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What are some of your favorites? Anything pre-PS2 obviously. Arcade, Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, N64, 32x (well there is only one), Jaguar (Fight for Life, anyone?)Dreamcast, PC... anything before the PS2, I guess.

I chose the image at random. Final Fight Revenge is a 3D fighter released on the Sega Saturn in 1999, it's one of the last games to be released on the console and was only sold in Japan. It needed the RAM cartidge for some reason. Not really a great fighting game.

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Street Fighter Alpa 2

Something about mixing games with anime struck a chord with me.

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I had fun with it. A mid-tier experience, sure, but theres some amusing tech in VS. I played it ecpecting it to he bad, too so no nostalgic shilling here.

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I really liked the Street Fighter EX series (well the first two games anyway)
It had a peculiar self-awareness and humor to it
>super move where you bat somebody to another planet
>special stage where you fight a satellite
>Skull o Mania

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>Street Fighter Alpa 2

But that is not a polygon fighter. Maybe you mean Street Fighter Ex 2?

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Project Justice on the Dreamcast is one of my favorite Capcom 3D fighters...


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This was a better game then it has any right to be. Wish it was being played at Anime Evo, would kill to see what top end play of Ex2PLus would look like.

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Sonic the fighters is unironically AM2's masterpiece

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Honestly it's a shame that it dropped off the radar so quickly. It was a wonderful proof-of-concept for 3d SF, more than ten years before the idea really took off with SF4.

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>Sonic the fighters is unironically AM2's masterpiece

I have never played Sonic The Fighters. The game always looked a little shallow to me. But it is AM2, and AM2 has made some of the best 3D fighters of all time. I'm not bashing Sonic The Fighters, I just need to play is.

> > AM2 3D Fighting games
> Virtua Fighter - 1993
A bit clunky but still the first 3D fighter of it's kind. It has a slower methodical pace to it.
> Virtua Fighter 2 - 1994
Model 2, textured polygons, 60fps (VF1 is 30fps) and a way faster game. This one feels a lot more refined than VF1 and was one of my favorite Saturn 3D fighters.
> Fighting Vipers - 1995
Also model 2. The game has weapon and armor based combat and walled arenas. The Armor gameplay is neat as it offers two different fighting styles per character.
> Sonic the Fighters - 1996
Honestly, like I said I never played it.
> Virtua Fighter Kids - 1996
This one is Virtua Fighter 2 with super-deformed big head characters. The range of the characters have changed to to make the gameplay more close combat. This version is running on the Sega Titan arcade hardware, which is based on the Sega Saturn. The Saturn port is nearly identical.
> Fighters Megamix - 1996
This one is a Sega Saturn exclusive that merges many of AM2's fighting games together. It features characters from Virtua fighter 2 with their Virtua Fighter 3 move sets, Fighting Vipers characters and gameplay, characters from Sonic the Fighters and VF Kids, and guests from other AM2 games. One of the best fighters on the console.
> Virtua Fighter 3 - 1996
Built on the Sega Model 3 board, Virtua fighter 3 adds uneven arenas and a "3D" dodge button. One of the best 3D fighters ever, IMO. The Dreamcast port is actually alright for the most part.
> Fighting Vipers 2 - 1998
This one is also running on Model 3. It's a nice update over the first game. The Dreamcast port is great, IMO.

Plus there are VF4 and 5. AM2 made a lot of good quality fighters.

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Tobal 2 on the PS1


One of the best looking fighters on the console. Also plays great too.

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A friend and I rented the first one once when Rival School wasn't available and it was pretty disappointing.

Nothing will ever top the sheer glory that is Allen Snider's ending though


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I quite enjoy the first DOA on the saturn

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Miles better than SFV.

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well that's a low bar. THQ's VS was miles better than that shit show.

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>I quite enjoy the first DOA on the saturn

Sadly, like many other 3D fighting ports on the Saturn, Dead or Alive is missing its awesome 3D backdrops from the Model 2 arcade game. But generally the Saturn port still looks good.


The Playstation 1 port isn't bad, but it looks visually very different from the arcade and model 2 versions. The PS1 game models were remade for triangle rendering, and the models have additional goraud shading and lighting. I still prefer the Saturn port though.


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Out of all the 3D fighters i played... till this very day. I only really liked the first rival schools. Controls are super tight and it runs with 60fps. At least the arcade board does.

