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I miss it.

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Me too.

Fuck Gamestop.

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What did they mean by this?

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The one I went to would always have like 50 unattended kids just dropped off, playing the kiosks

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That always pisses me off. Parents need to learn that video game stores are not daycare centers.

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What is that Xbox ad in the window? Almost looks like a 360. I though Funco died in the early 2000s.

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I think there were a few that survived the purge.

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Looks like an Xbone ad to me.

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That too. Where the hell is there a funco post 2010? I... Is there one left somewhere?

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It's probably a Gamestop and they were too lazy to change the fucking sign. I would know, I used to work at one.

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Lands are not stores.

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A shame.
The meme holds true.

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Definitely a Gamestop.
The hours sign is the same as other Gamestops.

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Now we all REALLY miss funcoland.

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Does any other store have the trade-in value newsletter handout thing?

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Yea yea gonna go see what sega genesis game I want

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My memories of Funcoland:

>buying super rare Dragonball toys from japan that didn't have moveable legs ($15 each figure from what I remember, and yes a ripoff looking back)
>buying super rare (at the time) japanese dub, english sub DBZ VHS movies (kek nu-/v/ is like "what's a VHS?)
>got GBC's with the Pokemon games Red and Blue
>remember getting numerous 5th gen era console games and I think I can remember even earlier consoles than that
>store was always exciting to go to since they seemed to carry some rare things you couldn't find anywhere else

A shame shitstop took over everything. I remember kids being jelly whenever I got games earlier and being super jelly at the toys, movies and cards I had.

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Where is she now?

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What about Babbage's?
inb4 gramps

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I unfortunately didn't have those in my area, just EB and gamestop. My local EB had really awesome employees, though. Got a lot of deals thanks to being a friendly regular.

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I miss Toy's R Us

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I'm still heartbroken that store went out of business, used to go diving in the bargain bins and would find shit like ff3/6 and link's awakening

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You know that plasticy smell Toys 'Я' Us had? Every time I smell that, I remember the first time I played Sonic & Knuckles on a demo station. That game was so mind-blowing I will never forget. I immediately went to my Mom and told her I want that game for Christmas. Yes, I still have it.

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>go with dad to see what n64 game i want
>banjo kazooie listed as available game
>jackass behind counter tells me its not out yet even though it says they are selling it
>fuck this shit, buy a wwf game instead

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Fat and divorced with 3 kids. One is biracial

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>be young
>ride your bicycle to the local mall
>always visit the video game store
>spend whatever money you had there
>befriend the employees, know them by first name
>always make small talk and overstaying after making a purchase
>Thought I was cool bc I was a known customer

I still cringe to this day

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This thing was a fucking revelation bible to me as a kid, absolutely critical information

It alerted me to the existence of so many games I didn't know were out there (and some that never got ported to the US market but still were on the list somehow, like US SNES Ranma 1/2 2)

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>Tony Meola Soccer

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Bought my first SNES there on release day back in Nov 21 1990. Came with Super Mario World and I also bought F-Zero too. I always went to TRU for games, I bought Secret Of Mana there in 1993 and everytime I hear the song "Never Forget You" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xjfc8OVvav0 in Secret Of Mana I start to feel depressed thinking of my childhood from the 90s being a kid at TRU buying snes games and toys. Oh the memories...

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Sucking some COD Chad's dick in the back of his mustang for Nintendo Bucks.

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>Shining Force I and II
wow, even then jarpigs were gouged. wish the picture didn't cut off Phantasy Star.

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>jarpigs were gouged
They retailed at a higher price at release. Shining Force was around 90 USD when it came out.

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Aw yeah, nothing like going into Toys R Us as a kid and flipping those sleeves and reading the back. Good memories there too. Got my SNES there, saw the DC for the first time there, played the demo for Smash Bros with my cousin there and instantly got hooked.

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Lookie what I still have.

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>Subterraria $1.49

why was this game always cheap as fuck? even now it's worth like $5 but it's really fucking good. did they just make millions of them?

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It probably just needs to be covered by a sufficiently big-name eceleb.

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> Parents need to learn that video game stores are not daycare centers.



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no way in hell my mom was giving me a blank check to get a heap of games

How it actually would go for me:
>Funcoland is next to food store
>go food shopping with mom
>'mom can I go look in Funcoland?'
>"no" (95% of times)
>"yes" (5%)
>she goes in with me
>do this really fast sidestep walk to look over the games knowing I had little time
>"Can I get this? ($50 game)"
>get the best used game that I can get for $10
>still feel like I won that day since I rarely got anything

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Here's the 2nd part of it with Phantasy Star :P

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gilfing it up

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heh I remember this shit. I remember reading some sort of booklet that described all the games they had available and their prices?
anyways rented a few games from there in the 90s (with the help of my parents). I distinctly remember renting Altered Beast for the genesis from there. great game

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this can't be in USD is it?

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yup, seeing gamestop flyers in 2002 and raiding their bins of old nes and snes games was the start of my obsession with playing older video games (92fag here so other than the snes my older brothers had, i hardly played anything pre-5th gen). even back then I remember Megaman X2/X3 being upwards of $100, so stuff that was low-print run was still priced modestly, but the vast majority of games were cheaper than $15. i remember growing up dreaming when i could be old enough to hold down a job and buy all the old games i never had growing up


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It is.

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shit, this was end game. SF2A was the last licensed SNES game published.

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>i still cringe to this day
why? sounds like a wholesome childhood memory. those people didn't mind your presence, they probably enjoyed something to make their day less dull.

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do... do I have to get Donkey Kong Country?

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I've always hated having to chat with customers because either they were keeping from work or because I'm a bipolar agoraphobic autist with social anxiety disorder. Probably the latter.

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Did you work at a game store yourself?
I feel like its different when you work at a video game or music store, because usually the workers share your passion for it, otherwise they wouldn't get a job there

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>member when a controller cost only a tiny fraction of a game console?

t t th thanks shitendo

>inb4 but muh inflation!

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It was Microsoft who set the precedent for $50+ controllers, not Nintendo.

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have you held a SNES controller?
they feel insanely cheap. not saying that they break, cause they dont, but its just really cheapy plastic and the buttons wobble around.

you get what you pay for.

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I feel you man..

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that list is definitely 5th gen, probably a few years in too.

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I remember our EB games giving away N64 games for free during 6th gen.

>> No.4917023

Like free with purchase or they were just sitting there in a box for the taking?

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thats not the real giraffe

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Was 70 dollars like a pittance back then or something?

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Surviving quarterlife crisis.

Physical format games are coming to an end. Go digital already.

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No, it was a lot of money. One bit of perspective a lot of people don't realize today is that kids didn't have -every- game that came out- usually a collection of like 5 to 30 games per system- and so there were loads of games kids wouldn't get a chance to play.

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don’t wanna grow up wanna be toys r us kid

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That's nothing, I remember goldeneye going for a hundred for years at TRU.

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$70 was worth more then too but the average american also earned more money.

and like anon said >>4918590
unless you were super rich, you probably had like 5-10 games.
being a "gamer" was also much less of a thing, i would play outside, ride bikes and skateboards and stuff, go to the beach, and then play mario kart with my friends at night or gameboy in bed for an hour.

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