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I am porting in behalf of some anon a topic of the making of pixelart using the PC98 method.


Sadly, got derailed by a ''algorithm'' shitposter, typical of /v/, they were some really good things of it, like how a japanese artists constructed this image.


we can also discuss pixel art in general, as in, not just sprites but actual pixel art and the proccess that goes around on making them.

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>shits up since the op
It's PC88.

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some faggot was shitposting auto dithered pics from anime screencaps to claim that it was all done with algorythms.

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He's saying you fucked up literally everything in the OP. You want a thread about the PC-98 and yet post a PC-88 image. And then you failed to crossboard link properly.

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He means i general too OK?

If anything OP's pic is impressive since its only 8 colors

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let me fix those links for you op



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I wish Legend Entertainment's brand of adventure game took off. It combined both of the best aspects of the Eastern and Western style.

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Of course it's done with algorithms.
Even manually inputting each pixel is an algorithm.

There's some interesting posts by Juan Gotoh on the topic.

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>rape tom

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some people said they use a dither brush about this http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23000983, but I dont think so. look at it carefully. they are using a manually customized "dither" brush to paint with a neutral tint. it is just a brush consisted of tile-pattern with customized color.

as for this one, http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm2066154, you can see they are manually placing pixels by hand to do anti-aliasing the lines, calling the work "ジャギ取り", after 14 minutes in the video.

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I want to know how an Anon made this from this >>>/a/176226037

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File: 2.88 MB, 320x240, PC-98とマルチペイントでベイビープリンセス、綿雪ちゃんを描いてみた。.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Thank you man

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Thank you for drawing my big titty anime girlfriend.

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do you think there is an algorithm for love, anon-kun?

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It's not even that it's just 8 colors that's impressive. It's made for binary RGB, so the entire color range is made from switching the 3 base colors on/off. That means besides black and white (no gray), there are only 6 possible colors, each of them maximum saturation and no value variations possible. Yet, dithering like that image creates these illusions of colors like brown and orange, which are impossible to render in binary RGB, and lessens the inherent garishness of the available palette. It's so heavily dependent on how we view colors relative to what's next to them, I fucking love it.

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seems like a bitch to sprite back then

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that looks insane, trying to draw with no reference, only from memory!

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That's a pretty standard pose, front facing, no weird perspectives, just upper torso and face, if you need references for that you're a real rookie

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Those are small fries

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I miss 'tude.

Also this retro concept of the future, where everything's all mechanical. I've been thinking a lot about what would need to happen to put this sort of world into being, like limiting processing power, and such-like.

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High res Gundam

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It's a pity that these great images are attached to such crap games.

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Why do they use halfwidth Katakana with ugly separate dakuten? The hardcoded fonts even included halfwidth Katakana with dakuten.

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Man, how did the Nips nail down such aesthetically pleasing GUIs?

Most Amiga/C64/DOS games were dogshit ugly in comparison.

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These are DOS games.

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You knew what he meant.

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>these fantastic aesthetics wasted on such boring scenery

What a shame.

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I absolutely love the scenery in these games. We see enough immense skyscrapers and awe-invoking mountains in so much Western shit already. Not everything has to be grand and epic. Let me see a hallway or cafe drawn in a tasteful fashion.

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That's because they did use an algorithm. not all the time but most of the time they just put the image in an algorithm.

Other times they would use a brush

And very rarely would they outright start putting individual pixels by hand.

You can easily tell if its put under an algorithm by looking at the dithering pattern


This one actually uses a mix, the backgrounds are thrown into a dithering algorithm and the lady is done by hand.


This one the background is fed through an algorithm too, but this one he used a dithering brush for the transitions.


Just pay attention and don't be buttblasted by being random anons

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>you will never live in a dithered 256 color japanese suburb

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>256 color
Guess again friend, you might be shocked by the answer

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Nobody uses dithering anymore. Dithering was GOAT. Now everything is soft gradients.

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It's constantly used, just not as blatantly visible to the naked eye.

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If anyone cares, I just found a cool painting program called Grafx2 while I was looking for corel alternatives.

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You say that as if software is hard to find. I prefer aseprite by the way

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Is the answer that it’s not 256 colors? Or will I be shocked that I WILL live in a Japanese neighborhood?

