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>Read JP wikipedia
>Read Eng Wikipedia
>fire the game up in an emulator
>write up some quick overview
>do zero copy-editing
>make blatant errors and pass on old wives tales
>forum members mention this
>make corrections and never mention it
>Reprint your half-assed articles in a self-published book

That's all HG101 does. Their content is pure amateur hour. It'd never pass in a real mag.

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It's a shame, the site had potential at first.
In the end, it doesn't even matter.

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Patreon was a mistake. It ruins everything. Now the site pumps out like 20 articles a week. Real rushjob work.

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the new interface is pretty shitty too, what the fuck

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I don't think they even know Japanese.

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Kurt does. It's the one up he has that makes it seem like he's some expert. But JP Wikipedia articles are typically unsourced just fan info. The amusing part, is that HG101 acts like a laundering site for WP to cite itself. They act as a middle-man for JP Wikipedia so that ENG Wikipedia can cite it

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The one useful thing on there is a history of Gamefan magazine made up of many, many posts complied from GF writers on various boards. It is essential reading for mag history with no HG101 content.

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You forgot
>post screenshots at the wrong aspect ratio
>use cheats in all the games they play
>play inferior versions of games and then talk about how they're not that good on the podcast (eg Maze of Galious NES instead of the MSX version)

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Japanese Wikipedia is still a better source than all the shit that gets posted in English.

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HG101 is shit, but it did get me to play a handful of games I otherwise wouldn't have heard about.
but god damn, some of their articles are written by super fucking plebs who really, obviously suck at the game

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It was ruined long before then. It was just that after GG and 2016 it got worse and more noticeable.

I did. Sort of.

He does, but he still makes huge mistakes and errors.

To be fair the Galious episode was the first one, and was one of the worst episodes until they started the new format and it completely went to shit.

This is accurate.

Also as a reminder, talk about Bobinator because he's actually legit terrified about being talked about on 4chan.

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It's a good site, stop being such a faggot.

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Hi kucklata

(Just kidding. He thinks you're worse than AIDS.)

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I don't trust this site at all after reading their review about Agarest War where they labeled it as "Kusoge" when it is actually a very tactical RPG with an interesting and fun attack chain system. The reviewer mostly rambled about the completely optional material system.

Not /vr/ material, but it brings any of their /vr/ opinions into question too.

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Their forums are amazing.

>Touhou creator ZUN has brass cojones, puts Touhou on Steam..

>In complete Japanese. Not even the title. It takes work to be that much of a xenophobe.

>They [Touhou games] seem to mostly be in the realm of people who like to jack it to their favorite character, so basically like most obscure anime games

>They look generic (I feel like there's hundreds of anime-based 90s games with pretty much the same character designs on PCE CD, PS1 & SAT.

>Moe just pisses me off. It's like someone took anime and said "Hey, eaters, let's throw out all the shit you like and keep all the shit you don't."

>Moe is not just about pubescent-age girls -- it's not even necessarily limited to that as far as I can tell, however the vast, vast majority of it is. It's about infantilization, fetishizing baby-like behavior.

>Moe is pretty much the worst, and it's more or less a dealkiller for anything it's in.

>That's a big part of my dislike [of moe]. It's bad enough that it's got the whole creepy air of infantilization, but it's also so fucking bland.

>I hate moe with all of my being; Touhou isn't moe. I WILL KILL OVER THIS. A big part of "moe" is girls being innocent and submissive.

>Moe fetishizes innocence itself, which is far worse than just any personality that people may or may not find attractive.

>OK, I think I get where you're coming from about your definition of moe. I don't follow anime closely so I don't know all the terms and trends. I always thought moe was just lolicon with better branding. Either way, I think we both agree that moe is shit.

Mention Touhou and people have a meltdown over "moe," a topic they know absolutely nothing about. On a site that's heavily oriented towards Japanese games. Hardcore indeed.

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Can't access, but based on your quotes looks like it's somehow managed to get even worse.

Anyway I take solace in the fact that they're going to be ass-blasted full-time for at least two more years, possibly six.

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>>make blatant errors and pass on old wives tales

Citation fucking NEEDED.

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>Not knowing that Zun trusts the fan translators to be more faithful to his work than any company you can think of
These people need to have their testicles removed.

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Thread is all FUDD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt)

It's all bullshit and smear meant to make HG101 look bad.

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Shill / contrarian detected.

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>Shill / contrarian detected.

HG101 is one of the go to places wikipedia consults for obscure games. stfu

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They say in several articles that NES games were made to be hard on purpose so that people didn't finish them quickly. Which is 100% horse shit.
Just read the site man, you'll find dozens of other examples (if you can decipher their incorrect grammar).

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>They say in several articles that NES games were made to be hard on purpose so that people didn't finish them quickly. Which is 100% horse shit.

100% true. They feared American renters so they made them harder.

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this is true, dipshit

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wow, they actually got something right for once.

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It's at best 50% true because we don't know what people said or what went on in game companies in the 80s/90s.

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>because we don't know what people said or what went on in game companies in the 80s/90s.

Iwata commented on this on GCCX. He said the game testers were also the people who made the game, thus they got really good at it and didn't realize how hard the game seemed to new players.

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Games were harder in Japan because devs were the betatesters so the more they played the better they got at the.game but that would make them think the game was too easy so theyd make the game harder.

The fear of people just renting s Working Designs

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> It'd never pass in a real mag.
Of course. Real magazines would have articles written by people who didn't play the games, articles stolen from internet or other mags and blatant advertising passing as reviews.
Gaming journalism is a complete disgrace in every way. At least in the west.

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>The three hated square heroines - is it mysoginy in action?
>also let's call out a fan translator who mocked the uselessness of one of them
>in an EXTERNAL fanzine blog
>because he single handedly exported that mysogyny movement culture outside japan
>that by my own admission is just two gamefaq threads because game is obscure as fuck
>links to the 10-yo blog and social media accounts, you know who to milkshakeduck

>I can't believe Nintendo did Time Twist
>Look at this offensive game that breached NoA's guidelines LOOK at it and gasp in horror
>Here's a series about the Deponia series that's transphobic shit dripping male toxicity
>The only redeeming part is the final game because it ended the series and was an underwhelming fuck you to fans
>Let's investigate which active industry veterans spread rumors about a nude code in this obscure square nes game
>Lunar Magic School is a problematic game and here's why

Idk, ever since they started their /vr/ #metoo act they're not nearly as appealing to me.

>In complete Japanese. Not even the title. It takes work to be that much of a xenophobe.
Will bite. If he wants to be a xenophobe he'd region lock it the way Square did with SaGa 2015 on Steam.
ZUN doesn't trust corporate.
... lots of modern "professional localizers" go on on twitter "my way or the highway" and announce intentions to fix gamer culture and japanese toxicity but work in the same companies that will deal with ZUN. He's averse to corporations for lesser subverting of creative control as this.

>NES games were made to be hard on purpose so that people didn't finish them quickly
That part was true, and confirmed by many developers outside HG101.

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Isn't this the site that re-wrote all it's articles to point out how "racist" & "other buzzword" these japanese games are?

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Unsourced information like rumors and fan theories from Japanese Wikipedia could end up on HG101 and be "laundered" by English one as >>4970021 pointed out.

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>It'd never pass in a real mag.
Of course it would.

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No it's not. NES games aren't hard.

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I used to hang out in Kalata's social circle. We had a falling out because him and his friends (who contribute the majority of the content to the site) really are just awful faggots. I remember Kalata discovering Tim Rogers and deciding that he wanted to take HG101 in a "new games journalism" direction and start turning the articles into "radical feminist propaganda" (his exact words). That was when the site REALLY went downhill.

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Many of them are, you contrarian cunt.

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Are there any articles that reflect this change in direction? I'm asking because one thing I used to like about the site back when I still visited it was that it didn't come off as political or ideological.

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It's constant 'buy my book!' plugs, drastically shorter and unarchived articles, constant shilling modern indie games, and fucked site layout they havent bothered to fix for older articles sealed its fate. Yet somehow I keep reading it, because the odd article can be good.

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I will never forgive them for what they did to my waifu!

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Anything game with a female character is now treated as "revolutionary" and anything designed by Dan Bunton is now treated as "pioneering".

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No it can't. That site hasn't been worth visiting in a decade or more and almost all those old articles are gone.

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How about the Google results tagline
>HG101: Promoting a culture of mediocrity
to, circa 2014
>HG101: promoting a rich diverse culture of video games
they seem to have toned it down recently but the change is all but apparent.

You now see "tropes" and feminist critical theory lingo much more used, much more defensiveness for any official localization practice even in the nineties, and tearing down anything by fans, than in the older articles. Even decisions to skip games are framed "Working Designs was working on this game, they changed their mind, this problematic game sucked anyways and wasn't worth their greatness" in multiple articles.
There's the couple of articles where they went "look at this naughty fan translator, here's all the personal info, wink wink nudge nudge" my god it's sickening how some beta writer is witch-hunting really nice people just for clicks.

