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>I will kill you and then I'll poop on you
who thought this humour would age well?

also /build/ thread, I guess

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>my testicles are really really hard
Not the duke’s best one-liner tbqh

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Duke is a humorless pile of shit as a character, just like the asshole Jon non-Saint John, his impersonator...

But the game is bloody great. Guns, music, atmosphere, leveldesign.

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>who thought this humour would age well?

I doubt that was considered.

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cause its pure alpha behavior to shit down the neck of your fallen enemy,todays onions generation will see it as barbaric.

todays men would welcome him in as a refugee and let the alien fuck his wife

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He's also the dude that voiced Big the Cat in Sonic Adventure. That one was actually somewhat funny.

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OK, here is the list of the quintessential 10 maps, that are the epitome of Duke 3d (in appearance order):

>Hollywood Holocaust
>Death Row
>The Abyss
>Fusion Station
>Dark Side
>Duke Burger
>Mirage Barrage
>Golden Carnage

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>not enjoying Douk Nouk Kem
Are you the lady in this video, by any chance?


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>The clock indicates that I must beat people up and munch on confectionery rubber although my confectionery rubber supply has been completely depleted

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>strongly discharge it through your rectum

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>your visage, your posterior - what's the disparity?

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why y'all shitting on duke's one liners? he's a homage to 80s action stars ffs

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let's face it: duke did it wrong, lo wang did it wrong, caleb did it right.

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how much is that doggie in the window?
arf arf

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>all them titties lost like nipples down a drain

What did Duke mean by this?

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Agreed. Caleb's lines are still charming and genuinely funny, but Duke feels like they were trying too hard and Lo Wang is outright racist cringe that's just not okay today.

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>Lo Wang is outright racist cringe that's just not okay today
How? He was just asian Duke

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>wahhh lo wang is waysist
>probably also hates Douk because "muh toxic masculinity" and not following the feminist agenda
Fuck off back to tumblr, libcucked niggerfaggot.

Douk, Wang and Caleb are all great, iconic characters.

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>Duke feels like they were trying too hard
That's the joke.

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A legend. The ring one is also amazing.

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Toilet Humor is eternal:
Read the walls of Pompeii, and learn that jokes about screwing men and having a good shit are older than most religions.

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I think ya'll are forgetting best Build game.

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If NAM didn't exist, this would be the worst Build game.

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can someone explain the humour in redneck rampage to an ESL?

if there are pop culture references, I missed them. if there are puns, I missed them. all I hear is the main character yelling random shit with a silly voice.

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did you forget tekwar?

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The poem Catullus 16 is an elaborate "You're both faggots" diss from Ancient Rome directed to a senator and poet.

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>I will forcibly remove your cranium with a tearing motion and deficate vertically in your collum.

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>Pardon me, please relocate your posterior from the performance area and allow me to indulge in the sight of the female form.

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Exclamation, my appearance is aesthetically pleasing.

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>My testicular organs are composed of iron and a carbon mixture of approximately 0.05% to 0.25%.

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>I feel relief through the evacuation of urine from my bladder and urethra.

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>Curses, those extraterrestrial fatherless malcontents will receive their comeuppance for firing a volley of anti-aircraft munitions which destroyed my vehicle.

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>Fecal matter of divine origin!

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>I am intensely averted to the musical style commonly heard in the year 1970's discothèques

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Its like the theme and vibe of the game was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek

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>'Tis a dual between you and I, you cyclopean monstrosity.

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>Consume faeces and perish.

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Really good especially the levels from the 20th anniversary, those were some of my favorites.

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>Hmm, I haven't a spare moment to frolic with yours truly.

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>he doesn't think that Duke was a sincere attempt at trying to make a badass hero

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>no Shrapnel City maps
come on, Hotel Hell and Rabid Transit deserve mention are good and Stadium is fucking iconic.

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consume fecal matter and cease to exist

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"Verily, considering that seven-score and four fornicating moons have passed since its conception, it exceeded each expectation I had set down for it quite readily."

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>Are you attempting to initiate a conversation with my person?

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>How droll, such untidiness!

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It was a different time, lads.

