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What's the most beautiful /vr/ game?

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SF3, but Capcom usually delivers.

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Chrono Cross.

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BoF 4 is untouchable.

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BoF 4. You can't top it's sprite work combined with it's consistent art style.

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BoF4 is my answer and undoubtedly so. You just can't touch its spritework.

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>this washed out shit
>most beautiful
You niggers need to separate animation from spritework. The spirtes aren't even that great, they're tiny RPG sprites similar to FFT and many others.

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You sound like you unironically think the N64 is a good console.

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What made you think I think that?
This isn't about console wars, there's many other Playstation games that look better than Washedout colors of Fire 4, but there's even better looking games in arcades.

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>separate animation from spritework

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BoF4's strenght is the animation, not the actual spritework detail, it looks average, and the clash with primitive 3D enviroments don't help much.

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No game has ever come close to matching the realism of Guardians of the Hood.

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Sonic CD is the most gorgeous /vr/ platformer

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Why are there only children there?

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any infinity engine game
Torin's Passage
The Last Express
Dragon's Lair

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Uncharted Waters

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i'll never not love yoshi's island's crayon aesthetic

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Fucking trash

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Metal Slug

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>whaaa a desert town is sandy colored

Nice cherry picking, Kiddo

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For me it's SaGa Frontier 2 by a lot.

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Patrician taste.

Not only is it a beautiful game, but it's got one of the best soundtracks ever recorded.

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>and the clash with primitive 3D enviroments don't help much
BoF4's whole deal is how little it clashes. It's really seamless looking at native resolution.

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you can't just pick one, i'd be here all day if i talked about every 2d arcade game that made me drain my balls

samurai showdown, metal slug, street fighter 3, and in the hunt have some of the most lush colors i've ever seen in a video game.

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Fantastic background art, but bad character designs and sprites

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And a decent challenge on top of it all. The game really doesn't get enough love.

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I'm gonna be contrarian here and say EINHANDER

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I quite like the sprite work. To me you described Legend if Mana.

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If you want excellent sprites in an RPG, look no further

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It's quite amazing what a jump from Suikoden 1 this was. Which was actually a pretty ugly game in places.

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>What's the most beautiful /vr/ game?

Kirby's Adventure.

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I really liked the sprite work (although they don't do any justice to the character designs), but the big battle sprites were pretty terrible looking.

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Rondo of Blood

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I think as far as the 3d models of Playstation era Squaresoft games goes, CC is the best. The style went well with the limitations of the hardware. Really pretty backgrounds and setting, as well. But I always thought the CGs kinda looked off, especially the dragons. They kinda looked like balloons floating to me.

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It's all taste, I don't love tge Suikoden sprites as much. But BoF4 beats them both by a mile.

Also Popolocrois, nice charming sprites imo. That's a great looking game all round.

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Can we post cps-2 games or it's cheating?

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There was a strange trend of huge hands at the time. I remember Azure Dreams had them as well, and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head. It really doesn't look very good anymore.

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Do I have play BoF games in order or are they unrelated to each other?

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They're very loosely tied together so you can play them however you want

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Ah cool, any recommendations on which ones to check out?

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Underrated post

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Or NEO•GEO games.

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1 is very much an old style jrpg so don't start with it unless you're tolerant of those kind of games, and 2 can be kinda hard at the start when you're alone
Other than that you can just pick the one that looks most interesting

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Crash bandicoot 3 is somewhat pretty to look at.

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3 has the best script, it's a rare instance where someone at Capcom knew how to write something. 4 is also a must play, it's not as good as 3 but it makes up in presentation. Haven't played the SNES ones.

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I've heard that they were designed to look good in motion and while being scaled up and down with the camera zoom

I do have to admit they look a lot better on a smaller crt

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Those zoom effects are the one thing I don't like about the game's visuals

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Why don't you post some of them then?

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I found the big feet trend more curious, look how they're the length of her torso. It culminated in Kingdom Hearts which was just ridiculous.