They did indie reviews heaping words of praise as if it's the second coming of Metroid or Mario for a while, and their article about a certain unsung transgender gamedev were less about her games and more a manifesto. But they stopped after two years because it got too blatant and instead try to include it in subtext.

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This is the main (two-fold) problem with the site - they went from being a place that was factually inaccurate but at least brought some games up you might not have heard of into a clickbait site intended to get Patreon money, while pushing the site owner's political views. It's always been a groupthink shithole and I used to subscribe to it (bullying and shitting on "outsiders" on the forums). For a while there was still some times when they were reasonable, even Kucklata, but that ended after Gamergate and Patreon.

Were you on the Forums by any chance? I got banned because of trolling this one ass about his walking sim articles. Which is fine, I was getting sick of the virtue signaling by Kucklata, derboo and that puke neorasa.

I never got confirmation (because I had a falling out with everyone over the fucking election) but I was told by Kal this is why I wasn't allowed back on the podcast, because of my "politically incorrect" comments on the show; that, and it's why they started having guests on from destructoid and polygon and that Splatterhouse whore gamer, to appeal to the woke crowd on Twitter.
One big one that they redid was the Valis article. At one point if you checked the Internet Archive you could actually find things where they edited it to talk about how it's misogynistic. I know they started screwing with the crawler text to prevent archiving though so YMMV.

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Do you know which writer was doxxing people? That's fucking horseshit.

They've gone completely deranged if they're allowing stuff like that.

>> No.4975423

Are you really Joestar?

>> No.4975426

No, this is Pokey.

>> No.4975472

I remember Tim Rogers and the "new games journalism" fad. People wanted to be serious people writing about serious things, like literary and film critics. Then "social justice games journalism" came along and people could be serious as well as roleplay as civil rights activists and radical freedom fighters.

>> No.4975475

*journalists wanted to be serious people

>> No.4975502

...but yeah, I'm just sad because for a while they were all reasonable (as in, not doxxing people, and you could violently disagree about things but still be on speaking terms), but as soon as election time came around it's like a switch went off in the heads of everyone working for the site and they all went berserk.

I stay in touch with a couple of people from the forums through twitter (and there's some good people who aren't on twitter like Jonny2x4 and vetus that I know are on /vr/, which is why I look forward to these threads showing up). Other than that I haven't spoken with anyone from the show since I asked Kal to take down my videos and this one episode I did.

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Fucking EOPs.

See this, local EOPs? This is why you don't want to be an EOP.

>> No.4975579

“Question and Answer” from Ice-T’s “Home Invasion” is applicable to HG101. The last part, especially.


>> No.4975591

Anyone have the screenshot of some jap game franchise I can't recall that was completely rewritten because 'muh sexism'

>> No.4975606

i think it was valis btw

>> No.4975609

Isn't that Valis? It was mentioned in the thread.

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File: 3.05 MB, 1001x9985, 1500584173136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes it was.

found the screenshot of the original article in the archive, although the revised article seems to be gone

>> No.4975612

It is.

Also I forget which one but someone had some Hentai in the same directory as an article once.

>> No.4976289

You can't be a sjw if you DON'T dox people.

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Anyone have links to their books? Just wanna check them out.

>> No.4976637

That article isn't even very good. It should have been rewritten either way.

>> No.4976965

Not to talk about how offended they are by the series, though (particularly when the same author was leering about Yuko's ass).

>> No.4977028

Not "hard", but "hard enough a kid probably won't beat them over a weekend".
It's also specifically referring to games that were made harder for the American release, like Bayou Billy and Ninja Gaiden 3.

>> No.4977718

Being pissy little social activists over gaming was little fad for a while. Glad it mostly died out.

>> No.4978364

Did ya'll ever see that first Chrono Trigger article that got posted years ago? It was so bad they had to take it down - even everybody on the forums was completely outraged over it.

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What did HG101's official twitter account mean by this?

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I think I might as well contribute my own write-ups about lesser known strategy games to the site, maybe add something of actual quality to the site for once
I've completed most of them on the highest difficulty so I'm fairly confident about knowing how they work, I write autistically long walls of text in my spare time anyways, and they'll even be paying me to do it, so even if they take down my shit if they figure me a shitlord they'll still have wasted their money

Should I do it?

>> No.4978446

>Idk, ever since they started their /vr/ #metoo act they're not nearly as appealing to me.

God did that garbage really spured there?

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File: 58 KB, 630x360, hg101starcontrol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is pathetic. I used to respect this site, but this kind of shit makes me sick.

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>Civilization is a bit like Star Trek – full of bittersweet contradictions. Deeply metaphysical explorations of the human condition blend into campy Cold War-era stereotypes and white racial fantasies. The legacy of human history turns out, again and again, to be Eurocentric. And Deanna Troi is attracted to William Riker. The list goes on.

>> No.4978517

They're THE single most extreme example of sjw "gaming journalism" on the entire internet.

>> No.4978521

Literally the single worst website on the entire internet.

>> No.4978530

Kucklata thinks this is an insult, but he's actually implying they got laid. kek

Do it. They pay shit though. If at all. We didn't make shit for whoring out our show.

The truly "bittersweet contradiction" is how someone that claims to be woke n sheit assisted in and violently defended the systematic harassment of a woman in the games industry.

>> No.4978582


They only pay 60 dollars per article. But instead think of it as contributing to the gaming information out there. Your articles can be cited on Wikipedia, and used as proof of the game's notability.

They're missing tons of good obscure games, like Magical Pop'n, Community Pom, and others.

>> No.4978585

They probably won't allow Magical Pop'n because it was voiced by a former pornstar (Press F).

I remember that before she left the forums one of the longtime forumgoers / contributors wanted to do a Rance series article and Kucklata lost his shit because it "glorifies rape".

>> No.4978586

>They probably won't allow Magical Pop'n because it was voiced by a former pornstar (Press F).

No Fuckin' way.

Ai Iijima was a kind soul, with a tragic life. Denying her game on something as arbitrary as her past career, is ridiculous and arbitrary. The game features zero porn, and is a rather cute story of a hero princess.

>> No.4978593

>wanted to do a Rance series article and Kucklata lost his shit because it "glorifies rape".

Well, it kinda does. It's literally a hentai series.

>> No.4978595

>games shouldn't be documented if they're too problematic

>> No.4978605

I know, anon. We're talking about some seriously warped people here though.

Doesn't mean it's a bad thing though.

They allowed a Dragon Knight article later on, but it obviously had stuff talking shit about it being a nukige series.

>> No.4978607

who are these people? i don't keep up with gaming sites much anymore

>> No.4978620

It's a site that's been around for like 20 years; it used to be a decent enough place to go to find out about games to look up roms for or whatever, but after 2014 it started focusing on trying to appeal to the woke crowd. After 2016 it totally went to shit because of the owner going full retard.

>> No.4978708

>ctrl+f "agness kaku is my waifu"
>0 results
For shame.

>> No.4978779

I was literally about to reply to the OP that that huge adventure game book (pretty sure it was their first one) is fantastic, but nah fuck this shit. Any faggot that virtue signals to get attention that they're on le right side of history can fuck off.

>> No.4978782


hg101 only cares about weeb games anyway

>> No.4978793

CTRL F "my waifu"

Shes the only one mentioned in these threads anyway

>> No.4978805

I don't read many modern articles but I do like surfing around the site for older content to find games I didn't know about. A great example is war of the dead

>> No.4978815

Listen here, you stupid fucking reddit normie children. If you say one more bad thing about HG101, i swear to fucking god will personally find out your ip and then i will come to your house and i will knock every single one of your teeth out then i'll stomp your fucking head in until even your mother wouldn't recognize it.

>> No.4978847

Kucklata on suicide watch!!!

>> No.4979060

The sad thing is that he's such a fucking casual that he didn't even make a Ninjawarriors or Aquajack reference during one of his anti-Torampu-kun Twitter meltdowns. Just basic-bitch Wolfenstein or Bionic Commando references.

She's not mai waifu but we're friends on twitter because we both hate Schizo.

Like half of the podcast episodes were about western shit. Not sure if they do anymore though after changing to the new onions-based monstrosity.

The real Kucklata would self-terminate if he used 4chan language.

>> No.4979093

Describe "weeb games"

>> No.4979109


weeb rpgs and shit that's only popular in Japan. They never do articles on games that are only popular in America/Europe

>> No.4979112

I read a series on Command & Conquer a few weeks ago, its not JUST weaboo fodder

>> No.4979585

Come on, you know that's an exaggeration
They had lengthy articles on western RPGs like Wizardry and Ultima, which no weeb cares about unless they're talking about Dragon Quest or the NES ports

>> No.4979589

If you want to be Japanese you've got to care about those two.
I've played the Japanese version of Wizardry and read Ultima mangas.

