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Is it worth to buy a CRT MONITOR to play EMULATED games, /vr/? I don't have space for a CRT TV and an old ass game console in my home.

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Yes, it still worth it. Playing /vr/ games on a crt is the only acceptable way.

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Yes, for the lower latency. Most of the other artifacts consoles have will be missing and will require shaders to simulate if you don't want to see those jarring unblended dithering patterns.

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Just use a good emulator
Genesis GX - Wii
SNES 9x or BSNES balanced

All other emulators suck (PS1,PS2, Dreamcast, N64, etc) so don't waste money buying a monitor for arcade and a few consoles

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Can't emulate the lower latency and not every game has lag frames run-ahead

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I dropped this:


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>All other emulators suck
what's wrong with mednafen?

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Not him, but...

If I have a cheap 14 inch CRT TV and I'm using a VGA to SCART RGB cable, with all the CRT_EmuDriver shit and such, should I invest instead on a CRT monitor?

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Yes. [email protected] with simple blank lines is awfully close to 240p. I'm still on the lookout for a 20" caged Trinitron VGA monitor myself

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Shadow mask monitors are better because they produce more heat for your cat :3 at least for the same brightness

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Yes, get Retroarch to run at 3840x480, TVout + interlacing filter and adjust the video output to your liking.
The result is indistinguishable from an actual PVM except maybe for the brightness.
You also do native 240p at 120Hz, but you might find that way too sharp for retro games.

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That one's going into my SAC-1 so there won't be anywhere for the cats to lay on it. My big ass plasmas get hot as hell and even though they're arm mounted they still manage to drape themselves over pic related. I often find kittycat pawprints near the top of the screen - although they've been much better behaved in general for the last year that I've been allowing them to go outside.

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what cable you using?

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One I bought from a spanish store, pic related. Works with 15kHz

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I hope you have adequate dehumidification and HEPA down there. Have you tested for radon?

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RetroArch does have automatic resolution switching, with the issue being that the CRT needs to be the primary display, but PS1 games do look proper.

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The furnace has a hepa filter and there is a dehumidifier. Radon is a meme. My grandma lived in this house for 60 years and died cancer free.

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nothing, that guy doesn't know anything.

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no reason to buy one OP. You can still find them for free as long as you know which brands are good. You won't find any Sony monitors left because they are the macfags of CRT owners. Sony is not actually a better brand but they are worshipped due to market saturation and advertising.

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Aperture grilles have more vibrant colors. Shadow masks are more reminiscent of arcades. Both are desireable depending on preference.

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Sure, I wish I had saved my CRT monitor (I did save my CRT TV).

But don't expect it to look like a tube TV. Much sharper image.

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I do this but I run 2048x480 instead because I worry that I'll fuck up my monitor by using such a high resolution. It looks good to me, but would there be a noticeable difference or benefit to using 3840 instead?

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Not really, 3840 is just a common multiple of more native resolutions. 2048 is still way above the capabilities of the monitor to resolve every pixel, and is still plenty high enough to realistically simulate signal bandwidth blurring if you want.

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You probably should always use it as the primary display on Windows due vsync often being shit on the secondary monitor.

I just have my mine set up so I just press Windows+P to toggle to "Projector Only" to switch to the CRT.

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They'd be alright, better than an LCD but you'd still need to load the emulators up with multiple shaders.
You're better off getting a 15khz CRT. PC monitors are way too fucking sharp.
>Aperture grilles have more vibrant colors
Not true. They have a sharper image but the colors aren't any better.

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No. You will most certainly miss the space, have a hotter room, and probably just end up playing on your lcd.

People here are autistic, just enjoy the games and don't worry about /vr/ approval.

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All the LCDs I've owned look like shit compared to a CRT. OLED is superior but nobody is giving those away yet so i'll stick to CRTs

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>I don't have space for a CRT TV
CRT Monitors look way better. On the other hand, free CRT TVs are easy to come by.

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what is the purpose of the tvout filter actually? I'm kinda new to using retroarch

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Configurable simulated analog signal blur. You can adjust it to blur like real hardware s-video or make it as sharp as VGA. It also does some interpolation to prevent shimmering on non-integer scaling.

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LCD will be looked back on as an undesirable transition technology.

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I used to say that bought I bought a new Sony TV recently and it has CRT-level motion and blacks, it's actually incredible how far the tech has come.

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either it was OLED or you're full of shit. I've never seen an LCD have blacks or colors comparable to CRT

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They don't even have a sharper image. Shadow masks are better for small details and text

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>TVout + interlacing filter

settings? are you using crt emudriver or just keepin it at 60hz?