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Nice thanks

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>unironical bilinear filtering

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What is this game OP?

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>I'm a lazy little bitch who can't click the arrow to search via google

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That still looks washed out. Don't get me wrong, I dig the aesthetic myself, but I can see how someone may dislike it.
There's literally nothing wrong with bilinear filtering.

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Ohh I liked those.

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I would say it looks more natural than typical neon green for foliage look, but wouldn't call it washed out.

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Fuck you, she's beautiful

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Too much awesomeness with so little hardware.

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Without any questiuon Garou Mark of the wolves, Street fighter III ties with it too

its just animation porn. the movement of the characters is just superb to the point that I declare it the best animated 2d game in existance. The backgrounds are also an magnificent plus that make me put it over SF3

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last example

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God damn I can hardly believe it's a NES game. Really elegant use of the palette.

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PC-98 would be cheating

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I love Rondo's sprites, but the backgrounds can get pretty bare at times. Dracula X is arguably the better looking game.

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It's a nice looking game, and was a HUGE step up over SNKs other efforts of the time. But it's not quite on the level of SF3

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This and Symphony have some damn fine spritework.

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1 and 2 aren't bad, but there's a huge jump in quality for 3 and 4. 5 is weird as shit and plays nothing like the other ones. I'd play 3 and 4 first, then maybe loop back to 1 and 2 - maybe just 2 if you aren't sure. Once you're done with them all, go ahead and give 5 a try if you're starved for more BoF.

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The background is gorgeous. Dude looks hideous though.

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Bad art shaded to the absolute Nth degree. Like most euro pixel art.

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The backgrounds of most PC Engine games usually look a little threadbare compared to Genesis or SNES even on larger Hucards or CD-Rom games. Maybe someone smarter than I am can chime in and explain why that is. I know PC Engine can’t do hardware multi scrolling, but the color depth and sprite/tile size seem about the same...

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Still looks beautiful, what's your point?

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Weak bait

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Its simply the lack of multiple layers combined with the games being old. Many 80s era Genesis games also look basic, particularly ones where they don't bother to use the Genesis' multiple scrolling layers.

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Metal Slug X

also, honourable mention goes to Planescape: Torment for looking like the weirdest goddamn RPG ever to grace the PC

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I absolutely love the graphics of PST, very under-rated in that department. Nice big sprites, very detailed backgrounds.

Metal Slug, or the early ones at least, are possibly the most graphically impressive games ever made.

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modding it to larger resolutions really did justice to how intricate the whole setting in Planescape can get. PS:T definately sets most RPGs apart when the latter tend to go for the generic fantasy stuff even when they tried deviating a bit.

Only closet thing anybody ever managed to match how bizzare it looks would probably be Morrowind eventhough it's in the rather ugly early 00s 3d

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Are there any other retro CRPGs where the main character is kinda defined? I mean sure you can choose the Endless' stats, but I think it really helped the story of Planescape Torment that it wasn't a fully customized character.

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as in, a main that's pre-made like in JRPGs? I know Ultima from V onwards makes the Avatar the main character but he's supposedly more or less the player's self-insert much like how Gordon Freeman was.

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Which Sailor Moon game is that from?

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That gif is missing like half of its frames, was it taken from the PS1 port or something?

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This by far

>all those frames per second when Elena falls down

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the srites of people standing or walking, with their legs so close together and arms to the sides, look too stiff to me to be honest

>> No.4974460

pretty, but also heavily rotoscoped. when you compare the heads with the bodies, you notice "the strings holding it up", if you will. slick, but not technically impressive

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It still looks incredible though.

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SF3 looks fantastic, but I feel like using Elena is a bad representation due to the rotoscoping. I've never liked how she was animated. It looks weird and off and clashes with everybody else.

I guess people just look at her and say "more frames = better animation"?

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Perhaps not the best, but one of my favourite 8-bit art styles and colour palettes are the GBC Zelda games.

The GBC palette is so nice after the NES which has a largely mediocre palette, and a lot of devs had a hard-on for its ugly shades of brown for some reason.

