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>tfw you're the best platformer on PS1 but get overshadowed by shit like Crash and Spyro

The world is unfair

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Honestly, how many threads does this game need?

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>ctrl+f "ape escape" in catalog
>ctrl+f "ape escape" in archive
>0 results

Wow you're a big bitch

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More than garbage like Doom and Thief.

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Underappreciated classic. No game has ever made better use of the dualshock, and the two-stick mechanic was fucking brilliant. I'm actually hoping the success of the Crash and Spyro remasters will have the way for re-releases of this series and also MediEvil.

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I wouldn't consider Ape Escape a pure platformer along the same lines as Spyro. The focus is more on the act of catching enemies themselves (which sometimes involves platforming), rather than the enemies being a mere obstacle to platorming.

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MediEvil is getting a remaster on the PS4

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I have never played an Ape Escape. Is it worth starting with the first game?

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You mean Jumping Flash

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Absolutely bonkers soundtrack. Love it.

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I love ape escape, I remember playing it as a kid when I had the Pizza Hut demo disk. Great music, tight controls, man do I live this game. Regret selling it. Crash and Spyro got remastered I want ape escape one too.
>mfw the ape escape website is still up, coming out in 98. Lol

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>No release date
>No updates in nearly a year

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Yes, they're all really good. At least the main titles are

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>garbage like Thief
you shut your mouth

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>waah waah why can't every mascot platformer be weebshit

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and its going to be shit, because based on kid friendly psp version
>I wouldn't consider Ape Escape a pure platformer along the same lines as Spyro
There was less platforming in Spyro than Ape Escape. Look at the levels. Spyro was more combat focused, and platforming was reduced to gently hoping around and exploration around quite flat levels+minigames.
Ape escape had more of the typical tight platforming, ledge grabbing gameplay. Especially races with that other kid.

Still, in traditional sense, Crash Bandicoot is the only platformer that has the most "platforming" and not "adventuring".

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>Is it worth starting with the first game?
Its the only good, non cringe game in the trilogy and crappy spinofs. PAL version is a must, for the voices.

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I played 1 and 2 and they were both great. For 2, you can go with PAL for British accents or NTSC for Ash and Misty voicing the main characters.

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I wouldn't call it a platformer since jumping isn't really the focus of the game
More like a monkeyvania

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Literally how you fucking dunce

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>One of Sony's best series that got shat on for no reason

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nintendo's and sega's most iconic mascots are all japanese and in anime style.

the fact that the most iconic sony mascots are western and in a western cartoon style just seems to stroke the weeaboos the wrong way. see OP for reference.

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>and its going to be shit, because based on kid friendly psp version
Sadly this.

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Are any of the later spin-offs fun?

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>Sony mascots
>Dead as Jimmy Hoffa
>Y-you mad Weebs?

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So many unreachable keys and that fucking Sawtooth. Soichi Terada is a mad genius.

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Sony's most iconic mascot is the Nissan Skyline from the GT series. Stay mad.

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>anime style

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are you going to argue that this isn't anime styled character design?

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I don't think the majority of nintendo's biggest franchises look anime at all

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>Anime was never in the Us, so they got a shitty flash cartoon instead
From what I've seen of the anime, it really wasn't much better.

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Yes, thats cartoon style you moron
Jap ≠ Weeb

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Is PAL really worth it just for the VA? Are there any other differences?

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It's not bad but it's not great either. I feel 3 had smoother controls.

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>There was less platforming in Spyro than Ape Escape.
imagine actually thinking this

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How? Have you literally never seen an anime before? Peach's design especially is glaringly anime, but you can clearly see it in everything else too.
You're dumb and know fuck all about art.

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thats not platforming, thats just running around like a lil bitch

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zelda and mario are both clearly drawn in an anime style.

metroid's art style was directly inspired by nausicaa of the valley of the wind.

pokemon and kirby are the literal embodiment of anime.

which nintendo franchise do you think doesn't look like anime, exactly?

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Sure, except for the parts that are clearly platforming.

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sure, as much as tomb raider and legacy of cain are platformers

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No, significantly more so.

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Modern Anime != high end animation of the 1980s
Just like how Sailor Moon != Kill La Kill

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I think spyro is more platformish than spyro 2 and spyro 3.

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Kill la Kill is better than Sailor Moon by leaps and bounds.

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I remember seeing this in walmart back in the day. For some reason it really called to me, had good graphics on the case and it just looked quirky and fun. The dual shock was something I got a bit before so I was really interested in playing a game that really took advantage of it.

I ended up buying it and I'm glad I did. The game was so fun, and using the dual shock fully was very novel at the time. I still remember how fun rowing the boat with both sticks was. I honestly wish the quirky japanese type game like this, mr. mosquito and katamari damacy caught on a little more in the u.s. I mean, you can find them, but you kind of have to set out looking for this type of game, and back then importing was a major pain in the ass with a lot of hurdles.

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It is.

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Big Mission was great for a PSP japan only title

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I think its just the voice acting. I also recall some of the levels having different names, so I'm not sure if the british localisation had a completely different translation from the NA version.

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You can simply run past most enemies in Spyro. In Ape Escape the whole point is capturing the enemies. And there were only a few race stages in the entire game, they were like special boss levels.

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>You can simply run past most enemies in Spyro.
No, you need to kill them for gems you fucking mongoloid.

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>nintendo's biggest franchise
o man am i laffin.

but more importantly, both of those games are anime as fuck. f-zero artwork looks like it could be straight out of redline and if you think mother doesn't look like anime you're fucking blind or have an embarrassingly tiny frame of reference for what anime looks like.

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>Mother doesn't look like anime
You're kidding, right?

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Ah, yes, no anime in this franchise. None at all.

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not retro

F-Zero SNES had no art and F-Zero N64 was western comic book style

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Wrong again, by the way there is no such thing as anime style or whatever
Anime covers a lot of different art styles, just like manga does