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With the Emuparadise gone
Do you guys really think its going to be hard to get roms and the end for roms and emulation?

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>tfw i have all the roms already
No its going to be somewhere always. Theyre just acting crazy to scare you into buying everything

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>1 rom website is kill
>10 more rise to take it's place

it's like the hydra, you can't kill it

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It's over dude
SWAT is coming to take your computer next, anon

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For a second I got scared because I don't want ROMs to go away.
But then I remembered that these sites are everywhere, and most people download a shitton of games everytime something like this happens, so I think we will be okay.
it is a shame though, I loved that place.

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idk knowing how shitty life is I can see a world where roms fall off the clearnet and into hoarders hands.

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Yes, and when TPB (or dozens of other BT trackers) get sued/shut down/blocked by your ISP that also means the end of the piracy/emulation/world.

Summer fags please go.

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The issue is quality dying off. Emuparadise had already, years ago, cleared out the clean full sets (no intro or similar). Now soon they will have completely cleaned out everything. Most other sites come no where near as expansive and clean of shit/spam/dupes/bad-rips. It is far harder to find a clean legit copy or set as the big safe-bet sites close. If a old fighter like Emuparadise concedes then a few others will too.

In case you didn't notice or maybe weren't around then, 5 years ago you could go to 100+ open tracker sites or at least link-farm sites for torrents, most of which were filled with legit high quality movies, tv, games, software. Now there are handfuls and most are incomplete as no one wants to take private tracker stuff and share. The start of torrents biggest issue was the biggest cleanest sites going down or truncating (KAT, Torrentz, Piratebay). Now the same is happening for Roms on a large scale.

Again the question isn't if it exists. It is about quality and ease which is all but going away. I have two sets of every 5th generation and older game that was released on the net, as well as almost every 6th gen, but that doesn't help the every day person much who didn't have the spare raid space laying around.

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Only ever used that site for MAME. My private tracker gives me everything for consoles. If all the torrent options disappear, I'll get enough storage to 3-2-1 backup things I didn't even author myself, and sneakernet/darknet a nice collection. Or just play all the new games I've licensed but don't have time for or read a book. Running out of entertainment will never be a possibility for me.

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Trust me, these companies can't take down all of these ROM sites, if one goes down, a dozen will pop back up in their place.

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Nope. I still have everything ever dumped and released on my own severs. And one shitty site isn't going to stop children from chasing their dream of posting videos of themselves shouting while sucking at playing with old toys in an emulator.

Hail Hydra

>Summer fags please go
Sine you've been here a whole two summers you should know how to show yourself out

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>coolroms loses all Nintendo roms
>emuparadise admin panics and pulls downloads
Do we have to have multiple threads every single time a rom download site is a victim of the whack-a-mole? As for the people asking where to get roms, take it to fucking /wsr/.

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>global neoliberalism is winning

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I'm not much of an emulator user, aside from MAME, but this is obviously shitty for a multitude of reasons. MAME, for one, is really the only way to reasonably play arcade games, unless you have a couple of airplane hangars lying around and a boatload of cash to collect vintage cabs and PCBs. There's little to no money to be made anymore from vintage arcade games for whomever owns the rights. All the classics have already been released in about ten thousand different compilations on every system you can think of, so what's left are relatively obscure "hidden gems" like JJ Squawkers. I really doubt an arcade minibox featuring JJ Squawkers, Ninja Baseball Batman, Armored Warriors, Combatribes and the like are going to do a good job of separating Millennial "retro" gamers from their cash.

Same logic applies to the vast amount of non-mainstream retro games. I don't think Sega is all that concerned about IPs like Pengo, Congo Bongo, Zaxxon, Biohazard Battle, Rent-a-Hero, and the like. The only company who can really profit here is Nintendo, since fans of the company (who make up a vast majority of so-called retro gamers) will buy their classic titles again and again in a repackaged iteration. I can see physical NES, SNES, N64 re-releases coming next. Even though I like physical copies of things, I am against wasting resources to manufacture more plastic crap. We really don't need re-releases and miniboxes that'll likely wind up in a landfill after the nostalgia wears off for the bandwagoners in question. If you can't afford Snatcher or Eliminate Down, just emulate it. No need for those games to ever see a physical version again (and there's no money to made off titles like that either).

Baby is being thrown out with the bathwater here. Nintendo should've just quietly requested that their IPs be taken down. Whatever way they handled it (probably "take down your entire site, or else!" legal threatening) resulted in scorched earth.

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I got 10 others bookmarked so not big loss. They shutdown because oldfag webmaster is tired. I mean, check the bottom of the site to see what date the site started on.

Anyone who isn't a filthy casual already has all entire romsets from pleasuredome.org.uk and archive.org via Jdownloader2

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Stop making these fucking threads retards

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If you really care about preservation you can get full no-intro sets from archive.org. If you just like downloading random games here and there you can check out the sites I recommended in the other thread: >>4962319

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I can get any goddamn Nintendo rom that's been removed with any search engine in <2 minutes. I'm sorry you suck with internets. I'm so sorry.

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No, all it takes it one anon with a seedbox and a torrent file.

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I just found someone's seedbox with a default password on it and added a bunch of popular rom torrents to it. Should help the cause.

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What is the best source for game ROMs now?

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Tumblr. No seriously, go there and don't come back

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The gif is from Tumblr but I got it from Google images. Really where is the best site for ROMs?

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Just fucking google (name of the game you want) rom and take your pick. Pro tip: if it downloads a .exe, it's a virus.

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This is the end of ROMs being EASY TO FIND. In the future you'll have to put WAY more effort into emulating something and will probably have to rely on multiple sites. Torrents will also become a MUST for emulation in the future. The days where you can just google shit and find any ROM you want with no hassle or effort are over. Some shit in particular will get stupidly hard to find, especially for rarer hardware.

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I knew I should have invested in some disk space and grabbed everything I wanted before yet another site folded.

Not the same as having such a huge collection of ROMs available in the same place, especially for rarer titles.

It's not just the end of easy access to games and other media, but also the death of the free internet as we've known it. The old, unregulated web culture is quickly disappearing before our eyes, and it's only going to get worse from here.

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fuck off shill

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Once something is on the Internet, it's there long-term. The worst part is re organizing everything but there are plenty of trackers which already fill any gap. With 5 min research you can find these places and be signed up.

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I don't care about these parasites. I can get cool dudes to send me whatever I want.

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The average /vr/ user knows PCs only as web terminals and game boxes. They've never used anything like bittorrent.

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Many warned us, but we didn't listen anon.
I find it absolutely incredible how many idiots online defend modern copyright laws and corporate power. Unless you're being directly paid to shill, why the fuck would you ever support the death of the public domain? How has the average prole consciousness deteriorated to this level?

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>with Emuparadise gone

Uhh... What the fuck are you guys on about? Last I checked, they had plenty of Romsets you could download.

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have you tried downloading one?

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No major announcements have been made in the last few days or anything.

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The end of the cold war "taught" people that everything indirectly linked with socialism is bad, kind of like that announcement from Reagan who convinced Americans that public healthcare was literally Stalin.

You literally had people defending paid mods and calling refunds "communist".
It's the new culture of extremism, if you're not a Wall Street shark you're a baby eating marxist who wants to eradicate culture, there's no inbetween.

Of course this is very useful for people selling you shit.

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>I find it absolutely incredible how many idiots online defend modern copyright laws and corporate power.
That's mostly because they're idiots who don't know anything about either of those, most people think that Copyright is basically about giving some dude royalites for what he invented and making sure the chinese don't copy his stuff, most people don't really know what the actual copyright law was before unbridled liberal capitalism turned it into the monster it is now.
But anyway>>4967641 nailed down the real problem, the general culture of extremism is what's fucking society, the "us VS them" mentality that modern society has been promoting since decades, coupled with the exploitation of the most base tribalism in every facet of daily life, and the advent mass/social media only made this worse.

Back in the 90's a lot of analysts predicted how data wars would have been the modern battleground for our society, and in a way they were right looking at our modern botnet, but what they failed to predict was that the new systems would have thrived thanks to massive campaigns of carefully crafted misinformation rather than outright censorship, so wrong or fake data is also a formidable asset in its own right.
Anyway, this is not really a /vr/ kind of conversation.

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>have multiple terabytes of roms and isos
>have experience in creating a website
>have no idea how to host one
>have no idea how law works
So how does it work? How much bandwidth do I need? Can I just go to some Russian service, pay them and let them host my site without fear of a lawsuit?
Seriously considering creating a new romsite.

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If public libraries didn't exist already, you could probably never ever make them a thing now.
Unless you were a rich individual and ran them yourself.

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There are like 500+ sites dedicated to this subject and torrents no one is going to able to squish. And all of them have better GBA sections than EmuParadise's shithouse scene marked direct downloads that aren't no-intro sets, unless they just host their libraries as most do.

Yeah I know, not retro. But people think EmuParadise was god when it wasn't.

This is exactly why someone talked about spoonfeeding idiots in the last thread talking about this: too many people think EmP is the only place around, and anywhere we suggest will only pop up first on google. We don't want the internet archive doing that because they've conceded to Nintendo before.

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I would argue that mass grieving and insisting they're all dead is going to actually perserve them longer, because Nintendo just doesn't like them being in the open where everyone knows where they are. Hell, we already know the company itself enjoys dumps.

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Emup was cool for including applied romhacks/translations so I didn't have to bother with lunarpatcher or whatever the fuck it is. Indulging my lazy comfort is always an appreciated service.

However, their downloading sucked. Fucking multi-step captcha downloading needs to die a thousand fiery deaths. Come up with a better verification method, I don't care how effective the current one is. I'd honestly rather answer a fucking trivia question than having captcha bullshit on every site. I hate 4chan as well for making me click for literally 10 minutes on slowly fading images of traffic lights, because the things never register properly on a tablet browser. Worrying about thethe availability of roms is one thing, I worry about verification methods getting worse and worse every year.

