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What's so bad about it? Weird bait thread.

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It's just so dishonest

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It's pretty boring compared to what I had on PC and PSX at the time.

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It’s short and easy but a forced stealth section never should have been included in the first place. I’ve always that the biggest flaw with OoT was the “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” approach. Like the art design is so incongruous and all over the place for example.

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Is there an "intended" way to do this part? Or is that the intended way. I've never done it any other way.

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I love Descent, but their idea of introducing one of the most aggressive, annoying enemies was to throw two dozen of them into the first level you encounter them in.

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Majora's Mask is honestly a much better game. OoT's dungeons were a chore.

I remember everyone saying that you could get permanently stuck in the Water Temple too, but that was a lie because there was an optional chest hidden behind some block you could get.

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Agreed. Ocarina feels overly long and padded out. I had the same problem with Skyward Sword.

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I've never played any of The Legend of Zelda games except the first and Minish Cap, which is not /vr/. Should I go for the N64 ones or are there others you'd recommend first?

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ALttP is the best one. The N64 games are okay too, though.

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Not that guy, but Link to the Past and Link's Awakening are arguably the best /vr/ ones. I'd leave the 3D ones until later.If you wanna play them, the 3DS remakes are fantastic and IMO improve on the originals in every way.

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i found the similar part in wind waker much more annoying. especially considering it's the first part of the game with actual gameplay

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Sonic 1 spikes - you hit them, fuck your rings you're dead

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Oversights are not design flaws.

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Nah that's intentional, they explicitly bypass mercy invincibility.

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Shit thread, saged.

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Isn't that corrected in the jp release which came a month later?

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These appear in an early part of the game in groups of two, do 15~ damage to the entire party every turn, and your max HP at this point averages to about 60. Proportionately speaking, just one of these guys hits as hard as the final boss.

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I love forced stealth sections especially when it's so obvious I'm thinking "this must be the obligatory stealth bit"

Jedi Outcast has one of those. The events of that game retroactively did not happen, which I'm fine with, but Rogue One is kinda boring.

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It wasn't nerfed until Sonic Jam, the spikes have a different routine for damaging Sonic altogether meaning the behavior is deliberate. It was probably done to allow for "bottomless pits" lined with spikes but was left as-is when the bottom of a level was made an instant-death zone.

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>It wasn't nerfed until Sonic Jam

You mean Sonic 2 beta 4.

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>Can't acquire more healing items; you run out of your initial stock, you're fucked.
>Leveling up only increases ONE randomly chosen stat; usually ends up being something useless like a few HP.
>Crafting system is extremely convoluted & confusing.
>Ignoring the crafting system is also fatal - in essence in this dungeon crawling game you cannot rely on treasure & drops.
I wanted to like it but it just fucks up in so many different ways.

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I'm talking releases of Sonic 1.

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It's a game that suffered horrendously from bad interfaces and loading times more than your listed faults. I'll admit the crafting system takes time to get a handle on though.

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Them fixing them mid Sonic 2 production is an evidence of it being a mistake all along.

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Perhaps you're right. What I listed is what personally rustled my jimmies something fierce.

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You get a healing spell really fucking early in this game and your MP regenerates. I've never heard of anyone running out of curative items.
Also the crafting system is tier A plus tier B equals tier C weapon. It's not hard and gamefaqs exists if you're a dummy.

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That's called "Rebalancing" anon, it happens when you make a sequel to a game; you change things to adjust the difficulty level based on feedback.

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I'm so FUCKING sorry for not keeping individual pictures of shit that annoys me in 25 year old games.

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it's gameplay integrated with the story, dipshit. They didn't just throw it in randomly; you're sneaking into the castle and it just wouldn't make sense if there wasn't some security.

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The guards have a narrow field of vision. A bit of trial and error figuring out never hurt anybody. Getting caught and thrown out doesn't have much of a consequence.
Is everyone so dumb today that every thing needs to constantly be spelt out step by step?

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>Crafting system is extremely convoluted & confusing.
You can beat the game with material you get in the first hour. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what monsters are weak to what weapon type and element, the system is pretty bare bones RPG logic: blunt for stone and bones, piercing for armor and dragon scales, etc. You even have a scan spell to see anything's weakness.

