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What have you been playing on MAME lately, /vr/?

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fired up the Simpsons yesterday after watching some reruns

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What is the best Metal Slug game and why is it Metal Slug 3?

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It's not so much fun alone. Two or more is better. Who do you play as? For me, it's usually been Marge

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>not X
3 is too much of a clusterfuck and it's final stage drags for too long.

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I don't think I quite finished that with brother and friend on a cabinet, but I finally did on MAME three years ago with two players after seeing this play.

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Always been Homer though I do agree that beat 'em ups are better with friends, which I don't have very many

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Probably x

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mostly mahjong and fruit machine games.
once in a while i'll pop in a pos cash register and have some fun.

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I like 2 better, even with the slowdown

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MAME can be made even better despite what the detractors say. Its a team effort.

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OK, How long until the MAME development tea is able to make both PCE CE and N64 emulation on this work ok-good tier?

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People make emulators for the games they like to play, so that's going to be very slow.

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Well, the MAME dev team is neither one person nor a few people. Like I said, MAME is a team effort.

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I am brainlet to run MAME on Linex, so no gaem I've played on MAME recently.
Also, I read that Daytona USA sucks in MAME.

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The correct acronym is CDE, for CD Engine. NEC dropped the "PC" bit.

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Why did they name a console 'PC', anyway?

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Personal Console

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Get your brother to play Simpsons Arcade with you, if you're not too brainlet to configure controllers. For my old DualShock3s, drivers are baked into Ubuntu's kernel. I can't even use them wirelessly with my phone without rooting, and they never stop charging if connected by OTG

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It suggested more capability. PCs have always had much more processing power than consoles.

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>It suggested more capability.
Did it actually have that, like could you install an OS on it?

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not always

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Why did you delete?

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Just the usual: trannyjanny got triggered and pulled a prune-all-by-IP again.

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TH Strikes Back, Road Burners, Motor Raid - Twin, War:The Final Assault, and a lot of post 2000 arcade games that have been added since 0.185. And pic related of course.

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Bomb Jack is the finest arcade platformer I've ever played

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how do you kill the sphinx?

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I've mostly been playing Fix Your Romsets After A Mame Update For The 100th Time Because They Keep Changing Them And Now They Won't Load

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>he doesn't just update his set every once in a while
>he doesn't update only when new games are promoted to working that he actually gives a shit about
Last old update that mattered was .155 for Raiden 2 and Raiden DX. Last recent update that matters is 0.193 for SF Rush: The Rock, 0.196 for Motor Raid - Twin, VF2, and War:The Final Assault, or 0.198 for Capcom VS SNK MF2000 Pro. Unless you really give a flying fuck about obscure pre-85 games, Tiger Electronics handhelds, or clones, there is no reason to update every time MAME updates.

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Load up the torrent, point it at your old folder, do a scan. Boom it automatically downloads the new/updated roms.
>Unless you really give a flying fuck about obscure pre-85 games
Get a load of this rube that doesn't know of the sheer brilliance of Williams' early 80s titles.

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What's the cheapest PC rig for best MAME emulation?

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Has anyone been able to successfully update their sets manually with 0.200? I ask because I've never had a problem before with RomCenter, but now with 0.200 the program locks up hard trying to either pull a database from MAME or using a database file. I've tried Romulous, clrmamepro, and something else I can't remember the name of, and all of them crash and fail. Is 0.200 bugged or are the current rom manager programs fucked? I've never had this issue before trying to manually build a set.

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Stop using those stupid meme "rom managers" and just use your torrent client.

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What, you mean re-download the entire set?

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Just finished my first playthrough of Galaxy Force II. The visuals seriously hurt my eyes.

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Elevator action 2
bubble bobble
rush n crash
alien syndrome
flying shark

i made a mame arcade bartop using an old pc and monitor. i would highly recommend it as a project; really brings the classics back to life

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turtles, turtles in time, final fight, the punisher, dungeons and dragons, golden axe, cads and dinos, avp, bad dudes dragon ninja.

What side scrolling mame beat em ups should i play next

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Shit i meant in addition to the simpsons if i didnt make that clear.

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I thought this was a meme and its really a terrible game?

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The arcade version is fucking great.

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Can I play any of the Initial D arcade games on MAME?

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I've been using it to play Tower of Druaga and Super Punch-Out!!

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Ok, awesome. what else is worth playing through that i have not listed.

Double Dragon? is there an arcade version of streets of rage?

