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ITT: post retro games you really want english translation patches made for.

>lmao just learn japanese you nigger

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all the snes goemon games

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lmao just learn japanese you nigger

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I really want the Madou Monogatari game for Saturn translated, but the community seems to be more interested in translating the filler cutscenes of every Puyo Puyo game in existence before this.

>that translation project that was announced more than 10 years ago
>little to no news

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Mizzurna Falls and The Fan Translation that Keeps Being Delayed because of the Roastie and her Low-Life Lazy Orbiter

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lmao just learn nigger you japanese

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More of "I want subtitles"
But yeah, Bulk Slash on the Sega Saturn.

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Napple Tale, Segagag, Grandia (Saturn)

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i'm pretty sure she fucked that thing up by leaking the files
she's pretty dumb desu

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Would your time be better spent wishing some autist will shit out a translation for *obscure japanese game title* or learning fucking mune runes. By the time a translation woyuld even be finished, you could learn enough japanese to play alot of games. And you would learn a second language, that doesnt hurt.

Theres a great solution that also improves your understanding of culture and language. Will you do it.... no, youd rather bitch negatively and whine like a vagilating pussyliath. Have fun girly boy!

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It's not a matter of not being interested, maybe it's just easier.

I hope.

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So, how's your japanese?
And don't lie.

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Learning enough Japanese to properly enjoy these games takes a lot more dedication than you're giving it credit.

I began studying Japanese when I was 18, took four years of it through college, and it wasn't until I spent two or three years in Japan until I could honestly properly enjoy an RPG.

Your post is no better than the post lamenting about wishing a translation announced ten years ago came out, in fact he's fairly calm about it while you're stomping around shitting yourself that someone has the audacity to discuss retro videogames on /vr/, you colossal faggot

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>began studying Japanese when I was 18, took four years of it through college, and it wasn't until I spent two or three years in Japan until I could honestly properly enjoy an RPG.
Well, that sounds like you weren't too serious about it. I completed a SFC RPG four months into learning japanese.

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Not too good, but i.practice a little hiragana and kanji most days. I just need a better way to remember kanji. Furigana kinda helps.

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All the SMT games & spin-off
All the Twilight Syndrome games
All the SRW games
Mitsumete Knight

Don't worry, it took around 10 years to translate Echo Night 2, with virtually no news.

But if you dedicated so much time to be able to understand the games you like, wouldn't you want to translate them so that people could enjoy it, too? Then you'd have to learn romhacking, which is a real pain in many cases.

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Hiragana and katakana should take you two days at most to dominate. Any longer than a week just means that you're not putting enough effort and will struggle to get anywhere.

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Ihatovo Monogatari
Sakura Wars 1-4

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Translating to another language is a lot harder than just learning a language and translations will never be a proper replacement.
If I can learn a language, why can't they?

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Pic related. A PSX driving RPG from Square.

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This. So much fucking this.

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No translation patch can match the quality of actually understanding the language.

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lmao just learn japanese you nigger

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You clearly weren't trying at all. I've studied on my own for two years and I can enjoy RPGs no problem.
>took four years of it through college
Found your problem.

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This seems cool

I want more Saturn RPGs translated. Especially Sakura Wars.

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Just learn japanese you nigger
I'm actively working to convince people to not do this shit after the garage debacle

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Segagaga is stuck in limbo because one group with no credentials or technical skill called dibs on it 15 years ago.

Every 4-5 years they pop up and say it's still on their radar or that they're still working on it but that they have real lives which come first and that we'll all just have to wait. They'll even post the same 3 screenshots with ugly monospaced English text just to prove a point.

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Is there even a full playthrough of this on YT?

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>Hiragana and katakana should take you two days at most
I learned the entirety of the joyo kanji in less than two days. You will never ever speak Japanese.

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Did they really have copyright issues with the parodies they made? As far as I'm concerned, parodies are allowed

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Front mission 1st pex version.
Front mission 3.

Any other fm games cursed by localization

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Sakura Wars are translated in Russian

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And you never will

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what about all those pc98 games that'll never get translated?

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What excuse do you have for not learning Japanese?

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didn't expect to see r e p l o i d p o s t i n g on /vr/.