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Link's Awakening DX is a lot more muted by comparison. I wonder if that's because it pre-dates the trend of bumping up brightness in order to increase visibility.

Then again the Oracle games have an extra-light palette for the GBA so perhaps it was just a matter of art direction rather than pragmatism.

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As simplistic as they are I'll never not love Earthbound's visuals, battle backgrounds especially.

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Yeah she's my favorite character and I love her animations so I post her often.

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You already posted it, OP. A shame nowadays I find RPGs boring and can't beat them.

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Kirby's Adventure is a goddamned masterpiece

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Let's make a list of most beautiful /vr/ games by console:

>NES - Kirby's Adventure
>SNES - ?
>Mega Drive - ?
>Genesis - ?
>Saturn - ?
>PSX - Breath of Fire IV
>N64 - ?
>GB - ?
>GBC - ?
>Dreamcast - ?
>Game Gear - ?
>Neo Geo - ?
>Atari - ?
>Wonderswan color - ???

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Link's Awakening was made for black and white screens. You'll notice a lot of the colors in LA:DX are lines and have a high contrast in value (how dark or light they are)
Additionally I think LA:DX still had to be able to run on original gameboys, meaning the artwork still had to support being readable in black and white even after porting it.

It's easier to see on the vertical faces of walls when comparing the two images. OAG/OAS could rely on a field of color to convey something was a different surface, so the walls are bit more subdued. The walls in LA:DX however almost all feature heavy black lines. Look at anywhere you see bricks.

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>Wonderswan color
leaning towards pic related, but star hearts, blue wing blitz, and pretty much all the square ports look good.

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It's a real shame console generations are so short nowadays. It's interesting to see how software developers innovate with the ingenious pushing of hardware power. Software development lasted over 10 years. Really interesting shit came out in the end including some unreleased prototypes with lots of promise.

Especially since the "hardware bump" is bigger. Oh well........

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this looks awful

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They are bretty gud

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old school capcom fighters are like porn for the eyes

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I'd say Fallout 1/2, Ultimate Doom or Baldur's Gate

>> No.4976283

Breath of Fire 4

>> No.4976287

There were certainly other games that achieved more technologically, but for beauty in the sense of "beyond kino and into the realm of the sublime," the only real option is Terranigma.

The final scene in Crysta can be summed up as experiencing first-hand The Last Temptation of Christ. There is nothing stopping you from walking around town forever, enjoying your idyllic life there, being satisfied with that as a conclusion, and simply turning off the console. You don't have to die. You have the personal agency to choose. But you chose to accept your own death as the price of everyone else's happiness. And flying over the world as a bird, you cried. Not because it was sad, but because it was so perfectly beautiful in its bittersweetness. That is the essence of the sublime.

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I don't know anything about SF and now I want to try one out on the PS2. I see there's a SF Alpha 3 and SF III: 3rd Strike, are either of these the same game as the one that's being posted? If not, which one would you recommend to a newbie?

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third strike is the one that's being posted. Alpha 3 is gorgeous too

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I like Capcom fighters over most others. With that said I think Garou takes the cake over any Capcom sprite based fighter.

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For myself, I strongly prefer SNK fighters to Capcom's but I think SF3 puts every SNK fighter before and after it to shame. XII and XIII might be close if the art style wasn't such ass.

>> No.4976416

What are you even getting at? Did you forget how short lived most systems were... always?

360 and ps3 lasted 8 and 7 years respectively without having a successor, even when they received one they had games released for a while after.

No Sega system lasted that long ever. Nintendo was the same in that their NES lasted 7 years and only had a few years of launches after. Same for SNES. No system really lasted as long as the 360, except the Neo Geo/2600 and by no means were their releases keeping up with current games. The NG/2600 were exceptions and their reason for lasting disregards any logic any other system manufacturer would use ever again.

