM3, Sonic Team, Team Andromeda... phew

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>it wasn't a "good" machine.
It was a 2D monster.

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If you speak Japanese then maybe.
Actually, not even then. Many of its best games were available on other platforms.

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>tfw no PD Zwei outside of the Saturn
And Saturns are too expensive, fuck this shit.

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Yeah, it seems to be better suited for 2D.

Which are some arcade ports worth playing that are actually better than the arcade versions? I know that some Capcom vs. titles got many console ports with more content than the arcade. I've been looking for arcade ports that are actually better on console (or at least, if not better graphically, better content wise)

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It’s literally a PlayStation with half the games

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Alpha 3 has more characters and Workd Tour

Parodius Da has an extra level

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Vampire Savior has 3 extra characters.

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And double the sprite frames.

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There are nerds on this board who will convincingly argue that Playstation was equally capable at 2D

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Well yeah. It was equally capable at producing 2D visuals comparable with the Saturn, but both had different ways of approaching development challenges, and different capabilities/bottlenecks. Some things the PS1 can do that the Saturn can't, some things Saturn does are way beyond the PS1's specs that emulating those would require an enormous waste of resources, and some of them will likely require memory cutbacks due to PS1's limited VRAM and Saturn expandibility.

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As much as I loved my saturn growing up the dreamcast was much better

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I'd rather emulate the arcade ports but I am thinking of picking one up for Radiant Silvergun and Guardian Heroes.

You can flash replay carts and play backupsl discs. Also an optical drive emulator for isos exists but isnt sold often.

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I think there are a lot of people who don't have a whole lot going for them so their entire sense of self worth and identity revolves around the toys they like. Think back to being a kid in school, everyone was really self conscious and awkward and tended to be really defensive about their taste. I think a lot of people who hang around this place never really grew that much beyond that point.

Videogames in general are pretty cool, but I hate this kind of tribalism. Nobody even really talks about games in most threads, they just name drop them and post really tired insults.

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It's not just with video games, it's literally EVERYTHING.
Spend some time on other boards and you will notice it. Cars, music, movies, literature, sports of course, you name it. Not to mention politics. Being a political fanatic has been very hip since the last 10 years or so.
It's kind of human nature, I guess.
Also, it's not a 4chan exclusive thing. But 4chan gives anonymity which makes a lot of people shameless about their fanatism, also falseflagging.
But you will find this behavior everywhere else on the internet, and also IRL. Pay attention and you will see that it's everywhere.

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These are cool

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Dreamcast was better hardware but it's games library wasn't as good as the Saturn. Shit, the DC didn't even have the best versions of its own flagship titles (e.g. Phantasy Star Online).

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Well at pure 2D sprite throughput (not including background tiling here) the PS1 *is* actually faster than Saturn.

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that's a weird looking xbox 360

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Will a PAL RGB cable fry my NTSC Saturn?

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