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that's only in the earliest version.

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Turned based RPGs.

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goddamn I got stuck at this part as a kid, I though I needed the bombs to go to the right to sneak into the castle
took a long time before I figured out I could go left in OP's pic and even then I initially felt like I was doing something that wasn't intended

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I tried playing pic related recently. It's an *OK* game but it's full of terrible level design. Especially enemy placement where you cannot hit them but they can hit you.
Also there are bullshit trial and error leap of faith segments where if you go down the wrong way you get insta killed by a gigantic laser or you land on spikes.
For a game as highly talked about as it is it just goes to show how much stock people put in nostalgia. There are heaps of way better side scrolly/shooty/action games on the NES.

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Did you like the soundtrack, at least?

Every played Silver Surfer?

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This. Snooze fest gameplay at its finest.

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I get that but forced stealth in otherwise non-stealth games can still kiss my ass.

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>enemy party that consists of a group of enemies that can all cast sleep spells
>MC party member gets hit repeatedly by spell, which stacks
>Assistant party member (similar to mercenary in Diablo II) can't do anything while MC is asleep, not even attack the enemy
>MC gets pummeled to death because the sleeps status can't be lifted

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I would have never thought people had a problem with that part until I saw it in 4chan.
In fact, I didn't know that was a "part". It was just something you do before starting the activity (sneaking in). Mind you, I was not a bright kid.
In short, you're fucking stupid.

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That what I call fun. I bet you also hated The Last Jedi.

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What game?

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Not that guy, but it's perfectly normal to hate bad movies.

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I bet you haven't seen a single Kurosawa kino

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Mind explaining?

Also, why are the A and B buttons green and red in that video? The "Attack" button should be blue and the "Sword" button should be green to correspond with their respective buttons. The only red button on the N64 controller is Start.

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So are we all just posting gay crybaby shit for fun or does anyone have any legitimate criticisms

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You can't go around a corner without having one or two of these fuckers SKREE at you and rape you in the face before you kill it dead in sheer panic.

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Why is Captain Vidya missing the top half of his face?

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>Also, why are the A and B buttons green and red in that video?
Gamecube version?

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get it right fagot

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When spelled that way, I read it as "fah go"

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2 feels incomplete in a lot of areas. Tons of the stages feel completely barren, with almost no enemies to speak of. Everything in Wily Castle sucks even the music and it's got the most unbalanced set of weapons in the series

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>OoT 64's text speed.

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It always gets me how adults somehow enjoy playing red/blue Pokemon. Like it's literally just this and unlike the majority of jrpgs it has a boring and stupid story geared towards kids who are zanny for Pokemon.

Lot of shit I can walk down nostalgia lane and get past shit gameplay. Pokemon isn't one of them.

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Played Pokémon Blue when it was new, liked it as a kid, agree it's pretty dull as an adult, even with nuzlocke rules or hacks to add just a tiny bit of challenge. Can the current games still be finished with one fighter and one HM bitch?

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Take your meds and relax.

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Newsflash: all rpgs have generic, hackneyed stories aimed towards kids and teens. If you want good stories read some fucking literature you dipster

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it takes like 8 entire seconds to get through a single full text box. Why on earth is it so slow?

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I do both :-)

JRPG writing is at least better than anything Hollywood shits out for international audiences, but you still see adults going out of their way to spend time and money seeing them.

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With this being /vr/ this thread is probably both, though more 'for fun' than not.

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No, exp scales now. They also made EXP ALL basically affect your entire party, so you;re a double moron if you try to do it with just one because there's no downside to doing it with 6.

>> No.4939314

That's good. Shuffling the party is really tedious.

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Yes, but they made the game far too easy now. Series plateau'd at platinum and went downhill FAST with XY. The stretch from Plat-B2W2 was a game a year that was consistently great, they somehow managed to even redeem Gen II.

And then XY came out and everything but the monster design went to absolute garbage.

