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How did people enjoy this game? It's just so boring for me to play. I understand that the game is meant to be grinded out and you're meant to improve through practicing levels and learning patterns and timing, but the process of doing so in this game just isn't enjoyable. I love games like Dark Souls that have this same style of practice, but this game fails to pull it off. How did people manage to enjoy this, or still say it's great?

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This is what hard games are like when you can't grind levels to make them easier.

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git gud

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I just got past death hallway because I watched a speedrun and realized that I could use holy water to stun and kill knights in one hit and just jump over them. Because of that I was able to beat the entire level without taking any damage. I don't really feel like I accomplished much though.

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No shit you don't feel accomplished if you watch a speedrun.

It's a great game, and its difficulty is overrated. You just need the right items for the right enemies, and basic memorization. There are heaps of harder games on the NES that people love.

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I looked it up because I don't find it fun to experiment in that hallway. Like you can see, I had already mastered the rest of the level. Playing the same level over and over, just to experiment and die at one part at the end, isn't enjoyable. I don't know why, but that's just my experience. If you could respawn right at the start of that hallway, it'd probably be more fun.

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The game is wonderfully crafted and fair in its difficulty. It was one of the titles that was synonymous with the NES for good reason

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I was a fan of castlevania ever since playing the third one when I was a kid but I didn't play the original CV until I got the GBA port when I was in high school. Being able to save is probably half the reason I beat this game, did I cheat by not doing it in one long 8 hour sitting?

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>There are heaps of harder games on the NES that people love
Such as?

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>games like dark souls
>dark souls literally let's you make the game artificially easy by leveling
It's nothing like dark souls than newfag.

CV you either get good, exploit, or lose.
You start by beating the game, no game overs, no lives lost, high scores, and speed runs.
If you can't even do the first one without a single game over you just have to admit you're casual.
Dark Souls is literally a casual game, countless people now have beat each game in the series.

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I grew up with SOTN and GBA Metroidvanias but wasn't until recently I went back and played Castlevania 1 and I dug it. It's short and concise but it holds up and is really fun.
Playing Rondo of Blood now.

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Well I finally beat the game. The last level wasn't too bad once I knew how to run past everything, and Dracula was very fun to fight. The game was always fun, besides the death hallway and dealing with bad controls near stairways. I can see how people like it, but that death hallway is just too hard to do without the way I found out.

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>castlevania III
>adventure island
>the entire ninja gaiden series
>ghosts & goblins
>lunar jetman
>marble madness
There's plenty more. Castlevania is one that was very beatable in the span of a single rental.

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yeah CVIII can take you months to beat with the extent of how diverse and unforgiving it is your first time playing it.
You could try to power through, but you'll never get a no game over no death game that way.
Need certain characters at certain points just to not lose a tiny little bit of health. That you'll fucking need.

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>death hallway is hard to do
Literally move forward hit, crouch, adjust for medusa head, stay crouch, repeat.
Some people can do it faster, but it's not hard to do in general.

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There is very little grind involved, you just figure out a strategy for a level and you're set, with a couple of exceptions like death. It's fun because of how smooth that learning process is along with the game just feeling fun. Whip strikes are all about timing, most enemies die in a single hit and the whip can be used for defense. The games end up with a nice flow because of this where you're constantly pushing forward while observing enemies and then letting out one calculated whip swing at the right time, and moving forward. It feels badass. Ninja Gaiden games are like this too but way more fast paced. Great music and level design too.

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>tfw I can easily beat the game but i always lose a continue at dracula

His spawn points are too random, I can't reliably do it without a few death.

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100% this, and Castlevania isn't even that hard. Fucking JRPG modern pussies

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Is Castlevania I worth playing if Castlevania III made me a broken man?

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It's easier and a good game, so

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Did you play the US version?
You should first beat the Famicom releases of all the NES Castlevania games, and then go to US if you want a challenge. They were all made more difficult - CV1 had the easy mode removed, CV2 had a garbage translation and CV3 increased damage in earlier levels, checkpoint fuckery and weaker Grant.

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little nemo

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since you're a dork soles dicksucker you may be familiar with the expression "git gud"
also, unlike DS, there's no grinding in Castlevania

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If you're having trouble with the NES games, I'd skip ahead a bit. Symphony of the Night is the simplest starting point, but if you want the classic style you can just move one generation up and start with the games for SNES, Genesis and TurboGrafx. I like the NES games just fine, but they're hard as balls and a lot of people I know start with the original and give up early. It's always a shame to see it happen.

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>I understand that the game is meant to be grinded out and you're meant to improve through practicing levels and learning patterns and timing, but the process of doing so in this game just isn't enjoyable
Welcome to the 95% of retrogames. This shit is not for you. No, don't even try. I don't want more retards bitching about muh artificial difficulty on my board.

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I don't know why everyone's bringing grinding into this. I never grind in RPGs, including Dark Souls. By grinding I meant the process of continually attempting a challenge. Grinding out practice against a boss until you're able to dodge its attacks and hit it reliably. And I may have overreacted. The only part that truly gave me a ton of trouble was death hallway and spots near stairways.

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Go back to playing RPGs like the rest of the board if you're going to complain that such an easy game is "so boring to play" due to how much you have to grind practice it.
And yes, Castlevania is on the easy side for arcade action, even considering 1CC

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Your board, huh.