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Im actually still bummed out that the Ultimate collection didn't include the arcade version in some capacity.

>The Playstation 1 port isn't bad

Something about the PS1 version always felt really off. The extras like Bass and Ayane and the extra costumes where nice but just from an overall presentation level it just feels really blah. The backdrops are awful and fuck me do I hate the HUD. Someone better at fighting game than me would have to break down if there's any major differences in the gameplay as well, I get the sense that there is but I really can't put my finger on how.

Id pick the Saturn version as well.

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Last Bronx is great on the Saturn too.


There was also a port on Windows 95 back in the day and it was based on the Sega Saturn version. But the PC port also has the option to use the Arcade models, but no 3D backdrops.

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Im still surprised this never got a Dreamcast Sequel. Soul Blade kicked it's ass over here but in Japan it was actually really popular.

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Virtua Fighter 3tb, best game of all time in my opinion. Not sure why westerners hate it so much. Whatever, chibita says its the best and that's all that matters.


Would be fun to go back in time and experience the game at it's peak.

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>Jaguar (Fight for Life, anyone?)


Fight For Life on the Atari Jaguar was meant to be Atari's "Virtua Fighter killer", or that is how they meant to advertise it anyway. But they forgot to pay the team that made the game, so the developers sent Atari an unfinished beta and said it was complete. Apparently they have the final release ROM.

This was also the last official Jaguar game released for the system.

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I would recommend you play StF, it looks shallow on the surface, but the barrier system is a really well thought out mechanic that enables deep levels of strategy. You play a Bo5 in 30 second matches, you get 5 barriers at the start of the set, and they don't replenish inbetween matches. Barriers are your only way to guard so losing all of them is almost an auto loss condition as every hit taken now leads to an infinite combo. You can also burn a barrier to enter a custom combo mode similar to SFA where all your moves cancel into eachother. Everytime you get grabbed out of block, you lose a barrier. And on top of that most characters have relatively safe moves they can use to break barriers. It turns into a frantic game of fast paced resource management with you trying to preserve your barriers for successful hyper mode plays and trying to burn your opponents.

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Anyone here a fan of Bloody Roar?

Bloody Roar 1 and 2 are two of my favorite lesser known fighters on the PS1.

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I played a lot of 3 and PF

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I know is a pleb option, but Tekken 3 is the one i had more fun with it. Spent hours with it at the arcade and with my friends playing it after school. I remember also Mortal Kombat 3D but to be fair it was quite mediocre.

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I was totally amazed by VF3 in the arcades, but it wasn't perfect. There were some glitches thanks to the uneven ground on some levels. VF2 is still my preference.

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Bushido Blade 2.

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That Candy armor breaker!!

The Model 2 game still looks great. The Saturn port was stil very faithful, even though the character models are lower poly, the textures are lower res, and the 3D backgrounds are replaced with 2D backdrops. But the Saturn game runs at a smooth 60fps, plays just as good as the arcade game and I think it even uses the saturns high-res mode.


Plus the Japanese Saturn version has Pepsiman as a bonus character.

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>Plus the Japanese Saturn version has Pepsiman as a bonus character.


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>Proper AM2 collection of arcade classics will never happen

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Pepsi sucks.

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>>Proper AM2 collection of arcade classics will never happen

Aww man, now I want a collection of all the AM2 3D fighters.... Though the arcade version of Fighting Vipers did get a port to Xbox 360 and PSN quite a while ago. I doubt it's still available. I could see Sega working with Nintendo to get some of these games on the Switch, like the other arcade games getting released on the console. But yeah, a collection on Steam.

Also, Fighting Vipers 2 was only ever ported to the Dreamcast. But it was a good port.

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Ahh shit, I meant to make that a spoiler

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Mortal Kombat Gold is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me on the Dreamcast. The game is Mortal Kombat 4 with additional characters and some altered gameplay to make it feel like Mortal Kombat 2. It's not a great fighter by any means, and does not look quite as good as the arcade game. But it plays fast and is an amusing version of Mortal Kombat in 3D.


It's a Dreamcast exclusive too (not surprisingly).

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I remember liking this one.

They had this arcade game at DisneyQuest, and I loved beating on the little kids.

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I've never played that one... But I have played a real Battle Tryst arcade machine, once.


