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What is your opinion on people who hoard undumped games?

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they need to fork over their god damn ROMs and stop being greedy

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It doesn't affect my daily living. If they drop it, cool. If not, life moves on.

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what's even left that's worthwhile?(outside of mythical nintendo shit like DD games)

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That you should buy the games off them if you really want them dumped.

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that those undumped games are beta crap of b games and no one cares

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>not caring about unfinished versions of games

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Beyond historical reasons/notation? That anon isn't off so you can put your epic wojack meme away. Of all of the beta games I've played, Resident Evil 1.5 is probably the only one that's any semblance of fun and even that has annoying things present that obviously aren't ironed out.

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Not appreciating the chance to experience an in-development stage of a beloved videogame is brainlet tier.

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so what?

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shit like those japanese people who were hoarding 70+ games considered to be lost is annoying to me. i don't care too much about undumped betas and stuff (other than publicly shown demos) but the unreleased or lost games are interesting.

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They have the right to, but they're still assholes.

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No. Unless the game was commercial sold, they have no right to it. Samples, review copies, betas and prototypes are stolen property.

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This actually bothers me. The original developers, artists, musicians don't see a dime for their work, because the game was unreleased, and meanwhile some overweight "collector" goes around commanding 5-figure price tags on prototypes he had NOTHING to do with creating.

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sure everything that's not sold in stores is stolen property. what a weird way you have to look at things.

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cunts, the lot of them
especially if they're prototypes
with final releases that made it to the market, it's not so bad since it's the owner's property and they have the right to do what they want, but it's still lame as shit

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No, it isn't. This may shock you but you care about an incredibly niche experience in an already niche board. Appreciation, my ass. It's good to compile the information but don't act like it's a privileged experience when it comes to replayability.

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play and ducument every playstation game first and then we talk

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>What is your opinion on people who hoard undumped games?
they own the property so it's up to them but lets not as most do assume dumping automatically equates to emulating or sharing. Rare games should be dumped even if privately for preservation.

as far as the games go i can't name barely any undumped that i even care about only maybe dodonpachi blue version which is owned by the competition winner and a special version of metal black which i believe shou has.

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They're nothing you'd want to play, and most can be bought for a dollar.

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This is why New Zealand outlawed gardening.

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I hate them and they all deserve to have their shit stolen.

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All the games worth playing have been dumped so who cares

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My opinion is that there are few, if any. Romharders actually mean unreleased dump when they say dumped.

Depends what you mean by "worthwhile". But I can tell you that there are many romhoarders who loose sleep at night because their SD is missing a few turds they'll only look at once. You wouldn't believe the messages I get full of begging, sob stories and threats. This is clearly a serious life defining issue for certain people.

t. 12 yo armchair lawyer

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I hope they eat healthy. Sleep well, and lead a long productive life.

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They won't. That's why the Pokemon space world games were dumped.

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They don't owe you a dump, you're not entitled to every game ever and most of the time you wouldn't even know the game existed in the first place till someone started whining.

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Worthless idiots. Like that dude that didn't share the StarCraft source.


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This but unironically. Lmaoing about the beta kiddies itt trying to play it chill when they spend half their day spazzing out about betas they'll never play and sending death threats to people who may or may not even have them.
That's a myth.

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>being a beta spazzing about betas who spaz about betas

jesus fucking christ man

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It's selfish but ultimatly it's their shit to do with as they please.

I wish they would dump everything but if you're in it for financial reasons or epeen contests it would make no sense to dump a game.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you fell for a leddit meme. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/new-zealand-gardening-ban_us_57696251e4b0a75709b7d6ac

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>trying to play it chill
Seems to come quite naturally to most people.

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I was doing the meme, you nautical-looking n00b

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Shut up fag
The HL1 Alpha was full of really cool ideas, and the HL2 beta was both full of even cooler ideas, and also fun to play, arguably moreso than the actual game. If you can't appreciate the cool ideas put into games, why the hell are you playing video games?

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>If you can't appreciate alpha/beta stuff, why are you playing content that isn't alpha/beta stuff?
What a puzzling conundrum.

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You've never dealt with a legit beta-kiddie, then.

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What games are you referring to?

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Real cocksuckers that don't deserve to be called gamers.

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Where I'm from, "gamer" is an insult.

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It was always an insult from normies. And fuck them too.

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You're from Kotaku?

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No, it wasn't. Video games have always been mainstrea. By 1990, 30% of U.S. households had a NES. You're not special for playing with toys.

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Yo bruh, video games were mainsyream in da 80s bruh, wucha know about galaga nigga.. huh? You got over a million on dk?

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>I come from da hood nigga, we dont play no games bruhv

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No one cares that you play video games, but making it your identity is cringe.

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They need to get tared and feathered.

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Andrew Borden of PtoPOnline is a great man. How is he supposed to achieve his dream of being a "video game historian" if he gives you goys rips of all his unreleased games?
Please give him 300 dollars and come to New York if you want to play some unreleased games from his archive goy.

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I used to care about undumped shit, but I just have as much resentment for peeps who overvalue this shit and refuse to make large torrent backups of NexusMods, LoversLab, MUGEN characters, vector.co.jp, freem.ne.jp & tons of other freeware & shit.

I also despise how much of an elitist Trigger Squad most dumpers tend to be, ignoring the chance to "redump" any doujin game that's $15 or less on eBay cuz there might be half a titty in it for their low IQ, $300 PSX demo disc collection.

If they're not looking for that odd Paki-Bash thing for Atari ST, I don't give a shit about these retrofag dumpers.

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