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>A duel will not be forthcoming; I will simply bring you to harm in a rather one-sided affair.

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That shouldn't be any more offensive than Redneck Rampage's characters. Why can't you make a Chinese character that's zany and funny?

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lo wang is retarded because they conflate jap and chink culture and stereotypes. political correctness has nothing to do with it.

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>they conflate jap and chink culture and stereotypes
Lo Wang is both Chinese and Japanese

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I think you both forgot Extreme Paintbrawl

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source? the manual only says that his name is lo wang and that he's a "master ninja" in japan.

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None of them are well designed. I was thinking about adding Freeway, but the others on the list are better representatives.

Besides, Stadium is just a few sectors and a very low key ending to the base game. Hotel Hell doesn't look like a hotel, but a lobby with a swimming pool. It has some terrible gameplay ideas like a Battlelord in a cramped room. Rabid Transit has a lame subway design, and some parts are just weird bullshit that don't belong there.

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What's your dream theme for a build game anons?

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i aint afraid of no quake
thats one doomed space marine

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shadow warrior but good. replace the shitty mutant ninja plot with a hong kong action movie setting, introduce Blood-style voiced enemies, etc. keep the beautiful city levels from the original campaign, especially the bath house..

that and something like ion maiden, I guess.

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That'd be fucking awesome. Nobody's ever really made a perfect heroic bloodshed game imo. Max Payne's probably the closest thing but that's a different setting, and stuff like Strangehold and Sleeping Dogs don't really capture the feel of the genre that well.

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Blood is so overrated these days.

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>I will kill you and then I'll poop on you
>who thought this humour would age well?
Who the fuck said that?!

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blood had the most consistent art direction out of all the major build games. the clay models were extremely well made, and the low texture resolution felt more natural for the simple level geometry. most importantly, the action in blood had a more even flow than in the other build games, and the enemies gave better feedback when hit.

another neat thing about blood's level design was that it didn't rely on enemies spawning out of nowhere to keep you on your toes, at least not in the original episodes.

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Duke has much better art direction, what are you talking about anon?

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>I can not locate the object in question

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Pretty much everyone born before you

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>and the low texture resolution
Blood's textures were actually higher res than Duke's. Play one game in DOSBox vanilla for a while then switch to the other one and you'll see Blood's textures were actually noticeably higher res (especially if you play at 800x600 native or more). It might not seem that way because Blood's colour palette is not as vibrant as Duke's but texture res is actually crisper.

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Do any of you redditors really think this is in any way funny?

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maybe it is you who is reddit, ever think of that?

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he's right. that meme overstayed its welcome already in the early 2010's.

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>he loves this meme so much that he replied to all 20 posts just so he could tell us how much he hates it

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it's still the funniest game of the 90s

go fuck yourself faggot op

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Redneck Rampage 3 with Deus Ex levels of interactivity.

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that's complete bullshit

all 3 Redneck Rampage games (if you count the expansion pack as a separate game) are in the top 100 games ever made

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eh, the 20th anniversary levels didn't quite reach the level of the classic ones.
Mirage Barrage in particular has a pretty terrible beginning with you running back and forth in a bland maze

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ITT a pussified faggot who wasn't even born when Duke 3D was released.

You're either a late millenial or some Gen Z faggot. Either way you're fucking commie.

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quintessential zoomer post

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aahhhhh, now Duke, that is one mighty fine game

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That's quite the compliment. Why do you feel that they are that good?

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That's leisure suit Larry 7 desu m8

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>I will kick your butt and I have no chewing gum left
What were they thinking!?

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This. It was the 90s.

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>The story of Successus, Severus and Iris is played out on the walls of a bar: [Severus]: “Successus, a weaver, loves the innkeeper’s slave girl named Iris. She, however, does not love him. Still, he begs her to have pity on him. His rival wrote this. Goodbye.”. [Answer by Successus]: “Envious one, why do you get in the way. Submit to a handsomer man and one who is being treated very wrongly and good looking.” [Answer by Severus]: “I have spoken. I have written all there is to say. You love Iris, but she does not love you.”

Kek. The beta orbiters and Elliot Rodgers of the world will always be around.