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This happens EVERY FUCKING YEAR, and every year anti-piracy people gloat, it’s the equivalent of one single Wal-Mart getting closed down and people cheering a victory for small business. Drop in the fucking bucket

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Kat being taken down, was a bummer man. That was such a good site.

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>multi-step captcha
You could bypass this by clicking the small link saying the capatcha wasnt working

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Nostalgia for romsites is fucking stupid. Yeah, it's a shame when they go down but the amount of teary reminiscing that goes on is simply laughable. They had shitty dumps, particularly for CD-based consoles. The site design was pretty damn terrible. Downloading was needlessly drawn-out. There are better sites.

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Everyone retro by this boards standards are piss easy to find. Now ps2/gamecube/wii/xbox are lacking decent sites

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Hard to get retro roms, are you having a laugh? Every cartridge-based rom up to fifth gen is available as a big torrent you can download in no time.

These sites were useful when we had 56k or early broadband access, there is no point to them anymore.

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Are you a certified retard, or have you never heard of mobile Internet? That's the entire reason for bandwith-friendly options making a comeback. Ain't gonna download a fucking PS1 set on android.

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How is it missing content when it's a completely different Castlevania game? Missing from where? Might as well complain that CV4 is missing content from Haunted Castle or X68000.
Ergo, you're a retard that heard the "common wisdom" of it being a port and are repeating it for other idiots. Just fuck off. I bet you can't even beat the game.

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Wanna hear a joke? EmuParadise Lost.

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Recently I have been putting up posts which bring the craziest people out of my friends list. I dont want fascists on my friends list. I don't care if you know me in real life. You won't anymore. If you want to be deleted go ahead and comment your real inner thoughts so I can squash you like a roach. The second i find your your a fascist you are gone.

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Torrents let you select what particular files you want. Not a problem unless everything is archived which is not always the case.

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This has to be a troll.

There is no way anyone out there could legit be this dumb.

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Let's name names.

It was Disney's fault.

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There will still be plenty of other places to get ROM's beyond EMUparadise. I actually use the internet archive, as there are complete collections of game roms available there.

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This is a sad day
Emuparadise was by far the best rom site
And what hurts me the most is that emuparadise had a complete set of PSX2PSP iso's

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Yes. Emulation is dead. Only way to get roms now is to torrent or if someone has compiled every rom for every emulator and as zip files and uploades them to a file share site.

>> No.4968201

Do it anon
Call it ‘The Nice Rom’ or something memorable

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>Do you guys really think its going to be hard to get roms and the end for roms and emulation?
No, because torrents exist and storage keeps getting cheaper. Consider that the full GBA ROM set is only slightly larger than Elder Scrolls Skyrim (which will be 7 years old this November) with all patches/DLC, and the full DS ROM set at ~170 GB is about the size of 2-3 AAA games from current year. IIRC, full ROM sets for every /vr/ Nintendo console combined don't quite reach the size of the full GBA ROM set. So long as you aren't going for newer Nintendo consoles that use disc based storage and Sony/Microsoft don't join in, you're good for the time being.

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what if they go after torrent users?

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I know they'll still be around, but I've been downloading this junk for the past day. Any recommendations for GC things for somebody that never had one?

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do what i did grab the collection from romshepard and get a suscription to newshosting i donloaded every gamecube redum from pal, usa and japan just in case, about 19 days to download everything!

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It's bizarre we've gone this entire thread and not a single person has mentioned IRC. I'd expect this from the kids on /v/, I thought people here would have a little more clue. Go to freenode on IRC, find the right chatroom (I forget, do a /list *roms* and I'm sure it'll come up), ctcp to a server and there you go, you have access to every single rom individually.

>> No.4968554 [DELETED] 

All the ds games: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2e9142e3df3e949590f8a909518d4c1fadb73b1d&dn=No-Intro%20Nintendo%20DS%20Decrypted%20ROMs%200001-6179%20%2b%20x001-x192%20%2b%20B001-B003%20%2b%20z001-z161

Seed this.

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Start torrenting over I2P. I2P functions similar to Tor by generating proxy chains but it differs in that every machine on the network is available as part of a proxy chain which makes it extremely difficult for a group to try to deanonymize traffic by owning a significant part of the network like a group could do with Tor, has integrated support for torrents by generating separate proxy chains for each peer you're connecting to rather than forcing it all through one tube like Tor would (which is why you don't torrent over Tor), and has the downside vs Tor of not being usable for clearnet connections (necessary since every machine is used for the proxy chains).

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They only go after the sites hosting stuff anyway, and torrents function without them. Even if they did go after something it wouldn't be dead.

What would they do, play wack-a-mole with the chinese IPs monitoring your torrent?

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Your just going to see a new Emuparadise domain pop up in some other region. And no just google game iso console and youll find it.

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If you're really paranoid, go to a place with public wifi and download your torrents there. The amount of effort it would take to prove it was actually you isn't worth their time.

>> No.4968730

Uhhhhh emuparadise is still there? Theres also sites like doperoms?


>> No.4968740

Well fuck never mind. I was literally on there the other day getting Suikoden.

>> No.4968779

Do it and call it /vroms/

>> No.4968808

You know, there's still The ROM Depot, by another bru/vr/

>> No.4968819

Can i get a list somewhere, where it shows what games have bee taken down?

>> No.4968823

Coming in late to the thread but I just was musing on the irony that just now, when the entire 3rd and 4th gen romsets can be downloaded in 2 minutes and put on media that can be hidden under your tongue, just now Nintendo is taking meatspace court action against freaking WEBSITES. Meanwhile, complete 6th gen sets are still relatively big enough that way, way fewer people download and archive them but Nintendo can't and/or (probably and) doesn't care to act against their distribution while it MIGHT not still be too late.

I guess maybe Nintendo just wants to create an elitism from fear and precautionary omission of Nintendo published games specifically? Lord known Nintendrones would probably low-key support it and happily shell out $90 bucks a year for legal roms on the newest mini.

>> No.4968827

People buy Minis to actually play games?

>> No.4968839

They do it to own games. I would give odds that the average mini owner disapproves of piracy (and is of course unaware that the actual roms on their mini consoles were originally preserved through the efforts of pirates)

>> No.4968863

Nonsense. Nintendo has notoriously and mercilessly gone after rom websites and pirates since biblical times. Just beause they may be getting some breakthroughs now doesn't mean they changed anything.

What Nintendo wants to create... you haven't the slightest clue of Nintendo's intentions.

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Poor Walt. I can’t imagine the idea of having your family name eternally soured because of awful things that your company did after your death.

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do you?
you are scaring me anon

>> No.4968935 [DELETED] 


>> No.4968942

Only casuals used sites like that in the first place. You clearly know nothing about the real emulation scene.

>> No.4968968 [DELETED] 


What's funny is that he actually hated jews. Imagine his pain in the afterlife.

>> No.4968969 [DELETED] 

wtf I love walt disney now

>> No.4968973 [DELETED] 


Walt Disney has been hated wrongfully by normies for years. He was completely redpilled even back then.

>> No.4968975

Ok /b/tard tell us how you get into the real emulation scene.

>> No.4969005

Don't forget, we have peeps desperately clinging to the thought of reverting laws back to pre-50's and others wanting us to to fully go back to when slavery a thing, but you never see them proclaiming that the slavery-era Copyright law of 14 years (& 88 days, kek) is a good idea.

Meanwhile, the leftoids are desperate to not have any semblance of laws from the pre-50, but like the slavery-era law of 14 years for Copyrights for some reason.

As far as I'm concerned, if Copyrighters got the death penalty, I'd have no sympathy for these pathological liars.

>> No.4969007 [DELETED] 

why are all of /pol/'s heroes pedos?

>> No.4969021 [DELETED] 

That was pretty fashionable at the time. The perception was that the Jews weren't seen as being sufficiently grateful for their rescue for WW2 due to them immediately demanding the lands of their ancestors, giving some allies/allied nations the impression that they had fought and lost men just so the Jewish people could parlay their mistreatment into advancement at their expense.
This was the basis for Roald Dahl's anti-Semitism given that he and Ian Fleming were counter-intelligence and lost men on covert operations, and he made a point to tell children to be kind and nice to everyone much like Walt Disney.

>> No.4969030 [DELETED] 

I don't know about /pol/ but there was a thread on /v/ five or six years ago about admitting both your greatest gaming sin and your greatest non-gaming sin. Lots, LOTS of anons admitted to pedophilia.

>> No.4969056 [DELETED] 

This is close enough.

>> No.4969070 [DELETED] 

Honestly this has me wondering about what Yamauchi, Iwata amd the like would think of this anti-ROM lunacy

>> No.4969079 [DELETED] 


They would fully support it. Wake up, Nintendo was always the same. They're not your friends, and always had draconian guidelines and measures.

>> No.4969083

Honestly I don't understand why slowbies are crying about this being a huge blow to the emu scene...

Honestly, it's been a bigger blow to people who wanted documentation scans, player's guides, magazine scans...
That's the bigger loss imo

>> No.4969124

I don't understand the relevance of your gif

>> No.4969127

>Honestly I don't understand why slowbies are crying about this being a huge blow to the emu scene...

It's not, IMO. Firstly this only really applies to Nitendo's first party ROM's. Secondly, it's still really easy to find them all online. Nintendo can't put this genie back into the bottle.

>> No.4969134

>documentation scans, player's guides, magazine scans...

Are there any other sites with these sorts of resources? It was the only reason I went to Emuparadise anymore.

>> No.4969135

Hello retardo, sorry you must have a hard life.

1) Why the sacrificial fuck would he tell someone who just insulted him?
2) If you honestly believe /b/tards know their leg from their asshole then you are truly in trouble for your grasp of reality.

>> No.4969138

I don't know, I'm curious myself.
If any Anons can chime in with a good alternative I would really appreciate it : )

>> No.4969143

Theisozone has some, but not many

>> No.4969147

Wow ypu must have aspergers if you couldnt tell hes being sarcastic

>> No.4969173

This would have been an issue years ago, but there are plenty of alternative sites/methods to get roms, so I'm not worried much. Also thread theme:

>> No.4969174

Tales of Symphonia, the Baten Kaitos games

>> No.4969191

Thanks, even if it's not as comprehensive it's still better than nothing for now.