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Sony X900e, research it. Seriously it blew my mind, silky smooth motion, deep blacks, incredible upscaling of low-res content, even my laserdiscs look good on it and it eliminates the smearing on them which I experienced with my last TV. But you pay for it. $1,000 for 55 inches.

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I have a couple CRT monitors in my basement that I'm sure would look great, but I don't have a simple way to natively connect them to my PC anymore. My GPU does still have a DVI output, but would using a DVI to VGA adapter eliminate the benefits of the CRT?

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it should be fine, what is the GPU?

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GTX 980 ti, so this is what we're working with.

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No, as long as it's a DVI-I it can still put out the same signal, just the pinout is different. If it's a DVD-D though it doesn't have an analog mode.

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GTX 980 ti does support DVD-I so you're good.

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>LCD will be looked back on as an undesirable transition technology.
My wife thinks I am nuts when I prattle on about what could have happened in the CRT market vs the LCD garbage. There was high definition content at 100+hz 18-20 years ago if you had the right computer monitor. Wide screen tech would be a thing right now, and everyone would have a wide screen CRT and they would be better then LCDs are now....but they are a transition technology, and CRT does have its limits. I think I can wait this one out. I just got a new 25" console today, and am super stoked.

>but would using a DVI to VGA adapter eliminate the benefits of the CRT?
Make sure your GPU has a DVI-I, and you should have no issue. If it only had DVI-D, you are pretty well out of luck there.

You should have no trouble driving high refresh rates and low resolutions through a dvi>vga cable. 120hz at 640x480 is quite realistic depending on the model and quality.

You can drive multiple monitors with various resolutions and refresh rates in windows.

>GTX 980 ti, so this is what we're working with.

9XX series of nvidia were the last to offer analog DVI output. You are very good with that card, and this would work great!

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The monitor has no idea what horizontal resolution you're using, all it sees is lines.

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The Tendak HDMI to VGA will work better than a DVI to VGA. No I am not trolling. IT doesn't crush blacks or remove color space.

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Most important no delay.

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>No I am not trolling.
What refresh rate will it allow across the HDMI? I have never had much luck getting more then 80-90hz across a standard HDMI. This is why I prefer VGA/DVI-I for analog.

>Most important no delay.
There is no delay with VGA to DVI either. You are not changing from a digital source to analog. It is analog to analog, and there is no loss, and no issue. Did video card makers quit including that thing? I bet I have a dozen of them vga to dvi adapters.

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To get a CRT monitor for retro (or even normal use) is one of the best decisions you could do budget and quality-wise, I still miss the one I used to do 240p120.

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Aperture grilles can be brighter, but slot masks get pretty close and their phosphor geomoetry tends to look better for anything but completely horizontal or vertical lines. Also doesn't have that visible wire.

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No where did I say LCDs were better, just far more convenient and mostly 'good enough' if you're not autistic.

The downsides of CRT are greater than the positives these days. LCDs are pretty damn good.

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Most people have a mix of digital and analog adapters, some only have one or the other. The quality of analog to analog has more static than digital to analog, by avoiding using 20 year old ADCs.

For any reasonably high resolution, like 1600x1200, the Tendak is fine at higher hz. Same goes for 90hz at lower resolution. Also supports audio out over 3.5mm output.

The real win is the fact that your PC saves a EDID properly every time, which in a lot of cases it doesn't with the analog dvi adapters. I have never had to reset anything after unhooking and changing my setup.

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Not outside your retro hipster bubble. LED matrix lit LCDs look great and don't come with any disadvantages apparent to the typical user, besides maybe that jarring motion interpolation that's on by default and hidden in a sub-menu under a cryptic name.

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meant for

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I'm able to force this only if I use CVT-RB timing standard, and the resulting refresh rate tells me it's 29kHz rather than 31kHz. Is that a problem?

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only for media uses

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What is a "caged triniton"?

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faggot for not using original hardware. Suck another dick

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You should re-evaluate your definition of "high definition content". Most CRTs were 800x600 in the 90's... and hardly higher than 60hz. A rare poor person could come across a rare 1024x768.

Did you forget that 1280x960 and 1600x1200 monitors were thousands and hardly went above 70hz at that res??

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The worst advice I've seen on this board.
I don' think you know how CRTs work.

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A DVI to VGA adapter is literally just a wire, it's not doing any conversion or adding any static. What 20 year old ADC?

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"The Virgin Emulator + shitty bought CRT"



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My CRT in the late 90s was [email protected], and I believe it was capable of more but the reduced refresh rate made my eyes hurt.

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It's your call. You do get a little input lag with a modern monitor or TV, and if you care about that than yes - get a CRT.

