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>People think old consoles/games are worth a fuckton of money

Why? Unless it's in mint condition with all the packaging/manuals/etc. Is it just because it's old?

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like, the dipshits at yard sales who are asking like 300 dollars for a 2600? the people selling neo geo aes games for like 10k a piece?

if it's the people selling balls common shit for ridiculous prices, yeah that's pretty dumb. but some of that stuff is legitimately rare, in high demand, etc. like good shooting games are all super expensive because that community is very autistic about having it on legit hardware etc and will never sell what they've got. hence those games commanding multiple hundreds of dollars at a time.

shit like the neo geo stuff is because some of those games have double digit print runs and they're in high demand from collectors because they're arcade perfect (or better) ports with nice hardshell cases.

the people paying $50 for mario party on the n64 are just retards being exploited for their nostalgia. in a couple of years when that generation grows out of it you'll be able to get all those games for pennies again.

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yes dumb people want money for dumb old shit. real boomers think all electronics are valuable. sometimes you find nice people that give you a deal but most people are scumbags.

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Only thing I agree with pat the nes pussy on is that yard sales should have prices that reflect the seller is too fucking lazy to wait and deal with online logistics.

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It's like this with any other electronic, go look at the prices of old home computers on ebay

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1. People overcome with nostalgia who have no intention of collecting and no very little about the market, so they grossly overpay for the handful of games they want because they don't know any better and would rather pay $75 for Yoshi's Island than bothering to spend the time comparison shopping

2. Clickbait "Your old videogame might be worth $10,000!" articles

3. People buying games because an eceleb showed it off on their channel, either because they are afraid the price will go up, hope the price will go up so they can resell, or just because they want to be like their simulated friend

4. People who are are confident that today's $300 game will be next year's $500 game

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Supply and demand. Next question!

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Is disc rot overblown hype for emulator devs or should we be offloading our shit now?

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Never had an issue with this, I have some PS1 stuff in original cases. If "disc" applies to any console, my cartridges for SNES are all fine too. I would suggest back ups if you have the capacity anyway.

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Haven't prices been deflating since the games became officially available by other means?

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You really should mod your consoles so you can play backups instead of originals. The original disc is the license so you lose it if it gets destroyed/lost/stolen.

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It’s rarity. Like any collectible.

They no longer produce these physical games, over time more and more leave circulation, and as such, prices increase.

Pretty simple formula, it’s true for literally every single collectible

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cause DUDE

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You know how your grandma keeps a bunch of old china plates in a display cabinet that she wants to pass down to you when she dies? She thinks they're valuable. Back in her day, they were. People wanted this shit. Now they don't, and nobody is going to buy it, first because nobody wants it, and second because everyone's grandma does this.

That's the same mentality that these old video game people have. They think that because there was a period where this stuff was expensive, it will always be expensive. Well it won't be, because nobody wants it, and because everyone who does want it already has it. Unless you have something truly rare or unique, this stuff will not evaluate. It will not go up in price. It is not valuable. It's just old toys from the past that will fade away with the generation that cared about it. You can be sure as hell that your grandkids won't want Intellivision Baseball or Mario 2 or whatever.

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I think there's a chance some could be worth something, if Nintendo remains relevant to the medium. Old DC/Marvel comics are valuable.

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But 90s DC and Marvel comics from the speculation era aren't.

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A lot of it has to do with these shitty bargain hunter shows on American TV. These idiots going to yard sales saying "oh this nes is first gen, easily worth 10k!" putting ideas into people's heads. Also idiots buying stuff off ebay keeping the prices where they are.

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Who cares? You don'y need that shit if you just want to play the games.

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>much less than msrp, even ignoring inflation
>a fuckton of money

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>ah yes, i remember when i paid $2000 for flintstones on the nintendo in 1987; now that was a good deal!

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>>People think old consoles/games are worth a fuckton of money

Well they are...
...if they're Japanese RPGs. That's about it.

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>equating used or even cartridge only games to brand new, still sealed titles

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Would FuncoLand price sheets make more sense?


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Not if you keep your stuff in a warm dry enviroment like I assume most people tend to do.

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The adhesive will still break down and separate.

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Things are worth whatever people are willing to pay for them.

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On one hand I agree with you and you're right but on the other I want to buy th emore of games for more chdeaper

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Never get this section..

People spend all their time saying emulation is so great then bitch about cart prices?

If you don’t have the means to buy, don’t buy. Honestly this isn’t a hobby for da poorfags. Even collecting sports cards etc is a far cheaper option.

Supply and demand rules the world, make more money or go play SNES games with a 360 controller on your 10 year old laptop

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>Sega CD for 200 dollars in 2018
>"Boots up, doesn't read discs"

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>go play SNES games with a 360 controller on your 10 year old laptop
I will, it's fun as hell

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Yeah, receivers, tv, radios, speakers, record players, Its crazy.

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Typically it is people who had grown accustomed to cheaper, 2001-2013 prices irritated by Johnny-come-lately fags who seem bound and determined to jack up the prices on everything that they hadn't already obtained.

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I play Chinese flashcarts on cheap clone consoles. I saved a boatload of money this way. But please generalize more. Also nice reddit spacing.

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Your not getting the authentic experience.

Therefore your wrong.

You wasted your money for nothing.

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I got shin megami tensei 1 and 2, romancing saga 1/2/3, ff 2/3/4/5/6, dragon quest 3/4/5 and breath of fire for well under 50 bucks on nipbay. And a boxed copy of chrono trigger with manual for like 10 bucks.

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>muh authentic experience
>you can only experience the game if you have the cart, manual and box!
lol fuck off autist.

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>reddit friend simulator

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>$200, broken sega meme console.
Fuck satans ass, thats a doozy. Got my sega cd for 40 bucks, just needed a little nudge on the laser intesnsity pot and good to go!. Shortly after i bought a wii and put my sega cd in the closet, where she lay dorment.... forever!

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it's just a picture you spastic

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>just needed a little nudge on the laser intesnsity pot and good to go
Too bad most parts only consoles have already gone through a pot adjustment and instead have a completely fucked laser/disc motor or have caps leaked through the traces on the motherboard. Even in the range of 100-200 dollars where broken Sega CDs usually reside, it's fucking russian roulette and you're better off spending that money on something completely different.

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Same guy. Yeah i got lucky, i have 4 sega saturns 2 i got working and just keeping the others for parts, luckily only one is a different model. Im pretty sure one needs a new chip that makes the cd drive motor work. I did a bunch of stuff to it before checking the chip with my multi. I looked it up on youtube a low and behold somebody had the same problem, just need to order it and im so happy its a bread board chip so soldering will be a cake walk!

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