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What retro Pokemon game would you recommend?

I played Pokemon Red many years ago although I've forgotten almost everything about it. I don't want to replay the same game again though.

I'm think about playing Pokemon Crystal since it lets you play as a girl and I'm a huge faggot.

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GSC is the apex of the series.
I can't remember what exactly is different about Crystal from GS, maybe someone else can recommend which version is best.

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Pokemon Blue. And then when you finish the game, go beat Pokemon Stadium with your pokemon.

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Oh, and the TCG game on GBC is great. As is the Pinball game.

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I mean, it sounds like you've already decided for yourself.

You could play yellow. It's essentially the same as red, but the small differences are kind of surreal if you're so used to red or blue.

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Yellow is the superior version not because you can have Pikachu following you (who the fuck uses that little gay mouse anyway) but because you can collect all 3 starters. The only Pokemon that will ever matter though are the original 151.

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Yellow is slower though, and IIRC has shittier CPU AI.
Also, if you have Stadium, you can get as many starters as you want, along with dome/helix fossil pokemon, hitmons and Eevees.

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Agreed, GSC was goat.
Except for the special split and no move to double boost special attack.
It nerfed a lot of pokes like new two and snorlax, that while remained great did not hold the power level they enjoyed in the previous generation

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Play Crystal, preferably a hack that makes it so you can get everything in one version.

I generally believe GSC makes RBY obsolete. But it's admittedly not exactly the same thing to cruise through Kanto really quickly after you've conquered Johto as it is to experience Kanto from the beginner phase. Then again, you've already played Red, so it's not like you're missing out on it.

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Does /vr/ approve of Fire Red / Soul Silver?

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Soul vs soulless

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They're fine remakes, but it's not the same experience because they're reconfigured for RSE compatibility. Mind you, mechanically it's a -better- experience, but you lose out on the quaint GB aesthetics.

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Seeing as there's only two retro mainline Pokemon games, and you've played one of them...and don't want to play it again... I'm an idiot for taking attention whoring female bait aren't I

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I know there are some highly recommended hacks, even or especially for a first timer.

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There's also Stadium 1, Stadium 2, TCG 1 (and 2 if you can read Nip), Snap, and Pinball.

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>and 2 if you can read Nip
I want to replay the first two gens in nip and have never experimented with mods before. Are there any romhacks that work with the Japanese roms?

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I don't know why people jerk off GSC so hard.
>slow as all fuck, the hp bar moves at a snail's pace making battles longer then they need to be.
>new johto pokemon have terrible distribution causing people to use mostly kanto pokemon
>level curve is shit, by the time you get to Claire wild pokemon are in their early 20's still
>kanto is cool but it still is a mostly neutered version of it with little to do outside of the gyms
Do we really have genwunners here?

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>the hp bar moves at a snail's pace
At the time we didn't really think about it. Retro RPGs had a lot of unnecessary slowdown. If we're comparing to RBY (I assuming we are since that's the only relevant comparison), GSC had other QoL improvements that even it out.
>level curve is shit, by the time you get to Claire wild pokemon are in their early 20's still
I never even noticed.
>kanto is cool but it still is a mostly neutered version of it with little to do outside of the gyms
It's still nice to have as opposed to nothing.

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>Do we really have genwunners here?
What else would you expect on the nostalgia-driven board?

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>GSC is the apex of the series.
GSC was awesome for kids at the time but, as much as I hate to say it, the improved mechanics in modern pokemon games make the games much better. The G/S remakes on the DS are superior.

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Not worse than gentrheeders or genfourdders.

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>At the time we didn't really think about it
That's fine, but it isn't "the time" anymore.
>I never even noticed
Because everyone and their mother used just about the same team for GSC.
Being nostalgic isn't bad, but I thought the people here weren't blinded by it. Like, liking old stuff doesn't make you a nostalgiafag, but denying obvious advancements in later games just makes you sound like a child.

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>but denying obvious advancements in later games just makes you sound like a child.
It's not just gen1ers who do that though.
/vp/ is filled by 30-something guys who have a nostalgiaboner for gen3 because it was their first and will fight anyone who disagrees gen 3 is the best.

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>I don't know why people jerk off GSC so hard
Because it's got the best story and atmosphere of any Pokemon game. Team Rocket desperate to find their lost leader, your punk-ass rival who eventually decides to make a better person out of himself, the weird spooky shit in the Ruins of Alph, the buttersweet nostalgia of journeying through Kanto again but you see it's more empty and rundown like it's going through an economic recession, the epic final battle with Red.

How much do mechanics really matter in a Pokemon game though? They're all very easy games designed for small children, you're going to win either way. It's been a long time since I played the GBC games though so maybe I just don't remember how clunky they were well enough.

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>Being nostalgic isn't bad, but I thought the people here weren't blinded by it.
Yes they are.
But it's getting harder to tell the difference between memeing faggots and the real thing.

