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Besides Resident Evil and Silent Hill what's some good retro horror /vr/?

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Martian gothic
Alone in the dark
Dino crisis
Clock tower

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Try Echo Night 2, there's an english patch somewhere.

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My dad's fat cheating second wife liked to play Nightmare Ned on their AOL machine

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alone in the dark the new nightmare

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>Martian gothic
Choose one.

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Martian Gothic is great. It did what Resident Evil 0 did a couple of years later, but with better execution.

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The best game.

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Does RE0 have limited ammo and respawning enemies?

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What are these games?

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It says on the file name. D2 and Illbleed.


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Try the filenames, newfriend.

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luigi's mansion

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Realm of The Haunting
I have No MOuth and I must Scream

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My girl Laura all grown up... ;_;

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This guy gets it. Me and my friends rented OverBlood when it first came out and I still remember joking about the Pipo yell. We did that shit for years, it's so melodramatic.

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It's retarded how dramatic it is even if you have been playing for 20-30 minutes.

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I had the japanese version of this on a self booting disc. It seemed fun but I couldn't figure out what to do.

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Why has no one posted ecco yet? It doesn'T get any more scare than that. It's on a level with silent hill2. Can't play it for more than 10 minutes, after which I need a calm down break.

Also if you never seen alone in the dark, RE is a massive Alone in the Dark clone, everything about RE is stolen from alone in the dark except the story. Rooms with statues, creaking slow opening door, creepy footsteps on the floor, puzzles, zombies, libraries, old creepy mansion, silence/creepy music, movement. Japan didn't invent RE.

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Alone in the Dark was impressive for its time but RE hugely improved on its basic premise and if you want to get really technical, Sweet Home came before AitD.

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sweet home is very different from alone in the dark. So I don't see what you are comparing here. From a game design perspective I also don't see how RE hugely improved on AitD basic premise. The main difference is, that RE runs on 4 years newer specialised 3d technology, that runs nothing but the game and a bigger marketing campaign.

As mentioned before other differences are art direction and story which sure helped. But without any doubt, RE is a near 1 to 1 clone of AitD and I bet most RE players don't know it. The problem here is not that RE is a clone of another game, the problem is, that people think RE invented 3d survival horror...

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Alone In The Dark is tediosly slow, people say that RE1 aged bad, but It runs excellent comparing to ALITD. I beat ALITD 3 years ago and although It has some genuin scares like when enemies come from the hallway when you are investigating a room, the atmosphere is pretty meh, octopus blocking the entrance is bland and for kids. Resident Evil's level of violence was shocking for that time and it's scarier, more tense and gripping, a clone if you want that surpases the "original" father of Survival Horror.

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So did Project Firestarter. But Alone in the Dark was the first game to establish a template that pretty much all horror games until Penumbra would follow (and then every later horror game would rip off Penumbra/Amnesia)

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>that Sweet home meme
It took decades for Capcom to finally admit they just copied Alone in the Dark for RE, because it was un the contract.

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There's Parasite Eve and Galarians, I guess. I'm not much of a horror guy, just bringing up games I've heard of.

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Galerians has cool art direction, but the gameplay is not that polished.

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*agitated dad's voice*

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this a hundred mother fucking times
best game i've played in ages