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For 2d go alttp and expand from there
For 3d go ocarina of Time and expand from there
All future titles expand from those 2 so if ya don't like those ya probably won't like the rest

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Pic not related?

>> No.4939383

so that children will have to READ while they wait

>> No.4939384

ATB lol

>> No.4939412

I can see the argument for the OoT remake, but MM definitely not. They changed way too much about it for it to be a suitable replacement, including changing all the boss fights.

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He moves slower, git gud. I usually played Boris. No one plays Goldeneye: Source because the whole game has aged poorly

>> No.4939610

Gonna confess here, I didn't know you could switch between present characters on the status screen. Like I said; VS has really bad interface problems.

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I hate those fucking things.

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can you stop this /v/ meme anon

>> No.4939864

>Is everyone so dumb today that every thing needs to constantly be spelt out step by step?
Well... yeah.

>> No.4939969

lol, what shitty movies do you watch? capeshit?

>> No.4940064 [DELETED] 

What meme?



>> No.4940068

I haven't watched any capeshit this decade. It looks pretty boring. Hollywood's best is pretty shallow because it still needs to sell internationally.

>> No.4940075

Eggy raptor pls go.

>> No.4940096

there is not videogame with a better story than a decent movie
sure as hell any jrpg would qualify unless you are a child

>> No.4940103

Name one decent movie.

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I always found the concept of HMs flawed.
The idea seems good on theory, with moves having an effect on the world, but on practice the HMs are just sub optimal techs forcing you to have one (or more!) pokémon just for that, essentially reducing your fighting team to 5 monsters.

I'd rather have the HMs be techniques the trainer uses, as stupid as that sounds. If the trainer won a machete to cut shit, I wouldn't have to waste space with a Cut user.

>> No.4940119

Have you played Golden Sun?

>> No.4940126

No. Does it have similar flaws or avoids those on a different way?

>> No.4940136

Brawl in Cell Block 99 has better characterization than any jrpg

>> No.4940138

The player character learns the abilities and collects entities called djinn that have a few uses but the humans do the fighting.

If you want a generic but well made JRPG, chcek it out. Don't forget your LCD grid shaders if emulating on a large display.

>> No.4940142

Looks good. Maybe I'll watch it eventually.

>> No.4940709

Only compfags complain about "HM slaves." My core team could use any of the necessary HMs and I used them in battle, too. It's not so bad when you just have fun with the game instead of trying to min/max everything in a simple and easy children's game.

>> No.4940925

>pick squirtle
>he can't learn cut, but the other two starters can
>stuck with the npc-traded farfetch'd until I catch a persian because of the so few mons worth catching that can also learn cut

>> No.4940934

>comparing the stories of videogames, movies and books
You people are the ones who are "ruining videogames" desu.

>> No.4940939

You're playing the game wrong. Gotta catch 'em all!

>> No.4940967

>start with bulbasaur
>don't have problems
Why don't you just use Best Mon instead of that faggot turtle?

>> No.4940987

pls no f-slur pls k thx :-)

I had the sense to choose Bulbasaur on my first playthrough in 1998. Why would anyone want the other two?

>> No.4941047

>pls no f-slur pls k thx :-)
oh sorry bro, my bad :)

>> No.4941073

thanks babe ;)

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IIRC what you're supposed to do is pay the guard 10 rupees to let you through the gate, but this makes it much easier to get caught since the other guards will begin moving. You still end up climbing the vines, though, since you have to go back to get the egg from Malon and she tells you about them.

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>MC is your only healer

Mother trilogy.

>> No.4941213

This is easily the game’s biggest flaw.

Hyrule field takes like a minute and you barely ever have to use it if you take shortcuts, the adult half is actually really nonlinear, and Navi really doesn’t talk that often.

But the text speed in cutscenes is just fucking abysmal. Literally the biggest thing that makes the game hard to replay.

Does anyone know if that was changed in the 3ds remake?

>> No.4941239

What? The opposite is true in those games. Everyone can heal unless they don't have PSI, and even then, they can just buy healing items.

>> No.4941243

They mercifully give you text speed options in the 3DS version. It’s a godsend.