>> No.4969212

Another site will take its place one day. It will be shut down as well, but then another one will appear. This is an endless cycle. As long as people want free shit, there will always be the means to do so.

>> No.4969316

Where can I get Playstation games in bin/cue format?

>> No.4969385
File: 108 KB, 600x444, perler-arle-draco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the obvious answer is just torrent complete rom sets, but this becomes a nightmare with cd-based libraries, especially when you factor in multiple regions.

i'm planning on buying multiple external hard drives for this and hating everything.

>> No.4969391

There's already Emu-russia, that's not going anywhere anytime soon.

>> No.4969419

it's getting annoyingly difficult to find things without already being in-the-know, although for the most part, anything cartridge based is still relatively easy and can be downloaded over HTTP
emuparadise was one of the better sites (not the best, some of their files should have been replaced over a decade ago with not shit versions, I'm pretty sure they've got intros in their GBA set), but far from the only one
they were really just the easiest to recommend, and they've been around for fucking ages

disc-based stuff is more and more annoying as time passes, I'm pretty glad I saved a bunch of shit (and burned a lot of it to disc, since I do play most of it on hardware)
and whatever physical discs I've tested are still holding up and verify correctly against those images (should duplicate 'em at some point, a few are approaching a decade now, and they were on cheap media)

I've at least downloaded damn near everything I've wanted already.
kinda annoyed since they had a vaguely up-to-date MAME set and I don't have the disk space to do the archive.org fullset releases (could buy another hard drive)
most HTTP download sites have ancient MAME sets from well over a decade ago

Sega re-releases pretty constantly (at least, shit that's easy to re-release), but they also haven't bothered going after anyone except the SOR:R guys.
the Sonic ROM archive site (SonAR) has existed for ages and Sega has never said shit about taking it down (although they did stop adding releases after a certain point out of paranoia -- but you can still download all the old shit)

so, we're never going to get a Scud Race release, but anyone interested can just go download Supermodel and play

god, it's amazing how bad some of their Saturn and PS1 dumps were

because IRC fucking sucks for file transfers and there are still better options
like the archive.org fullsets (which are also individually accessible)

>> No.4969517

I mostly used it nowadays for their retro magazine scans, so this sucks.

Any other sites that have a good selection?

>> No.4969542

>i'm planning on buying multiple external hard drives for this and hating everything.
I'm starting to seriously consider going down this rabbit hole, plus doubling the space requirements for everything since I figure I should save at least 2 copies in different locations in case of storage failure

>> No.4969592

Once it gets PS2 and Gamecube/Wii games it'll be great.

>> No.4969596

Can someone explain how Vimms Lair gamecube roms manage to be packed so much smaller than the emuparadise ones I had?
Like when I repack Vexx, it's like 1.05GB, but if I redownload from vimms its like 500mb

>> No.4969617

bumping for this.

>> No.4969689

Another example is Cubivore, I just DLd from cached emuparadise link yesterday, 25mb packed at vimms, 1.3GB from emuparadise
Geist, 612MB from Emuparadise, 457MB from vimms
Odama 1.29GB emuparadise, vimms 70MB

Is there some sort of compression of the actual game going on and is it effecting the quality of the games? Should I replace my Emuparadise ones with the smaller Vimm zips if I'm going to keep them zipped?
(I'm well aware that unpacked they're all going to be 1.4GB, this is irrelevant to me)

>> No.4969690

It's the best resource for ps1 isos though, even though downloading from there is a pain in the ass.

>> No.4969694

Nah if I remember correctly GameCube isos can be converted and compressed into gcn files so it's probably something like that.

>> No.4969849

Or Bing it instead.

>> No.4969882

How do you know if a ROm dump is bad?

>> No.4969908

If it's an exe file, it's a bad rom

>> No.4969928

Is there a way I can make exe roms run on a Mac? I've tried various emulators and none of them recognize the format.

>> No.4969936

God damn, I wish there were IDs on this board. Fuckin' imposter.

>> No.4969942

I woulda thought this thread would be torn down by now. Nice job weebs :U

>> No.4970047

>If it's an exe file, it's a bad rom
i'm about to launch FF7_CRACKED_NUDE_TIFA_AERISLIVES.iso.exe right now, wish me luck boys

>> No.4970229

I actually had a crash bash contained in an exe file and it worked. I'd honestly like to know how to do this in general just so I can have immediate executables (with built in emulators) instead of having to open an emulator first and then the game.

>> No.4970297

How about you use file associations in your OS so that it opens the images with a fitting emulator?

>> No.4970298

It's not a portable solution

>> No.4970301

Use a portable OS.
And you can make your own shell scripts that open an emulator with a file in the folder.

./mesen "Battletoads (Japan).nes"

>> No.4970320

Well, okay? But that's still not what I want. I just want to contain a rom inside a single executable.

>> No.4970337

For what purpose?

>> No.4970339

That's pretty dumb

>> No.4970363

It's more convenient than installing emulators. And why not? It's clearly possible. I personally want it, you don't have to.

So is your post.

>> No.4970365

Nah. You're probably the only person on earth that wants such a dumb setup. Even the GOG stuff where it's an emulator configured to play a single game isn't like that.

>> No.4970383

>dumb setup
It's not though.
>no need to install or download an emulator
>no need to struggle installing an emulator and making it work on Linux
>no need to search for bios or other dependencies
>no need to navigate menus and/or configuring each game separately
>cross PC and platform solution
It's significantly more convenient especially if you don't have or want to play a lot of different games of a certain console.

>> No.4970384

How is it convenient? It's bloat to have the same emulator bundled with every single game for the system and you can't simply upgrade or switch the emulator.
Not to mention that binaries are limited to specific OS+architecture.
Do you want the save data in that file as well to make an even greater mess?

Normally you don't have install emulators. Just give them execute rights and execute them.

>> No.4970390

All that text and all I read is

>I'm a fucking moron that wants to add a bunch of bloat to every rom file on my hard drive

There's a whole lot of other reasons your hairbrained idea isn't very practical. Have you ever thought about why bios files aren't included with emulators? Why they don't just come with roms? Also you are aware of the obsessive nature of rom collecting, aren't you? The huge dat files filled with checksums to make sure the dumps they keep in their collections are perfect? Go back and read byuu's bitching about headered roms on forums. If a few bytes at the beginning of a file pisses these guys off imagine how they will feel about attaching emulators to them. If you want it you're free to make it happen for yourself but literally nobody else wants this and you'd be foolish to think otherwise.

>> No.4970421

I always hear that 6th gen emulation sucks, is it true?

>> No.4970429
File: 25 KB, 720x340, ooh-piece-of-candy720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone care to explain how EMUP had full advertisements running for big name companies all these years? I'd think they would be targeted first for supporting a rom site.

>> No.4970431
File: 675 KB, 512x682, Plok! (U) [!].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This seems like a problem that time can fix. 20 years ago, it would have taken most people 3-5 minutes to download a single SNES rom, but now people grab hundreds of them at once, so it's not a huge deal when a site hosting them goes down. One day the same will be true of PS2 games.

>> No.4970482

This isn't contradictory
>can't simply upgrade or switch the emulator.
Rebuilt the game every once in a while.
>binaries are limited to specific OS+architecture.
Just make it a windows executable and run it over Wine for Mac/Linux/Android.

>> No.4970485

>literally nobody else wants this and you'd be foolish to think otherwise
I'm not that retard, but don't the Genesis games sold on steam just like that? I remember someone talking about Bubsy being a regular rom with some emulator, maybe Kega, attached to it or something like that

>> No.4970487

Wouldn't surprise me. Sega embraced emulation very early on. https://tcrf.net/Sega_Smash_Pack_Volume_1_(Dreamcast)#Developer_Message

>> No.4970545

Super weird that people are freaking out because of this.
I stopped using EmuParadise like in 2010 for better options.
Even their pre-patched roms (which I'm assuming were what people used the most) were severely outdated.

>> No.4970550

Why would somebody want pre-patched roms?

>> No.4970559

Too lazy to patch 'dem fantranslations themselves.

>> No.4970564

I fucking hate downloading a game only to find out some idiotic translation is hardwired to it.

>> No.4970570

I've been using coolroms to build up my ps1 collection, I don't know if they have much in the way of Nintendo games anymore. If you choose to use it make sure you use the "alternative download" option, the main one requires you have some specific program or something

>> No.4970571

It's only your fault for downloading from sketchy places with messed up filenames.

If it's [T-En] (or something similar), it's fan-translated in english.

>> No.4970574

private trackers

>> No.4970579

I don't think Windows games have any such tags. It's pure chaos when it comes to them.

>> No.4970583

>Emuparadise was by far the best rom site

>> No.4970601


>> No.4970673

But Nintendo acted as if all games developed for their consoles are their property, which are not relevant for third party titles.

>> No.4970686

archive.org has impressive magazine sets

>> No.4970690

It was though, you moron.

Name one better.

>> No.4970701



>> No.4970702

>retro games
fuck. Well, MyAbandonware then.

>> No.4970730

I'm not gonna lie, while the impact hasn't been huge, it's definitely harder to find decent torrents today than it was 10 years ago, particularly for anything that isn't the new hotness.

>> No.4970774 [DELETED] 

Emulation will always exist, but now its really hard to get roms. With TASVIDEOS not offering any, EMUPARADISE acting like a bunch of retards and saying shit that doesn't even make sense, and with the rest of the good websites gone, our only choice is basically gone. also, nobody is discussing this since everyone cares more about the new piece of shit called "smash"

>> No.4970786

Nigga we had a very active thread going for 2 or 3 days in a row.

>> No.4970801

Am there now. Fucks yea. Thx anon

>> No.4970840 [DELETED] 

Like the other anon said, alternatives have been posted a ton. edgeemu, isozone, EP forums, vimms, etc. Plus if it atually gets bad we'll make an emulation general and upload/host all the sets ourselves. Emuparadise losing their selection sucks (the 20th time to happen in the past 20 years), but it's far from the only accessable ROM site.