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This. Duke Nukem's stories revolve around aliens coming to earth and taking the women. If it came out today, everyone would think it's normal and see Duke as a fucking nazi.

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Shadow Warrior is good. Amazing, in fact. Unless you're specifically referring to the story, which really isn't that important anyway.


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what are you talking about my man? The Aliens in Duke are some of the least interesting looking baddies in any major classic fps.

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I tried this and found the gunplay completely unbearable, am I missing something or is this just nostalgiafaggotry?

>> No.4895812

It's a setup to the core part in the pyramid and later in the space with 5 elements references. If you think that's a bad level, you should be banned from commenting the game.

I agree that some levels like the horrible London one is shit though.

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Yea, migration turned the Soros people into pro-islam (read: pro-alien) foundamentalists.

Yet, Duke's creators like Jon St. John are left liberals.

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Interesting looking baddies in Duke:

When every other dead fps baddy was just falling to the floor instantly dead or gibbing, this one was choking on its own blood before dying.

>Pig Cops
Despite being based on a cliched joke, they still look like badass monsters rather than a gag.

>Assault Commanders
Fat guy with a buzzsaw around his gut, shooting rockets out of his ass. As ridiculous as that sounds, like the Pig Cop he still has a monstrous presence rather than just a joke.

I would argue that those baddies are top tier for interesting art. The others in Duke are more generic though.

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humor doesn't age

>> No.4895980

fair, I think their design is kind of meh but you are right, that animation is top tier

>Pig Cops
I'll concede this one entirely, I wish douk had more weird mutants like these guys

>Assault Commanders
they're a bit too blobby and indistinct looking in practice despite being a fun concept, but yeah they're at least miles above stuff like the enforcers and protector drones

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Yes it does. Not one young person today would find the Three Stooges, the Marx Brothers, or Jerry Lewis funny.

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Shadow Warrior is objectively the best Build Engine game.

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It's still the same joke. Humor doesn't exist. It's not objective. Nothing is truly funnier than anything else. :^)

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Definitely better than Blood or Redneck Rampage. Worse than Duke though.

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He wasn't, go play the platformers.

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>i chew ass and fart bubble gum

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>no Lunar Reactor
>no Freeway

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Did you play with Cuss Pack? If yes, well, your loss.

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It's sort of about "I prefer living in my own shit to living in anyone else's shit even when there is an option to live by and large outside of anyone's shit" mentality, I think.

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When did he say that?

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Good ones, but tell me which maps should I drop to make space for them?

>> No.4897072

>I came here to kick bubblegum and chew ass, and I'm all out of ass
What did he mean by this?

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This cringy "joke" is what women would find funny

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>Humor doesn't exist.

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so I decided to get the new release of BloodGDX and using VirusTotal, it tells me is has Malware.

Cylance = Unsafe

VBA32 = Trojan.Packed

>> No.4898146

I also check older version of BloodGDX and they too contain Malware according to VirusTotal.

>> No.4898190

Was it from Cylance?

>> No.4898259

the new release using VirusTotal said that Cylance & VBA32 detected malware

the older releases(I tried v.771 & v.776) using VirusTotal said that VBA32 detected malware

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I love Blood but I have to admit I don't understand Duke Nukem or Shadow Warrior. Shadow Warrior's levels, in particular, are just confusing key hunts. Duke's levels in particular are so thoroughly greymudbrown that they make Quake look like a goddamn kaleidoscope. I think Duke an Lo Wang are just unfunny, but I find Caleb kind of compelling.

Also, I'm just going to admit that I'm very, very partial to Blood's midnight movie atmosphere that switches back and forth from carnivalesque cheesy horror to genuinely spooky whenever it feels like it.

>> No.4898331

well ya see son blood is a fucking beautiful one of a kind game and we'll never see anything quite like it again :(

>> No.4898376

I don't understand what Spaceport is doing there at all, and Fusion Station is mostly interesting because of its environmental design. Like, it looks vertical, but it doesn't play particularly vertical, which is why I consider Lunar Reactor to be a better and more self-consistent map (the part with the chasm, for example).
Death Row, I dunno, I haven't replayed it yet, but for me it was always overshadowed by Toxic Dump (that is not to say that I like it, but I definitely remember more about it, than I do about Death Row).
And Rabid Transit is iconic and influential however you look at it.

