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What's /vr/'s thoughts on the Elite series? Thinking about playing Frontier.

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Only got into Elite and Elite Dangerous. Tried Frontier but was a bit too involved for my tastes. Them graphics are sexy as hell though.

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>Elite Dangerous
I'm so sorry.

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Love the freedom.

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I am disassembling C64 Elite, should anybody want to make any improvement demands:
> https://github.com/Kroc/elite-harmless

I've never played Elite 2 /3 seriously, but I couldn't get on with the flight model, I much prefer the arcade controls of original Elite.

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Better play pioneer. It's frontier but with less bugs and better graphics.

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Mercenary was cool too. I really liked F.O.F.T. back in the day. Too bad it was buggy and basically 20 years too early.

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Frontier (E2) looks gorgeous, too bad I could never get into it. Loved Elite, but Frontier was too much of a sim to me.

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Problem for me was the Newtonian physics. I couldn't feel the ship. Combat was impossible and the game was too focused on the autopilot.

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Only thing i would add is vehicles on planets maybe places you could visit shops. Heck you could link daggerfall tools for unity and frontier to make crazy as balls game with each planet being randomly generated. Fucking yes that would be awesome!

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Each planet randomly generated in daggerfall style.

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Had the first elite for MSX, played the shit out of it until rank Elite.

When Frontier:Elite II came i had allready amiga, with extra memory and turbocard.

The game was best game i had seen for amiga, i played so much i even lost days. Sadly my student and personal life started taking toll on gaming and i had to abandon it.

Last thing i remember doing, was flying exploration adder with all the goods and flying far far away from the civilized worlds randomnly landing on planets and drawing fuel from suns.

if i remember correctly i was more than 1000 suns away from the civilization when i quit.


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>Newtonian physics
the eternal virgin strikes again!