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You are being sent to a tropical island for ten years. You are allowed to take one retro game system and the full library of that system. What do you take with you and why?

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JP model2 Sega Saturn-Lots of RPGS Shooters and the original Nights along with Sonic Jam.

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Nes, the unlicensed games only would keep me entertained at least 1 year

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but theres no electricity ?!

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Ps1 jrpgs, action games, stealth games, survival horror, adventure, and those derpy crash style games

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Dreamcast. Because it's the damn Dreamcast.

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A Windows XP computer so I can play a fuckton of /vr/ games, emulate most console games I'd want to play , and cheat by playing the non-/vr/ games that are compatible with XP.

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Sega Genesis, because 16-bit power. It has all the games you need - action, adventure, racing, shooting, sports, the Sega Genesis has it all.

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and you'll be playing your Sega Genesis in a place that looks like a Sonic 1st level, too.

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That red start button. My HD Genesis didn’t have one.

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If I have a net connection then Dreamcast. If not, Genesis. On a tropical island though I doubt I'd play either a ton.

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pc engine.

tons of games, the fun kind to be stuck on a desert island with. that or the saturn for the same reasons

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PC and emu fags ain’t an option.

I want to say SNES but I think I’d prefer N64 just for general entertainment

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Depends. If the system is backwards-compatible, do I get the library for that too? Do I get any addons like the Sega CD? Do I get accessories like the Zapper?

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PS1, no contest. SNES and Dreamcast are OK choices

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SNES. PS1 probably has a more extensive library but I'd rather have peak 2D than first-gen 3D. I don't want to spend a decade looking at nothing but fucking polygons.

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No contest

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Honestly, if I was being sent to a (presumably) uninhabited tropical island for ten years, I'd take that time to learn some crafts and use my free time for personal reflection.
Though, in the downtime between that, always having the Gameboy light would be great to take around everywhere assuming I have batteries for it. Mainly for puzzle games to prevent me from going insane and keeping my mind fresh. As cheesy as it sounds and even though I'm not a religious person, having the king james bible for gameboy is at least some reading material.

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A later DOS computer. I'll spend a lot longer troubleshooting and figuring controls than most, but I'm familiar enough with that, I'll cope. And hey, daggerfall, systemshock, childhood nostalgia.

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This would be best for me too. But for console only, Dreamcast.

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Do any of them have textbooks? Couldn't I bring my Kobo Glo HD instead?

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This is the best option. You can do so much more than just games with a Pentium 3.

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Definitely SNES. That thing defined my life.

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PC. So i can play the very few indie that are good and emulate the old stuff.

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Your mother, since she doesn't need electricity to operate.

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Nothing can surpass richness of its library.

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Yep, me too

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I'd take a chess program of some sort. It's the only thing I can see myself consistently playing unadulterated for a decade.

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This is the “wish for more wishes” answer to this question, fuck you.

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I don't think I could ever live without Earthbound, DKC, Chrono Trigger and SCIV so Supra Nintender

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>Blue Stinger
I guess that's for the bonfire?

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Playstation 2

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C64! b

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I'm really torn between Playstation, MegaDrive and Super Nintendo

I'll go with MegaDrive

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SNES so I can finally slog through earthbound.

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oh electric mama joke already done so i take this

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t. brainlet

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PC, games like HoMM, Civ, and Star Control will pass time nicely.

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Seaman could keep you company

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Probably Playstation but maybe NES. Depends on my mood for the decade. Will there be chicks there like Robinson Crusoe or will I have my Swiss Family Robinson or is this a solitary Castaway deal? Or like Lost? I probably wouldn't have much time for gaming with all that drama.

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PSP with everything on it

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Can I have a real doll instead?

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Playstation. Why? JRPGs and Survival Horror games.

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>real doll with no lube

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Sega CD and both versions of the Third world war.

Game's still quite relevant to our times.

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Coconut oil

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Neither. I would take a Banana.
Pic related

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good way to set your console on fire.

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A ps2. Coz it has an insane library and I doubt I've even played 1% of it.

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PS1. I'm more familiar with it than others, and a lot of my favorite games are on the machine.
plus, I get a bunch of free frisbees because hot fuck there's going to be a lot of worthless bullshit on my shelf alongside the good shit

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Snes; this also allows me all of the GB library since the Super Game Boy exists.

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Is GameCube retro yet?

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Not here.

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This is tough. I think I'd have to say SNES. I didn't grow up with it (was a Genesis kid), but it has become my most played console. I was actually torn between the two and even a NES. I feel NES would be better for speedrunning, which I'm sure in 10 years you might try, but SNES usually have more detailed worlds to explore.

So, SNES is final answer I guess. Large enough library to have different experience, nice graphics that are more detailed than NES. You could have just about everything on an SD2SNES, not sure if flash carts are allowed, but either way, you'de have all games, just with SD2SNES you could enjoy some hacks and some higher quality music on the MSU-1.

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>As cheesy as it sounds and even though I'm not a religious person, having the king james bible for gameboy is at least some reading material.

Very good point. Honestly I've not read the bible fully, but there are some pretty intersting stories in there even if your not religious. It's kind of neat to imagine the things in a historical perspecive and researching the societies and their norms and customs back then. Some things don't make a ton of sense to us but would have made more sense in a historical perspective.

Gameboy Light would be good though, GBC if you could also play GB would be nice too. GBC had a few games with larger worlds, kind of fun to explore.

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Gilligan's Island style. Who will it be, Mary Ann, Ginger, or Mrs. Howell? I know you don't play for the "home" team so I'm guessing it's safe to assume the guys aren't on the list.

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We'd just have to see where the experience took us. I'd end up murdering Gilligan right quick though.

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