>> No.4979594

>maybe add something of actual quality to the site for once

The articles are up to 50% edited by Kalata and his fag friends. If you don't have sjw propaganda in your articles they will ADD IT whether you like it or not.

>they'll even be paying me to do it

It's mostly volunteer work. You won't get a cent. On the off chance they offer you money it will be ballpark $10 and then they most likely won't ever pay you anyway.

I wrote 1 article for them a few years ago. This is all based on experience. There's a reason why 99% of the articles are written by people Kalata knows personally. Because no one in their right mind would ever do business with them.

>> No.4979612

It was the Valis directory

>> No.4979629

This. If you fucking know it alls are really what you crack up to be then why don't you make your own website then? All talk and no bite.... Stfu already sick of hearing your shit for years either do something or fuck off.

>> No.4979708

remembered the blog post right after Trump became president? Wish I still had the acreencap.

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File: 2.46 MB, 3264x2448, B4FE7BB7-9344-4F1A-929C-95DA3FA2505D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Interested in who this is; as another former contributor, it was more or less pro bono. I asked Kuck (when we were on good terms) on several occasions to get some of the other podcast people (who were unemployed) money for microphones and stuff and he never did. That, and he insisted we mention the patreon in everything but never so much as mentioned the show himself - got worse when he wouldn’t link our videos but would link his own.

As for the editing, there are numerous examples of where he will completely change content if he doesn’t agree with it, even if it’s factually correct. A lot of cases, it’s to cover his own ass when he says something wrong that he misunderstood on Japanese Wikipedia.

>> No.4979910

>Turns out it was directed by Akira Kitamura, planner and character designer of the original Mega Man, who also made another Mega Man like game called Seirei Densetsu Lickle, also known as Little Samson to North America.


Perfect example of sloppiness and old wives tales. Kitamura had no role in Little Samson.

>> No.4979967

So, is it safe to say that the janitor who was clearly a part of HG101 is no longer with us? I remember some months ago when an HG101 thread was deleted lickity split, and I think I even got a warning for posting >>4978381 in-thread.

>> No.4979991


the guy who runs the site is always autistic screeching on twitter about drumpf and nazis

>> No.4979993

It seems to me the owner was simply chasing SJWs because that's what the the old-school game crowd on Twitter is made up of at first, then started truly believing it himself once the 2016 US election began in earnest.

>> No.4980059

Nah, he's always been that way (he's from New Jersey and works in New York, take it from there), but I think he saw a market in it as well.

>> No.4980502


>> No.4980506

To be fair that article was written before Kitamura had a blog that confirmed he didn't work on Little Samson.

>> No.4980509

Rance doesn't glorify rape, it portrays it in a realistic light.

>> No.4980613

To be fair you need to shut the heck up.

>> No.4980653

Looks like they're back.

>> No.4980660

Little Samson is like Megaman but way easier than any Megaman game is that why it's so popular?
Piss easy NES games are hard to come by

>> No.4980668

a lot of games on there don't have wiki articles, i like browsing it to find random shit i'd never heard of to try out

>> No.4980815

>>4978585 >>4978586
>Magical Pop'n
That's absolutely sick.
Ai Iijima became a porn star BECAUSE she was driven into homelessness and raped as a 13 year old, and felt she had nowhere to go. She escaped that circle and carved her way into the mainstream acting media with sweat and blood and left behind a damn good respectable legacy of works, charity work and speaking about her work.
Magical Pop'n in particular was cited by her as one way to get to be an innocent girl again.

The erasure of this game by wikipedia and hg101 because they are faggot sjws who'd rather masturbate to a shitty game from their own clique (it's also a competent platformer and as inoffensive as it can get, more wholesome than most magical girl stuff i would say too, so play it) is SICKENING me to the core.

>> No.4980841

>agnes kaku
The "localization" editor who thinks Kojima and everyone who worked on Hybrid Heaven should be locked in a room while more cultured american superiors do the movie writing properly, and then went to leak all internal documents konami sent her way? Then when one of their blokes was shooting the first part of a documentary she turned on him because of course?

What ever came of that debacle? Didn't keep up with it. At some point the HG101 side disowned him and many tried to lump him with GG/alt-right/mysoginy mobs over this but what was his ultimate fate?

>> No.4980895

Actually, he (Schizo) used his kickstarter to attack her because he hit on her and failed. Because she's married, and he's literally the virgin in a virgin vs Chad meme image.

Anyway he went and lived in his parent's spare villa in France, he apparently released the last of his three books (which he was throwing tantrums over people not paying enough attention to him, and threatened not to release it despite having peoples' money) and that was the last I heard of him. Hopefully his imaginary wi-fi allergy will catch up to him and nature will take its course.

>> No.4981110

>To be fair that article was written before Kitamura had a blog that confirmed he didn't work on Little Samson.

You could just check the game credits, which don't list him. Also Kitamura was off making Funky Jet at the time.

>> No.4981681

Tim Rogers was actually funny and interesting, especially because he was being tongue-in-cheek about all of it. It was the imitators, who took it far more seriously, who were awful.

>> No.4981701

Did you fucking retards not read "probably" as in it hasn't even happened
Stop sucking yourselves off

>> No.4981723


I know nothing about this Kaku woman, but the other guy seems to be an actual psycho. Wouldn't shock me if he's arrested for stabbing or shooting someone. Even if everything he alledges is true about Kaku, you never broadcast that shit. A professional would just quietly fire someone and hire someone else.

>> No.4981754 [DELETED] 

Kaku is basically every bad localization practice rolled into one person. Enormously full of herself and views herself as some kind of saint that used her Shakespeare-tier writing skills to save the world from that hack Kojima's horrendous writing by tossing it out and replacing it with her own brilliance. Xenophobic and racist as well, hates Japan and worships America.

>> No.4981760

Kaku was literally the weapon to defeat Kojima, shes a saint in my book

>> No.4981791
File: 719 KB, 500x450, Symphony of the Night Bloody Zombie.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've learned about some new stuff fun then, and some of the comparisons are useful. I don't need anything else.

>> No.4981798

There's literally nothing wrong with anything they said you autistic faggot. Moe is fucking garbage and Touhou is schlock.

>> No.4981813

He used to be active on forums I was a regular on. Can confirm he is an obvious psycho when you converse with him, more specifically he's the type that's drawn to conspiracy theories and such. He's probably deep into /pol/ larp these days.

>> No.4981814

How do these games compare to castlevania?

>> No.4981818

They're roughly in the same genre as classic-vania. Not as good.

>> No.4981826

Seems pretty hyperbolic to me. Every heard of shitaku?

What are some others? Always looking for examples of good retro gamesi might have missed and that's all I've ever used this site for.

>> No.4981828

Never head of them.

>> No.4982015

You literally picked the one "broken clock" time they had.

>> No.4982017

This is actually a really big problem with journalism in general, not only vidya.

>> No.4982026

>NES games were made to be hard on purpose so that people didn't finish them quickly
That is correct you fucking idiot. Why the fuck else would they make Ninja Gaiden reset you back to 6-1 if you die at the final boss or Megaman 2 reset you to the first Willy Fortress if you die at Alien Willy?

>> No.4982040

>Megaman 2
The one example you shouldn't have posted, it even had a "easy" mode added in for good measure, not to mention Kitamura said in interviews he made the Mega Man games as games you could finish in 1 hour, with half the game spend beating the stages and the other beating the Wily Fortress.

>> No.4982051

>Why the fuck else would they make Ninja Gaiden reset you back to 6-1 if you die at the final boss
Literally a glitch that they left in because they felt the added challenge wasn't a negative.

>> No.4982058

>they left in
Therefore it's not a glitch, Tim. IT'S NOT A GLITCH IF IT'S PREMEDITATED, JONAS.

>> No.4982059

All I'm hearing is sad pathetic loser excuses due to your lack of skill. Maybe you should try gitting gud. In real life.

>> No.4982495


No joke, he might be paranoid schizophrenic.he's like the LAST person you'd want to helm such a big important porject as that.

btw, is there the third book for download anywhere?

>> No.4982686
File: 16 KB, 362x298, 1524765923628.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did anyone ever figure out where Idea Fuck came from?

>> No.4982706


Probably just sloppy understanding of Japanese, just enough to get you into trouble, but not enuough to know it fluently. Someone made the connection and it got into their heads.

>> No.4982725

>/vr/, a board that's basically one big Revisionist History General, complaining about the accuracy of another site's information.
The ironing.

>> No.4982917

CJ Iwakura made it up. It’s funny because the only place it’s mentioned in nihongo is on some wiki.