>> No.4941250

The idea of HM in itself is masterful. Actually adventuing with your pokes while seeing them have on affect on overworld beside goes a huge way towards maintaining the illusion that they're more than ones and zeroes. The ONLY issue is that most of them are garbage. Because really a lot of then have to be to maintain the early balance. The solution is therefore in allowing later stronger moves to function in the same way. For example it's kinda nonsensical that "cut" will deal with bushes but "Psycho Cut", "Night Slash" and 'Leaf Blade' will not.

>> No.4941278

I think the best solution would’ve been to make HM moves forgettable, and to make escape rope a permanent key item so you can’t end up in an unwinnable gamebreaking situation by forgetting a move in the wrong place.

>> No.4941291

Heracles no Eikou: Ugokidashita Kamigami

>> No.4941293

There's some interesting pokemon softlock videos here:


>> No.4941550

better solution would be that HM moves aren't combat moves, and some pokes know them by default.
teach your Charizard Fly, or catch a Pidgeot.
teach a Blastoise surf, or just use the Lapras.

>> No.4941575

>first part of the game with actual gameplay
False, Wind Waker has the Outset Island stuff beforehand, not all of which is a tutorial. After sword training the tutorial ends and the game leaves you to your devices to fight your way through the forest.

>> No.4941580

You know you can hit B to speed through dialogue yeah?

>> No.4941785

Sure, but I'd still love an explanation for why they settled on the insanely slow text speed in the original release. It's just weird.

>> No.4941798

It's paced for dense Japanese?

>> No.4941806

Only some of it.

>> No.4941836

The entire game is very slow paced, my dear cuck. Sorry it's not catering to the instant gratification crowd.

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>you accidentally select no

>> No.4942037

i suppose. it doesn't do a good job at conveying to the player whether or not they're in sight. it's not difficult nor punishing but it does require a little trial and error.

>> No.4942040

it was a rushed side project and it really shows

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>Did you get all that? Yes/No
>Do you want to hear that again? Yes/No
They were having a laugh every time they changed the question, weren't they.

>> No.4942078

>The entire game is very slow paced

Not really.

>> No.4942453

They're better than 3D running simulators.

>> No.4942467

>turn based combat
>shows a game with atb
Not sure if bait...

>> No.4942849

Valkyrie Profile has a better story than all of Hollywood.

>> No.4942869

Summer can't end soon enough.

>> No.4942882

descent 1 is literally not worth playing compared to the second game which improved the enemy, level, and weapon design immensely. Super Hulks and class 1 drillers literally ruin the later parts of the game.

>> No.4942914

ATb is turn based at its core, but keep thinking otherwise. We won't hold it against you.

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>ATB is realtime

>> No.4943671

ITT: Some random 19 yr doesn't like your favorite video game of all time

>> No.4943912

"am smurt meeeeerican, am cuntry of freedumbs, im game teoirist, so purdy, rokcmanII iz beeeead"

will you git gud already? jeez

>> No.4944242

>it's not a bug, in fact, it's coded specifically for this to happen
>it's supposedly meant to happen because of other games like Megaman where spikes insta-kill
>made it weird because the first hit doesn't kill you, but the second one after bouncing
>realized this amde no sense
>fixed it in later revisions
>removed from sequels

>> No.4944256

I like turn-based and hate ATB with all my being.

>> No.4944448

Okay, but it's still a subset of turn-based.

>> No.4945337

wow, ocarina has the whole first dungeon for you to through before any of that. the stealth section in ww was overly long, forced and pointless. it's so drawn out and yet teaches you nothing about the game and the whole sword-loss thing just feels kinda random and unsatisfying considering you've hardly gotten to use it at all yet outside of the obnoxious tutorial with the old guy and the like two enemies you fight in the forest.

>> No.4945427

I'm an American and I've made the classic MM games my bitch

>> No.4945460

WW is my 2nd favourite Zelda game and this man speaks the truth. The swordless stealth section was awful.

>> No.4945528

Oh god this, I've had more fun filling tax forms than watching my characters stand around doing nothing, whacking the enemies one by one, random encounters are also shit.