>> No.4970864

>20 years ago, it would have taken most people 3-5 minutes to download a single SNES rom

More like 5-20 minutes. 20 years ago we had dialup. I remember downloading MD and SNES roms back in the late 90s/early 00s at my sisters place and copying them to floppies to bring them home. It took all night to fill up ten floppies worth of material.

>> No.4970876

Right now I'm looking at a Mega folder full of complete Everdrive packs and TOSEC Dreamcast GDIs while browsing a private tracker featuring Saturn and arcade shit. Don't know about PSX because I don't play it. Learn to Google, shit's out there in abundance.

>> No.4970879

yeah, for dialup it would take about 20 minutes to download one of the larger SNES roms like Donkey Kong Country. And it would cost about 20p here, maybe 30 US cent. The rule of thumb I had was 5 minutes for one megabyte, but that was very optimistic. yeah, 56k sucked. The solution for a long time was to go into the city where they had fast internet access and download a bunch of stuff there, stick them on a CD or usb device and bring them home.

>> No.4970897

I can still access Emuparadise and download roms?

>> No.4970904


>> No.4970905

Den y deze dawgz sayin it's down up in here??

>> No.4970907

A lot of Japanese Peercast hacks are gone cause no one cares about actually archiving anything. When it comes to wanting the patches actually archived, the RHDN degenerates mock anyone who wants to make backups up their wretched site because of course 'hackers' are lazy scum.

>> No.4970909


>> No.4970912

yo wat duz dat mean??

>> No.4970913

Not him but I assume portions are starting to be inaccessible get cut. I do find it strange that they're not mentioning it in the news posts there and I also didn't find it in the community section but I guess something big is happening.

Either that or OP just duped us all and we're 153 posts in having heated discussions based on complete fiction...

>> No.4970915

I see. I might download some now while I still can.

>> No.4970919

All roms are cut from the site. They just didn't bother taking down the pages and capcha shit. So when you hit the download link you get nothing.

>> No.4970924

Holy zheit, it's true

>> No.4970932

Whoa had not expected this thread to be this active

>> No.4970934

Just upload torrents on public trackers.


Yeah, at least everyone can download it then. I wish bitgamer didn't die too.

>> No.4970936

A good portion of this board emulates, are you really surprised?

>> No.4970939

not really
Im quite happy reading some of these replies

>> No.4970950

>upload to public trackers
D00d, this a thread of parasitic leeches. The idea of going on some private tracker or elsewhere and remaking the torrent for everyone else is above their NEETbux levels.

>> No.4970958

Are there any private trackers that don't require registration?

>> No.4970962

What's the issue? It takes less than a minute.

>> No.4970967

All private trackers require some form of registration, the level of how autistic they are about it depends, but most common is filling out a form or getting an invite.

>> No.4970994


>> No.4971000

Start with a small enough torrent that people download, leave your Bittorrent client running and seed you autist.

>> No.4971005

What is freeleech and how does it work? Enjoy stressing over popular sites closing when everything /vr/ is readily available and always will be.

>> No.4971014

ROMShepherd has a private tracker, but you have to ask the admin for access. I'm not asking, either. Otherwise, just make a throwaway, free email with GMX or something and make a standard account with them, archive.org or whoever. ROMShepherd has a forum where they upload packs to their terrible Cloud Storage, even OneDrive which is wretched. Archive makes your email public like faggots when you upload something. (when you're logged in on an item's page, replace the part of the URL that says /details/ with /history/)

I have a shitty upload speed of 13 - 40 kbs, but I still managed to get most of the GoodSets up on archive cause no one else on that retarded ROMShepherd circlejerk cared. I really hate how everyone on archive posts discs either uncompressed or in .zip and not .7z or .rar. I personally like testing the max settings on both and then uploading whichever is smaller, but that's too hard for these plebs.

If anyone's using archive, I suggest uploading each disc in separate posts, in case someone wants to take down ONE disc, only ONE disc gets taken down and not the whole archive.

>> No.4971017


>> No.4971019

Also, watch out for archive.org's virus scanner. I had an upload nuked 3 times because one FDS ROM was pulling up a false positive on VirusTotal. If you encounter that, you could troll them by putting it in an archive of a .rar in a .zip in a .7z in a .rar in .tar, etc. until the virus scanner can't pick it up.

>> No.4971026

Does anyone know of any good private trackers? I had positive ratios on BCG, UG, and BG when they were around. I used BCG for 10 years. I'm at a bit of a loss now.

>> No.4971028


>> No.4971031

Wow, rude, you don't deserve to torrent.

>> No.4971039

Not at all true. I spent years uploading to various warez/emulation sites. Met several people who moved to private trackers when torrents became a thing, also knew a lot who stayed exploiting hosts/FTP's with offerings to the public. Among the leeches are dedicated uploaders who will branch into any environment that asks for assistance. _Everyone_ will be fine.

>> No.4971041

Non /vr/ console full of shovelware. Solution: Build ratio via freeleech seeding and then proceed download/seed good shit.

>> No.4971054

I think they're too complicated to be done the way 1-5th gen ones were. Even in 5th gen N64 emulation relies heavily on HLE. There was supposed to be a new generation of low level N64 emulators coming out that would emulate properly, I think they're finally getting somewhere but it's like pulling teeth.

>> No.4971060

If you have a decent upload speed and depending on the tracker, be one of the first to seedbox a new (popular) release. You'll get a ton of credit that way.

>> No.4971075

don't copy that floppy, mr. fbi/lea

>> No.4971079

Very few people are willing to pay for a seedbox. The guy using all caps and swearing is probably least likely to.

>> No.4971081

that guy is a raging leech

>> No.4971090

Pretty much, it's obvious he knows next to nothing about torrents. Fuck, even without a seedbox, you could have a good ratio just by not downloading too much and having your computer on overnight with client running. In otherwords, don't be a fucking retarded leecher.

>> No.4971093

That classic sonic on DopeRom years ago was my first fapping to his big belly.

>> No.4971102

C-can we still download SNES roms from other websites?

>> No.4971106

Emu-russia has a lot of SNES roms

>> No.4971118

Okay. Romhustler seems to be up as well

>> No.4971159 [DELETED] 

Reminder that Nintendo is actually downloading roms and selling it back to you for profit. They deserve rape for this.


>> No.4971204

A lot of their roms are ESA protected so the download links have been disabled.

>> No.4971215

>lost all my roms and ISOs just last night
>see this
Cool. I know where to get non nintendo stuff but finding a working website that has nintendo shit is going to be a pain.

>> No.4971226

It shouldn't be necessary.

>> No.4971237


I'm currently setting up megalinks for this, anon.

Otherwise, I would suggest torrenting.

>> No.4971256

I find it surreal that they steal ROMs from sites, shouldn't they have the codes and shit of their own games in a vault or something like that?

>> No.4971267

It was very rare for game companies to keep source code and resources back in the day. You guys are spoiled because we can now buy terabytes of storage for cheap, but there was a time in which storage was much more expensive, and not as large. As such, companies didn't keep everything.

Also, whatever it's worth, they own the rights to the ROMs, so they can sell them as they please.

>> No.4971304

I still have an 80 MB hard drive from the 80's laying around.

>> No.4971326

How the fuq they printed more copies of a game then smart guy?

>> No.4971327

Meh, Emuparadise had already been struggling for a long time before the shutdown. I stopped using it when they didn't have licenced Nintendo games anymore

>> No.4971331

They came back for a minute actually

>> No.4971335

Still, there's nothing preventing them from buying a used cartridge of, let's say Mario 3, ripping the code from it and putting it up for sale on their eShop

>> No.4971372

Twice actually. I think that's what did them in. I mostly just miss the theme of the site about emulation. It was just a place that was great for newbies to emulation but I agree better roms were found elsewhere.

>> No.4971408


>better roms were found elsewhere

This. I've had a lot of trouble from emuparadise. The only real perk is that most of what I needed was all conveniently there and easy to find.

The quality of the roms was often a shot in the dark though.

>> No.4971430

What exactly is a 'no-intro' set?

>> No.4971434

that's a lot of work when they could just DL the NES fullset online in about a minute and be done with it

>> No.4971450

No-Intro is a group that makes .dat files that lists only verified clean ROM dumps without any alterations. The No-Intro sets take these .dat files and compile them ROMset with them. For NES games you're not necessarily going to want a No-Intro set though, since emulators require the headers to be in the ROM.

>> No.4971457

So it cuts down on the filesize by removing extraneous data?

>> No.4971463

They've been there the entire time, you can still download them right now.

>> No.4971481 [DELETED] 

Nintendo doesn't want people to know that they resell ROMs.

>> No.4971485

Well, back in the day, people would sometimes add cracktros and built-in Game Genie cheats to the ROMs, kinda why it's called No-Intro. You'd also get dumps with garbage bytes at the end that only served to bloat the filesize, or sometimes the dump would be broken in some ways. You're not wrong though, even with the NES example, the console itself doesn't require the headers, so those ROMs would actually play on something like an Everdrive.

>> No.4971521
File: 53 KB, 403x448, 1519518089305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can ya find some full sets on archive.org? All I see is shit, tons and tons of shit.

>> No.4971536

Magnetz bruh

>> No.4971538
File: 204 KB, 800x800, 1504911065404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Google "no-intro archive.org"

Look for the January 2016 release.

>> No.4971545
File: 2.48 MB, 2000x1437, 1529612919656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where does one get Dreamcast CDIs (so they fit the CD)?
Aren't there Dreamcast games which don't use the whole gigabyte on the disc?

>> No.4971575
File: 523 KB, 1022x766, 057AC5C6-6E2B-4FE5-8B17-132B1EBD8D13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this might sound like a retarded question but what does “no-intro” mean?

>> No.4971579

Look for ReviveDC or DCRes, as far as I remember all of their releases are typically optimized for regular CDs, not even those 800MB ones.

>> No.4971581

Scroll up 3 times

>> No.4971583


>> No.4971593
File: 42 KB, 640x480, 1458765118287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clean, unmodified ROM. No cracktros, no garbage data, just a 1:1 ROM dump.