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Vendetta, Violent Storm, Knights of the Round, Warriors of Fate, Guardians, Undercover Cops, Knights of Valour, Sailor Moon

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No you need a specific emulator to run them but you can do it pretty well iirc, look around online youll find it. If not there is always the ps2 port of the second game

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File: 2.45 MB, 224x298, psychic 5.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Cool, i'll check those out

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Not much.

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Fuck off Billy Soiboy

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Revolution X, because my stepbrother let me play it for a bit on SNES. His mom got had him listening to Aerosmith and Queen on his boombox.

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>soiboi projecting his soiness onto based billy

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report and ignore

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I've been playing this fucking Chad of a video game

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Hope you're playing the alpha renewal version coz the others are missing half the game.

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DK is a classic

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Billy's not a basedboy.
Just a filthy cheat.

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Can someone help? I'm trying to get Neo Geo games running on 0.200 and I'm missing "sp-s3.sp1" and "sp1-u2". Can't find them anywhere. Or should I be using a different emulator/different version of MAME for Neo Geo?

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Which games?

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You didn't care about Donkey Kong a year ago. Enjoy these humorous recordings :-)


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All of them. They're from the Dot Emu Neo Geo 25th anniversary pack Humble put out a few years ago. I found most of the Neo Geo files I need, but I'm still missing those two files. Every game won't run because it's missing those two files.

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Have you tried getting the rom from elsewhere, one meant for vanilla MAME?

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I went back and tried 0.195b and everything Neo Geo seems to be working (haven't tested every game, but the all the games I have tested work)

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Quick question, what's the best way to sort through mame and FBA roms? I downloaded a pack and it has 50 different versions of the same game.

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>Can I play any of the Initial D arcade games on MAME?

Just get Teknoparrot instead. It can play a ton of the latest Initial D games and as it's basically cracked PC software it runs very fast.

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the original jap version has all of it.

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arcade stage 1-3 need demul since it uses naomi 2 hardware.

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lol :)

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If you only want 2D stuff, any core2duo or newer is fine. No need for a GPU at all if you're playing on a regular monitor.

If you want 3D games to run flawlessly, right now you need a beat system.

sadly, the best way is to do it by hand. Google a few top lists, and see what you like the look of. Also, google the different between merged, split, and non-merged sets to figure out what you have. If you have a split set, deleting the parent will render the children games (clones, bootlegs, variation sets, etc) useless.

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Get a ROM manager program, tell it to merge everything. There, now instead of 50 versions of the same game, you have 1 .zip containing everything for that game. Rename it to the version of the game you want.

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Not One!
Stil on work at This!

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Would an i5-7400 with a GTX 1050ti be good enough

>> No.4956775

Would an i5-7400 with a GTX 1050ti be good enough?

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I might check it out later

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What's your high score ? mine is 78k

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why is the coin door artwork overlay applied to a unfinished door, why is the artwork on the speaker board sideways, is the bezel going to be sideways as well? that's going to look like crap, wtf is up with this project, whats your endgame!

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ever since the transition to c++ and the new UI, MAME has been getting buggier and buggier

>> No.4963026

I had the exact same problem. You need the CORRECT NeoGeo.zip BIOS rom. I had to try like 5 different ones. I'd link it but I forgot where I got the one that finally worked, and I am miles from my Mame cab.

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What's wrong with it exactly?

>> No.4964030

takes forever to load anything and will consistently crash on alt-tab

>> No.4966804

For 3d games i mean

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MAME has been a "preservation only" project since after build 0.106. So any version made after, say, 2010, is suspect.

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>accurate emulation is BAD!!!!

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Isn't anyone free to make a fork with different priorities? It seems no one cares to.

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You guys use any derivatives other people made over the normal version of MAME?

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Why do people bother to dump and share arcade ROMs that can't even be played on the only computer capable of running any kind of emulator?

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To make sure they're not lost to site takedowns or whatever when they finally DO run?

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Pachinko sexy reaction 1-2 and Heavy Barrel.
Only wish I could find more well made adult pachinko games with that much effort put into em.

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my man

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Try downloading the neogeo bios from retroroms, they seem to have everything updated there

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How do i play mahjong? Any tutorial?

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I want to play pic related. I went onto an archived page of emuparidise to download the rom but I think I'm missing something. I have tgm.zip but apparently I'm missing another file.

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Probably the BIOS files. Make sure to download all BIOS files for MAME in case a different game requires it.

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How do I get into MAME romsets? Are they distributed as a giant package somewhere? How does that work out with shit like the laserdisc games that take up like 100GB?

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Go to the shmup thread on /vg/ and download the rom pack on the OP. It includes TGM1, TGM2 and everything you need to play them.

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look up pleasuredome, they have every ROM and CHD.

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