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>That's fine, but it isn't "the time" anymore.
Then it's pointless to bring up, there's emulator speedup now and probably other solutions.

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>but denying obvious advancements in later games just makes you sound like a child.
It's not just gen1ers who do that though.
/vp/ is filled by 20-something guys who have a nostalgiaboner for gen3 because it was their first and will fight anyone who disagrees gen 3 is the best.

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Who plays pokemon for the story? Are you fucking serious? You just sound nostalgic for GSC, which is fine, but they're flawed games with problems fixed in later games.
So what, shitty game design should be tolerated because we can now use cheats to ignore them?

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>Not worse than gentrheeders or genfourdders.
Genwunners literally only played the games because pokemania was at it's peak. Then they left the series, totally oblivious to the big gameplay changes starting in gen 3, but chime in on internet discussions with muh designs, muh pokemania I was there!

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>So what, shitty game design should be tolerated because we can now use cheats to ignore them?
...yes? What, are we reviewing these games for inclusion in the pantheon?

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>but chime in on internet discussions with muh designs, muh pokemania I was there!
You just sound jealous because you weren't alive at the time.
All fanboys who can't accept other POVs are idiots. Genwunners, Gentooers, Genthreeders, etc.

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The reality is that Pokemon games (especially from gen 3 onward) are all the exact same shit, so it doesn't matter which one you play.

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>Who plays Pokemon for the story?
Who plays it for the gameplay? Like I said, it's literally designed to be beaten by small children, there's no difficulty or depth to it when you just consider it as an RPG, unless you get into competitive battling.
Maybe I should have worded my post better since I wouldn't hold up GSC as an example of a great RPG story, but as far as Pokemon games go, it does have the best story.

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So what? Is superman 64 now a good game because you can use cheats to remove the timer in the ring minigame? That's a retarded argument and you know it.
Thanks for contributing nothing to the discussion. It's a retarded argument, like saying "well if you played doom you played all the mods and other FPS games".

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Most games are designed to be beat by a child, you're point?

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Are you really comparing Superman 64 to Pokemon?
Mulitant Anti-Genwunners are worse than the actual genwunner (which seems more like a boogeyman than a real thing)

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Out of those as a kid i only used 3(not on all playthroughs)
Typhlosion, Ampharos and Red Gyarados and really rarely once or twice pidgeot, i preffered noctowl

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A flaw in a good game is no different then a flaw in a bad game, a good game is just worth playing despite the flaw. Excusing bad design in pokemon but not in superman 64 just shows bias.

I don't think GSC are bad games, they're pretty good games all things considered, but they're flawed games that people claim are the best for nostalgia alone.

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>You just sound jealous because you weren't alive at the time.
I was alive then and I'm not jealous.
What I'm saying is it has nothing to do with the quality of the games. It's just your own personal hype.
Being there at the start does not make you some kind of authority on a thing if you didn't experience the evolution of the franchise.

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Why everyone jerks off gen 2
>shitton of new mechanics introduced which enhance replayability for kids
>2 regions so even genwunners can fap on it
>final battle with YOURSELF
No other game did this, and that's why they'll be inferior.

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>shitton of new mechanics introduced which enhance replayability for kids
So did later games, your point?
>2 regions so even genwunners can fap on it
So? Later regions are bigger then both combined.
>final battle with YOURSELF
Red appears in other pokemon games like B2W2 and SM. So what?

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Guise, you have a whole board for shitposting about gens.
Let's just talk retro. If you don't like it, you can always ignore this thread.
Sorry but board rules.

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>so did later games
not as much.
>later regions are bigger than both
>red appears in other pokemon games
And none of them are the first that did it and can't compete with the introduction of red in gen 2, being on a mountain with mons that are as strong if not stronger than your party.

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>this much of a contrarian mongoloid

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The reality here is you’re just being way too negative about a few pretty minor inconveniences or design oversights, and for what? As far as I can tell you weren’t even responding to someone to begin with

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>2 regions so even genwunners can fap on it
Kanto is a hallow shell in gen 2. As a kid I thought it was amazing but replaying it now just feels depressing.

The remake pattern replaced having two regions. Now they're two regions in two games, but with actual stuff to do.

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>As a kid i thought it was amazing
and there you have it, you answered it yourself

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Faulty comparison because other FPS games are not the same experience as Doom, whereas all Pokemon games are essentially the same experience as each other. Sure, if you're a hardcore Pokemon fanatic you might want to check out other Pokemon games, just like a hardcore Doom fanatic might want to check out mods. But for someone just getting into the series? Seriously, pick one, they're all the same aside from a couple of gimmicks that no one actually cares about.

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Since you've already played gen 1 and don't want to replay it then start with gen 2 then move on to 3 and so on.

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>How much do mechanics really matter in a Pokemon game though? They're all very easy games designed for small children, you're going to win either way
Fair enough, but aside from making more pokemon viable by splitting the physical/special attack types between moves, the new ability feature makes each pokemon feel more unique. If you liked Gyrados in gen 2, he kind of sucked since he couldn't even use water type moves effectively. Since gen 4 though, he plays as awesome as he looks.