>> No.4971609

Minifag here. I've been playing emulators and roms for nearly 20 years. I bought a snes mini as a novelty. It's nice to be able to take the thing wherever I want and plug into any TV. But the other anon is right, I haven't played more than an hour after the day I got it.

>> No.4971626



>> No.4971771
File: 151 KB, 926x927, 15322565956770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's awesome, thanks a bunch, guys!

>> No.4971779
File: 42 KB, 511x720, d762edf28bb323ea7de41233c404f2c9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here are links for everything from the "Retro Magazines, Comics, Strategy, Game Guide, Game Book Scans & More" category, except the spanish magazines. pw rage. There are 2731 Spanish magazines so if you want those you can use the c# application I've included in the second link to generate the links (no guarantee it will work for all links though).
Backup, share, like, subscribe etc.


>> No.4971780

Whats the passwords?

>> No.4971781

I've been using iso zone for disk-based games.

>> No.4971784

Usually you would go to a game page, click the download link, do a captcha, then click the download link again. But now the first download link takes you to a dead end page.

>> No.4971794

I remember that Anon. I like his site.

>> No.4971798

Hidden in plain view, friendo.

>> No.4971802

And that is?

>> No.4971805

Don't bother its a virus

>> No.4971813

I've tried all the words associated with nuggers I can think of

>> No.4971815

Nah it's from infinite chan theyve been preserving this stuff.

>> No.4971818

Well I just learned about JJ Squawkers from this post and just downloaded it. Cool platformer that I never heard of.
Emulation rocks.

>> No.4971829

Read the post friendo. Then never post again due to embarrassment..

>> No.4971837

I'm surprised most of the people i've seen defending Emuparadise getting axed where even Nintendo fans at all, considering Nintendo has made the most noticeably historic and older games compared to Sony and MicroSoft, between the current big three console manufactors.
Most PS4 players probably never gave a shit about Parappa or MediEvil and there's no PS1 games available on that console, yet not even they are praising the lack of storage and emulation of PS1/2 games.
Do they just assume defending Nintendo will get Ashley in Smash?

>> No.4971853

Oh fuck me. Thanks for sharing.

>> No.4971908

I imagine that most of them are thinking that Nintendo is going to put these old games on he Switch, which given that they've only released their arcade shit so far, I doubt that we'll see NES/SNES games any time soon.

>> No.4971964

I though Nintendo wasn't going to do Virtual Console for Switch but chances are, they're going to end up doing it anyways.

>> No.4971971

They'd be shooting themselves in the foot not to, mini consoles or not there will be some iteration of the VC Hopefully with GC games and maybe a Lindblom translation of Mother 3, but I'm just doing some wishful thinking I guess

>> No.4971980

I've heard mention of a subscription streaming service for legacy game support, which might just be worse than nothing at all.

>> No.4971984

I feel like they're going to have to eventually go for Virtual Console versions of Gamecube games like Mario Sunshine and the like, it's not like they have any real incentive to do a full on remake for something like that.

>> No.4971994

Given that 6th gen prices are skyrocketing right now I hope they do have Gamecube games on there I've been wanting to play Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door for ages again after my dog chewed up the disk but I could never find a good price for it in my area

>> No.4972072

Don't give Nintendo money for a digital copy of a game you already paid for that you can only play on the Switch

>> No.4972095

Nice try, Reggie. If you were genuinely active on UG you'd already have an account on the replacement.

>> No.4972104

Putting text in spoilers is annoying guy, stop.

>> No.4972148

I got them and then sold those fuckers on eBay for an obscene price. Fuck yeah fuckers.

>> No.4972154
File: 48 KB, 460x512, 1532473321791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shut up faggot I do what I want

>> No.4972382

>tfw nowhere has the same selection of JP PSX ISOs
i want to die

>> No.4972417


>> No.4972423


>> No.4972428

try snesorama's PSX Master List ;)

>> No.4972429

There is no future. Eventually people will only be able to consume present media that is actively being sold by their producers. Anything outside of that will be illegal. No old books, no old music, no old movies. Only the present. We have the largest database of knowledge in human history at our fingertips and we will voluntarily burn it all down because some rich people said so.

>> No.4972439

They have the binaries, joker.

In any case, the source code for NES/SNES or equivalent tech games is just Assembly with labels and comments (if any). You can just convert binaries back to Assembly and it's good to go. All you lose is the labels and comments. Since there's so little code, someone experienced with 6502 and the target systems could decode the game in a matter of months.
Higher level languages weren't used much for such limited systems.
Design documents are or probably lost to time too.

Ironically game companies have rarely followed the best practices of the wider software industry. Version control, who needs it? Comments are for weaklings! Backups, bah! Unit testing? My code works perfectly dammit! what is a regression?
I believe even many 90's games have lost sources, not that I could point to any specific instances.

>> No.4972464

What game is that?

>> No.4972479

It's hilarious how the greater majority of people who download roms haven't heard of romsets. like, do many of you really download one by one? holy shit, I would understand if you got shitty bandwidth caps but the rest of you have no excuse.

>> No.4972485

what the fuck is it. Typed in every possible word or thing I could think off from the post and umaru chan

>> No.4972489
File: 16 KB, 882x758, 1510773152497.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no more happy hour double downloads on the weekends

>> No.4972501

Nipped this in the bud back in 2011

>> No.4972510

can't monitor and control the population when they're allowed to study the past and learn things

>> No.4972518

You fucks need to learn to read.

>> No.4972519

You should learn to read

>> No.4972524

I hope they don't, it was right there, wasn't even hidden or anything, KEKs were had

>> No.4972543

Yeah no shit. The best tracker for retro games has been freeleech for a long time now. I'm glad that retard posting with his cruise control on isn't a member. I have the latest no-intro set on my seedbox and I can leech individual games whenever I want.

>> No.4972562

I just started playing We Happy Few, and this is basically one of the ways the populace is controlled.

>> No.4972592

Nintendo also claimed that emulators are harmful to them. How big are the chances they will be coming for Retroarch, Higan etc. next?

>> No.4972594

The company that can't even come up with their own ROMs for their Virtual Console can suck my dick for all I care.

>> No.4972595

sony tried and failed

>> No.4972596

Unless the emulators contain copyrighted material they have no chance against them.

>> No.4972603

Haven't they been found out to be using an in house fork of FCEUX for the NES re-releases?
Also emulators have been tried in court, and are fully legal as long as they don't contain copyrighted code. It's funny that their anti-piracy page spreads a bunch of FUD about emulation and preservation when they use community tools and dumps to resell their own games. It's almost disgusting.

>> No.4972636

Nintendo seems to think the laws only apply when it's convenient for them.

>> No.4972645

Reverse engineering isn't illegal. Emulation isn't illegal. All good emulators are open source, even if they kill a site hosting the executable there are 100-1000 people who have the code and can compile and share the emulator further.
If they banned emulators they'd have to ban virtual machines and wrappers, which are used in businesses. So it's impossible to go after emulators.

>> No.4972649 [DELETED] 

I wish the emulation crowd would have the decency to at least put on a front of doing things by the book. The MAME guys do :-)

>> No.4972663

We survived the decline of CoolRom and we'll survive this.

>> No.4972665

What should be done is the complete teardown of copyright bullshit in the US. Games older than 20 years should be public domain and Nintendo should be told to fuck off when they inevitably bitch.

>> No.4972669

CoolROM doesn't have Nintendo ROMs but they still have mostly everything else people care about. Go farm on that site for Sega, PS, and Atari ROMs before it gets shut down too.

Inb4 this post gets CR deleted

>> No.4972682

Are the PSP roms on Coolrom scene releases?

I am still missing PoPoLoCrois_USA_PSP-ARTiSAN before EP went down. Where can I find the original archives incl. sfv/nfo?

>> No.4972687

Just find the iso somewhere and use the srr file to rebuild it:


The software you need to do so is also on this site (srrdb.) If you care about original scene releases it's an incredibly valuable resource.

>> No.4972689

As much as I hate to say it, this is what the elite want. Whether they get it or not, they will try to change laws to make anything non-current illegal.

>> No.4972693 [DELETED] 

Are there even any good Nintendo games? All I can think of is smash brothers.

>> No.4972698


You should be able to rebuild the original archives from this iso. This site hosts PSP scene releases, it's where I download all of mine from.

>>>/v/ is that way, be gone intruder

>> No.4972706

If people are mindless drones...

>> No.4972708

>when your first console is a hand-me-down PS3 from your cool older brother

>> No.4972709
File: 24 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post underrated nintendo games

>> No.4972712

>but it's a super slim so you can't run emulators on it

>> No.4972724


Thanks, guys! Another PSP question: Does it have PAL slowdown? Some games are only available as EUR release.

>> No.4972738

pretty sure I can still download any game I want for free, dude. you know hundreds of these websites have come and gone, right?

>> No.4972768

I highly doubt that. Could be a factor if you're playing PSX games on it though.

>> No.4972774

>>>>/v/ is that way
So you have no real arguments or examples? Does this mean Nintendo doesn't have good games?


>> No.4972784

Yeah, no. This thread isn't exactly Nintendo friendly. We're in here ranting about why they piss us off. But if you want to deny the incredibly influential nature of the company, all the classic series like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc... You're clearly lost. They've made many great games that are a part of the childhoods of millions. As an adult that has played Super Mario Bros countless times I still have fun picking it up and playing it on occasion. When they were claiming video games were just a fad and huge numbers of ET cartridges were getting cemented over in the Arizona desert they had the balls to stick with it anyway. I'm forever grateful for that. Despite you being totally out of line I also think the people who say anything that isn't Nintendo is shit need to die a slow painful death.

>> No.4972792

>Mario, Zelda, Metroid
None of these were good. There just wasn't anything better back then.
I didn't say Nintendo was shit. I just don't find their old games good at all, or at least not as good as alternatives of that time.

>> No.4972794

That's cool, almost nobody agrees with you though.

>> No.4972798

>back then


Zoomer scum

>> No.4972801
File: 48 KB, 492x449, tiresome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The issue is quality dying off.