>> No.4982957

It’s funny becaus a lot of people didn’t believe Kaku on her blog about him because it sounded crazy, but most of it he either admitted to or demonstrated on hg101 or on other forums (see: his quest to find a old 360 because of fear of his WiFi allergy being set off; claims about being a Mensa member and that less-than-genius people should be in concentration camps, etc).

As for the third volume I haven’t seen it. I know he was really paranoid upfront about doing an e-book version because of piracy, Lol.

>> No.4985032


He's Paranoid Schizophrenic that's untreated. I guarantee you that. He needs meds or he's gonna harm himself or other.s

>> No.4985047

they're decent, especially for discovering new games
but I remember most of their FF articles being kinda crap, as was the BoFIV one

>> No.4985950

I have to wonder what it was. derboo is such a repressed self-loathing German I'd have to imagine it's some NTR shit.

The editing is why I never submitted the articles I wrote. Well, that, and the election / being exiled. But before then he'd cut down articles so he can pay less, or like you said he'd add shit to make it his viewpoint. he was really a control freak - there's some really bad takes on the site and a few people suggested having a "counterpoint" article addendum in those cases; he lost his shit and started screeching about "the one that's published is the one that's right."

>> No.4986387

>The editing is why I never submitted the articles I wrote.

Find a better publication then. There's RetroGamer mag, which is really good. Nintendo Life is great but Ninty only.

>> No.4986425

>writing blog articles
Why bother when editing youtube videos is so much more profitable these days.

>> No.4986461

Why? Spend days working on a video only for nobody to watch it? No thanks.

>> No.4986467

You think e-celebs put that much effort

>> No.4986474


Wikipedia says HG101 is a good source, but Jonny the Retro fag on Youtube isn't.

>> No.4986475

how is this thread still alive, I thought this bullshit got nuked on sight from the for free jannu fucks

>> No.4986490

Doubt it. But basically there's no point. Can't get monetized unless you have shitloads of subscribers / views. Can't get to that point now if you haven't already.

>> No.4986796

Do you have any examples of HG101 taking unverified/unsourced Japanese Wikipedia info by the way?

>> No.4986813

Dunno. They used to be allowed, then I remember one getting deleted fairly promptly, but now this one just seems to be getting selectively moderated.

>> No.4987158

I don't feel like giving them the traffic to check, but one I can absolutely verify was unverified and bullshit (since I fed them the bullshit) was the thing in the Time Gal article about the hard mode easter egg - that's just a screenshot edit I found on a Japanese site that does titty sprite edits. The guy that wrote it was an annoying twat so I posted that and a bullshit story on the article thread on the forums. Kucklata put it in later, lol. Not sure if that's still up because they got woke an sheit, though.

...also, lol, apparently some idiots (Censored Gaming) used this in their video.

>> No.4987232

" Also removed from the international Sega CD release was the Wolf Team-added Easter Egg with an above-bust topless shot of Reika shown as a reward for clearing the Hard difficulty."

This you??

>> No.4987251

Sounds like it. LOL.

>> No.4987745
File: 791 KB, 1879x2273, 1515742651315.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>then went to leak all internal documents konami sent her way

Only commendable thing she has ever done. Those documents are a gold mine as far as game development history goes, and it's full of her hilarious mistakes and unadulterated "professional" localization work.

>> No.4987806

>4chan shit posting getting HG101 delisted as a RS


>> No.4987834


Where's that image from?

Because, it looks like Agnes Kaku isn't a great person either. Actively dislikes games, and isn't a good translator. That doesn't change John from being a Schizo weirdo.

Literally these two idiots were made for each other.

btw, why not get Jeremy Blaustein to do MGS2? Everyone loved the English MGS script. The dialogue in 2 is a lot more stilted and awkward I noticed.

>> No.4987845

Blaustein did a lot of similar changes, so Kojima wanted a new translator. He got an even worse one.

>> No.4987853

What’s sad is that they act as if kurt is a reasonable / reliable source when he is literally the person at the root of the problem, the one citing Japanese Wikipedia, and the only one with any Japanese language skill to be able to do so. Not that it matters, they are obviously skewed.

>> No.4987869


I know Blaustein makes a bunch of changes, but they're typically changes meant to continue flow. It worked really well for MGS, and is part of the reason it was popular. Kojima has a big, big ego, and can't accept that.

Blaustein entirely created the "What is a Man? A miserable little pile of secrets" speech, which doesn't exist in the game at all. But if anything, that just made the game more popular.

>> No.4987875

More popular for meme reasons.

>> No.4987882

It's funny how, in most countries, translators generally just translate and try their best to carry over what the original text said. It's just burgerstan than has this giant stick up their ass about translators having to rewrite and improve the original text, add their own shit to it, and that the original writer is a faggot if he doesn't approve.

If Blaustein is such a great writer, why isn't he writing shit?

>> No.4987883

>btw, why not get Jeremy Blaustein to do MGS2? Everyone loved the English MGS script

We shall never know for sure, but I guess they gave him more free reign that Kojima ultimately expected, and since he actually had access to the MGS floor at KCEJ, I think they might have had some heated discussion after they found out the script had some rewrites (I generally like the way Blaustein writes, but even I can agree he took some things too far, when you play the game in Japanese and gather more details about the story then it usually means it's not how you're supposed to do translations, he also wanted to censor the fact that Snake had a favorite brand of smokes for some reason, before they caught it in time for release). I also can't say I'm a fan of the SOTN translation -- some lines are fine, others seem like ego stroking because he had more than a major and wanted us to know that fact.

>The dialogue in 2 is a lot more stilted and awkward I noticed.

It takes a special kind of dedication to have the dialogue sound more stilted than the previous game and still leaving room for inaccuracies.

>> No.4987891


He's popular for both meme and real reasons. SotN is for the memes. MGS, SH2-3 he's genuinely well liked.

Part of the Wonkiness of SotN is that he the voice acting is really amateurish.

>> No.4987902

>I also can't say I'm a fan of the SOTN translation --

I think dialogue are debatable, but the item changing is really unforgiveable. He made "Necklace of J", entirely as a reference to his son. It's just called "Necklace" in the original.

All of the Lord of the Rings references (which are probably borderline copyright violations if people wanted to press the issue, I doubt he could get away with that now), are entirely added by him to the game. This creates hella confusion, as weapons and items re-appear in later games, but have often wildly different names, so people aren't aware it's meant to be the same.

>> No.4987903

And how many of those people that like him for those translations played them in Japanese and know exactly what he changed? Would they have liked him less if he didn't wave his dick around and rewrite shit all over the place?

>> No.4987910

>Blaustein entirely created the "What is a Man? A miserable little pile of secrets" speech

You mean he lifted it from already existing literature. Instead of, you know, adapting the original Japanese speech in a way that could smash the cultural barrier, instead of creating another sub-barrier of its own. I especially hate how, because of him, the RoB and SotN scenes are not officially interchangeable, as it also infected Rondo's remake.

>> No.4987912

You don't need to know Japanese, SotN got a PS3 and PSP more accurate retranslation and MGS got a retranslation through Twin Snakes.

>> No.4987914
File: 132 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People complained they censored Ritcher in the Smash trailer because he says "Begone, you don't belong in this world!"
>It's actually accurate to the original Japanese, and "Die monster" is what Blaustein added

>> No.4987926

That's pretty based, but it really hinges upon who Agness Kaku is. Meaning, either she is a lying manipulative bitch, or she is a genuinely smart person having difficulties explaining herself properly to the less smart people around her.
It is obvious she was making her translation to have a kind of a point to it. The question is, first, whether this point was correct to begin with, and, second, whether or not it flew above the other guy's (from picrelated) head. In other words, the whole thing hinges on whether her behavior was justified - and THAT, in turn, hinges upon Kojima's personality, since whatever schticks she might've tried to pull off, were, at the end of the day, in reaction to the texts he wrote. In other words, she might've had deliberately provided a redpill on Kojima's writing as a whole through her work, but whether that possibility actually happened I currently don't know.

Moreover, in the interview she specifically mentioned liking to work on Ghost Babel (which was written in its entirety by Fukushima - or whatever the fuck he was called) and some Katamaris, so it really seems she had a big personal problem with Kojima's writing itself, not with the TYPE of job she applied to.

>> No.4987932

She said in the hg101 interview that she worked at ONU and she thought Kojimbo's ideas of politics to be totally childish conspiracy-theory bullshit

>> No.4987941

>SotN got a PS3
That's just the PS1 version.

>and PSP more accurate retranslation
It's a rewrite of Blaustein's translation with no relation to the Japanese original, making it even less accurate.

>and MGS got a retranslation through Twin Snakes
Most of the script was left 1:1 with Blaustein's version, they only hotfixed the lines most people would notice.

>> No.4987943

>SotN got a PS3 and PSP more accurate retranslation
SOTN's updated translation was only on the PSP, the PS3 version is a direct port of the PSX version.