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>Genwunners literally only played the games because pokemania was at it's peak.

Back when Pokemon Gold and Silver were coming out, all the marketing focused HEAVILY on it being in full color on Game Boy Color. So much so that I believed those games were GBC exclusive, but I didn't own a GBC. As a result, I ended up not asking for it for Christmas that year because I believed I couldn't play them on my Game Boy. Then a few years later when Gen 3 rolled around I had just lost interest and didn't get back into Pokemon then either.

It wasn't until just a couple years ago that I was telling someone this story and they told me, "Uh... those games were Game Boy compatible, you could have played them in black and white." I'm forever salty about that shit. If it wasn't for that shitty marketing confusing me I probably never dropped Pokemon, so now I'm a genwunner, cursed to only enjoy the first gen and not be able to get into any other later games. I tried a couple other times, but I just can't get into that type of game any more, we grew apart in that time I spent away from the series. Gen 1 will always hold a special, nostalgic place in my heart, but I have nothing but bitter anguish when I think about Gen 2 and onward and what my gaming life could have been.

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>Do we really have genwunners here?
You say that like you're surprised and/or it is a bad thing? This is /vr/ ....I assume there would be more of us.

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We're not kids anymore. Being impressed by empty space isn't a valid point anymore.

Btw, as a kid I loved the Battle Frontier in Emerald also. And I still enjoy it as an adult, even more than before.

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Thanks for basically confirming you're a gen3 fanboy.
Just remember that /vr/ only allows systems pre-2000.

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First playthrough of gen II wold be fun for the genwunner regardless.
>as a kid i loved the battle frontier
>as a kid
>i still enjoy it as an adult
what >>4906843 said
I can say the same about the battle tower being a literal tower where you battle trainers, nothing special about it.

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I've played Blue and Gold multiple time before and after gen 3 came out. If I was nostalgiafagging it would be all over gen 2.

>I can say the same about the battle tower being a literal tower where you battle trainers, nothing special about it.
The battle frontier is not just a tower.

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for some reason i replaced frontier with tower

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>Most games are designed to be beaten by a child
There's clearly a spectrum, with Pokemon being on the lower end.
My point is that the battles in Pokemon are easy enough that the main reason to play the games relies on other factors outside of the battle mechanics, and on balance, I find that GSC does the best on these factors.

Limited team variety in the early part of GSC is a legitimate criticism of the game in comparison to other Pokemon games.

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If you have the Stadium game into consideration as extensions of the GB games, Gen 1 and 2 have the best post-game, period.

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Play red or blue, then yellow, then gold, silver or crystal in that order. The gen 2 games aren't different enough between GS->Crystal to justify playing both in a short span. After that you can either go to play the non retro games, i would go up to the end of Gen 4 at least.
For a board that usually doesn't like remakes they seem to like them for the most part. It depends what kind of experience you want and I think it's good to play the originals before playing the remakes.

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>all that

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They're not mainline, I was just listing the other /vr/ Pokemon games.

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>>slow as all fuck, the hp bar moves at a snail's pace making battles longer then they need to be.
That's actually a bug. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE-BfsFgZVM

Wouldn't be surprised if there's a bugfix romhack out there somewhere.

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I like the genwun games because they get better and more interesting and unique every time there's a new release in the series.

Gen2 is fun as well. I'm also pretty impressed with a lot of the things that I have heard about (not retro) Black and White as well as the most recent generation (not those awful switch remakes.)

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What the fuck are you talking about? Mewtwo was still top tier with literally only Snorlax being above him.

Snorlax was whatever in Gen1 because Taurus exists and sleep moves didn't.

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Why do people so vigorously defend Gen3 and at the same time scream about Gen1?

Like, we get it, Gen3 was your first, that doesn't change the fact that it was the worst gen. Oh boy, a hidden stat got changed (breaking compatibility, btw) and a weather mechanic (that was bad that gen) was introduced, and abilities (actually cool). Meanwhile, the time mechanic was removed, you had to have or know people with many games in that gen to get access to every pokemon, the new pokemon looked like shit, and little new or exciting was added.

It's always so weird because these people are so insular and QoL oriented but at the same time were never actually wronged by what were much better games at release. Every gen before or since has been more impressive.

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there's more variety to the doom modding scene than there is to pokemon games imo

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out of those I only used ampharos

>> No.4908021

why are rse fans so aggressive

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You sound like the biggest Gen 3 shill I have ever seen. Yeah they were better designed, but bottom line the Pokemon sucked and there is a reason Pokemon didn't retain it's heights from 98-01

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Glad I moved onto Golden Sun.
Oh man. Pokemon.

Good porn though.

BTW, Yellow is my fave. I'm a hopeless fuck.

