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What are some late 90s shooters youd recommend? They don't even have to be good. Preferably around the quake era with 3d graphics, but 2d is also fine
Something like pic related

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No I like Kingpin I meant anything around that time frame. Sorry if you thought I was bashing on the game

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Is soldiers of fortune retro?

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Missed the cutoff but eh. It's a decent FPS but nothing special about it but it's realistic and gruesome violence which holds up quite well even today.

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Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
Requiem: Avenging Angel
Aliens versus Predator
Shogo: MAD

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Half-Life (look up mods for it as well)
Gunman: Chronicles
Turok 2

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Blood 2
Mortyr 2093-1944

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ive never been able to force myself to get through the opening death swamp frog part in Daikatana, is it worth it?

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It gets a lot better after that. Make sure you install the unofficial patch.

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Also that.

I also would recommend Strife.

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If you're gonna recommend ion storm stuff, at least recommend something decent like deus ex

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>one studio releasing a dud and a masterpiece just two months apart
crazy how nature do that.

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Most 90s shooters aren't very good because the tech just wasn't mature yet, but enjoyed Heretic and Hexen are pretty fun with their colorful novel weapons. One nice thing about early shooters is so many assets being 2D sprites which are very easy to modify.

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just bought kingpin on the steam summer sale, looks awesome and uses the Quake 2 engine which i enjoy a lot.

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>Most 90s shooters aren't very good

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deus ex.

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I will fucking bury you.

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yo man, you got a dolla?

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https://youtu.be/xRrqkBm7CaI this is the only correct translation of Kingpin

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Steam? No thanks. I'll keep my 60 Pound box of computer games on CD. LMAO Collecting old PC games must be the hobby that takes up the most space of any system. 60 Pounds of CDs, Enough boxed games to fill a very wide shelf from ceiling to floor. Enough Systems to fill an entire bedroom. Then comes the monitors....

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>different teams in different cities
it's truly beyond comprehension

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I'm gonna bury those two motherfuckers.

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And that's the worst that I ever played

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You fucking want some of this, fuck?

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hey, get back to me when you got a dolla, huh

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I would recommend Serious Sam, but it misses the mark by about 2 years (2001). Though, it does seem to have a 90s aesthetic even if it's a parody.

Also MDK.

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Requiem - Avenging Angel

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Douk bess build shootah

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If there was a game that i'd like to see being remastered, it would be this.

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Here's your fucking money.