>> No.4987949

This kind of shit is why I switched over to playing games in Japanese despite my Japanese being way worse than my English.

>> No.4987956

>Moreover, in the interview she specifically mentioned liking to work on Ghost Babel (which was written in its entirety by Fukushima - or whatever the fuck he was called)

It's Fukushima, but when she said he liked working on Ghost Babel, she mentioned only liking IdeaSpy 2.5, which was Murata's brainchild.

>> No.4987960

No, what I mean, is that IF Kaku is NOT a lying manipulative bitch, and IF Kojima in turn IS a lying manipulative bitch who was deliberately trying to delude people arond him, then, AS LONG as her mistranslations served the purpose of shedding the light on the underlying fallacious logic of Kojima's train of thought as evidenced by his texts, and debunking it, they are absolutely justified in a wider context.

I mean, Kojima is easily one of the most mysterious and WTF persons in the industry. IF Kaku happened to see through what HAPPENED to be his bullshit - and THEN attempted to put her insights into the translation - then power to her.

That's my position on the matter. I really dislike psychopaths and I really dislike charlatans since they really can mess with your head. And this story really hinges upon whether Kaku is either, whether Kojima is either, whether both are either, or whether neither are either.

>> No.4987967

>I mean, Kojima is easily one of the most mysterious and WTF persons in the industry.

He's pretty straight forward. He really likes American media which he consumes a lot of it, and he merges that with anime level melodrama and twists.

>> No.4987973
File: 418 KB, 1132x846, Screenshot (37).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's what she thinks of Kojimbo's writing

>> No.4988000

For those of you who want some more background on the Kaku vs Schizo thing, go to versusjs.blogspot.com; if you weren't on the forums or haven't dealt with him personally on a forum like assembler, it sounds farfetched but he really is that insane.

>> No.4988016


I'm not a huge fan of Kaku, but John Szczepaniak is clearly the worse of the two. He legitimately seems schizophrenic. One of these days we'll read a story about him stabbing someone.

>> No.4988019

Remember the "our noses have been out in the cold for too long" line from the MGS2 intro? That was supposed to be the line Snake tells Raiden after President Johnson died and they discuss the tanker incident. It's a kind of flashforward, a narration technique. We get Snake's line out of context, and only when he speaks it to Raiden it falls into place. Guess what, when Snake actually speaks that line to Raiden, the translation is a close call to the Japanese original for both the intro/Raiden pieces (he just says "we should have known better than to trust the information" instead of "we should have been more careful") instead of at least being consistent, completely killing the flashforward intention and relegating the intro to a throwaway speech with no receiving end. Kojima must have found it cool and kept it, but it's just an example of the things that ultimately make the Japanese more unique. She didn't shed the light on anything in particular but her own translating philosophy. There are more instances of needlessly changed dialogue, some of which even confused international translators who got things out of context because her dialogue was not as straightforward as the original Japanese, and her leaked documents showed her original changes being far more bold, especially in the tanker section.

>> No.4988035

>HG101 being confused and freaking out at the game that originated on PC-98

holy crackers so this is how people who pay 80$ for super mario cartridge behave

>> No.4988039

Agness' boyfriend must be the dude constantly making the /ogg/ threads.

>> No.4988085

>this guy played the game in Japanese and said he finally understood it better and thought the shit the translation had left out was cool
>the translator "debunks" this
You can't debunk the fact that someone thought the original text made more sense before you rewrote it, you stuck up shit.

>> No.4988121

Sure, and that's exactly why noone (seemingly Sony representatives included) has a slightest clue as to what he might be trying to pull of with his whole Death Stranding skedaddle.
Maybe made more sense to whoever knew and accepted Kojima personally rather?

>> No.4988129

>Sure, and that's exactly why noone (seemingly Sony representatives included) has a slightest clue as to what he might be trying to pull of with his whole Death Stranding skedaddle.

Kojima is also a master at building hype, and mystery, as well as editing trailers. The game just looks like something about couriers in the future with body ressurection.

I have NO idea what the gameplay is even gonna look like.

>> No.4988157 [DELETED] 

>I have NO idea what the gameplay is even gonna look like.

The last game half of a gameplay trailer. I actually need to know how the gameplay actually FEELS like. Lots of hints pointed towards the game having a QWOP-like control scheme with full gyro support.

>> No.4988158

>I have NO idea what the gameplay is even gonna look like.

The last showing was half of a gameplay trailer. I actually need to know how the gameplay actually FEELS like. Lots of hints pointed towards the game having a QWOP-like control scheme with full gyro support.

>> No.4988180
File: 88 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Is it just a walking sim? Like, what do you DO? My fear is that this it just it. There's nothing deeper than this. A delivery sim.

It's like he thought the Open World parts of MGSV were the best parts, not the worst.

>> No.4988195

Agness Kaku said some vicious things about the developers behind Hybrid Heaven as well, and her solution was more enlightened *american* writers to steer the way the storyline is written because the lesser japanese developers and writers are too inept. She likely see herself holding a similar position if it were ever created. (even Nintendo's treehouse doesn't have as much sway. it would be like the Microsoft Japan Studios cancelling games at the eleventh hour or rewriting lots of story content for cringy emo drama because some exec said so)

But she wasn't hired to do that, it's their game and they didn't deem it in need for a fix. In fact, when Kojima noticed Blaustein was changing the story in a lesser way than what Kaku advocates for, he requested him to be no longer part of the translation crew for MGS2 and beyond. That means the Kojima hack actually cares about his baby and his ideas and how they were expressed.

The way she thinks his views of politics, in FICTION no less, is wrong and needs to be adjusted stealthily even if it means mistranslating literal drafts meant to be passed to the editing team, is less that of the co-writer position she's forcing herself in, and more of a censor hunting for political wrongthink. There's so many interesting conversations presented in his games that could be gone had she got her way. Konami is enough of a censor for Kojima already (the 9/11 connotations in 2, the greedy kansai-ben easter egg in 5 that was never localized...)

>moon game is out
>burger translator thinks moon game is shit and inappropriate
>changes it to something infamously bad, and adds controversial stuff, as "improvement"
>cheers for the grammar mistakes and missing content
>another burger translator retranslates the same lines properly
>how dare you not make a list of the mistakes and put them in all translations of this line
>you're censoring the creative vision of translator_1

>> No.4988201

Everything he said is right, everyone else is an easily triggered moe pedophile.

>> No.4988212

Good to know PC98 is nothing but moesht garbage, I'll make sure to avoid ot from now on.

>> No.4988224

I think it will be primarily a walking sim, but the idea is to make it the best walking sim on Earth for decades to come. Of course it can't ONLY be a delivery sim, since you can use guns and other parts of the game design related to the spectral world/voidouts/community cooperation aren't fully revealed yet to warrant being certain, but I think that while the walking part will be the meat of the experience, the game will sell itself on its side dishes, which may probably heavily outnumber the main one. You know how they say the sword is the most balanced white weapon out of any single one? That's how I see Death Stranding. A game that wants multiple people to enjoy it, so it brings multiple things to the table, and connects them all by the thing that most people can relate to, the act of walking.

>> No.4988231


That sounds boring. Why can't Kojima just rip off 80's action films anymore?

>> No.4988237

>Hybrid Heaven
Literally who - and why should have she taken an unconditional liking to it?

Again, she didn't say a single bad word on either Ghost Babel or Katamaris.

>> No.4988249

So her position is that westaboos need to RtFM before offering their wet fantasies on the western markets? Jesus, the absolute nerve of that woman, why, I'd never.

>> No.4988250

I know how you feel, but those times are gone. Different influences, different results. Do personally know any non-retro games that feel like Metal Gear 2, MGS and MGS2 with unironic ham upped to 11 and archetypical characters you can grow attached to specifically because they speak their mind so thoroughly you can help but find them genuine and cute because of that? Also, a game that accurately reflects the nature of mankind without detaching it from reality because of political reasons?

>> No.4988256

You seem frighteningly keen on censorship, prove you're not a commie.

>> No.4988257

it's never a translator's job to improve on the original text, no matter how much fault they find with it. their job is strictly to be as faithful to the original text as possible. all good translators know this.

>> No.4988258

you say he's a westabo but he puts lots of anime shit like ninja wielding katanas, the character of otakon and giant robots in MGS

>> No.4988260

So what are some good alternative sites that focus on retro gaming? Don't say /vr/

>> No.4988280

internet communities suck in general, play more games, shitpost less

>> No.4988287

It's not about censorship, it's about the attempts to provide one's effectively a fairy tale with more credibility by the usage of namedropping, all while trying to cover the fact the one has no idea on what one is talking about.

