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Do you have others images or videos comparison between the N64, Saturn and Playstation ?

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That pic is bullshit tho

using a z divide isn't computationally slower when you have an ASIC specifically built for doing that in hardware. It only costs you transistor space, and you already need a divider for the thing to function anyway, so it's all there.

What REALLY makes perspective correct texturing slow, is that you need the Z coordinates stored in memory, which is a HUGE premium at the time. Plus you also need to upload more coordinates to the gpu instead of just fire first, draw first logic.

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>using a z divide isn't computationally slower when you have an ASIC specifically built for doing that in hardware
Errr...that only makes sense if you have an entire pipeline built for just the dividing operation, with the pipeline not being reused for any other lesser instruction. Pretty sure that's not the case for any hardware I know of, and definitely not the case for the N64.

The N64 does triangle setup on RSP which only has two separate pipelines, one is a SIMD pipeline for matrix multiplication, and the other is a stripped down MIPS R4000 pipeline that has no instruction support for anything except the bare essentials. So it's still fuckloads more expensive to do division on RSP than it is to do multiplies or additions for example.

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n64 is better but only for a few reasons. the ps1 version has a map and better font, but n64 has better ground texture and fog usage. the ps1s fog looks horrible, hopw it cuts off have the screen all retarded like.

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Yeah, but what about the games?

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Why do you want to change the subject of a thread?

If you want to have a "There are different games for different consoles" thread, nothing is stopping you from making one. There's room.

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My turn.

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> 240p
top kek. this person didn't even try.

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What's this shader?
Did Super Mario 64 use that few polygons for floor and such?
This looks too exaggerated for me.

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Imagine if more developers had actually used the N64 as the lead platform and then ported to the Playstation instead of the other way around. 3DO was basically the only developer to do so.

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I'm not sure of the exact floating point math calculations for the PS1 butt this looks like its 8 times less accurate. Mario 64 didn't use a lot of polys for the environments.

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