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Cranky /POL/ boomers should go the fuck home. you guys aren't even old enough to understand that DN 3D is an obvious parody.

I'm as big an SJW as they come, you are allowed to like things even if they are crude and disrespectful. Just use your brain.

>> No.4898457

>I'm as big an SJW as they come
You say that like it's something to be proud of

>> No.4898594

>shitty taste confirmed

Seriously, Blood is just a second tier game compared to Duke. Stop spamming Build threads with this nonsense.

>> No.4898610

This is Josepg Ducreux (4chan and memegenerator), not Increasingly Verbose Meme (reddit). Take consideration that it would be to your benefit for you to educate thyself on the mentally-infectious forms of humor distributed throughout the international network, poorly-educated gentleman who fornicates with his own kind. Pathice et cinaede.

>> No.4898612

>I'm as big an SJW as they come
You're a racist who acts like a gaslighting Klansman?

>> No.4898628

>This is K-K-K! Playin' the niggest - uhh, the biggest tunes in town!

how did they get away with this?

>> No.4898635

Because nothing is sacred in comedy. Nothing.

>> No.4898641

Niggest isn't a word, that's why.

>> No.4899003

Are you the psychoanalitical anon? You said you're not a fan of Levelord, and honestly Rabid Transit is one of his lesser maps. That moving platform doesn't even look like a train, and most parts are unrelated to a normal subway system, especially the red key area in the end.

Just compare it to Ion Maiden's brilliant metro map, it looked so real while not being clusterfucked at all.

As for Lunar Reactor, yea it's awesome at parts, but not consistent. Spaceport and Fusion Station look so formidable with their height. Spaceport is like the space version of Hollywood Holocaust with it's explorable secrets, while Fusion is just an unique dark atmosphere as you go up to the fusion reactor. I didn't want to pick two moon maps anyway.

>> No.4899006

Death Row is a goosebump and desperate escape level. It's very well designed, and gives the best satisfaction when you finish it in the sub. Toxic Dump is a great sequel, like the entire episode 1 is awesome, with the exception of Red Light District.

>> No.4899421

Breast... best, but keep projectin' anon.

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What a fag, everyone knows that the best version was the one removed from Steam which included the classic version, megaton, multiplayer, custom maps and three awesome add-ons.

By the way sure i'm feeling the summer over here, with reddit punch lines and whatnot. Perhaps what we need is some sane cultist posting

>> No.4900248

Nah, I'm just not a hysterical asshole sobbing over the existence of black people.

>> No.4900379

>everyone knows
Oh no, another one of those virgins who can't get over his beloved illegal edition, which was crap anyway, and claims his opinion as everyone's opinion.

>> No.4900430

>douk is totally like a metaphor for jew cuck alien moslem soroses coming to take my waifus. i don't know why my kike doctor told me to take these schizophrenia pills lol

>> No.4900483

you fuckers can't stand your own jokes/memes, you throw shit at reddit and pretending is their fault

>> No.4900491

Go away /v/

>> No.4900572

kek... they're so fucking oblivious to themselves, too. no self awareness at all baka.

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It's time to chew ass and kick bubblegum.

>> No.4901868

I imagine "I will kill you... and then I'll poop on you!" in Dook's voice and I crack up

It's all in the delivery 2bh

>> No.4901871

My dad even liked Duke3d and he doesn't play vidya

>> No.4902275

Yeah, just a hysterical asshole sobbing over the existence of white people.

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>illegal edition
Are you saying that 3DRealms version is worse then the Gearbox one?

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There is one stereotype Build games still have to cover.

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Here's my ranking of BUILD engine games:

1. Duke 3D
Has the best level design and enemy design, the weapons feel satisfying, feels like a finished and extremely polished product. I can't really think of much wrong with Duke 3D that isn't just improvements added to the game to make it better, like alternate weapon fire or whatever.

