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This game are shit.

Also shmups thread.

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The genre itself is mostly shit

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How so?

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Because he's shit at them probably

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What's the best Cave shmup? Personally I don't think I've played one that beats esp ra.de.

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Welcome to /jrpg/
Just give up and come here, no one on this board gives a shit about these games, so no reason to split the community

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Too much spam and off-topic shitposting in those threads, otherwise i would.

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Never ever.


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Ignore what you may dislike and post about whatever you like. People can have parallel discussions there.

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>Never ever.
You must have enoyed the many shmup threads on /vr/ these last few days and even weeks. As in 0

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fuck that system11-refugee circlejerk shithole, they talk more about drama in their faggy community than they do shumps

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That general is mostly people that came from /vr/ since everyone realized nobody here cares about these games at all (see how there hasn't been a thread about these for a while?)
Also, post about the games, that's absolutely welcome. If it's a shooter I like (which is highly likely) I'll be there and talk with you about it.
You don't have to like everything there, focus on what you like.

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The off-brand bullet hell autismfests? You have to ask?
They are just as hollow as jrpgs. B-but muh scoring system! Just look at a damn spreadsheet since numbers going up is such a fucking thrill

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>jrpg comparisons
Oh boy, here we go. Where are the KoF gifs, my man?
(Shit like this being the only thing posted by /vr/ guys is why we have the thread on /vg/ now btw)

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The only people who are concerned with this are useless cunts who want others to do the talking for them because they have nothing to say. Want to talk about shmups? Talk about them freely and if its something others play it will get decent discussions because they are actual players, instead of being /vr/ dipshits who prefer game title posting to discussion.

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>/vr/ dipshits who prefer game title posting to discussion
Or come here to shit on the genre while they don't even like or play it

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You're probably trolling, but I agree with you. Give me actual level designs instead of just enemies + some overly elaborate scoring mechanics. Shit like Gradius, R-Type, or even Thunder Force is where it's at. Of course, the tards over at the /vg/ thread don't care about such real shmups as those, except for that one autistic german kid.

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There are many Gradius and R-Type fans on /vg/ and I've discussed both personally there many times. It's obvious why more scoring-oriented games are discussed there more. The real reason you're complaining is that, as usual, you don't have anything at all to say besides "hurr I like game it gud, nice music and grafix!", all you can do is whine that others are discussing games they like instead of ones you like.

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News flash for the trolls that don't play these: Toaplan era shooters, including horis, have deliberate scoring (the systems are just simpler).
Multilooping Gradius for a scoring competition is a thing. In fact, the genre was born with pure scoring in mind in the 70's before we got lengthy loops.
Also, did you know that Parodius is a thing? There's juggling scoring mechanics there, and it also has terrain.
Treasure arcades are full-on more modern "autismfests" and also have terrain.
What happened is that in order to survive in a harsher environment where arcades were becoming less popular after the early 90's they gradually shifted the challenge from base survival to the scoring system. This way, they could appeal to lower skilled people more while also targeting high skilled scoring players.
Now go fap to your JRPGs already. OP, why did you make this thread here anyway? All you get here is bitter shitposters that don't like the genre.

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One thing that always bugs me about these complaints is how vague and arbitrary they are. It's like these guys found a difference between the two styles and randomly decided that this difference makes or breaks games. No need to specify or anything. Did the games become less engaging? Too easy? Too hard? Did they lose depth? Did they lose some other aspects that are found in old school horizontal games? Who knows. I'm probably giving them too much credit and it boils to terrain shooters being more "immersive" or something like that.

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Fuck this jrpg and shmup rivalry, you guys are faggots and need to fuck off. People can like both

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It's just bait. That's why it's so simple and why these guys never make threads or talk about the games really. Because they don't like nor play them, and come here just to make fun of us.

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In this case it might be but I've heard this complaint so many times over the years in different places, and yet it's always the same.

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Except we've had actual JRPG shitposters on our threads with very similar baits before (like the whole le scoring is like jrpgs! shit). One even went to /vg/ once to troll.

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Reference for the kind of person that complains seriously about this shit
At this point I'd say it's just bait.

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>It's obvious why more scoring-oriented games are discussed there more.
Yes, because dickwaving autists need to compare cock sizes.

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Also, we have "fucked off" already, we're on another board and /vr/ is for JRPGfags anyway
You're wrong, you see people there playing different games and just sharing their experience getting to their PBs. They aren't competing directly and comparing their scores due to people having different tastes in what they play.

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The context is that some jrpg loving faggots got upset about the resident toaplan fag posting about progress systems in their threads, and decided to shitpost shmup threads. It's more about /vr/'s jrpg fags than anything.

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And I kept my promise to stop bothering their echo chamber! Yet they're still fucking angry as you can see ITT

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>I'm probably giving them too much credit and it boils to terrain shooters being more "immersive" or something like that.
RPG fan and shmup newbie here, it's actually this. It feels more like an adventure when there's other stuff going on like moving walls and enemies with personality. A game that's just a series of challenges feels hollow. Fighting games drew me in because of their cool characters, and the game that got me into shmups recently was UN Squadron on SNES because I could see their faces.
If it all started with progress system fag, isn't it his fault? Either way it doesn't matter. It needs to stop

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>like the whole le scoring is like jrpgs! shit
but it's true

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This is wrong, the people there always give advice and help each other reach better scores. Things like replay hiding are generally frowned upon because people want a friendly competitive communities instead of treating it like some pro sport.

