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What is an example of games that really pushed the limits of the hardware it ran on?

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I usually post Toy Story for the Genesis/SNES in these threads but then Game Hut made their 14,149 videos on it.

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World Driver Championship for N64. Almost a cliche at this point though.

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I don't know if it really pushes the N64 to its limits since most of the game is very cinematic. Like, you have control of the Eva, but you can't really do much with it, it's mostly slowly fighting in a small (in scale) area, and then performing special commands to see cutscenes, but the effort put into the 3D models, texturing and lighting really stands out to me as one of the most visually impressive games of 5th gen. It looks almost 6th gen sometimes.
In fact, I think the Eva 64 models look actually better than in the PS2 Eva games.

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Naughty Dog and Insomniac were generally known for doing so. Crash aside (the first one was truly an innovation like you probably know already), there was Spyro, and Resident Evil to some degree. But in the PS1 era it was mostly stratagems in order to bypass the limits of that time (notable mention goes to Silent Hill for example, and its "fake fog"). Not retro yet, but from PS2 we have some really nice examples. WW2 games were probably the most pretentious ones, but i know for a fact that Ratchet & Clank was full of technic adroitness, and probably Jak & Daxter too. sorry for my english

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Don't forget some of the PS3 titles. Some of those looked really nice. Also horizon dawn on PS4. Oops not retro oh well. Something something ps1 so my comment doesn't get deleted right guiz lmao

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Gran Turismo 2 is a miracle.

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Crash, Spyro, and Banjo are games that come to mind.

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That this is even possible on the N64 is unbelievable. That looks like a PS2 title.

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Still the craziest doom port

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Solaris for the Atari 2600

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N64 is performance bottlenecked by memory bandwidth due to z-buffer. World Driver Championship is one of the few games that doesn't use a z-buffer so the N64's powerful GPU can actually stretch its legs and doesn't get bogged down waiting on RAM.

IIRC even though it doesn't use a z-buffer, the game still uses a much more accurate z-sorting algorithm than PS1 because Nintendo told the developers that if they saw any PS1 style glitches they wouldn't approve the game for release. Due to that, it's hard to even tell the game doesn't use a z-buffer.

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Terracon on PS1

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All the armored core games make consoles chunk when it it has to render a ton of missiles

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ace combat 3 on ps1 looks not far off ps2 games especially the night stages, it has a similar graphic style for the sky and objects that ridge racer 4 has.

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This game actually runs better on the PS2

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What in the actual fuck? Is this running on real hardware?

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Yes, captured by s-video

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I hardly ever seen legit proof of N64 being stronger than the PS1 in practice, but I'm very impressed by this.

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Even Mario 64 is proof of the N64 being more powerful than PS1 when you consider it runs perspective correct, anti-aliased, filtered, etc.

But I get what you mean. Many N64 games have bad aesthetics due to the difficult hardware (mostly due to the lack of memory bandwidth when z-buffer is used). But remove or workaround those limitations, and there’s no reason the N64 shouldn’t push way more polygons than PS1. I mean it has a much faster CPU and GPU.

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It HAS to. The game is un-emulated.

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Summer Carnival '92 - Recca (NES)
X (Gameboy)
World Driver Championship (N64)

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I can’t think of a more demanding and visually sumptuous ps1 game than Chrono Cross.

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When Threads of Fate came out I mistook it for a Dreamcast game due to its vibrancy and fluidity

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The N64 port of Resident Evil 2 is an engineering and programming miracle. Not only are the cutscenes still intact, this game used the 256 MB cart size to is fullest. Probably the biggest N64 cart size.

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This and World Driver Championship are absolutely mindboggling to see running on that hardware.

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Prince of Persia on the Apple ][. Though the DOS port is obviously superior, it's pretty amazing how well this thing plays.

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Well, Formula 1 '97 has some great visuals; A1ring or rain in Monaco really look good.

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I'm inclined to disagree -- not because it doesn't push the hardware, but because it was released a year too early and did not have enough optimisation to account for everything added.

The rear-mirror view is a downgrade from GT1 and particularly terrible on some tracks, most notably Tahiti Maze.

By this time Ridge Racer Type 4 was already out and that had vastly superior graphics, just about the best the console has ever done.

GT2 is simply not a marked enough upgrade over the first, and that was only because they were forced to publish it early to move the team over to GT3 on the PS2.

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Actually uses a 64 MB cart (512 Mbits)

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Great game

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>perspective correct, anti-aliased, filtered,
That's being done in hardware -- it literally costs the N64 nothing to do it. Since the PSX can't do any of that in hardware, you can't compare apples to apples.

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>That's being done in hardware -- it literally costs the N64 nothing to do it.

Uh, no. It DOES actually come at a cost. That's mostly the reason why some PS1 games still look tons better, at least they were pushing the hardware limits, same thing could never be said about the N64 because of Nintendo's retarded policies.

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>That's being done in hardware -- it literally costs the N64 nothing to do it.
Not true, some effects like trilinear filtering require two passes. Anti-aliasing on the other hand doubles memory bandwidth usage.

But what is really meant is stuff like pic related. Perspective correction requires extra calculations during the triangle setup stage...it's hardly free.

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N64 uses 3-point filtering, not trilinear filtering.

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It uses bilinear filtering with 3 samples, but it ALSO supports trilinear filtering.

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...why the fuck would they leave that capabilty in when the N64 uses a fullscreen anti-aliasing filter that smudges everything, anyway?

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It isn't the anti-aliasing that smudges shit, dummy. N64 uses edge anti-aliasing - only edges get anti-aliased, it's not like FXAA for PC. What smudges the screen is aggressive dither filtering and weird scaling (the console scales the final image from 320x240 to 640x240 for an unknown reason).

And why wouldn't they leave trilinear filtering? It's there to remove that disgusting mipmap line. From what I've heard, most developers had to run the console in 2 pass mode anyway because with z-buffer enabled the memory bandwidth wasn't fast enough to handle 1 pass rendering.

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Red Zone on the Genesis/Megadrive.

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How in the fuck does the N64 gun look better than the PS1 gun!?

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Doesn't really count IMO, since it uses additional hardware

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