2. Blood
Blood has a lot of great ideas, but not all of them seem to have been worked out. It still shines in just how much of a breath of fresh air it was, but just needed some extra work to fix up some of the levels and iron out some of the more egregious bugs and it probably would be better than Duke 3D

3. Redneck Rampage
This game is garbage, but in a fun way. It's kind of like the equivalent of a B-movie for video games, the level design I thought was surprisingly good and the expansion packs were great. It's a shame the weapons feel like trash with the projectiles pass through enemies a lot and abysmal range on most non-projectile weapons, and the alien vixens being purely unfun bullet sponge enemies that can also kill you almost instantly, but playing this with a "This game is garbage" mindset makes it pretty fun. I almost enjoy it as much as Blood.

4. Shadow Warrior
I've just never been able to get into it, and I have tried so much (and probably will try again), the weapons feel awful, the enemies are lame and every level I have played has just been a smear of brown textures. I hope I can enjoy this game some day, but it hasn't happened yet.

Extra notes:
Ion Maiden is shaping up to be a really great BUILD game, if it adds a few extra weapons, enemies and powerups while keeping the same quality of level design, this is on course to be my second favourite BUILD game.

I haven't played the other BUILD games like NAM or TekWar, so place them wherever you want.

>> No.4904980

this but unironically

>> No.4904987


shut up randy

>> No.4905440

>putting Shadow Warrior behind Blood and RR

one of /vr/'s most embarassing narratives. SW is an amazing game, and is acclaimed outside this little quarantine.

>> No.4905637

Give Shadow Warrior another chance. It might feel a little weird at first but it's got solid level design with some of the best secrets in a build game, and, at least to me, probably the best feeling movement.

It also of course has the best (katana) and second best (fists of fury) melee weapons out of all of them.

>> No.4905662

Duke's weakest link is it's melee weapon. A mighty boot kick should be stronger than standard punches, maybe as strong as a katana strike. The steroids should work like Doom's berserk pack as well to make it even better (more power addition, no time limit).

>> No.4905713



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>Hollywood Holocaust
How redpilled were they?

>> No.4906091

Different guy, but I remember trying it years ago and was severely put off by Lo Wang, not so much because of racism or anything, I just hated his voice.
I played it through to the end, but I was a dumb punk kid back then who didn't really appreciate videogames properly (I'd cheat a lot).

Playing the remake of Shadow Warrior, and absolutely loving it, I feel I should give the original another chance, now that I'm much more mature.

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Spaghetti western titles, history's great untapped reserve of Build character lines.

>> No.4906097

I think Redneck Rampage somewhat fills the role for that. We have seen ghost towns and other western locations in Rides Again. I don't think there are room for more, at least not in a standalone game.

I think a Miami Vice kind of setting could be interesting with references to some old non-western movies by Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.

>> No.4906110

Oh, that's cool, I haven't played Redneck Rampage yet. That's moved up the list, thanks anon. Although I'd still like to get to play as Lee Van Cleef one day.

>> No.4906219

If you like it more than me, that's great, I just haven't enjoyed much of what I have played over the many times I have tried to get into it. To me, everything about SW sounds great on paper but when it gets around to playing it I get bored pretty quickly.

I probably will try playing it again sometime soon, and again, I hope I can just get to enjoy the game.

I actually did play the remake and I hated that too, I really dislike the whole "series of arenas" style of level design where you get locked into an area to fight a few waves of enemies.

It's not a BUILD game, but Outlaws is a great BUILD-contemporary FPS game that I'd really recommend to anyone who hasn't played it already.

>> No.4906290

>duke nukem voiced big the cat
I would see that

>> No.4906804

it triggers trigglypuffs and wouldn't be allowed to be released today so it's okay in my books

>> No.4906948

>Playing the remake of Shadow Warrior, and absolutely loving it, I feel I should give the original another chance
When you say remake, do you mean the reboot/prequel from 2013?

>> No.4907858

Yeah. I really liked the swordplay a lot.
On easy mode, enemies are slow reacting enough that you can seriously wade into combat with just button mash with the sword, and this works an a lot of the enemies, keep moving and mashing and you can beat down even the enemies with shields.
It feels kind of powerful, if cheap.
On higher difficulties this stops working though, and you would have to adapt more and fight smarter. Hard mode is intense and fun, IMO.