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I enjoyed recently those improved mechanichs but I did realize it triggered my autism so much it's not even fun

>> No.4908323

I recommend playing gold before crystal, so you can appreciate the minor differences.

>> No.4910621

Is Yellow actually better than RGB?

In a lot of ways it seems like a downgrade.

>> No.4910628

It's slower.

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OP, forego all the advice given thus far. You should probably just play Red++ or Anniversary Crystal, they're both improved modded versions of their core games with great quality-of-life features, modern Pokemon updates that don't feel out of place, and rebalanced (ie: actually fun and not braindead) difficulty curve. Give them a look at least, I don't want to go back to the vanilla versions ever personally.

There's also Crystal Clear, which changes the game into an open world type deal. You can choose your starter from a set of like 20 of them, start in either Kanto or Johto, and go get all 16 badges in whatever order you want. All the story blocks are removed so you have freedom to explore. It's pretty cool.

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It has to do with when Pokemon was still considered a fad on the decline. RSE was disliked for years by the fanbase. All the water routes, the fact you couldn't trade with older games, the new art style, and ditching the entire narrative the first two gens created for a reboot felt like a massive step backwards for the series. Granted these days people can look past most of that because every generation is a semi-reboot, transferring Pokemon hasn't been a problem since the change in RSE, and way worse Pokemon designs have been made since those games. The region itself still gets a mixed response but it's usually more positive now vs the negativity back then. All of those years of hearing their favorite games were the "downfall of the series" combined with the love/hate nature of the Hoenn region created an extremely defensive fanbase.

>> No.4911124

It's the ultimate contrarian choice to champion RSE, and that's why it is so popular to do so (especially on this website)

>> No.4911192

I remember getting crystal and not being able to play it on original Gameboy and being pissed, I forget why we didn’t have the color with us at the time because I know we had one then. Still we used to play Silver on original GB all the time.

>> No.4911201

>modded Pokémon
No please I don’t have time for this, goddamnit. Crystal Clear sounds amazing.

>> No.4911974

Agreed, Gen II was really cool in a lot of aspects, but it felt more like an expansion pack of gen i than its own thing, and too stingy with pushing the new Pokemon. The level scaling is all screwy and seems patterned for younger players not to faint in the wild. You can see the first steps towards making the surface/single player gameplay easier. Overall, I used to enjoy Gen 1 more as a kid for this reason; It felt easier to grind late in game in gen 1 than G2, and Unknown Dungeon was better as a dungeon than any of the post game wilderness/Kanto of gen 2. The cities of Kanto in Gen 2 are ok but with such weak scaling its hard not to just breeze through them. With such a gap in wild pokemon levels and gym leaders it feels like the developers weren't sure what to do; keep the levels similar to Gen 1 for "Canon" reasons", or make Kanto the challenge mode area. Ultimately I think they would've been better if they had you box your Johto team until the last few gyms, and star fresh with a new starter and have the chance to play Kanto with a more open route.

Plus Gen 1 is a lot less linear in the middle, which gives you some interesting leeway to have some variety for your team You can have a late-dex Pokemon like dratini about halfway through if you play your cards right, and its early enough that you can feasibly use it as part of your team without grinding it up. This didn't really return until gen 4.

>> No.4911994

I just found pokemon gold hidden away behind an end table that hasn't been moved much in fucking ages. Stickers ripped off though.

>> No.4912134

It all breaks down for me when you look at gen 2 and say, "Yeah, there's not much new here, but the additions are interesting."
And the Gen 3, where THEY REMOVED TONS OF FEATURES, despite the vastly improved hardware.
I remember looking at all the younger kids playing there GBAs and being completely digusted, like even being around those sheeple was nauseating to me.

>> No.4912297

>I remember looking at all the younger kids playing there GBAs and being completely digusted, like even being around those sheeple was nauseating to me.
Bleh, even anyone that agrees with you would still say you sound like such a prick.

>> No.4912301


It's a marginal improvement. You can get all the starters, some trainers you run up against have more sensible teams, the sprites mostly look better (holy shit especially Mankey). Really the only thing I didn't like was that Jesse and James was a dumb addition.

>> No.4912310

Gen 1 is not reccomended because they have aged very poorly and in some respects are actually outright bad games

>> No.4912319

If you think GSC didn’t show off its new Mons well, you were most likely willfully ignorant to its special conditions. Like I get that waiting for swarms or having to play at night is aggravating, but thanks to everyone’s laziness/lack of patience/inability to plan they never did anything interesting with temporal factors ever again.

>> No.4912334

Trading card game 2 has had a translation for a few years now.

>> No.4912396

Ok faggots, who did you guys pick to start? No matter which version, I always went with Squirtle because I knew down the line I'd want Ninetails or Arcanine on my team as my default flamer. Since then it's become tradition for me to pick water starter no matter what.

>> No.4912404

My very first was hitokage. Most sensible choice is fushigidane.