>> No.4988292

>by the usage of namedropping
And I mean "namedropping real-life locations, persons and events" specifically. In other words you mention something real in your fairy tale, as the means to make your fairy tale seem like, in some sense, some parts of it could happen, probably happened too, IRL.

>> No.4988293

What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.4988294

...but that's exactly what she's doing by pushing her "brilliant writing" by using Kojima's and Metal Gear Solid's name to give it more credibility.

>> No.4988296

Yes, because that's exactly what he was doing in the first place, and she just pushed it to eleven in order to expose it.

>> No.4988308

Actually, I think, I'll back down from this statement for the time being. I need to research on this issue more.

>> No.4988392
File: 166 KB, 1024x583, 1510955165403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Blaustein entirely created the "What is a Man? A miserable little pile of secrets" speech
This is precisely why people need to just not comment on matters they know nothing about. Pic related, from the 1968 English translation of Andre Malraux's "Antimemoires" novel.

>> No.4988408


I meant that he created it whole-cloth because there's nothing like it in the original Japanese.

>> No.4988458

>he created it whole-cloth
Right, except for the parts directly taken from some old ass French faggot.

>> No.4988682

SotN intro was always going to spark discussion in one language or another, mostly because some of Richter's points got cut from his Rondo speech (in which Dracula is almost willing to accept as sensible - much like with Alucard, instead of instantly dismissing it as lovey dopey tripe in Symphony's intro). The jist of it is basically "I would choose integrity, Kain" but with less grandiosity, and how faith put into corrupt ideals (like greed) is ill-driven and virtually impracticable for the survival of a species, while Dracula cites social Darwinism and how less than good intentions can bear healthy fruits if the tree is not cut down. I guess people would remember it more in its original version, for not meme reasons, had Rondo released in western countries with a dub.
The "what is a man" part is exclusive to SotN and it's basically Dracula cutting the chase and saying Richter dying will confirm his beliefs which yeah, is as shonen as it gets, but it really doesn't need to be anything else, since their fight is epic in nature as it is foretold. The VA is amazing and you could really buy anything from their mouths.
I also guess Blaustein's rewrite is more in line with what you'd find in western media, with one immortal being having become so disillusioned and spiteful with his condition/reality that he can perfectly quote every word of the books he read through the entirety of his loneliness, probably arguing that his words have become so devoid of meaning that the wisdom contained within said books, which is just as immortal as he is, became the only thing keeping his mind sane - or something along those lines. I still think it's bad form to stray from the source material when you're translating something, no matter how popular or infamously popular you think the product you worked on might become, or how it might propel your career.

>> No.4988691

>Literally who
The N64 MGS wannabe, also by Konami
Has shapeshifters, transhumanism themes, and begins with a plot to assassinate the US president.

>and why should have she taken an unconditional liking to it?
I dunno, suggesting they are crazies that should be locked, never allowed to work on a game again, and reeducated by the enlightened american cultural saviors is, just because she disagrees with the writing, goes a tad bit over simply "not liking it".
Keep in mind we're talking about the same person who had a meltdown when some reviewer suggested her translations were why some plot points were unclear because they were skipped altogether, for having the sheer gall to question her creative vision, her talent, and her perfection.

I mentioned it because it was in the articles too, it wasn't just Kojima she had a beef with, and she really despised the Japanese gamedev scene and was even more bitter when her translation clients expected a straightforward translation even for internal correspondence or literal drafts whose purpose is to be just that, literal. So bitter in fact she leaked all files of the projects she didn't like online in a stunning show of game localizer professionalism.

>moon game is out
>translator likes a passage from a book he read that's, err...
> the 1968 English translation of Andre Malraux's "Antimemoires" novel
>some autist in 2018 is waiting for the chance for when someone says "that quote is made up by the translator" to say
>akshully it's from the book by Andre Malraux's yadda yadda
>HOW DARE YOU imply the translator made up things in his translations
Are you gonna say the Mattew quotes in the ending/changed monster names, are not a complete fabrication of the english script because they are actually BIBLE quotes/appeared in the Lord of the Rings first?

>> No.4988720

agnes kaku sucks

>> No.4988729

If it really is a MGS wannabe, and it really shows, then it's quite possible that she had a problem with Kojima specifically, it's just that they first crossed paths by proxy (through Hybrid Heaven), then directly. In other words, even in that occasion, by making generalizations, she is barking at a wrong tree, she might still have a partially valid point provided we are talking about her treatment of Kojima's work specifically.

You know, provided she was working on texts without reference (meaning the actual game), I think it was very stupid of her not to play Japanese edition of MGS1 immediately after it started to dawn on her that something stinks, just to get a better understanding of who she was dealing with.

>> No.4988737

>I still think it's bad form to stray from the source material when you're translating something, no matter how popular or infamously popular you think the product you worked on might become, or how it might propel your career.
Absolutely. They hired him as a translator. If they just wanted someone to make up some English text to put into the game, they could've grabbed some cheap random.

>> No.4988756

>Japanese language skill
I've seen his English skills in writing, i'd fucking hate to know how bad he is at Japanese.

>> No.4988760

Also, I should note, that my attempts to somewhat defend her hinge upon a certain assumption which I haven't yet gotten around to verify yet.

>> No.4988763

man i sure hope someone doesn't slip a mickey finn in my morning glass of OJ, cuz then I'd have to get the semtex at my local plastic explosives 'R us.

thought I'd wait forever, huh?

>> No.4988828

Here's some hard-biting truth. All translations are shit by default.

lol EOPs

>> No.4988860

as has been said time and time again

just because kaku is crazy and a bad translator doesn’t mean she wasn’t 100% right about kojima

>> No.4989608

The problem is that Hybrid Heaven was marketed as a Metal Gear Solid-like when it's absolutely nothing like that. It's a puzzle platformer mixed with a pro wrestling RPG. And it's a lot of fun.

>> No.4989642


Kojima is kind of a hack, but he's an interesting hack. Seeing schlock like Game of Thrones and other shows being praised recently hurts her credibility that

Kaku has a huge ego, doesn't like games, and isn't a good translator. It's not her job to critique the writing of those

John Schizophrenic is an insane crazy person who needs to be on meds.

This is pretty straight forward.

>> No.4989652

>Do we even have verification of their initial instance of it though? I only skimmed the first 10-20 posts, and it was just looked like a vague allusion to it happening followed by a dog pile of “HG101 sux” type comments so I started to lose interest. Do they eventually get to some examples or something?
I did ask here >>4986796 and there's only one answer at the moment (>>4987158) which didn't even came from JP Wikipedia.

>> No.4989660


This issue is overblown all to hell.

I use JP Wikipedia all the damn time when researching. Their WP isn't as well developed as the English one, so their pages are typically just story/characters/gameplay sections. ie it's the gamers playing the game, and just describing the game. I dont' think it really "taints" me, or anything. Trying to spin this as "laundering" is overblowing it.

>> No.4989676

>Kurt does. It's the one up he has that makes it seem like he's some expert.
His Japanese is pretty half-assed by his own admission.

>> No.4989707

>HG101: Promoting a culture of mediocrity
That was basically a sarcastic self-deprication aimed at icycalm after icy called out Kurt on his casualness. I always wondered if Kurt's current direction he took with HG101 was something of a reaction to insomnia.ac (who are more right-leaning, as much as icy might deny it).

>> No.4989870



Liar. The source is a 2012 Chinese site.

>> No.4989916



Guy was braggin about it on vr.

>> No.4989921


>> No.4990168

Nothing lasts forever. Kurt was pretty cool during the classicgaming era, his Castlevania and Contra shrines were a godsend for the curious game crazed teenager I used to be (along with other various shrines and HotU, those where the days), and HG101 was a welcomed extension of that. Used to be an on/off forum regular, right until the early 10s, where the egos that be started clashing more violently, overloading the autism and taking all the fun out of the semi casual atmosphere that once was. Used to be you could voice an opinion without the majority of regulars going all REEEEEEEEEEE on you, and I guess that really is what killed it for me more than any post GG SJWisms. Regulars that hive minded around what they thought Kurt/HG101 should be, planted themselves as his friends and begun rooting out us "casuals" with their autism. As for Kurt, never remember him being anything but civil on the forums, but guess you should also judge a man by the company he keeps.

>> No.4990430

I like how the PC-98 has 800+ hentai games for people to chronically ignore talking about. Obviously, how dare i-Mockery make reviews of ROM hacks that offend people. HOW DAREST...!

>> No.4990559

>Implying the Chinese have produced anything on their own without stealing it in the past 2000 years.

Anyway, I can't find the link of the site I found it on, but it wasn't that, so feel free to not believe. Bottom line though is it's a bullshit story that they published without fact checking.

Kurt was reasonable until 2016 and then he went completely insane like others like him. Despite obvious differences in opinion over politics, even after GG he was still what I considered to be a reasonable and actually very forgiving person.

