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Were video games really big enough back then to warrant the invention of video games?

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It was inevitable.

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Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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>look mom it's the new meme

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>/vr/ "memes"

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Is summer over yet?

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Better than the boomer one at least.

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He’s right. I’d take copypastas over wojaks any day. It’s just like ooh look I think ur a wimp and I drew a shitty sketch of what I think you look like even though I know you don’t it just bothers you

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Were humans really that big back then to warrant having so many games starring them? Legit question

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Memes aside, that's a good point.
I look at the Odyssey, early consoles, even some Atari games and I think "who the fuck would waste time doing something that stupid and monotone"?
You need a HUGE loser, nerd or no-life to actually get interested in that shit.
I understand getting engrossed in Wizardry, Ultima, NES games in general or playing Arcades for 15 minutes, but if I were adult in the 80s I would have never thought "Yes, this is the industry that is gonna make more money than movies and music".

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Dude you can CONTROL what a dot does on the SCREEN! That must have felt revolutionary, I can defintely imagine how people must have felt back then when seeing that. I(!!) can control what happens on my TV screen, HOLY SHIT!

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In my opinion, it's mostly people that really felt moved by any little advancement in technology, people that would program along with playing those games and wanted to learn all the little intricacy.

I remember in my country we had a magazine in the early 90s about gaming that also had whole pages of code and tips on how to code your own games.

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That's literally how I felt when I first played a game on the Atari. It was a shitty, incredibly simplistic platformer called Bobby Is Going Home (seriously), and I felt like I was controlling a fucking cartoon.

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No, but games were big back then. Like board games, strategy games.....fucking Chess for crying out loud!!!

Which begs the question....

Was chess really big enough back then to warrant so many video games about chess?

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no, video games corrupted the youth and turns the frogs gay

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What was the magazine? That sounds interesting

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Imagine rolling the fame of every modern pop star over the last 15 years into one form of media and you would be at about 15% of what video games were in their prime. Video games were pretty messed up but damn were they a superstar.

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The frogs are NOT gay. I am so sick of people spouting Alex Jones' bullshit and disgracing the frog community like this

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They were clearly bigger than your brain is now, so there's that.

Yes. It was an amazing technological leap

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Video games should never have been invented.

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>I look at the Odyssey, early consoles, even some Atari games and I think "who the fuck would waste time doing something that stupid and monotone"?

You're underestimating how little there was to do with your free time back then.

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based and redpilled

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>In 1978, Play Meter editor Ralph Lally wrote "The introduction of video games will probably rank as the decade's number one innovation. No one can doubt the vast number of new locations and players they brought to this industry" (though he noted that the introduction of solid state pinball ran a close second).

Shit was huge, dude.

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Simply called "Videogiochi", an Italian magazine from the late 80s-early 90s.
We never got the NES when it was relevant so it mostly dealt with home computers, arcades and commodore 64, programming and records for existing games.

Atari was common too but not so much, I remember my dad being huge into that programming stuff.

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That's my point actually, even reading a novel/short novel, go playing sports outside with your friends or go out at all seems better to me than "control white dot on a black screen to make a score go up"

Or, to put it better, that kind of videogame seems like something you could play for 30 minutes and then put away.

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You can literally say the same thing about smartphone games today though.

My mom used to read several books a week and watch a different movie every day. You know what she does now that she's got a tablet? Candy Crush. Literally only Candy Crush, every day, with no exceptions. It's got better graphics than your average Atari game but it's still just a game about making numbers go up. Like most hyper-popular smartphone games it's basically a glorified slot machine.

People don't like doing things. They like wasting time.

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Sounds like my mom, holy shit.
They might be developing dementia though.

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Sure. The situation's similar for kids though, playing smartphone games and MMOs and stuff.

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Why are you being homophobic?

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The earliest video games weren't about making scores go up, they were two-to-four player competitions. You couldn't even play them alone.

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