You fucking nigger, do you even realize how many torrent sites offer 100% complete no intro goodsets? Emuparadise has always been a website where fucking casuals and zoomers could download baby's first pokeman rom, nothing more and nothing less. I'm glad the site is dead, that way the hobby is hopefully less normie-infested

>> No.4972804 [DELETED] 


I know.

>> No.4972829

pokemon puzzle challenge is even more underrated than this

>> No.4972876
File: 546 KB, 256x192, 1515106227069.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>site doesnt have the different versions of ROMs
>just get the one ROM but it doesnt tell you anything about the version
why is this allowed?

>> No.4972898
File: 31 KB, 485x474, 74E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fucking casuals
>baby's first

>> No.4972914
File: 60 KB, 323x323, 1515171170969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4972928

Nope, other sites were closed in the past and nothing changed at all.

>> No.4972939

Accurate representation of what I look like, what is your point?

>> No.4972992

So where are you guys getting your roms now?

I tried RomHustler and it still seems to be up

>> No.4972993

All these people crying about the loss of one romsite and requesting for other places to get roms instead makes me worry about the state of the average human being nowadays. Even "noobs" were still able to use DOS prompts, program a little in BASIC or were able to use a search engine in the past so how are people this stupid that they can't even do such simple tasks, let alone in a world where it's become easier than ever to get games or information in general.
I refuse to believe this is just people who are shitposting because they're bored, something is seriously wrong with you guys.

INB4 "where do you think you are", just because you're an anonymous user on this site doesn't make you any less stupid if you need training wheels for basic computer actions and no this being the board for older video games doesn't have anything to do with that and no saying it's worse on another site doesn't diminish your own stupidity.

>> No.4972998

Megalinks, private trackers, and other easy to find sites wide out in the open

So much this

>> No.4973101

if you want an ease of access okay version of thousand year old door use the torrent on portalroms.com of it, worked fine for me and i'm up the second chapter of it

>> No.4973315

Rainbow Bell Adventure

>> No.4973407
File: 27 KB, 320x240, tempo6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any google doc equivalents like this for Sega Saturn? I've been searching for one for ages but haven't been able to find anything.

>> No.4973418 [DELETED] 

yeah like what is the point in posting that even if someone does look like it, what is the point?

I wonder about that guy and the people behind those pics. How humiliating it must be. So many people have problems with their weight and their skin. He's not so fat that he could not have a normal life. imo only a psychopath who there is something wrong with them are going to post pictures like this. I mean there's no accounting for teenager behaviour, but most people here are at least in their 20s and posting pics like this.

>> No.4973474
File: 439 KB, 492x503, drunk_cat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Do you guys really think its going to be hard to get roms and the end for roms and emulation?
Why would anyone think that? It's just one website ffs.

>> No.4973515

No idea, but a quick Google search brings up downloadable TOSEC and Redump Saturn sets. Be sure to use quotes.

>> No.4973659

>doesn't have PSX games

>please join our forum so you can download the iso in 20 separate parts

this is good but it's a tiny little fraction of what emuparadise had RIP

>> No.4973727

I still have to lol at the tards who refer to their precious private tracker's name That Thou Shalt Not Speak as its initials as if it's hard to find what they're talking about while tards can't figure it out.

It's like, they say "rw", but what's that in the first 5 results of searching 'rw private tracker' in Google or DuckDuckGo? Such retards.

>> No.4973737

companies have limited resources to pay for all these lawsuits
there will always be more sites sooner or later
nothing lasts forever
sites change their name, server, ip, etc. all the time

>> No.4973751
File: 58 KB, 947x638, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like Pleasuredome might be going next.

>> No.4973768

What a bunch of faggots.
Nothing will be missed.

>> No.4973772
File: 1.40 MB, 400x400, 1527424509181.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what does that mean?
im not really into torrents, im a direct downloads guy

>> No.4973783

I means that pleasuredome wants you to suck off their egos before they even consider letting you join their torrents.

>> No.4973808


Pleasuredome is a semi-private tracker (you need an account there, but there's no invites) offering full, mostly up to date ROM sets for game systems. They have pretty much every non-Nintendo system up to the OG xbox. As of the 9th they are getting rid of freeleech for every torrent except the MAME torrents, so you'll have seed them for quite a bit of time to get access to the rest of their library. This by itself isn't a huge deal. But they are also threatening to delete every torrent off the site except MAME.

>> No.4973814


*no invites needed

>> No.4973826

I mostly use emulators for romhacks as opposed to unaltered roms. It's why I bought an Everdrive anyway.

>> No.4973839
File: 58 KB, 626x754, 1500624173132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well that sucks, why do all these sites suddenly go to shit?

>> No.4973843

Survival and deterring emuparadise/direct download leeches

>> No.4973853

>Do you guys really think its going to be hard to get roms and the end for roms and emulation?

OP, I present to you: clonemaster's Archive account https://archive.org/details/@clonemaster

>> No.4973950

I've had ideas using IPFS as a host with a web based front end for years. It's silly to have everything be in a central location.
With IPFS you get the convenience of DDL with the longevity of torrents.

>> No.4973989 [DELETED] 

Fascism is gone it's okay now we beat them in WW2

>> No.4974005

Using something similar to this for all ROMs, we wouldn't have to worry about losing stuff, as it's all decentralized.

>> No.4974148

So what is a good alternative to this website? Anyone know of a good rom site that is trustworthy? Emuparadise was always reliable for me to find roms and it sucks that it's going away.

>> No.4974164

Buy the original hardware, you cheap fucks.

>> No.4974170

there's nothing wrong with emulating games if the hardware is out of reach, eat shit and die

>> No.4974275
File: 90 KB, 482x574, 1502473639672.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4974291

Panzer Dragoon Saga is lost to time. And that was late 90's.

>> No.4974297

Why don’t we do what /mu/ does and make share threads?

>> No.4974302

Nice try Nintendo

>> No.4974329

>tfw the first Rom I downloaded from here was oddly the last one I downloaded

>> No.4974345

So are there any rom sets I can grab that won't net me 10 versions of the same game in different languages?

>> No.4974421

Games aren't hard to find. Finding doujinshi albums with obscure artists is hard to find, and share threads are usually a last ditch effort to find it given the OP of those threads give you plenty of resources regarding how to find music.

>> No.4974426


Non double front intro sets

>> No.4974446

Everyone complains of government becoming too powerful, but no one acknowledges the power wielded by corporations. If it wasn't for the proliferation of open source, decentralized networking and the fact you can often play these companies against each other I would say we were truly and utterly fucked. Then again, who knows what horrors might be brought about in the future thanks to technology conglomerates and their powerful AI....

>> No.4974458

That hardware is dying you dense retard, and the parts and expertise to fix them is drying up.

>> No.4974470

I have over 200gb of roms/iso's backed up from 8-16bit and all of n64, satelliview, virtuaboy, n64 DD, GBA/GBA E-Reader Cards and various prototypes/alphabuilds. I am unable to back up anymore than this /VR/ so I hope somebody is able to get all iso/cue/bin files for 32 bit systems and up.

>> No.4974490 [DELETED] 

Anyone else having problems with the No Intro NES games set? The other console games work fine, but none of the NES games work on any of my emulators.
And it sucks because I'm specifically looking for Akumajou Densetsu (Jap Castlevania III), and other rom torrents don't seem to have Japanese NES games.

>> No.4974496

>but no one acknowledges the power wielded by corporations.
are you kidding

>> No.4974507

Works fine on higan, as do other JP games.

>> No.4974509
File: 1.62 MB, 1534x2100, Castlevania_III_-_Dracula's_Curse_-_(NA)_-_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else having problems with the No Intro NES games set? The other console games work fine, but none of the NES games work on any of my emulators.
And it sucks because I'm specifically looking for Akumajou Densetsu (Jap Castlevania III), and other rom torrents don't seem to have Japanese NES games.

>> No.4974575
File: 49 KB, 848x480, black label.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Almost impossible to find old anime
>Now this

>> No.4974593

Does anyone have a good source for playstation games? I tried rom depot and it just failed twice while trying to download one of the bigger files.

>> No.4974601


>> No.4974617

Thanks, are these files ready to burn? I'd like to play these on an actual console. Also, is this CR_downloader necessary?

>> No.4974619
File: 15 KB, 267x246, 1431340615982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

torrents, son

>> No.4974620

No use the other link. Its a pop up with a captcha then the file fownloads

>> No.4974626

iktf. surrender and watch online like me.

>> No.4974638 [DELETED] 

I've been using Nestopia for the No-intro romset that i downloaded from arvhive.org and they work fine

>> No.4974645

I've been using Nestopia for the No-intro romset that i downloaded from archive.org and they work fine

>> No.4974668
File: 117 KB, 718x1112, irisu_38___today_s_catch_by_piddlepoddle-d75igp5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NES emulators require headers, and since No-Intro sets provide clean, 1:1 dumps, their ROMs won't include the headers.

Give this set a try, despite the name it's not actually a no-intro set (or perhaps it's a modified set?) https://archive.org/details/NintendoNintendoEntertainmentSystem20140825.7z

>> No.4974774

I've got All the GCN and DS games, but the PS2 and Wii libraries are fucking ridiculously hueg.

I'll get all the PS1 ISOs once I sort my HDDs out.

>> No.4974780

I just rip the streams.

>> No.4974785

Hey, those work! Including the japanese games. Thank you based anon.

>> No.4974907

alright based anon keep up the good work and yeah once you hit the ps2/wii library things tend to crazy.

>> No.4975076

>Almost impossible to find old anime
the fuck are you talking about all the same old places are up

>> No.4975134
File: 247 KB, 602x448, Akumajou Densetsu (Japan)_001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of shit emulator you using to have problems with no intro? Get Mesen.

>> No.4975217

'the fuck is a "zoomer"?
Last time I heard the term it meant a buzz sound device in cheapo alarm systems.

>> No.4975220

You just answered your own question: it's just another meaningless word that people use because they think it's funny.

