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Best retro RPG thread

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>it's a "you were 3/4 the way down to the Dragon Village but then Katt lost her fusion so you have to walk all the way back up to redo it and try again" episode

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romhacking net
unfusing less
Thank me later

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It's not even the best from his own series.

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isn't this the game where an NPC deflowers your waifu after a battle that you're forced to lose, then he goes and dies like 5 minutes later

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>best story
>best music
>best characters
>not the best gameplay
>2nd best graphics
4.5/6 apply yourself

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No, never heard of such a game with such an infantile description

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Yes, but Katt isn't Ryu's canon waifu so it's okay

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Never played these games before are they related to eachother or can I just jump straight into II?

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You can jump straight to 2. There's only one throwback to the previous game.

Be sure to grab re-translation and 'unfusing less' patches from romhacking.net.

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Katt sucks. Furfags can yiff in hell

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Is Katt really *that* furry, though? The fur is essentially tiger stripe yoga pants and she's a shapely young woman. Are you fucking gay or something?

>tfw no /fit/ cosplayer fuckbuddy, not because of the furshit, but you know she's a treat if she's doing all this other nutty shit

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On my first playthrough rn and I no-lifed it all the way to Farmtown and am still loving it. I have played tons of JRPGs and this is one of my new favorites.
And Katt is best girl.

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The question must be asked.

Is Katt's vulva essentially exposed?

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Most mediocre RPG I'd say

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Is this the post where the mong outs itself as also being gay

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Katt rejects him and he chases after a different chick

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I played the game not knowing how to do any fusing or transformations except for the main character and I never used it because it was easier to spam regular attacks. I hated this game. The part where you play as the winged girl solo is so frustrating.

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okay buddy
I'm friends with Ryusui (the guy who worked on the translation patch) and we're both furfags with a fetish for headless stuff
get btfo

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Never knew he was a degenerate. Then again, he hangs out at hg101 so that makes sense.

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>caring about your MTL garbage
Go fuck yourself

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I played it a long fucking time ago on the GBA I think, and the way your characters morph was really cool, but it was a really monotonous game with the worst translation I've ever seen.

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Is Bow's name pronounced as in bow & arrow, or as bow wow. It could be either because he's a goddamn archer dog!

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Even 1 is better than 2. 3 is the best in the series by a mile.

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you seem upset

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The third and forth one were both fantastic, I have a hard time choosing. But I agree that the first was better than the second.

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>IV is the best in the series by a mile

Even then this thread is clearly for BoFII only so let's stay on topic.

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1 is barebones in every way imagined. You are among the 0.00001% to defend it. Please, don't delude people into thinking it's anything good, because they will play it and spoil themselves the entire series.

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>because they will play it and spoil themselves the entire series.
Stop being a shithead. Had it not been for BoF1 being successful, you wouldn't have gotten the second one.

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You sound like a retard. I hope it's intentional.

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Yeah you sound like a bitch. I hope it's intentional.

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What did you forget in this thread, you ugly son of a bitch? Wanna talk about 1, 3 and 4? Go create a thread.

You are contributing absolutely nothing..

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I don't really know what "translators" tried to reference with that, but dog guy's name is actually 'Bosch' in the original.

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Too bad there're patches for that now.

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Anon...he uses a crossbow as a weapon.


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>he uses a crossbow as a weapon
Not after you fuse him.

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File: 2.70 MB, 2200x2000, WELCOME TO HELL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Did they add Katt into bof6? Or is this fanart in that style

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1 is still miles better than 2 though

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i see there's art for bleu in 6 now

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Which is the best version? Patched snes or gba?

I remember playing the patched snes one and I thought the brightness was really low and even with optimal play (the battles don't really have much strategy to them and you can't customise your party much) you would naturally die and redo the dungeon while retaining all of your xp (forced grinding).
I heard the gba one has brighter image (which people complain about) and had less wasting time on pointless minimalistic battles (Which people complain because it's too easy)

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gba always has lower quality music

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This anon>>4969746
said he like 3 the most, and the 1 was better than 2.

Then I replied here>>4969782 saying I have a hard time choosing between 3 and 4, but I agree about 1 being better than 2.

Now youre going full autistic about my opinion on the matter. Kill yourself, shitter.

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Agreed, BoF1 is better than 2.