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PC-98 has a maximum 16 colors but you can choose the colors you want.

PC-88 has 8 fixed colors.

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>these fantastic aesthetics wasted on pornographic games

What a shame.

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Imagine if I were able to draw like this

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It depends on the model and mode.
PC88V1 mode has 8 out of 8 colors in 640x200 or alternatively 2 out of 8 in 640x400.
V2 has 8 out of 512.
V3 mode (only on the VA series which effectively just a different 16 bit computer with PC88 compatibility) has 65536 colors in 640x200 or 256 colors in 640x400.
Original PC98 also had 8 out of 8 in 640x400.
From 1985 onward you got 16 out of 4096.
PC9821 had 256 colors out of 4096.

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I know right?

What's worse is that many actually sound like they have interesting concepts, but then turn into shallow excuses for porn. And the personality of the self-insert player characters are usually petty and annoying as well.

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I wish Sei Shoujo Sentai Lakers was translated at least. Magical girls in funky power armor are my aesthetic.

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I know the thread has been focused on PC-98 stuff but the OP does say pixel art for any pixel art.

I can't avoid uploading BoFIV stuff when pixel art threads come up, it's too beautiful.

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The level of quality depends on the artist, side by sides are only useful if theyre on equal ground

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Reminds me of sega's blast proccessing commercial

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Me too. Is this through an algorithm?

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PC-98 might be the best looking gaming platform ever.

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For those looking for actual resource, I've personally found a few viable programs.
D-Pixed is a 90s windows tool that still runs on modern hardware. There's an english translation, and when you select a primary and secondary color you can also set any tool to draw in varied strength dithers. The dithering really is pretty powerful, you just need the artistic skill to use it. You can also import images with a surprising level of quality in auto dithering if you set up palettes right, but you'll want to use that as a background layer and draw on the layers above. I've seen it crash on win10 while loading/saving, so I'd suggest taking a screenshot before saving, and saving often. http://www.flat2d.com/dpixed_en.aspx
I've heard D-Pixed has been superceded by EDGE/EDGE2, which is shareware still in distribution. I've had a harder time running this though, there's no translation, and unless your computer is set to JP locale, you'll have issues. I actually had more issues with this program when using locale emulator. This program might be better, your mileage may vary.
Multipaint and Z's STAFF kid98 seem to be pretty standard editors for the PC-98. Authentic for sure, probably what a lot of companies used at the time, but good luck finding it, I can't find shit. Videos show capable looking dithering brushes though, wish I could try it out. There's a bunch of authentic PC-98 art apps listed here, maybe someone can find a copy of one. Good luck. http://www.ateliermw.com/cglib/software.html
GrafX2 is a more common modern pixel tool which seems to supersede deluxe paint. Compatible with modern systems, and native english. You can definitely do dithering and achieve this look with it, but it seems less specialized to that style.
Aseprite is another modern solution. It's paid but open source, so it's easy to find a compiled version for free. Really easy to use, with good reference image, layering and transparency tools. No dither brushes, but supports linear gradient dithers.

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>it requires artistic skill to use
Not when you're tracing scanned illustrations. Which is I'm assuming exactly what artists for these games did.

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Typically it was like modern animation production:
-outline is drawn on paper
-Cleanup/Linework is emphasized
-it's digitalized via scanner
-it's colorized and composed on computer
It's possible that everything is done by the same person or you had specialists for every step. Colorization still requires artistic talent.

Chaos Angels Works is a book from the artist of Chaos Angels. It gives you some info on the production and design decisions and a lot of used and unused drawings.

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You'll still need to adjust shading and colors. It can't automatically generate the best palette for you, it also can't clean up line work and shading for you. The original art is going to take artistic skill too, particularly to make something that can scan and digitize well. Too much detail and it becomes a mess.
Typically though it's just linework that's scanned. There's sources in this thread >>4945412 >>4945583 Even then it needs to be cleaned up digitally. There's no way to just turn an image into pixel art, and you're an idiot if you think you can automate the entire process to achieve the same results as in this thread. Yes the tools automate small parts of the process, but that's like saying using a machine to mix your paint is automating painting.

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too bad anime is basically king of queens tier sitcoms made by daytime losers