The game features a lot of "here's an arena setup, fight these enemies until you can move on" (sometimes by locking you in, or making you break seals, sometimes enemies are just in your way and killing them all is the pragmatic thing to do).
If you liked Doom 4's combat a lot, you'll probably like Shadow Warrior 2013 a lot, if you only tolerated Doom 4's fixation on locked in arenas but saw that as a flaw, you might still like Shadow Warrior 13, but look at that as the same kind of flaw.
But if you absolutely *hated* the way Doom 4 locks you into arenas for combat, you will probably not like Shadow Warrior 2013 at all.

Meanwhile, if you actually liked Shadow Warrior 2013, there's quite a lot of things to really hate about its sequel, where it basically turns into Borderlands, except with the same 7 maps endlessly recycled for the entire fucking game, and whereas the previous game had a varied monster roster where each kind filled a different role rather neatly (a little like classic Doom 1 & 2, or Duke Nukem 3D, actually), the sequel has a roster which looks more diverse superficially, but in reality, it's extremely dumbed down and a lot of the enemies are just cheap reskins with mindless behaviors.
Not an atrocious game, but a very big downgrade. For every step forward they took (weapons, graphics, etc), they took two, sometimes three steps backwards.

There's things for some people to like, but I can see totally why some would not find SW13 (and especially its sequel), particularly appealing.

>> No.4907859

Also, its for how much the remake charmed me that I want to give the original a second chance.

>> No.4907872

>the remake
It's a reboot/prequel

>> No.4907873

Well, I guess.

>> No.4907910


>> No.4907945

>age well
go back to your containment board /v/irgin

>> No.4908147

I would love to see some Blood/SW maps by Allen Blum. The leveldesign in these games are really inferior to Duke leveldesign.

>> No.4908267

I will never understand the hype around the duke level design. ep 2 and 3 had some pretty cool maps, but ep 1 consisted mainly of ultra-linear corridor maps, and ep 1 and 3 were thematically inconsistent.

>> No.4908348

Play Ep4 and Caribbean.

>> No.4908386

>saying ep. 1 is worse than ep. 2. or 3

Lack of standards.

>> No.4908532

ep 2 was pretty much flawless. it captured the space aesthetic perfectly, and it was consistently open-ended. I loved being able to look out of the windows and see other explorable parts of the map.

>> No.4908974
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So can somebody said up a /vr/ BloodGDX multiplayer server? I'd do it but I don't know how to. Let's fucking play some Blood.

>> No.4908982

>Japanese version
What nip would actually buy this?

>> No.4909009

The multiplayer is not out yet. M210 is working on it.

>> No.4911027

It's been out for a week.

>> No.4911063

He’s referring to Devolver’s Megaton Edition, which included the three licensed third party expansions. They hadn’t been available for more than a decade at the time due to the company that made them dissolving- turns out that the rights for those expansions hadn’t been recovered. So their inclusion is “illegal”.

It was pretty cool getting ahold of them through that, but yeah on the whole Megaton was a shitty port. Unbearable mouse acceleration killed it for me. You could just take the group files from megaton and play it through eDuke, but that hardly makes up for the shortcomings of the release.

>> No.4912104

I have one up right now. It's only waiting for a second player but I can change the number if more people want to play Bloodbath. Just played for a couple hours with anons from /doom/, fun stuff.

>> No.4912272

Megaton was ok as a console port, IMO, and Duke Caribbean was great, but as a whole it does have some shortcomings.

20th Anniversary is a bit better of a port, and though it doesn't have Caribbean, the Alien World Order episode is pretty good.

>> No.4912431

Curses, I am above average.

>> No.4913654

Server's up again, waiting for a second player

>> No.4914990

A real SJW would avoid the term "hysterical" due to its etymology.

>> No.4914996

This shit is older than that meme.

>> No.4915128


>> No.4915170

It did age well. I burst out laughing the moment I saw this thread. Duke is fucking hilarious and anyone who thinks otherwise is an incel prude

>> No.4916575

>no flood zone

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