Our current method of making consoles offers nearly no benefit to having them last as long as they did or are. We get stuck in 30fps limbo with varying resolutions and mediocre performance. I would rather get a $300-400 machine that is backwards compatible every 4-5 years, than a similar priced machine that after 3 years (or even at launch) feels dated and is kept on life support for 5 years longer than that.

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most snk backgrounds don't pop out to me like capcom ones do

>> No.4976435

You shouldn't want a background to get in the way of seeing the fighters.

The biggest thing for Garou was framerate and sprite size.

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Aren't some of the disney games supposed to look good? I'm only familiar with the Aladdin game but wasn't there a Lion King game as well?

>> No.4976474

What game is this?

>> No.4976479

I don't know if cell shading counts but I seem to remember there being a warner bros. bugs bunny game as well that was exclusively for dreamcast.

>> No.4976480

Dudley - Sorry Bruh...you have no class

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File: 106 KB, 640x448, 450067-yu-no-kono-yo-no-hate-de-koi-o-utau-shojo-sega-saturn-screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Saturn - YU-NO

>> No.4977649

Vagrant Story is the most beautiful playstation game that uses mostly brown colors. Nothing comes close to how artfully it uses brown, and panzer dragoon zwei comes in second.

>> No.4977884

To be fair, VS has masterful use of of colour in general and the texturework they did to simulate lighting is something extremely impressive, the brown meme is actually a bit demeaning because the game works a lot on different colour pallettes and uses them all well, especially tones of blue, green and grey.
Too bad the game is horribly unfinished and a mechanical mess where hardly anything works as it should, though the latter is admittedly a problem in any and all games by Matsuno, graphics wise though it's easily one of the most notable technical achievements in the medium, the graphic team was made up of wizards.

>> No.4979040

The Famicom lasted 11 years... my childhood was Golden Age arcade, Atari VCS and NES/Famicom, so that's what I'm basing on. But it's actually my fault, I'm way too old for this site, get off my lawn and all that jazz.

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>No mention of Alien Soldier or Mischief Makers
Holy shit Alien Soldier is one of the best looking games. Incredibly smooth, detailed, and grotesque sprite work. Watch literally an level and be amazed.

>> No.4979078


treasure always made cool looking games

>> No.4979084


>> No.4979104


This game doesn't look bad but I'd hardly claim it's the most beautiful game.....it's kinda meh. Arcade is just going to win every time. better thread would be 'most beautiful game on __insert /vr/ console__' or at least limit it to a genre.

Pretty sure you are basing your opinion on a love of the game and not being critical.


Always liked the garou animations and style more than Thirdstrike but that comes more down to personal taste.

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Castlevania IV, Rondo and SOTN are my holy trinity of best looking vidya.

>> No.4979404

>wasn't there a lion king game too?

Are you old enough to be here?

>> No.4979426

Yeah. Generally Licensed 2D Disney games looked great. The games by Virgin Interactive/USA, Traveler's Tales, Westwood, Capcom, SEGA, etc.

World of Illusion, Sega Aladdin, and Mickey Mania are probably my top picks for nicest looking Disney games.

>> No.4979632

Not all of those were even from the same game, doofus.

>> No.4980426

earthbound really blew me away when I went back to replay it after playing mother 1. Being an NES game so much in the scenery for mother 1 is just static without any detail so I really appreciated how animated the world is in earthbound and and how much detail the environment got .

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File: 33 KB, 132x96, sasquatch-idle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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what's the game in the OP?

>> No.4980540

Breath of Fire 4

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>> No.4980868

I feel the same way looking at the sprites of Ninten, Lloyd, Ana etc. and how crude they are compared to Ness, Paula and Jeff, makes me wish that Mother 1 remake was out

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Wild Arms. Absolutely astounding.

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The coat physics and subtle animation on Q's pants are fucking surreal.
I know it's impossible at this point, but I would love it if Capcom just dropped 3D models for their fighting games and returned to quality spritework.

>> No.4980972
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Ohh I'm right there with you. Nothing can compete with great sprite animation where every frame is it's own work of art. But I get why the economics of it make it impractical these days and I'm okay with how 4 and 5 look.