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Face it, this board isn't for you or people like us, it's been hijacked by modern gamers with a boner for RPGs.

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There are a handful of immature Konami and Capcom dick-suckers on this board who resent JRPGs and simply can not resist making snide passive-aggressive comments about them in every single god damn thread about anything.

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>whining so hard
Holy shit you are so pathetic.

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>Konami and Capcom dick-suckers
You truly are clueless.
And even then, both those companies made JRPGs.

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I enjoy Dark Souls and just approached Castlevania the same way. Not sure what the problem is, really. There were only a couple of spots I found pointlessly frustrating, usually involving medusa heads knocking you into pits.

I'd say some of the action is less engaging the Dark Souls, but still pretty fun. On the Igor/Monster boss, for example: I died to that guy many times before finally beating him, but when I did it felt kind of like I'd just gotten lucky with with a favorable pattern.

Also, the game isn't as deep as Dark Souls, although the sub-weapon dynamic is great. It's fun to play for an hour or so at a time but I can't handle more than that without getting bored and switching to something else (which is how I approached those games as a kid as well.)

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It's true I do have to speculate. But any time one of these pathetic whiny shitposters mentions a game they like, it's invariably a shmup or a bmup, with both Konami and Capcom titles in those genres likely to be mentioned.

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Well, Capcom and quality beat em ups are pretty synonymous. On shmups you're absolutely clueless however (mostly because the genre is huge), if anything most are Cave fans here.

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If you keep the cross sub weapon from the start of the first level this game is ridiculously easy. Shit even then you can still beat most of the game with the whip and it’s not that hard. I guess when you’re used to everything holding your hand something this average in difficultly seem impossible.

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>I guess when you’re used to everything holding your hand something this average in difficultly seem impossible.
Why do you think I say this >>4885053
This time even OP admits it (modern RPG mentioned)

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Apparently making good posts is harder than any of these genres.

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What's so bad about the first post you quoted? It's talking about a useful strategy
Such triggered pussies

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Which genres?

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I was wrong. The cross sub weapon is in the first PART of the second level to the right of the first staircase. Once you get the III upgrade it’s useful against every boss in the game, like the Mummies and Frankenstein but especially Death in taking out his scythes and you can also use it to take out Dracula’s fire ball attack if you hit them when they come right out of his cape, giving you time to whip his head. Can’t forget to mention those pain in the ass parts with the jumping men, and later when the eagles come in dropping the flea men in the bridge and clock tower areas.

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Wow dude, stop shitposting there! Actually talking about the games and strategy involving them isn't allowed here.

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I love Rondo, it's like the peak of Classicvania.

Not that I don't appreciate SOTN either but it turned the series into something completely diferent.

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How to appreciate Castlevania:

1. Read Dracula by Bram Stoker
2. Watch Vampire Hunter D
3. Watch a few Universal Monster movies
4. Play the game
5. Get gud

Now you can be a real fan.

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> CV1 had the easy mode removed
The original game didn't have an Easy Mode. The Famicom port did, but the game was originally for the FDS, the Famicom port came out many years after the NES version.

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That actually sounds like a pretty fun weekend desu

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Don't forget reading I Am Legend and watching 1922 Nosferatu.

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Wrong, CV3 increase the difficulty later. In Akumajou Densetsu enemies do a consistent damage; bats always do 1HP, skeletons always 2 etc. In CV3 all enemies do the same amount of damage and it gets higher the further you go in, so even piss easy enemies like bats are doing like 6 damage

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also Solar Jetman

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Nah you need to watch the Hammer horror films, those are probably the biggest source of Castlevania's gothicness

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You’re right I sometimes forget where I am. Better check myself next time.

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Just always make sure you include comments how easy it is and newfags needing hand-holding, so that everyone knows you're top gun retro videogame hard corps.

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More like complaining that X easy game is SOO HARD and then proceed to have storyfag circlejerks
Like OMG how come spikes hurt u in mega man ?!??! XD

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>storyfag circlejerks
Except that part was your imagination.

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muh characters

muh weird

muh sad

muh characters again

And this is just the OPs, inside the threads you get this shit more

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But not this thread, until you brought it up, retard.

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Whoops, got my jetmans confused. Yeah I meant the NES one, thanks anon

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>sumthin is haerd

Die, just off yourself.

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That's because you're like 18yrs old and didn't live in the glory days.

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Holy shit I had no idea how butt hurt people get when they aren’t good at video games, of all things. Next time I’ll mention that basic logic is impossible so I can make sure I don’t violate the rules of a safe space.

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Welcome to JRPG echo chambers, they breed anti-skill mentalities

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Ah I should know better to stay away from threads made by sensitive 14 year olds.

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>the glory days
What now?

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My first time playing rondo I made the mistake of never using the backflip (double press the jump button) it makes the game seem unfair and hullshitty but once you master it it's like a switch and it becomes insane the way you can manuever around enemies in classicvania style

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Good music and atmosphere for its time for starters. It is a hard game but I can also be considered fairer than games like Castlevania 3 and numerous other older games not just Castlevania related. Hard but fair is the best way to summarize it. That's something you should be familiar with if you play Dark Holes but I guess not. Dark Souls or at least the first one I played is not even that hard and is more enjoyable for its exploration than any other part of it.

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