The game is Konami's second attempt at a 3D fighter and it uses the 3DO M2 hardware.

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Is 2 worth going back to? I played the shit out of the first Bushido blade, unlocking the dude with the gun and all the different outfits. but I never played the second.

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Neither ones are worth playing desu.

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I use to have a lot of fun playing Star Gladiator on the PS1.


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Pre-PS2? Soulblade and Soul Calibur. Fucking amazing games.

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Plasma Sword was good fun too. Bit sad it's not VGA compatible

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Bloody Roar is fantastic. Came here to post that.

Mutant Academy 1 & 2 are also underappreciated.

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Looks sorta like DoA with weapons, based on the 2 fights I watched... Neat!

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Well it was another game built of AM2. It's pretty good. I like it a lot. Fun fact: a lot of the stages are based on real Tokyo locations.

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This looks neat and everything but christfuck does emulation seem like shit. Man when I think of all the games lost to arcades that never see a home release.

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>Well it was another game built of AM2. It's pretty good. I like it a lot. Fun fact: a lot of the stages are based on real Tokyo locations.

Last Bronx was developed by Sega AM3 (Hitmaker) not AM2. AM3 also developed Virtual On: Cyber Troopers and it's sequel Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram.

Last Bronx was hugely popular in Japan for a short period of time, but it never really caught on anywhere else.

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also reminder Last Bronx had a live action adaption. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRCwSOIXmpU

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Zero Divide is really good

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Best Virtua Fighter clone coming through.

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And a passable Tekken clone with VF controls.

It was alright.

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i love old 3d fighting games, even when they suck balls. i have a fondness for Genei Tougei Shadow Struggle and it's sequel Critical Blow, even though they aren't particularly great gameplay wise.

but what's almost better is the near limitless amount of trash on ps1 that's fun to play in its own right

and the piece de resistance

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pick two

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The 3D fighting games from the 32/ 64 bit era is one genre that actually holds up really well to this day, as most fighting games run at a smooth 60fps. Also, many arcade and Dreamcast fighters still hold up really well.

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I remember I tried to do fighting maker as a kid when it first came out, immediately got overwhelmed when my folks asked to see what I made because of how much I was crying for the game I just showed them Tekken 2 and said it was mine

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I really want to play bloody roar again

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Rival schools was the most fun with the best art style, though I'm sure virtua fighter was deeper and more refined.

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but they control like shit, it wasn't until VF2 and Tekken 3 that they figured out 3d controls

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This. And so many characters!

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>Not sure why westerners hate it so much
I am westerner, and I think it's the best fighting game

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the armor breaking is actually a fantastic effect. It's a shame so few fighting games got this. It increases the fun and viewability a lot

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the games atmosphere is fantastic, and junes design is epic. Golden cheeks and camelbump

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Plasma Sword is pretty awesome on the Dreamcast. It's actually better than the arcade game. And yes, shame that it lacks VGA.

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Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style is one of my guilty pleasures on the PS1. As a fighting game, it's really not that bad.


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I fuckin love Bloody Roar. It just feels so much nicer to control than most other 3d fighters in my opinion and the action has a great fast pace.

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i don't if this is a purist type of statement or a FGCnigger type of statement

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Bloody Roar is surprisingly more well remembered than I thought it would be

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>> Virtua Fighter Kids - 1996
This one is Virtua Fighter 2 with super-deformed big head characters. The range of the characters have changed to to make the gameplay more close combat. This version is running on the Sega Titan arcade hardware, which is based on the Sega Saturn. The Saturn port is nearly identical.

This game was mostly just a re-skin of Virtua Fighter 2 with a chibi/ SD gimmick. It does have a few gameplay tweaks because of the shorter character reach and larger heads. It was mainly an excuse to port Virtua Fighter 2 to the Sega Titan hardware as a cheaper alterative to the model 2 board.The Saturn version is a good port because the Titan arcade port basically uses the same hardware.


Toshinden also has a Chibi version of it called Battle Arena Nitoshinden, for the PS1. I've never played it.


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Gameboy Toshinden was weirdly kind of good

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really underrated capcom game

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Samurai Showdown 64 is a pretty awesome fighter.


It used SNK's short lived Hyper Neo-Geo 64 hardware. Shame it never got a home port anywhere. But it is playable on mame.