But yeah, at the same time, the forums were insanely cliquish and encouraged bullying / gang mentality shit you described. If you were in his good graces you pretty much got away with murder - good examples being schizo and neorasa. Hell, I used to troll and be nasty to people I liked and / or respected otherwise on account of some of my "friends" at the time doing the same. Only person that deserved to be bullied was zzz, fuck him/her/it.

>> No.4990662

what are some games missing from hg101?

>> No.4990662,1 [INTERNAL] 


Lol eat shit you fucking baby. Everybody on the forums hated you and the place immediately got better once they had the sense to kick you out

>> No.4990740

>Anyway, I can't find the link of the site I found it on, but it wasn't that, so feel free to not believe. Bottom line though is it's a bullshit story that they published without fact checking.

That's because you're lying. The Korean site pre-dates the article. It proves you're full of it. Pack it up kiddo, no one is buying your spin.

>> No.4990743


anything that isn't niche japanese shit

>> No.4990746


You mean shit that is Japanese and niche, or anything that's Japanese is niche by default?

>> No.4990759

Never said I created the image, dumbshit.

>> No.4990764


The caption in the Korean page says:

>▲ Ending image 2 (Hard-mode no continuation 10 minutes after image)

>I turned on this image for 10 minutes


You're telling me that it's a total coincidence that this Korean page says the same thing a full year before the hg101 article? Pfft. Please.

Myth status: busted

>> No.4990773

I really hope this is bait and you're not this huge of a faggot.

>> No.4990780


More like we're sick of you being full of shit.

You claimed you "pranked" HG101 by making up something, but a korean page, with the image, and the same explanation, predate it. It's not some prank, it's true.

>> No.4990783

Are you Venom or are you just schizophrenic?

>> No.4991153


you mean john schizophrenic?

>> No.4991185

Nah just the boring kind since he keeps pretending to be more than one person on this thread.

Also, John Schizophrenic would have mentioned something about it being a globalist lizard people hoax using racial memory time travel to discredit the site.

>> No.4991212

Came across a piece of bullshit in a wikipedia article last night for Mr Gimmick and the source was none other than Kurt Kalata - He claims that in the game you play as "some kind of green blob" and wikipedia actually printed it.
If you bother to watch the intro you'll know you play as a child's Toy that become sentient.

>> No.4992197


Fix it or mention it on the Talk page.

>> No.4992296

Problem is they’ll probably change it right back. Cite the manual I guess...

>> No.4992303


He's a toy blob right? Calling him a green blob isn't inaccurate.

At least mention it on the talk page.

>> No.4992507

To be fair, the revised article does go into greater detail into the original PC88 versions of Valis I and II and cover a lot more version differences. Valis I on the Famicom is almost a completely different game from the PC88/MSX version, while Valis I on the PC Engine and Mega Drive is more of a full-fledged remake.

And regardless of what you feel about the original Valis games, Valis X is not how the series should've been revived if the developers actually had any respect for the original.

>> No.4992513

"Mickey Finn in my morning glass of OJ"
"Plastic Explosives 'R Us"
待たせたな = Thought I'd wait forever/You kept me waiting"
"You're not in the military-complex anymore, Dorothy"
"Jesus H. Christ, Snake! Are you smoking? The hell is wrong with you?"
"Think again!"
"You haven't read the Surgeon General's Warning have you"

How is Agness Kaku a good writer again?

>> No.4992554

While the JP Wikipedia is not as bullshit-ridden as the EN version (ironically since it's not as reliant on citing "notable sources" that are prone to spreading bullshit), it still has a habit of spreading misconceptions and myths as facts by editors who don't know any better.

I know the JP Double Dragon article had the mohawked version of Abobo listed as "Bolo" until a Famitsu review of the arcade game resurfaced and listed him as ジック (not sure what kind of name is that though).

>> No.4992564

>is not as bullshit-ridden as the EN version (ironically since it's not as reliant on citing "notable sources" that are prone to spreading bullshit),

You could list a bunch of examples, and post it to the WP video game page, and they'd likely fix it.


>> No.4992582

>I know the JP Double Dragon article had the mohawked version of Abobo listed as "Bolo" until a Famitsu review of the arcade game resurfaced and listed him as ジック (not sure what kind of name is that though).

someone needs to just straight up buy some nerd's Famitsu collection and scan them. It'd probably cost a few grand, but it'd help gaming history a lot.

>> No.4992690

I would be just as interested in having access to all the issues of Gamest and Micom BASIC too. Famimaga would be nice as well (since it's basically the Japanese version of Nintendo Power). Hell, I need to track down Akira Yamashita's RPG/AVG guide books too, since they're a goldmine.

>> No.4992776



The majority of them are UK + NA. We have almost no JP mags scanned. Weekly Famitsu has just 13 out of their hundreds of issues scanned. Sega Saturn and Dreamcast mag is fully scanned, thankfully, but that's a rarity.

The 80's and early 90's are kind of a dead zone for JP information.

>> No.4992793

They also have lots of Beep Megadrive scans

>> No.4992815

Most issues of Neo Geo Freak are scanned, I believe.

>> No.4992894


Where is that? I never saw it?

>> No.4992985


>> No.4992989


These are all spread out over like a ton of websites. THey need to be centralized.

>> No.4993142

They have almost every issue of Beep! Mega Drive (they're missing a few of the early ones and almost all of the supplements), as well as the majority of Sega Saturn Magazine (the JP version).

Archive.org also has every issue of MSX Magazine and MSX-FAN. There's some stuff there I need to get around translate for my Twitter/Tumblr followers.

>> No.4993157

lol it's like on of those /pol/ ironic future things.

>> No.4993420

Go for it, but remember their pay-per-word rate is absolute garbage: $15 for every 500 words.

>> No.4993435

What articles are pandering to the woke crowd?
I wrote an article for this site once; no sjw stuff added, I'm going to call a lie based on that and the articles I've read.

If you guys don't mind, refer me to a political article to open my eyes a bit, because I haven't seen much of this.

>> No.4993440

The new design is shit compared to the old one

>> No.4994125

His name is “Sick?”

>> No.4994140

I apologize, anon, but I don’t want to go to the site to look. The feature about the female game characters was pretty blatant, to my recollection- not the idea of it, mind you, but the things where they were whining about fan service and shit. Or hell, complaining that Girls Garden was misogynistic (because it was about a girl trying to please a man).

The trigger warnings in RPGmaker walking sim reviews by jbackside was another thing I couldn’t help but laugh at; making fun of that was what got me banned for life.

>> No.4994167

>The trigger warnings in RPGmaker walking sim reviews by jbackside
Jesus Christ it's literally tumblr

>> No.4994203

Also they talk like if only JP games had fanservice...yet the bikini armor trope is a western invention. I think they might be racist like Kotaku.

I'm kidding but you know those ex-smokers that go into gigantic rants whenever they see a cigarette? HG101 and Kotaku seems to be staffed by ex-weebs that lash out at everything Japanese or only give praise in backhanded ways.
The time of transition would be the moment they stopped going for obscure franchises that never touched the west to cover indie games that are actually fairly popular in the circles, that's when Kalata himself seemed to start reviling everything nippon, which also coincides with his a-woke-ning.

Yes, yes, I know hating everything weeb is trendy and hip now, but in a site dedicated to games I feel that's counterproductive, you can have full listings and reviews of occidental-developed or US-published games in many sites, but the language barrier still made a lot of good JP-only games to be completely unknown and that makes them more worthy of exposure, I think.

All the indie or western series they cover have countless youtube LPs, streams and reviews that give you a lot more insight than those tiny articles they publish now, so I feel the entire site has become useless, not only for the woke angle, but for ignoring the obscure cool shit that they used to deal with.

>> No.4994212


I think they're self-loathing weebs that are trying to show they're above it all but still secretly get giddy whenever they see an animu girl. HG101 reminds me of the type of people that claim they hate something but privately love it.

If it means anything, being a hardcore weeb that outwardly hates Japanese entertainment seems to be a popular trend in SJW circles. Considering how attached HG101 is to those circles, perhaps they'll following what their friends are doing too.

>> No.4994215

I think so too, yeah. I wouldn't give much of a fuck normally, but being a site that rose to fame on mentioning cool obscure shit or detailing stuff you might have missed like spinoffs or one-shot releases, that's totally making them "just another gaming site", and those...suck.

>> No.4994221


Just a sign of the times. Liking Japanese stuff is verboten now in SJW groups because "intellectuals" on Twitter consider it childish and stupid, so all you have left is Western indie games either everyone's heard of or trash indie games nobody cares about.

>> No.4994243

Makes sense, even if it's quite sad.

>> No.4994246
File: 88 KB, 618x960, 631106C6-80F3-4826-9122-E2B9793E602A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4994276

I’d chime in but Venom might appear again.