>> No.4975229

Gen Z + boomer = zoomer. Boomers and their dumbass outlook on the world have been mocked for years now. Now that gen z is coming of age we are starting to see they're pretty moronic too. I was pretty dumb when I was their age so it's not too surprising, but they seem to take great pride in their ignorance rather than thinking it's just funny troll like behavior.

>> No.4975234

how about downloading these private tracker sets and making them available on rutracker?

>> No.4975235

>He's not on on GG and retrowith.in.

Fucking peasants ITT.

>> No.4975238

I could put any non-disc based sets you want on google drive if you wanted them

>> No.4975247

non-disc sets aren't a problem, they don't take much space.
btw there is chinese cloud which offers much space, big enough even for psx full set.

>> No.4975253

The problem is getting it from a seedbox to those sites in the first place. Google is easy because I can just use command line tools to do it. I don't even have enough space for most of the disk based sets on my seedbox anyway with all the non-retro game stuff I keep on there.

>> No.4975269

How much space one needs for the whole 5th and 6th gen sets?

>> No.4975274

All regions?

>> No.4975278


>> No.4975376

I think XBOX alone is about 8TB

>> No.4975385

I am predicting that the secret mode in Smash 5 is some sort of subscription based emulation mode, with a much larger library than what was available on the Wii store and some nice features. Because this new offering is on the way, Nintendo are now moving on the emulation sites.

>> No.4975392
File: 110 KB, 877x669, ps2 set.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

xbox discs use dummy data so the games dont compress well at all but if you scrub it off you have 1.4 tb for all

asia one still growing and includes korean and chinese versions too.

>> No.4975397

How often does rw open apps? I am covered for now but would like to join.

>> No.4975402


>> No.4975404

never ever

>> No.4975409

reported to admins, say goodbye to your accounts idiots...

>> No.4975425

lol /marked/

>> No.4975790

animebytes has all of it

>> No.4975836

>can't find batch manga torrents anymore
>or not even find separate chapters to download
>nowadays most scan sites upload to online manga sites and that's it.

>> No.4975847

If you have an account (I do, but not everyone does).

>> No.4975858

can't find ps1 iso what am i gonna do


>> No.4975863

Which one?

>> No.4975864

Help me think of a proper method of hosting this shit in a way that won't get me into SERIOUS legal trouble and I can help out. I'm in a country where a plea for archiving might hold in court. If I can help out a couple of kids across the globe get their games I'll happily be a criminal for it. I just need to know what method is going to let me get away with it for as long as possible.

>> No.4975869

Damn...that’s fucked up. I’m gonna do some retro gaming on my dad’s PS3 now, old fags.

>> No.4975873

host it in ukraine

>> No.4975874

Paying for your hosting in bitcoin. Worrying about trying to hide the location of your server and shit like that is kinda pointless, if there's ever a lawsuit they're going to eventually get to it. Better to just make sure it's not easy to tie you to the financial side of it. I'd look for resellers that specialize in seedboxes for torrenting. The hosts they use are less strict when it comes to dealing with copyright complaints. Also namecheap accepts bitcoin...

>> No.4976005

Are there any reliable sources for ROMs besides Emuparadise? They were like king for me when it came to ROMs. I just want my PC to be a powerhouse to play any retro games I would ever possibly want to play if they were never ported to newer systems or computers

>> No.4976031

>Use bitcoin
>A currency where every transaction is public
>And the value soars and dives like a rollercoaster

Great idea

>> No.4976096


>> No.4976101

F. Anyone on the "other site" on a download frenzy. They might be next. Make your your PC wears a condom cause they will be viruses.

>> No.4976107

This is nothing, snesorama was a real tragedy

>> No.4976109

Free public hosting like mega, 4shared, zippy, etc. and index the links in basic text on pastebin and the likes. You don't have to use proxies or pay cash when it comes to emulation and free hosts, you just have to deal with their basic data limitations and deletion of files.

>> No.4976159

>he thinks it's a secret

>> No.4976272

Man that's some great scrubbing

>> No.4976275

What games should I be backing up now? I found several sites but I assume they'll die soon too.

>> No.4976304

Everything Nintendo.

>> No.4976310


Nothing. If there are rare roms then you should have been "backup up" them anyway. I mean what is your excuse for not having a copy? Some of people seem to want to role play preparing for some kind of zombie suvival apocalypse - it's as if torrents, p2p, IRC etc. don't exist. It's as if sites weren't always illegal and being continually shut down.

>> No.4976432

what are the rarest roms/isosthat i should get a copy of just incase?

>> No.4976467

Super mario for the nes is a tough one to get a hold of. I think there's split archives on soms usenet sitez out there tho.

>> No.4976475
File: 66 KB, 750x600, retarded_luigi_by_mariozonic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sad thing this was all predicted, every time nintardo tanks a system and shits out a new one rom sites are hit first. Has been done many times before.

Sites need to stop hosting ninshit and keep the good stuff like mame and everything else.

The reeboot consoles have become a bad joke and the only ones that care about them are the basedboys who don't know how to emu. So let them pay for the same game again and again.

>> No.4976483

LOL the mods here have shown their true colors indeed.

>> No.4976491

What happened?

>> No.4976502

Apparently the mods here are lactose intolerant as they favor milk from other sources than cows....and that milk will turn into word BASED when used..

>> No.4976804 [DELETED] 

>public healthcare was literally Stalin.
Because it is. Hell, Stalin in all honesty probably isn't as bad as public healthcare. At least Stalin killed a lot less Americans did public healthcare has had.

ESLs should not be allowed to publicly comment on matters of law. Away with you peasant.

>> No.4977021

I'll probably never get an invite. I wish.

>> No.4977025

Would you be willing to make a mega? I have a terrabyte of free space waiting to be used. Everyone needs to pitch in the archiving during these troubling times.

>> No.4977036

>Do you guys really think its going to be hard to get roms and the end for roms and emulation?
Vimm's Lair is still online.

>> No.4977180

Guess its time to buy a HDD and fill it with torrented roms

>> No.4977217

>killed a lot less Americans did public healthcare has had.
Was there any part of you that looked at that sentence and thought, "Yeah, that's coherent?"

>> No.4977246
File: 10 KB, 627x143, Screenshot_2018-08-14 The Eye File Listing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went on The Eye, and it's got all these under Earthbound. Which one is the real one, and not a mod/hack?

>> No.4977248

Newfag. It's the [!] one

>> No.4977253

What exactly do dumping groups like Redump and No-Intro do if they're not releasing games directly?

>> No.4977254

Can anyone post a pastebin with MEGA links for those good ol' retro roms?

>> No.4977258

Bitcoin is the future of transaction.

>> No.4977260

I imagine that the no-intro ROM sets and the no-intro checksum archives are more linked than they let on. The archive is useful, though, for checking ROM integrity or seeing if you have a unique ROM relative to what they have documented.

>> No.4977261

Nevermind, I just went to The ROM Depot, like this guy >>4968808 posted.

>> No.4977264

>as they favor milk from other sources than cows

>> No.4977279

>hello fellow gamers

>> No.4977407


>> No.4977519
File: 2.37 MB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone needs to hack nintendo servers and host a shit ton of roms from there.

>> No.4977531

Are there mame romsets? I know there must be millions of arcade roms, but I was hoping there would be something like genre-based sets for mame

>> No.4977537

yes and no
Mame sucks some games don't work your best option is to download a bundle (emu + roms configured)
I'm downloading and ripping my rare ps2 games and some undubs I got from epforums and emuparadise main website in near future I think there won't be any website hosting them so I might set up a 48 hour FTP every 30 days or something

>> No.4977538

Doesn't everyone already have an account at Pleasuredome?

>> No.4977556

>Berserk PS2 translated uploaded on kat torrents
>over 30k downloads
>not a single link alive
why live?

>> No.4977560

You don't have to tell me mame sucks. I don't think I ever got it working quite honestly. But I had an enormous collection of roms I cultivated over a long time and lost them all recently, and the only ones that weren't backed up were mame.

>> No.4977564

Your best option is to get a bundle
Downloading all roms won't do any good if you can't play them. Some obscure corruptions occur or md5 don't match and your entire rom set is compromised

>> No.4977578

>they had the balls to stick with it anyway
They weren't the only company still making games and consoles.

>> No.4977594

They (Nintendo) were the ones who saved gaming in the Us (For the most part anyway), the second biggest market in gaming.

>> No.4977675

Back in the 90s, roms were scattered all over geocities pages or similar. You'd just have to look harder if you wanted something specific

>> No.4977719

No... I hardly ever used Emuparadise.

>> No.4977736


I'm doing much of the same although I live in the US. I have a bunch of mega links I'm opening up, Hosting a private discord server that contains these links and whatnot.

>> No.4977823
File: 36 KB, 478x351, 98b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What am I look at?

>> No.4977829

A super secret private tracker that doesn't let people in and operates like they are Ross Ulbricht or something

>> No.4977841


Wouldn't be surprised if we are heading back to the 90s/early 00s as far as searching for roms go.

We will probably see the return of "you can download this, but you must delete it in 24 hours or else the cops will arrest you and you will be executed for your crimes" scare tactic soon.

>> No.4977843
File: 231 KB, 800x720, 1520623086635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will never complete my PS2 collection then.

>> No.4977868


>> No.4977925

I went to that website today to get adigimon world 3 iso and it redirected me to an ad with a picture of a dog fucking a girl and a man doing something to a naked baby. Then i got a popup asking me to download "pornhub,apk"

I miss emuparadise

>> No.4978080 [DELETED] 

You beat some germans and italians, but not their ideals.
We're still coming to gas you liberals, commies, and kikes.

>> No.4978096

Any set that exceeds 10gb. Most ROM sets (MAME aside) are already backed up across infinite sites, larger files are the biggest issue when it comes to circulation.

>> No.4978113
File: 25 KB, 499x374, Offensive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Now ps2/gamecube/wii/xbox are lacking decent sites
I often felt there should be a board on this site for "legacy" systems that go from the ones you mentioned to the generation after....basically 2 generations of games are not really discussed. You try to have an Xbox discussion in /v/ and they refer you to /vr/.....So you make a thread in /vr/....And that was my first post on /vr/....Where I was told to politely go fuck off back to /v/.