>> No.4912415

Squirtle, because I had Blue, and my friend with Red chose Charmander. Chose Cyndaquil in Silver.

>Most sensible choice is fushigidane.
Trash moveset and trash stats. Objectively the worst starter by a mile.

>> No.4912514

>new johto pokemon have terrible distribution causing people to use mostly kanto pokemon
There were a ton of Johto Pokémon available all through the game. It's just Dark types that weren't well distributed (Murkrow, Sneasel, Houndour, Larvitar all not available until Kanto, Umbreon's the only one you can get before). But you can see trainers (mostly Rockets) use them beforehand which I think is fine enough.

>> No.4912626

>Trash moveset and trash stats. Objectively the worst starter by a mile.
I dunno man, razor leaf having 100% crit is pretty neato.

>> No.4912721

Which GB emulator for real-time clock support? I tried BGB and it doesn’t have it but it seems like it might be one of the few that doesnt

>> No.4912765

lol, no. Venusaur had 100 Special, resists Water, Electric, and Fighting, and learns Leech Seed. It can actually survive a Psychic. The only Pokemon that can render it redundant is Exeggutor (who is a pain-in-the-ass Safari Zone Pokemon), if only because Psychic types were just so overpowered in RBY.

Blastoise is a pure Water type with 85 Special and no real auxiliary function. No reason to use it over Vaporeon, Lapras, Gyarados, Starmie, Slowbro, Tentacruel, even Cloyster and Omastar are better tanks.

Charizard is an acceptable specimen of the bad Fire type. He gets Slash at least. Well, actually Moltres renders him totally useless, but that's kind of unfair.

>> No.4912770

Just patch the ROM so you can change the clock at will and use your favorite emulator.

>> No.4912776


>> No.4912791

This guy knows what's up. Blastoise is not a necessarily *bad* Pokémon and it certainly has the stats and the typing to carry you through the game, but so do so many other Pokémon. Design-wise it's good but stat-wise it's about as mediocre as it gets.

Charizard is a good starter choice purely because of the low number of Fire-types in the game. Venusaur, though, has both Sleep Powder and Leech Seed, moves that you'd otherwise have to find on much worse Pokémon. It's extremely good in-game when it comes to catching things, and it's a decent bulky attacker, too.

Which features were removed? I prefer gen II over gen III but mechanically it's a major improvement. Gen III has the Battle Frontier, a revamped battle system (which is further revamped in gen IV), contests, etc. Aside from the radio I can't think of anything major that was removed.

I'll grant you that later games add more but GSC is amazing in its own regard. There aren't many Game Boy games with this amount of content (Crystal may have been a Color game, but Gold and Silver could be played on the Game Boy). Later games mostly lack a kind of charm that GSC has. Gen III was mechanically better, but the world involved way too much surfing and lacked the comfy charm of Johto. Gen IV was at least as slow as GSC, if not moreso. Gen VI and VII are both very long tutorials followed by boring and dull gameplay for little baby children.

Gen V comes close though. Black and White and their sequels are the last truly good Pokémon games. After that it's all downhill.

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You will never experience 2nd grade with that cool new japanese game that has a red dragon on the front or a giant blue turtle with guns.

>> No.4913168

just play the real game, i grabbed it for 10 off gamestop.com

>> No.4913212

You're preaching to the choir my dude, I was just recommending something to someone who's clearly emulating.

>> No.4914305

>too stingy with pushing the new Pokemon.
That's because it was before RSE's soft reset.

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Born 1989 - 1994 = RBY/GSC fans
Born 1995 - 1998 = RSE fans

It's those generation Z faggots.

>> No.4914995

if you want to battle other people, the modern ones are pretty good. if you want a fun single player experience, only RBY are fun imo.

>> No.4915010

Really? Over here all Pokemon games cost 40-50 euros, probably thanks to Pokemon Go.

>> No.4915020

i have the same question as OP. ive only played red and blue and really loved them. in that kind of situation i like to just jump to the most modern iteration of the franchise. can someone tell me what the most recent pokemon game is and if is any good?

>> No.4915237
File: 8 KB, 210x199, yoshi_in_pokemon_green.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can someone tell me what the most recent pokemon game is and if is any good?
You're on the wrong board for that.
But as far as /vr/ is concerned you still can play a bunch of games, either mainline or spinoff: Yellow (if you want a slightly different experience from R/B), GSC, the Stadium games, the trading card GBC games, Pinball and Snap.

>> No.4915270

Play Red or Blue (based on which version exclusives you want) then continue to Crystal (or Gold / Silver if you want a specific exclusive not in Crystal)

>> No.4915853

None, they're not good mechanically. Retro doesn't mean you should play shit just because it's retro when better alternatives exist.

>> No.4915863

Imagine being this much of a "stop liking what I don't like" case. Desperate.

>> No.4915868

Imagine not being able to read the OP to a thread before you respond to one of the replies within. I simply responded to the OP.

