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>now Worms THAT was a game

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I want summer to end

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Agreed i already miss comfy winter time /vr/.

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/vr/ was the only thing that made the unbearable midwest winters worth it

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There's high chances the boomer meme wears out way before summer ends.
In fact it's already kind of happening, the peak of the boomer meme was a couple weeks to a month ago.

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Brainlet Wojaks were from last summer and they're still a problem.

>> No.4901903

Nah but brainlet wojak was a lot more proggressive and more people participated on it, not just gen Z.
I'd say boomer wojak is more comparable to "do u kno da wey". It won't last more than a couple weeks more.

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/Vr/ is boomer meme, the page

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I don't know specifically what you mean with "the page", but most people on /vr/ are late teens/early 20s who happen to enjoy older video games.

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And that's a bad thing to people who like the boomer meme, because they're teens who want to play Fortnite like everyone else. And no, boomer is not a celebration of oldfags, because they should be sick of Feels Guy.

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>late teens/early 20s

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a majority of the people here were born in the 80s and early 90s, dunno what you're talking bout

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Don't bring this fucking /mu/ meme here.

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Brit here. Please describe midwest winters to me, it sounds comfy.

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Its a /biz/ meme

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20 cm of snow and cold, cold winds, stuck in the house 75% of the time

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I'm used to seeing it on /mu/ to make fun of people listening to an album more than 5 years old.

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People kept going onto /biz/ to start threads about how boomers ruined the economy (and remember /biz/ is 99% crypto threads so they weren't regular posters) and then after enough broke teenagers misused the word boomer someone forced the meme.
Forced or not I find it hilarious though

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>no thugs standing around everywhere.

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that's only a problem if you live in a large city or town, podunk fucks like me have little to worry about

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Liero > Worms tbf

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Death Tank Zwei beats everything though.

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Into the trash.

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Boomer meme IS those people
It's not actually referencing the factual boomer generation

No he is pretty much right, any thread where age becomes a discussion it's always a bunch of early 20 anons with a couple early 30's or 40's

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/mu/ is a shitty board that only cares about shitty music

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Just like /vr/ is a shitty board that only cares about anything BUT playing games.

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This isn't /v/ and every single thread in the catalogue is on topic.

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I have no idea what universe you're from.

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/mu/ did that before the boomer meme

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>live on the same latitude as Spain
>complain about winters

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>im-fucking-plying I am on the same level as those gazpacho slurping manwhores

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Central France then. The United States don't go much further North than that.

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Fucking plebs, I'm on the same latitude as Alaska (still in Europe).

>> No.4902381

with that in mind most of the frogs I've talked to rarely complain about the weather, though most of them live in places like alsace and normandy

>> No.4902383

I'm on the same latitude as Iceland (still in continental Europe)

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>shitty scorched earth ripoff
>beating anything

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The first one actually was, mind you.

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