>> No.4978126

Not to mention I've got game cartridges from when I was a kid that are unplayable due to dead batteries

>> No.4978128

I've always wondered how /co/ can peacefully mix comic books and childrens cartoons but we can't have a board for old videogame and slightly less old games.

>> No.4978135 [DELETED] 
File: 52 KB, 640x480, Mahagony red Xbox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've always wondered how /co/ can peacefully mix comic books and childrens cartoons but we can't have a board for old videogame and slightly less old games.
There certainly is no place for these sort of discussions here. I don't think Dreamcast belongs here either. There is very little "retro" about it. Compared to other "retro" systems, it is a 3d powerhouse.

Do we scream and kick and moan when the Gamecube and Xbox reach 20 years old and demand that they also be eligible for discussion just like the dreamcast?

09-14-2021 Is the Gamecube 20 year b-day
11-15-2021 is the Xbox 20 year b-day

And I will be posting picts of my xbox on that day, and asking 12,000,000 related questions that I already know the answers to. 3 years isn't really that long of time.

>> No.4978145

have I not been to that board since pre-capeshit or what

>> No.4978186

Looks like a ROM site that I had bookmarked on tor or freenet a while back.

>> No.4978198

The parts capable of failing are easy to make, which is why they are everywhere. The expertise is at best high school level of complexity.

Stop calling others retard, you fucking mongoloid.

>> No.4978202

Scared. They are scared of being sued. Like whiny bitches.

The people using sites like Emuparadise or the several others that have vanished won't switch to torrents over night.

>> No.4978221
File: 15 KB, 624x174, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4978334

The replacement will be IPFS

>> No.4978417


I created one


>> No.4978472

How much storage do you have?

>> No.4979002

I already have the hardware and the games. I love emulation because of save states. As bad as it sounds I think every game should have a save instantly feature. That's the way difficulty should be changed. If you choose easy, unlimited saves, if you choose medium then you would be given a number of saves per level, if you choose hard, then 1 save.

If this was adopted then there would be no save runs and such.

>> No.4979056

>The replacement will be IPFS
problem with IPFS is hardly anybody uses it

>> No.4979080

Because it isn't mainstream yet. It functions like archive.org and it's very easy to use. No heard of zippyshare till MEGA limited there bandwith. IPFS will be a way for average people to start there own rom sites.

>> No.4979081

>not having ublock origin installed
>trying to pirate shit from an Android device

It seems like you're hopelessly lost despite only being on the first level of this game. Here, let me help you with that.

First you install Firefox for Android. If you don't want to use it as your main browser that's fine, you really only need it for shit like this.


Next install ublock origin, it will be the condom that protects you from all forms of mobile phone aids.


You'd probably be a million times better off doing this on a PC. You could use your browser of choice and getting through any of the redirect pages will be a breeze compared to doing it on a phone. But if you're a retarded normie without a PC it can't be helped.

>> No.4979407

Get the fuck out of here Reggie.

>> No.4979414

Where can I get PSX roms in bin/cue format?

>> No.4979452


>> No.4979460

cdromance is also good, make sure you have your adblocker on.

>> No.4979512
File: 81 KB, 536x392, 1508908972544.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So where can I download PSX2PSP now?

>> No.4979515


>> No.4979518


>> No.4979568

The first search result. psx-place

>> No.4979996

Can any seeders comment on Xfinity throttling upload speeds? Suppose I'll invest in a seedbox.

>> No.4980084


>> No.4980226

the isozone is kill too, F

>> No.4980382

Anyone else remember blackcats-games? I miss

>> No.4980405

How many more are going to follow suit?
I'm getting kinda nervous now.

>> No.4980408

good joke man

>> No.4980462

The sites are shutting down as they are old school and were done at times when keeping anonymous when hosting and dealing with domains wasnt really possible. There will be new ones emergin

>> No.4980574

>Theyre just acting crazy to scare you into buying everything
Which would work better if they were actually selling anything.

>> No.4980650

Where the hell can I get a translated version of the Japanese Castlevania 3 now?

>> No.4980665


Search the interweb for No-Intro Akumajou Densetsu (Japan).zip

Do /vr/ gamers really not know how search engines work?

>> No.4980669


Also search RomHacking for the translation patch

>> No.4980686


>> No.4980701


Within 1 minute, I had the ROM, patched the translation, uploaded it for you, and made this post. You have 24 hours.


>> No.4980760
File: 23 KB, 480x360, 1512838991319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can only applaud their efforts and desu hope they'll go after reselling used physical copies next.

>> No.4980769

I don’t blame them for getting scared

>> No.4981068
File: 832 KB, 480x320, 1531852717700.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would these work on NesterJ on the PSP?

>> No.4981109

Xbox is /v/ per the rules. Link the faggots telling you to go to /vr/ to the /vr/ sticky.

>> No.4981142
File: 76 KB, 1280x720, 1438357774698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey friendos. New application to get direct download links to emup if anyone still cares.


Urls in the format of http://www.emuparadise.me/platform/game/numbers goes in the urls.txt
You can copy links from the "list all titles" pages with a browser add-on..

>> No.4981175

Redump hosts data for making perfect rips of discs. Kind of like how ripping Music CD's work.

>> No.4981180

Is that site gone? I hadn't noticed.

>> No.4981184

If fewer mouthbreathers are able to point and grunt their way to ROMs, that's a good thing :-)

>> No.4981192

Based.. and redpilled!

>> No.4981209

Do kids really not know how to torrent anymore?

>> No.4981223

>muh sekrit klubs
There is still no need to sink that low.

>> No.4981224

Have you tried this? berserkdarkness dot altervista dot org slash berserk-ps2-patch-engita-1-1-final-version/

>> No.4981229

games will be gone forever

trust me when they crack down, they WILL crack down

just swallow the pill now

they will come for your things

>> No.4981232
File: 105 KB, 515x372, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based PSP anon. I like to make music play when I highlight mine.

>> No.4981235

Nearly everything /vr/ is on public trackers.

>> No.4981248

> being this wrong

>> No.4981260

Man, thank god I got a PS2 iso with almost all retro emulators and roms I need.

>> No.4981281

Is there a place I can get the full sega saturn library in one download?

>> No.4981374

you're the boss, jew merchant

>> No.4981378

mongaloid is just another work for retard, aspie

>> No.4981383

I play my roms on the original hardware though.

>> No.4981396

I don't care about roms, I need a solution for PS2/GCN/WII isos

>> No.4981398
File: 35 KB, 480x307, 8162B611-E86A-4098-A506-4B09861AE23A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another win for Real Hardware. When will you zoomers ever learn?

>> No.4981402
File: 638 KB, 700x480, 900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would if it existed in good condition for a reasonable price. A chewed up cartridge being scalped for 1,000 quid that will decay in 2 years is not a sound investment. And that's for the big name titles, not even the obscure foreign titles that are nowhere to be found.

>> No.4981412

With Bethesda getting the party started, surely Nintendo will follow.

>> No.4981417

Those are read-only so you can call them ROMs if you'd like.

>> No.4981421

Most games are available for less than MSRP. Only a few JRPGs are expensive.

>> No.4981438

I just checked ebay and the N64 game you're displaying a picture of is going for €13.44 or for €200 manufacturer sealed.

>> No.4981442

JRPGs are mostly what I'm into though. Someday I will buy cartridges and dump my own roms from them for fun, I'd also like to submit my checksums to databases. Using translation patches on my own dumps of carts I own will be cool too. Now is not a good time for that though.

>> No.4981443

I just don't wanna pay

torrent will always exist, my backlog is in my HDD, I don't care

fuck nintendo though, no particular reason

>> No.4981448
File: 226 KB, 460x2534, a3Y7dLr_460s_v2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Old games are so good they're not even worth that much.

>> No.4981595
File: 656 KB, 569x629, 717.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's because it was a silly reaction pic that vaguely ties into retro vidya. I'm well aware that GoldenEye is widely available. No one gives a fuck about that. I'm talking about other lesser known foreign titles. GoldenWhy is still nowhere to be found along with other games.

They're rarely available. I'm also into JRPG's like the other anon stated. That makes two of us fighting for one poor condition cartridge.

You got it the other way around. Majority of zoomers have no idea about emulation.

>> No.4981598

Which games?

>> No.4981605
File: 1.64 MB, 1824x2212, segajrpg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4981641

Update: Just tested a No-Intro NES game and it worked

>> No.4981935

You could just click on the "captcha not working? Click here" thing and skip it every single time.

>> No.4981953




>> No.4981979

t-thanks nintendo

>> No.4982391

>Zoomers have no idea about emulation
this is sadly true, they dont bother and rather buy the nes/snes mini from nintendo

>> No.4982593


>> No.4982671
File: 178 KB, 1280x960, nu males2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Downloading ROMs is morally wrong."

>> No.4982795


>> No.4982802

Fuck off Nintendo

>> No.4982817

only a nintoddler would say that

>> No.4983030

I like this, but once again the devs have not considered anything beyond the current stage. Its unusuable atm unless you into cli.
The internet needs a hardened, self-healing, anonymous & distributed p2p web but tptb wont allow it.

>> No.4983075

That's because they're too busy jerking themselves off over "muh blockchain"

>> No.4983401

You can use a web browser. If you install it and go to localhost:5001 you get a GUI that you can up and download files from.

>> No.4983717

As this seems to be the emu thread, does anyone know why I can't apply a translation in an .ips format into a .fds?

Whenever I try it always ends up saying a bad disc error. I've tried all different versions of the .fds I could find. They work fine without the patch.

>> No.4983950

A lot of these aren't RPGs

>> No.4984008

It was the best website. Best selection no pop ups, and you could skip the captcha.

Last night I wanted to download an obscure PS1 game called Brave Prove, took me like 2 fucking hours to find a working download.

>> No.4984119

>not downloading (quality) complete sets and housing them on storage that's more affordable than ever
This is your own fault.

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