>> No.4915869 [DELETED] 


Every rpg is the same, contrived story, time wasting mechanics, 50+ hours of your life gone. Next month you will probably not even remember most of the story and will probably never play it again because RPGs are barely playable since they focus so heavily on the """""rpg experience"""""""""""" and huge time investments instead of engaging gameplay

"muh pokemon"

Pokemon is one of the worst RPGs ever made, the core mechanic is literally level grinding, it's only good because you were 10 years old watching the cartoon and there were a bunch of funny looking creatures

"muh action RPG"

adding a button to swing your sword in REAL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! doesn't make the action any good

"muh final fantasy 7"

nostalgia incarnate with shitty early-adopter 3D graphics

"muh chrono trigger"

final fantasy but with REAL TIME!!!!!!!! enemies on the map

>> No.4915871

>I simply responded to the OP.
With an irrelevant opinion which didn't even answer him.

>> No.4915873

Me thinks you should've read the OP.

>> No.4915875

Don't worry, I did.
I'm simply commenting on your irrelevant opinion and pointing out how irrelevant subjective opinions like yours are.

>> No.4915878

Had you read the OP you would have understood my reply.

>> No.4916008
File: 200 KB, 431x431, 200Misdreavus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gold and Silver was even better, while retaining all the good things about genwun.
They also had the best pokémon.

>> No.4916154

>Is superman 64 now a good game because you can use cheats to remove the timer in the ring minigame?
No, because it has far more things wrong with it than that.

That said, there are seriously flawed games out there, that if you were to fix some things in them, they would become pretty decent. It doesn't make the original bad game good, it just adds a condition to it.

>> No.4916172

>RSE was disliked for years by the fanbase
I thought it was great at the time.

>> No.4916180

What, the phone and radio? The phone stopped being necessary when trainers would start being ready to fight again on their own, and the radio was replaced with the TV.

I can't think of anything else.

>> No.4916186

>I remember looking at all the younger kids playing there GBAs and being completely digusted, like even being around those sheeple was nauseating to me.
This sounds like something someone would say while tipping their fedora.

>> No.4916195

The battery might be dead by now in many of them, so you would have to get that switched.

>> No.4916198
File: 293 KB, 734x950, phoebe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

92, and thought Ruby was the bee's knees.
Also was getting into puberty by then and thought Phoebe was fucking nice.

>> No.4916206

Day and Night at least as a visual thing with gameplay effects.

>> No.4916239

Oh, right, I forgot about that.
Yeah, that actually was a nice feature in G&S, and I really did miss that in R&S.

>> No.4916301

I was in 5th grade when pokemon came out. So you're right, but it was still pretty cool

>> No.4916309

Why would you even bother posting in this thread? 100% serious question. What possessed you to do this?

>> No.4916312

Had you read the OP you would have understood my reply.

>> No.4916317

Look, I get it. You wouldn't recommend any of them, but why bother? Obviously he's not going to see your post and say "By golly, he's right!"

>> No.4917046
File: 13 KB, 145x199, poke1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And do the same with Gold/Silver.
The Stadium games are a huge plus due to being able to use your own pokemon you've trained through the GB game, and use them in strategic battles that are actually challenging.

>> No.4917101
File: 54 KB, 349x384, ruby_saph_art_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I played first 3 gens and liked them all, wasnt till the ds when i thought they where lacking. Also gen3 had stupid looking main characters

>> No.4917397
File: 102 KB, 600x722, 1532050462202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he didn't find Misty sexually attractive and was born in 92

91 master race - been horny since 95.
You're a late bloomer, if you didn't already know.

So much good pussy in GSC and I was only 10.

>> No.4917407

Yeah, Whitney's Miltank was a lot of kids' first fap.

>> No.4917429

venusaur is arguably the best starter, it gets access to every status, it gets leech seed, it gets free razor leaf crits (meaning that move is like 130 BP iirc), and has decent special and good defenses. it can carry you for the entire game. plus bulbasaur is the best looking first stage starter that GF has ever introduced

>> No.4917524

that FireRed nuzlocke hack, or Moemon if you're a sick fuck.

>> No.4917547

If you need a hack to play Nuzlocke, you're not ready for Nuzlocke.

>> No.4917674

It's nice having the rules enforced by code so I can relax instead of playing lawyerball.

>> No.4917883

>youre not playing pokemon right!!! No stop!!

>> No.4919187
File: 360 KB, 670x985, misty squat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back then, I didn't think of Misty as anything special, but these days, I like lolis, and tomboys (especially) so I find her pretty fuckable now.
The pokémon series is really full of all kinds of cute and sexy girls, it's kind of amazing.

>> No.4919189

>So much good pussy in GSC and I was only 10.
I started jerking it when like 11 or so, I wasn't that far off. I just didn't care much for her back then.

>> No.4919196

WOW why is everyone so young here? 36 soon and after yellow everything sucks!