But yeah, what you said, and it’s the best way to get money out of the type of people that support Patreons and buy “toilet read” books.

>> No.4994321
File: 359 KB, 1320x2048, 1511116670909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4994327

Explains why Nintendo is never brought up anymore in modern gaming areas.

>> No.4994378
File: 275 KB, 824x1024, CePObtcVIAA80x-.jpg:orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always interpreted as Jick or Zick. Maybe they meant to call him Jack and they forgot the little ャ.

To be honest, I get the impression that Technos never really had the lore for the game fully figured out until they made the Famicom/NES version. The same article never mentions the names of any of the other enemy characters except Abobo (which they give to the green version of Jikku at the end of Mission 3, otherwise known as Mibobo) and Willy. In fact, they even refer to the blue brother as Jimmy in the article.

>> No.4994396

Hm, I guess that makes more sense, I've really only ever bothered reading their reviews on obscure games, which happen to comprise of a lot of their older articles.

>> No.4994427

>Just a sign of the times. Liking Japanese stuff is verboten now in SJW groups because "intellectuals" on Twitter consider it childish and stupid,

These same fools go nuts for Marvel films. They're idiots. Why listen to them?

>> No.4994443

culture.vg is the only good site left.

>> No.4994460

I love how we're supposed to pretend Black Panther was some kind of cultural event and not some by-the-numbers superhero flick that everyone has already forgotten about.

>> No.4994475

It can be both.

>> No.4994935

I just wish I kept the original recordings and my message logs. Oh well, hindsight's 20/20.

>> No.4995059

>Maybe they meant to call him Jack and they forgot the little ャ.
Sounds reasonable, especially since they call the jump kick a "jup kick" down in the left corner of that article there.

>> No.4995157

The thing is that ジック appears three times in that page, while ジャプキック is clearly just a typo (ジャンプ shows up correctly in other instances). Someone seriously thought ジック was an actual name. I always just call him Mr. T though.

It's also funny they don't even refer to Marian by her proper name and just call her ムチムチ美女.

>> No.4995291
File: 162 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.4995315
File: 4 KB, 225x224, cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kurt is reading this thread
Give me a (you) if you see this.

>> No.4995337
File: 1.27 MB, 250x256, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So he regularly lurks on /vr/ now?

>> No.4995379
File: 205 KB, 800x521, fluffy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give the cat a (you), or there will be dire consequences. Cute cats will be posted directly to your forum.

>> No.4995381

I used to visit regularly but the site went to shit a few years ago. The injection of political and ideological agendas as well as the constant book shilling killed it for me

>> No.4995382

>grainy compressed 6 fps full motion video
God, the sega cd is such garbage

>> No.4995385

That gives me hope though hopefully he reads this post and realizes all the political shitflinging and virtue signaling he injects into 80s arcade games is a bad idea that alienates at least half his readerbase.

>> No.4995389

Since Kurt is reading this, I wanna ask if HG101 is robophobic? I've noticed the Kunoichi from The Ninjawarriors is missing from their 80's video game heroines article.

>> No.4995394

>as well as the constant book shilling

They're not even good books. Just republishing their own material. If they had taken their old material, polished it up, gotten a real publisher, then it might be something. Instead it's just more amateur hour.

>> No.4995405

Honestly, if Kurt is actually reading this, I'll say that for all these gripes HG101 is still a cool site overall. I've found out about a bunch of good games thanks to them.

>> No.4995426

I hope he musters up the self-awareness to start recognizing his own hysteria. Having to take a week long break from life because Trump got president and putting a fake headline on the front page because AVGN refused to review the Ghostbusters reboot are the type of overreactions you look back at in embarassment.

>> No.4995431

I remember the Trump thing, but not the AVGN headline. Can't understand why people made such a big deal about him saying he wouldn't see it. It was just the selected outrage that everybody had to comment on for a week I guess.

>> No.4995432

I don't care for Trump that much, but I wonder why do people like him pretend that Hillary was any better. Has every Hillary supporter forgotten than the Clintons and the Trumps used to be friends?

>> No.4995434

in the end he ended up seeing it and thought it was alright

>> No.4995436

Yeah, I've heard that from people who've seen it. Nothing special, but not terrible either.

>> No.4995442

It wasn't the trainwreck I was expecting it to be, but it was still pretty lame. Too much reference humor for my liking. Personally I never cared much for the live-action Ghostbusters movies anyway. The animated series was The Real Ghostbusters for me (if you pardon the pun).

>> No.4995454

fuck off icycalm

>> No.4995479

I wonder who are the kind of lonely souls are actually supporting on Patreon. I know the Indian guy who made Steel Assault is one of his lackeys.

>> No.4995491

Unlikely, most of these faggots consider everyone that uses 4chan an "undesired audience".

>> No.4995735








>> No.4995738

Why do you care this much?

>> No.4995743

No, if he actually read the thread (instead of like, having it narced out by Venom here) he'd have seen that I said that it was from another site, not that I "edited the image" like he does in the post.

Bottom line is I found it on a fucking Japanese website that had titty edits, not the naver one. If they stole it or whatever, I don't know. I don't give a shit at this point.

>> No.4995979



You're speechless. You tried to besmirch the good name of HG101 with lies and slander, and have now been BTFO. Just another one of the haters and the losers.

>> No.4995996

Say hi to Carnage for me.

>> No.4996206
File: 48 KB, 717x959, cat3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where's my (you)?

>> No.4996402
File: 62 KB, 620x413, meow2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The deed is done.

>> No.4996419

You immense gentleman

>> No.4996489
File: 1.22 MB, 953x587, cat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4997859

Extrene Ghostbusters was also good but the video games were nor that great.

>> No.4998657

The only good game based on the franchise was the HAL version of Ghostbusters 2 on the Famicom.

>> No.4999180

The Ghostbusters Sega Genesis game was good enough.


>> No.4999472

Name a better site and I'll check it out.

>> No.4999516


>> No.4999534


They print their shitty books in Japan.

>> No.4999876

They also changed the layout to the super hyper hipster look just to put more BIG HEADLINES

>> No.4999881

Ironic weebs ruined games because they have to tell others they masturbate to anime 24/7

>> No.4999884

then weeb haters have to tell them they hate webbs 24/7 and the cycle is complete!

>> No.4999889


>> No.5000537

I can't Xpert47 still has the "Fuck Capcom" sig on her profile.

>> No.5002168


>> No.5003040

What should it be then?

>> No.5003938

i like how they hired some MODARN web designer to completely fuck up their site, but for some reason they have to individually convert each page to the new layout, so 90% of the pages are still broken and stuck in limbo

>> No.5004126


They probably needed some web update, but the new one is trash. It's this awful nu blog layout and it looks awful. plus, they repost old articles and new articles too fast so it's impossible to keep track of anything now.

The black layout was way better. The new layout actually looks way cheaper.

>> No.5005372
File: 934 KB, 800x547, surft_the_web__surf_the_web_by_koopastar-d4944vj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, even if Kurt isn't here at least we get to meet Venom surfing the web.

>> No.5005394

We don't have time, Brock

>> No.5006974

That page about retro literally who Korean games was interesting at least.

>> No.5009283

Even before Patreon you had people making obviously biased articles. The FFIV one was full of muh nostalgia, and was ripped out from another site on top of that.

>> No.5009289

This. Star Trek TOS was in the same place for a time.

>> No.5009835

>Their content is pure amateur hour
And that's why it belongs on a free website. I never had any problems with the website even when I could often recognise that someone was talking out their arse. No worries. Still an okay source to learn about games. But the thought of paying for it in print (or paying for it in any form) utterly sickens me. I don't have enough why.

>> No.5010083

They used to be a good read every now and then back then, but I never knew they've gotten this bad now.

It's a shame, but I'm now gonna go and completely scrub my browser history of every single mention of HG101.

>> No.5010084

Nice meme.
I think they're a great way to get to know some lesser known games, they were a big part of why I know and played so much. If not for HG101 I can tell you my knowledge would be a lot more superficial.
They are also very good for checking what version of a game to play, which is something nobody seems to care about.
Now fuck off back to /v/, a lot easier to circle jerk, just find a picture of a game journalist and post:
>muh SJWs

>> No.5011337

I put my trust in you.

>> No.5013587

There are plenty of other ways to get to know lesser known games. You cunts are just fucking lazy. There are hundreds of websites and resources but you all just go to hg101 and dont bother reading any other opinions. You all end up parroting the same shit in recommendation threads and none of you have a single original opinion or thought in your brains. It makes conversations with you a fucking chore.

>> No.5013672

I don't even read HG101 half the time. I just skim it and look at the pictures. If the game looks cool, then I'll watch videos of it and decide if I'd like it.

>> No.5013709

Wow you must have zero life.

>> No.5013710

How do you figure sports fan?

>> No.5014561

So what do you recommend, then?

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