KoF less so, but it's getting there. I still dream of a cellshaded game that looks like Shinkiro art in motion. It's almost possible.

>> No.4981173

Should you play BoF III before BoF IV for story purposes? I've played I and II, but I can't really sink my teeth into III for some reason.

>> No.4981296

Naw you can just play it. I think 4 is one of tge best RPGs on the system but 3 didn't wow me.

>> No.4981362
File: 93 KB, 384x288, 57688974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for me, it is rayman, with my second being sonic 2

>> No.4981424

backgrounds, sure
characters, no

>> No.4981452
File: 3.03 MB, 1600x1200, riven.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Riven is a stunningly gorgeous game. I find myself coming back to it again and again just to wander around in the world, since it's so damn beautiful and well realized.

>> No.4981469

Play BoFIII anyway, the first are skippable, especially II. You get much more involved with the characters and the world is built much better than IV. The fourth game is mostly great because of the graphics and sound, but it's stripped down everywhere else.

>> No.4981779

This nigga gets it.

>> No.4981858
File: 16 KB, 260x194, images (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good choice.

>> No.4981893

dragons lairs animations are insane. This is indeed one of the best looking games. Even modern cinema cartoons can't keep up with it. Capitalism brought soceity downhill...

>> No.4981908

the irony is, if the industry went with voxel instead of polygons we would have 3d graphics like this by now.

>> No.4981926

Suikoden 1 was just an odd game in general, there was no dedicated run button which meant you had to keep a certain party member in your team at all times just to run.

It could also be completed in like 20 hours, and honestly I can't even remember the story or music.

>> No.4982068

He should keep playing it even though he doesn't like it?

>> No.4982070

I think bof 1 was better than 2
>marble items ACTUALLY skip all random battles
>better use of overworld map abilities
>better dragon powers

>> No.4982089


>> No.4982106

Or, instead of all of that pseudo-artistic BS you just pulled out of your ass, it was because LA DX was backwards compatible with original Gameboys, while OoA/OoS were designed from the ground up to be GBC only, and therefor could take specific advantage of the improved display capabilities.

>> No.4982129

Uhhh, if anything, console generations are getting LONGER. The problem is that, ever since 6th gen or so, the increased power available with each new generation outweighs developers' limitations; games will look good for as much time and effort developers are willing to spend. Imagine as though you were an interior decorator being tasked with making the most out of small, oddly shaped bedrooms, and then suddenly, you're asked to decorate a gymnasium.

I find that often, some of the best looking games on post retro systems are the earliest releases, because development teams are full of piss and vinegar to show off, then grow complacent as they realize how much work it takes. IMO, Luigi's Mansion, Smash Bros and Pikmin are still some of the best looking Gamecube games.

>> No.4982141

>hurrrr, let me cherry pick the one system that had unnaturally long developer support and pretend like that means anything

>> No.4982176

>games will look good for as much time and effort developers are willing to spend.

This has always been the case. But as graphic quality gets finer and finer the difference between low effort and high effort is a lot more noticeable. It's a big part of the reason for the pixel art trend's popularity.

>> No.4982443

Back then console cycles were shorter since the hardware was nowhere near cutting edge. The NES's CPU is just a gutted out version of an already old microprocessor used in many Japanese arcades (giving Japanese game companies an early lead on the system), the Atari 2600 was primitive already for its time. The console world only started getting competitive in earnest with bizarre envelope pushing consoles like the Atari Jaguar, 3DO and the Neo-Geo. But while PC used to always curbstomp consoles even at release, modern consoles compete head-to-head.

My only question is if I'm playing my PC games on my TV and with a joypad (an xbox 360 controller, btw)... why are we doing this charade where consoles are separate from PC anymore. That is unless you're into the Switch's ridiculous gimmicks.

>> No.4982727

I have to admit, this looks better than kirby for me.

>> No.4982884

>why are we doing this charade where consoles are separate from PC anymore.

Same reason as always. It's just another lame flavor of the typical console war fights.

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