>> No.4919204

GSC was truly remarkable for the time, expanding, instead of rebooting again and again like they did later, the original world from RBY and improving upon it, adding many features that later became standard in the series.
I recently ran a semi-marathon consisting of Pokémon Blue, then Gold, then Sapphire. 2nd generation was still the most enjoyable. Plus, and this is all personal opinion, it has the best atmosphere and feel to it, I can't really explain why.
Bear in mind that I'm talking about the originals here, this is a retro board after all.

>> No.4919216

26, grew up with a bunch of old games, an NES, kept liking the ones I had, got an N64, though only very few games, eventually got into SNES emulation, which was great for a kid who loved computer games in the late 90's/early 00's, because it was not just like the NES games I remember, but much cooler, it was also free.
Keyboarding Super Metroid wasn't the most pleasant, but I pulled through because it was such a cool game. I remember thinking 16bit sprites looked nicer than a lot of 32bit/64bit 3D graphics around the same era.

I kept looking into newer games, but I always kept going back to old favorites, and occasionally I'd look around at some older stuff to see if there was anything cool I missed. Still do. Just recently I checked out Rise Of The Triad for the first time, and I was not disappointed, very fun game.

>> No.4921186

>36 soon and after yellow everything sucks!
Sounds like you're 16 and falseflagging as a "genwunner" out of spite.

>> No.4921201

If I was 16 I’d be outside enjoying life

>> No.4921205

Spotted the poltard, Trump voting faggot

>> No.4921206

Yeah, because 4chan isn't full of teenage losers during weekend and especially Summer.

>> No.4921215

Thankfully I'm not a yank.
Falseflag is still a term that anyone can use, not just americans who voted for Trump, though.

>> No.4921414 [DELETED] 

This is how I know you’re a faggot zoomer. In the 90s we used to turn the console off and go outside all the time

>> No.4921419 [DELETED] 

>not leaving the console ON while going outside to continue the game later
That's how I know you're the actual zoomer.

>> No.4921426 [DELETED] 

>not realising that most games had password or battery save capabilities
Who’s the zoomer now, zoomer?

>> No.4921429 [DELETED] 

>thinking most games had password or save battery
>thinking passwords saved your actual progress in the game in most cases instead of actually being a level select option, but without retaining your items or upgrades or whatever
You's the zommer.

>> No.4921459 [DELETED] 

Im going to report every instant of /v/ faggortry in the hopes the modes get sick of it

>> No.4921482

Better off using GameShark codes on the translated roms

>> No.4923965

>Aside from the radio I can't think of anything major that was removed

day and night cycle, postgame (battle tower was hardly much of a postgame in comparison to GSC), several pokemon from earlier generations are uncatchable (GSC had most of gen 1 catchable, and allowed trading between the gen 1 and 2. As a result, RSE had a smaller pokedex than GSC). Also, I don't care what anyone else says- the audio on RSE SUCKED ASS when compared to GSC. Yeah, I said it. Fight me.

>> No.4924335

I don't think that's true.

>> No.4924337

I think I will fight you, yeah!

>> No.4924340

Yeah, some of us are adult losers!

>> No.4924347

Why the fuck would you reply to a random old post like that?

>> No.4924379

This board is slow and consists of about 50 people

>> No.4924518

FireRed/LeafGreen or Emerald
Gen 1 is shit, Gen 3 games remaster it properly.
Gen 2 is okay but kinda slow, and Gen 3 had significant improvements over it.

TCG 1 is trash

>It's a retarded argument
You can't justify having 2 identical games (ex. Red and Blue). Same generation, nothing different other than some very minor details and available pokemon

>> No.4924857
File: 133 KB, 1009x467, 8072322411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Start with RBY then go to GSC. Don't listen to people telling you to start with the latter cause they are very well sequels. Have fun

>> No.4924861

It certainly was the first rape.

>> No.4925098

Brah... I fucking loved Misty, best grill, best feet.

I've always loved tomboys, knew my first girlfriend from my school bus stop. One day she turned up with a short weird pixie haircut that I have never seen since, but this was the 90's so you could do that shit. A few days later I asked her if she wants to go out and just like that she became my gf. Of course she was 11 and I was 15 but hey man it was the 90's and you could do that shit.

She loved pokemon and other gameboy games, she was cute and all but I would still beat my meat to Misty when pokemon was on saturday morning TV.

Good times.

>> No.4925169
File: 156 KB, 680x678, sweating ranger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pixie cut tomboy loli
Did you tap that?

>> No.4925191

I did a year later between the loli and teen cutoff point because that's what we did in the 90s.

It was awkward af.

>> No.4925207
File: 137 KB, 680x678, 1462356672278.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awkward, but erotic?

>> No.4925217

Well she cried a lot... my first time was kinda awful desu, we didn't try again for several months, ho hum. Would have been fine if it was with Misty tho.

>> No.4925264

Did you ever do other things? Did she ever get you off with her hands/tongue?