Alternatively, a CRT does take up a lot of space and your GPU may not even have any input such as VGA for the CRT
>my GPU only has display ports and HDMI, so I'd need to get a GPU that supports something older.
You could always use some kind of dongle to convert the signal, but that may also cause input lag so than you'd be close to where you started.

TL;DR crt is better but can be a hassle, so the monitor in your current battlestation should suffice.

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Does your integrated graphics have VGA out? I'm running my primary monitor on my GPU but my secondary CRT on integrated graphics.

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so an adapter is fine if you just use it to watch shows on right

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That doesnt even make sense.
A CRT is bigger than an old console. If you have room for a crt you have room for both Just admit you dont want to buy one because emulators are better

I dont understand how people dont have space for shit

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UK thing iirc
Wooden box that has magnets

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We don’t have all the data. Perhaps anon means he can’t/won’t make the space because the room can’t hold all he wants it too.

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Some VGA monitors have nice steel cages inside of their plastic housings that bolt directly to the monitor mounts in arcade cabinets and some don't.

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post cat butt

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How do you get scanlines with that thickness? I'm doing 3840x480 with tvout+interlacing and shit hurts my eyes.

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does it smell like weed and cats down there?

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>Did you forget that 1280x960 and 1600x1200 monitors were thousands and hardly went above 70hz at that res??
I have ONLY ever had CRT up until I bought this piece of shit 144hz Asus bullshit. I still saved my GDM FW900....Thank god, because this lcd is shit.

But what I was going to say is that I don't think you understand how CRTs work. Sure you can look at them at face value and say "They only offer 70 hz"....That is great and that logic is fair, however it takes less then 10 seconds to alter the refresh rate in the menu.

I have had plenty of 1600x1200 monitors, and NEVER has one run lower then 85hz. You can also do fun stuff like lowering the resolution and increasing the frequency more. When LCDs came out, 20"+ CRT monitors were in massive supply and no demand. At one point I had 2x IBM trinitrons on my desk. $20 a piece.

As example: My GDM-Fw900 offers me 140hz @ 1280x800. At no place is it listed in the manual, and in addition my GPU specifically states that it only offers analog resolutions to 2048x1536, but that doesn't stop my monitor from working just fine at 2560x1600 @ 60 hz.

Protip for you: CRTs run at a higher refresh rate then the manual calls for....unless you have some no-name chink bullshit....and in that case you might as well use a good tv. There are very few CRTs that wont do 640x480p at 100+ hz.

>I believe it was capable of more but the reduced refresh rate made my eyes hurt.
Probally 1280x1024 as a "native" resolution.

>does it smell like weed and cats down there?
And mothballs. I love BabbageGramps, and I had to add that odor for your imagination.

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Pretty much

The additional smell is actually a damp earthy smell like a cave since the floor is just packed clay. I dehumidify but when my grandma lived here that was the predominant smell in the whole house. That and vinegar. She wiped everything down with that shit. I still use it to clean glass (like the plasmas and crts) for nostalgia.

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Just 60Hz and custom Video shader output resolution around 512

>I worry that I'll fuck up my monitor by using such a high resolution
It won't happen, running it at 120Hz might kill wear it much faster though

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When I set my Syncmaster 997DF to 1280x960 it actually sets it to 1280x1024 (according to the OSD) and letterboxes it. Some GPU scaling bullshit is probably the cause but no matter how I configure it, the resolution remains 1280x1024 and either letterboxes or stretches the image in a blurry way to fill the letterboxed space. Anyone ever worked around this somehow?

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No where did I say CRTs were better, just far less dog shit and ugly if you're not blind.

The downsides of LCD are greater than the positives these days. OLEDs are pretty damn good

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after reading your posts i'm pretty sure it causes cancer

>> No.4978450

I always have a few gallons of that floating around. It works great for cleaning, and I use it as a carbon source for my salt water tank @ 15ml/week....that is another discussion for another place....

>It won't happen, running it at 120Hz might kill wear it much faster though
It would make sense that running a monitor at twice the frequency should wear it out faster. I have been running my GDM for 14 years at higher then recommend refresh rates for the whole time. 140hz, 100, 120 & 90 are my common points. I believe I can hit 160 at 640x480....but never tried. I have never had an issue doing this, nor any sort of visible distortions.

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I can only answer for Intel Graphics, which does a similar thing unless Maintain Display Scaling is checked

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What GPU?

>> No.4978574

GTX 1070, It's already set to display scaling.

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Interlacing is the opposite of scanlines. On TVs, they're a result of using only half the available lines instead of interlacing, for a 60 FPS progressive image. Were you even alive in the 90s?

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>GTX 1070, It's already set to display scaling.
How do you connect the 1070 to the CRT? Is it dsub or DVI? It is my understanding that the 10 series nvidia cards don't offer analog out. Could that play any part in it?

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