>> No.4946263

Faggot nigger kike

>> No.4946405

>starting with the pokemon with the most garbage types and abilities
Anon plz. Also solar beam was absolute shit in general one and that was the big way grass types had a powerful STAB back then.

>> No.4946439

>general one
Fuck off, you worthless phoneposter.

>> No.4946453

Similar to this, I thought having a fifth move slot that was not usable in battle could be good.

>> No.4946465

ATB is turnbased with a nonsense waiting timer between actions. It's basically made to trick the player into thinking there's urgency like in realtime combat, but since there's no big meaningful decisions to make and the games fucking pause when browsing skills/items, it's entirely meaningless and the games play out pretty much exactly as they would if turnbased.

>> No.4946584

>tactical movement in turn-based random battle that does absolutely nothing except delay contact with the enemy for a few turns

>1 melee character, 2 spell casters, 1 multi-class fighter/healer
>melee character can't do anything until he makes contact with the enemy
>spell casters only good for spell casting
>multi-class character not good enough for attacking and need to conserve mp for healing

>screen scrolls slowly each time a character moves or casts offensive spell
>offensive magic misses 50% of the time
>different schools of magic have no difference except for the animations

>> No.4946604

>he didn't realize that the correct answer is always the bottom one

>> No.4946628

>game has status effect mechanics as items
>99% of the enemies die too fast to warrant using them
>you beat the game with a huge pile of unused items

>> No.4946641

Nope, go play them again, the protagonist is always the healer. It turns out I was only half-right, though, because Poo and Kumatora will eventually learn Lifeup but never to a degree where it will actually be useful, especially later on when enemies start dishing out gamma and omega-level attacks.

>> No.4946645

>you beat the game with a huge pile of unused items
NSMB in a nutshell.

>> No.4946705

>collects entities called djinn that have a few uses but the humans do the fighting.

Have a few uses? Bro, the different combinations of what djinn you equip to your characters are what determines their entire class and tech list.

>> No.4949113
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>And then XY came out and everything but the monster design went to absolute garbage.
You fucked in the head mate? Gen 6 (and 7) have the absolute worst designs they've shit out yet. It started dropping at 4-5 but by god this is garbage. Gen 7 is the only one that's had even worse designs

>> No.4949132

I don't have any problem with the points you've listed, my main complain would instead be that the RISK level should automatically reset or at least lower a lot faster when there are no enemies around. It's no fun to wait for a minute or so for your RISK to get back to zero before you continue to advance in the game.

It's still one of the best games even made IMO.

>> No.4949138

>the games fucking pause when browsing skills/items
IIRC that's configurable in all PSX FF games at least. I always played them without pause.

>> No.4949284

What an awful opinion. Gen 7 has a lot of good designs and interesting concepts for their Pokemon, though the game is flawed in other areas.

>> No.4949558

>It's basically made to trick the player into thinking there's urgency like in realtime combat, but since there's no big meaningful decisions to make and the games fucking pause when browsing skills/items, it's entirely meaningless and the games play out pretty much exactly as they would if turnbased.
Wrong. There are decisions to make.

Zeromus, the final boss of FF4, has an attack (Big Bang) that does huge damage + HP Leak. At typical levels, this often more than 90% of the max health of your weakest characters or even just kill them outright. Zeromus buffs his magic power before unleashing big bang, so you have a warning that it's coming.

Your healer's turn is up. If your timing is good, you can cast heal before Big Bing goes off so that it lands immediately after the BB its initial damage and before the HP Leak has time to finish anyone off. If you cast it too soon, you'll heal will land before Big Bang goes off and the spell will be wasted.

In a typical round-based system that dynamic is entirely absent. In a "turn-based ATB" system like FF Tactics or FFX, deciding whether to cast the heal is a simple question of looking at the AT list to see when it will land and requires no timing at all.

And even if you do use wait/pause to think about what to do next, that hesitation may still cost a few ticks which can change the turn order and allow an enemy to move before you do.

Later ATB games dumbed this down somewhat. But in FFIV cast times mattered a lot and you had abilities like Kain's Jump that you could use to evade damage if you timed it well.

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