>> No.4925592

my favorites

>> No.4925607

hah, yup
no pidgey tho

>> No.4925615

>cried a lot
Did you comfort her, also were the next times better?

>> No.4926919
File: 936 KB, 644x644, Where do you think we are.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to retro board
>complain about genwunners

>> No.4926923

>I don't know why people jerk off GSC so hard.
The Kyoto theme
Dat day and night system
Dat big hero Lance
The fact it fixed everything fundamentally broken with Gen 1 while still being compatible with it
Collecting them all is still possible
Kanto while neutered was pretty much a bonus and dat fight with Red is GOAT

>> No.4926925

>given pikachu
>first gym leader is Brock
>normal attacks barely scratch it
>electric attacks literally do nothing
>game made to pander to fans will disappoint fans by not having a way for Pikachu's attacks to effect ground at all
>mankey is moved to after the gym leader
>bug can't do shit (except maybe butterfree)
>normal types can't do shit
>flying types can't do shit
>only pokemon effective is the nidorans and maybe Butterfree with confusion

good times

>> No.4927132

>mankey is moved to after the gym leader
Hes on Route 22 which is directly west of Viridian City where you can fight Gary.
>maybe Butterfree with confusion
Are you stupid? That shit fucking wrecked everything for half the game. They even changed the level it learned it to 10 from 12.

Your post sucks. Please delete it to remove your embarrassment.

>> No.4927203

My Old Boy app on android seems like it supports real time on GSC. Plus you can play it on your phone like a real portable game.

>> No.4927214

1. Bulbasaur
2. Cyndaquil
3. Mudkip (yeah i liek mudkips)

I learned that you can't go wrong with water pokemon battle-wise (only real weakness gets covered by ice moves almost all of them can learn). But bulba takes advantage of all the Gen 1's brokenness as well as BTFO's the first three gyms, and I'm a sucker for Typlosion.

>> No.4927295
File: 473 KB, 1920x2157, ZzA - Anime 039 - 2105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Amnesia doesn't raise sp.attack and dark steel types exist.

Psychic type went from being top tier to a meme.

>> No.4927430 [DELETED] 

How is it inappropriate? Genwunners hate the other retro pokémon games, and are obnoxious twats in general.

>> No.4927482

How is it inappropriate? Genwunners hate the other retro pokémon games, and are obnoxious twats in general.

>> No.4927635
File: 129 KB, 693x1100, ZzA - Anime 039 - 0974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got crystal clear how come i have never heard about this before?!

>> No.4927674

as the other poster said, you are a retard. both nidorans have double kick, which is super effective on onix, butterfree's confusion will do a ton of damage because onix has ass SpD and HP, and mankey is still catchable pre-brock.

>> No.4929838
File: 144 KB, 800x1280, totodile-apple.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could almost roll the dice with the gen 1 starters. Gen 2, I picked Totodile because it's cute as fuck, then grows up into a big mean punch alligator.

>> No.4929851

I am recently playing Pokemon Crystal Clear - Pokemon Crystal Hack which is quite fun :). More open spaces, all pokemons to be caught makes the game entertaining.

More on this one can be found here: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=361462

>> No.4930067
File: 284 KB, 726x879, ZzA - Anime 039 - 1150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Name some other good hacks, i already know about anniversary crystal

>> No.4930076

I would go straight to the gba. Gen 1 and 2 are just too outdated. Plus 1 is super buggy which is either a bitch or pretty fun to exploit depending on which bugs we're talking about.

>> No.4930097

Pokemon Gaia (unfinished)
Pokemon pyrite is supposedly good
Pokemon orange is also unfinished but beautifully done in the style of GSC
Pokemon prism is supposedly good
Pokemon Vega has amazing mapping and good fakemon if you're into it but the gym leaders are ridiculously difficult compared to nearby wild Pokemon and trainers

Do not listen to anyone who thinks Pokemon snakewood is good, or anyone who thinks clover is good (unless you are really into /vp/ memes)

Also drayanos difficulty hacks are generally pretty faithful to the originals and considered well made

>> No.4931769

only Gens 1-3 are retro and Most Genwunners are ok with Gen 2, it's just Gen 3 they hate with a passion.

>> No.4932382

>Plus 1 is super buggy
Stadium (which is the real challenge) fixes the bugs.

>> No.4932394

It's stupid, because all of them are pretty good.

>> No.4932396

Nobody hates gen 3 "with a passion", just a lot of people lost interest in the franchise around that time, and Gen 3ers get salty whenever people don't love the shit out of gen 3 like them.
If anything, Gen 1 (and sometimes 2) is the one that gets passionate hate.
"Genwunners" are indifferent to later gens, not hateful.

>> No.4932398

3 actually kind of got my interest in the franchise back again, I thought I had outgrown pokeymen by then, but I actually liked it a bunch, maybe the cool and modern graphics and audio reeled me in, but I liked exploring the region, and I liked a lot of the features and new pokémon.

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