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GBA also has worse quality worse resolution and a different aspect ratio.

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Bleu is officially in 6 though.

Both versions have their share of patches, but GBA doesn't have a re-translation.

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>lower res
>bright pallete, although I've seen patches that fix that
>music is worse, idk about patches
>better UI, character portraits
>drawn cutscenes
>2x money, 3x exp or vise versa
>run button instead of a walk
>original translation
>some rebalance mods

>has re-translation patch
>has 2x money, 3x exp patches
>has randomizers
>has monster and other editors
>re-translation patch adds a run button
>worse UI
>some rebalance mods

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I don't remember that happening in BoF2
that sounds like BoF1

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The only canon Ryu waifu was the first Nina, which incidentally fucked up the Windians' gene pool and over time made them lose their ability to turn into giant birbs.
Mina would say fuck you to Ryu if she still could speak.

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I knew Ryusui was a closet furfag back when he would plug Sylvanian Families all the time in the RHDN forums.

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I never really talked to him much, he was on the podcast a couple times like when he did a hack for Home Inprovement.

I just always thought it was a waste to retranslate a game when there’s countless others that haven’t even gotten a shitty translation. It just seems like the pinnacle of autism. But then again he’s a furry so that’s probably the case too.

Also titty snake as best waifu.

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>lying on the internet and replying to yourself to make it more credible

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It is not any worse than people who fan translate games that are already done in English to their own language, like that guy wave, who has over 100+ Spanish translations in rhdn.

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As is no, shaved yes.

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Ryu can't fuse in either game, but maybe he just means dragon attacks. Also there is a small section of 2 where you go through a small section with only Nina. Coincidentally you talk to Nina 1 at the end of said section.

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How so?

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Do you know the artist for this? Or where you found it? I'm not finding anything

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Does it have to be jrpg?
Soul Blazer is the best snes game of all time. Fight me.

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Probably my very first "wat" that I've expressed in an RPG.

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Twitter, but the picture seems to be deleted now.

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So it's like this?

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Is this franchise good, or is it grindy/boring/generic compared to other jarpigs?

>> No.4982152

It's generic and dreadfully slow. The waifus are hawt but in-game they barely have any dialog and only 2 frames of attack animation.

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Just so you can see I'm not lying, this is the entire sprite sheet for Katt

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Play II re-translation.

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breasts but no vagina, yeah right

>> No.4984024


Visible labia anon not a blank mound.

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Here is a random question: BoFII was the first game with the "church/god is evil" premise I remember playing which has more or less became the standard for JRPGs. Was it actually the first one with this idea at least as far as JRPGs are concerned?

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did the gameboy SaGa come before this?
because you kill god there

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>FF Legend (JP 1989, EN 1990)
>BoF II (JP 1994, EN 1995)
>Romancing SaGa (JP 1992)
Some games may had the idea of "church /god is evil" way before BoFII, but the latter struck the hardest impression.

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Does Katfag frequent here or is he reserved to /v/?

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Who do you think made this thread?

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Yeah that's what I meant. When Ryu does his dragon attacks and transforms into a dragon doing it. I always stuck with regular attacks I'm pretty sure, just like in every JRPG lol.

I didn't read the instruction manual before playing it and it blew my mind when I figured out the horse guy could roll while on the overworld map. It was really frustrating needing to change characters when talking to a certain NPC though. I was stuck for a few hours before googling that I had to swap characters to get inside the whale I think?

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>can't fight him at full power alone
What a load of shit.
No, killing your other party members ahead of time doesn't count, because he still calls you a pussy.

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Earthbound (yes, i played it,and no, i'm not a fake fan, i played Earthbound, considering Mother and Mother 3

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How had no one mentioned DUAL ORB 2. it has sniper rifles and monster trucks

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Dragon Quarter is a fine game on its own.

>> No.4996501

The first time I played this I was down to only Bleu standing against this guy, had no healing items or AP and could only Shed to regain HP for the next attack or try a normal physical attack, and that 16 damage hit wound up killing him

>> No.4996797

>fighting him with a party
>not going 1v1

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I really hope that the next Capcom vs whatever RPG could include some BoF characters so I could make a team made out of Katt, Felicia and Rei, just so I could see him saying "Doesn't that beat it all?" to the teen tiger and catwoman's antics.

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