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The storytelling in this game is still tops. It's like a Saturday morning anime. This, Sonic Adventure, and Wind Waker are the pinnacle of classic video game storytelling. Then gamers demanded more "super hardcore mature" games and good anime-style storytelling never got funded at such a high level again.

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>Wind Waker
Care to explain that one?

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>Wind Waker

Not retro.

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It is to the rest of the world. Anyway it was just an offhand mention. Relax bro.

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>It's like a Saturday morning anime.
Well yeah, the game is a huge love letter to the Time Bokan franchise. Roll's outfit looking like Yatterman 2's is not a conincidence.

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Its a cycle, right now we are in the hyper realistic phase. Give it time, more zany anime style is coming.

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I liked MML more than MML2 because of the interconnected ruins

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Its true, that was a neat AHA! moment when it all came together.

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>sonic adventure
are you fucking kidding me

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None of them have "good" stories, especially if Saturday morning cartoon is considered kino to you. The best video game plots are the ones that dance with taking themselves seriously and being batshit together.

The above statement does not imply I dislike Legends (other two suck though).

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The only mature games of the 7th generation were Spec Ops: The Line and Catherine. The first is a spit in the face to the entire military shooter fad, the other is about faithfulness in relationships. Hell, it's my headcanon that Catherine is the daily life of a normal guy in the Megaten universe.

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>Sonic Adventure
>pinnacle of classic video game storytelling

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Dat Roll face when Tronne gets the Mega Milk

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Ripping off something, whether it's anime, tv series or cinema, will never be the "pinnacle of video game storytelling".

That would be the pinnacle of 'anime/cinema/whatever' storytelling in a video game.

The pinnacle of VG storytelling would be using means only available in video games. For instance, instead of having cinematic cutscenes, let the story unfold through gameplay, let the player do the story, find the story, connects the dots together, live the story.

This is what ALL games praised for their 'story' failed to do ever since MGS.

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Not retro, but Braid and the souls series manage to do it very well

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Where specifically, I wanna remember too.

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T. haven't read a book since i was 9.

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>Well yeah, the game is a huge love letter to the Time Bokan franchise.
Don't forget that part where Tronn's mecha explodes and she ends up nude (off-screen of course) while Megaman just blushes until Tronn realizes up what's going on and goes feral.

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If I remember correctly, wasn't there a unbroken version of the first boss somewhere in the connecting parts?

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You mean Half Life

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I know the pic that anon is referring to ... here cropped for you to search

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That didnt help much

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Not really. HL has some of that, but not much. Most of its storytelling is still pretty much like cutscenes, except not 'cut', but when your movement is constraint to a single room and you have to wait it doesn't make much difference.

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>lewding 14 year old girls
please don't do it

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They're fictional characters, anon.
If they were real, then fuck no, don't do that.

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Also, 14 year old girls could never be a MEGA MILK. Kinda like the girls in porn are "18".

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I dont know if I'd call it unbroken, but yeah there's a two-armed version of the first boss smacking the ground on a fixed path in one of the ruins.

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