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Secretly the best fighting game

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>ps1 version

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>he prefers the sega saturn or arcade version
do you not have friends or what...?

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Last I checked Saturn has 2 controller ports, and Arcades were literally meant for socializing

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Fuck Cyber Akuma. Fuck everything about him. And I say this as an Akuma main.

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Couldn't you not even swap characters in that version? You know, one of the core mechanics of the game?

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That's like playing Mario brothers with out being able to get powerups.

I miss my Saturn. And translater cart. And ram cart. What a totally worth it pain in the ass.

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Secretly the best fighting game

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Sorry guys, posted the wrong image twice.

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*blocks your path*

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Saturn version is better.

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nobody cares about saturn though

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>PSX fantard Elitism

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I'm torn between this and mvc2

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not last blade 2?

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wasn't the point of your thread that this game was some sort of secret? yet you picked the inferior port on the overhyped normie machine that had a vastly inferior 2d fighting pad?

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I'm not OP
enjoy your shitty console btw

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thanks, you too

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Garou and street fighter 3 are better games but OP is good.

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playstation and ps2 aint got shit on DC and Saturn
yea boi

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ps2 is better than both thats why it didnt get forgotten like those two

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The real secret best fighting game is Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

Every Street Fighter game has been little more than a pallate swap from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

The best versus game was Capcom v. SNK 2.

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Trilogy is like ultimate 3 but better right?
how many characters are there

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Every character from UMK3, but also Goro, Kintaro, Shao Kahn, Motaro, Johnny Cage, Noob Saibot, Rain, classic Kano, and classic Raiden, also a fighter called chameleon or Khameleon. Chameleon would switch between the male ninjas at random while Khameleon would switch between the female ninjas at random.

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Can't even mention Mortal Kombat without a Street Fighter fan getting butthurt.

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and more detailed sprites like NBA hangtime too im guessing

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Wrong game, you fucking retard.

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This. Is Chun Li broken in this game?

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The ps1 version got 7s and 8s in mags too, what a fucking joke.

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>Every Street Fighter game has been little more than a pallate swap from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
This is objectively the most wrong opinion I've ever read
SF died for 10 years because it tried too hard to deviate from ST

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>implying the west can make fighting games

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Bait is just so bad here anymore

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Killer Instinct isn't bad, but yeah west can't compete with Japan when it comes to fighting.

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Ps1 took out infinites. Its boring.

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boi Killer Instinct Gold be dat thang tho

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I liked it when I was a kid, but only because it was easily available and I didn't know any better, the same could be said for the other fighting game arcade ports. These days there's really no reason to go back to them.

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best Crapcum fighter

best SNKuck fighter

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west can't compete with japan when it comes to every videogame genre ever except maybe shooters

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I can't say I've seen too many Japanese RTS games at all

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The first (and best) RTS is Japanese.
But yeah, let's leave FPSs and RTSs to the west, it wouldn't be fair to not let them have anything.

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jap devs suck at the genres that matter, like fps, sim racing, strategy and roguelike

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Suck piss-yellow microdick harder, weebcuck.

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>genres that matter, like fps
top bait

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That's mean anon, I meant no harm with my comment.

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But the sf3 games were the best in the series.

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So why didn't they call it Bakumatsu Brawler

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something is wrong with your image OP. It doesn't show third strike nor virtua fighter. You should fix that. Weird beginners error

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More like a more kusoge UMK3.

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And stealth.

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its better without it so people have to play harder

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Except people who care about fighting games...

Don't project your being poor onto everyone else lol

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SF slept for 10 years because arcades died and online wasn't good enough yet.

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shitty console ports don't count in the first place, btw

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>your being poor
I mean, I have enough money to buy a pile of garbage and put it in my room. But why would I do that?

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>have enough money
[citation needed]

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Well in addition to it's other ones, if you were interested in fighting games, having the best system for them at the time was obvious. The only reason I could think for not wanting one is poorness, but I guess if you don't like video games and regard the systems as garbage that would make sense too. I like video games though...

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I suck ass at fighters but have given tons of them a chance. Recently started emulating Alpha 2/3. Don't know if it's well regarded, but I like the way it feels and the art looks great on a Trinitron.

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They're the best SF games, especially 2.

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Well, you seemingly bought PS1 versions of fighting games, so you have a history of it.

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They're pretty good, but try SF2 also.

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And because SF3 sold horribly.

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Secretly the best fighting game?

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Genesis was my first console and that was when SF2 was new so I definitely had it. I was young so we just mashed buttons like idiots. I recently installed a CPS2 pack and have been playing all the fighters. I am complete trash at SF2. Alpha is easier for me so I am enjoying it more.

All the AKI wrestling games were amazing. No Mercy was the peak for me. A sequel was in production but scrapped because the Gamecube was coming. Why didn't they just port it :(

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That's why it sold horribly.

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And open world

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>I mean, I have enough money to buy a pile of garbage and put it in my room.

We know, you bought the PSX version of OP's game.

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this was actually pretty good, despite the ghetto bullshit

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No, SF3 did poorly because the first version was awful, the second version was rushed out and barely made up for it, most characters were removed and replaced with virtually identical versions of those characters (and btw why would you make a grappler your game's main character? Only shit games do that), because parries polarized the community, and because 3S came out too late.

Other companies kept releasing fighters at a profitable gain.

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Day of Reckoning on the Gamecube is basically more of the same with a for the time contemporary roster and counter actions.

They're dumb fun though some of the balancing decisions in them are questionable in retrospect.

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>neo geo cd

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Fight For NY was better.

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I'll stab you meng

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only if you're autistic
casuals need not apply

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Every Darkstalkers title

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Night Warriors doesn't get enough love.

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Nah, no fighters did great in that era.

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Mah man. VSav is way too hectic for me. I prefer the relatively deliberate pace of VHunt.

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Just played DoR and it feels like every other Yuke's rassler I've played. Very unlike AKI.

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Holy crap that's bad, I almost bought one of those years ago and I'm glad I didn't now.

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ps1 version is the worst version of that game.

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>anything but the CPS2 OG
Oh no no no no look at the top of his head.

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>he prefers a butchered port

you're a poorfag asshole, right?

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enjoy sasquatch and meterless alpha counters lol

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and cyberpunk

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Hahaha, look at that manlet Wolverine.

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There is no reason to touch that piece of crap. If you're a poorfag who doesn't have access to a Saturn, just emulate the arcade original.

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this, but the n64 version. when you and your friends have mastered UMK3 the only thing left is play 3vs3 and abuse every glitch. The one who freezes the game first wins.

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play dor 2. the grapple system is an AKI clone.

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>still no arcade-perfect port
Lost source code? Not enough demand?

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what is this

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Yeah even VF fans didn't care a ton.

Virtua Fighter 3

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Mortal Kombat is the game that people who aren't fans of fighting games like to talk about how much they enjoy it. It's filunfor casual play because moves are easy to do, characters all contol similarly and it's wacky. So it's great for that, but they're awful for serious play.