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>RPG fan and shmup newbie here
Anyway, the point to shmups is that they're skill-based challenges (the score is to check your progress, akin to times in racers), it's not an adventure genre.
>A game that's just a series of challenges feels hollow.
Well, you don't like shmups, big surprise. Where are your KoF gifs, man? Coming to the /vg/ thread anytime soon to try to bait and fail?
It's not going to work
A guy at /vg/ actually listened to me and played Batsugun Special Version to get into these as a noobie (and had a lot of fun), nobody here gave a flying shit

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In other words the entire style is worse simply because you don't understand it due to a lack of experience? What a shitty attitude for a newbie to have. Keep playing instead of judging, you'll understand other people's tastes more as you get better.

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The difference is XP in RPG's makes your character better, whilst scores are a measure of the player's actual skill. The former rewards even the worst players by simply grinding away against easy encounters until your stats are powerful enough, unlike learning an arcade game where the only limits are the player's own potential.

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They already know this, they just want to derail shit. They brought up the same exact garbage last time.
Anyway, the appeal of shmups is much closer to say, pinball than console/PC style adventure games.

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I'm not the KOF gifs guy but I know who you're talking about. You gotta stop being so defensive man. On topic, there ARE a lot of shmups that appeal to my type of audience, and instead of coming here to shit on the genre people should just discuss those instead. Or they should stop posting, kind of like how you stopped posting in JRPG threads.

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Then play and talk about them and don't complain like a bitch that they're less popular. My favorite shooters are from Toaplan, that get called dadshit at /vg/ yet you won't see me complain about it.
Also, what shmups are you talking about exactly?

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Agreed, R-Type is my favorite. There's not a single bad game I've played so far. I love 3, Delta and Leo.

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3 is good aside from the boring stage 1 that drags on too long. Delta is fucking shit, though.

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Anything by irem. I love their settings. Image Fight being a danger room simulation? X-Multiply being the inside of a human body? Fucking awesome. Also In the Hunt and the entire R-Type series. I also love the Thunder Force series, Einhander, the Darius series (Gaiden is fucking weird as hell, the soundtrack totally changes the atmosphere and I love that it's like a choose your own adventure), even Strikers 1945 because of how wacky it is (although I'm shit at that game)

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then there's Final
more like R-Consolitis

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Oh, I forgot to mention Radiant Silvergun of course.

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R-Type is kinda fun but man is that game safe spot city, nearly every level has some broken shit

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>Anything by irem
Irem games are far from style over substance. In fact, most shooters take care of their aesthetics, it's just secondary to how they play due to how the arcade environment works (no replay value or fun, dead game)
Strikers 1945 is a full-on hardcore vertical shooter with no terrain so you're way off, and again, we have fans of this stuff at /vg/

The games that are actually close to pandering to aesthetics while being mediocre are mostly made for console/PC stuff, like all the doujin stuff with anime girls or euroshmups

I mostly like old school shooters myself. /shmupg/ is not an echo chamber if kiddy cavedrones like you think it is

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I blame the marxism that's slowly taking over society. Competition is being killed off in favour of making everyone feel special and unique, regardless of the quality of your performance. The same tards who fall for these leftist tricks are also probably JRPGfags and should be taken to the gassing chambers.

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Okay, this thread is on death row now

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Why would you stick around for a game that doesn't grab you in the first three hours? Life should be enjoyed, and if a game isn't clicking with you, trying to get better at it just to see if you'll like it more when you're good is a weird mentality to me. I'd rather try to get good at a game I immediately liked when I picked it up.

Of course, like I said, I'm new and not good at these games. Maybe when I start getting really good at R-Type to the point where I can actually clear the game I'll start wanting a greater challenge. Who knows?

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There we go. This is the post this thread needed.

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>doujin stuff with anime girls
Yeah, not my style
>Strikers 1945 has no terrain
I knew when I picked up the game that it wasn't like the others I enjoyed before it, but I could tell immediately that it was a good game. I don't really have a way to quantify why though. I guess I was hooked when I saw the first boss turn into a mech.

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As cool as the boss fights in Silvergun are, I really do not like how it forces you to engage in scoring to "level up" your ship. I'd rather the ship be balanced from the start, like Ikaruga. Also a boss rush mode should have been included in the Saturn version. Maybe Treasure will add these features when they finally decide to port Silvergun to Steam, but I doubt it.

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Shmup newbie here. Just started playing these games this year and now I literally can't play a jrpg without getting bored within 10 minutes, although I wish that weren't the case. It's pretty stupid to compare these genres anyway, they're polar opposites.

I started with Space Megaforce for SNES and then 1cc'd Batsugun Special a few times. I bought a stick to play on and now I'm working on a Gradius 1cc.

>> No.4884864 [DELETED] 

The difference is they like the games in its first three hours due to how it plays, not due to surface level aesthetics or muh adventure (which, by the way, wears off fucking fast compared to actually playing and enjoying the game mechanics)

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It is?

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>the feeling of adventure wears off fast
Maybe we're just different man

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Notice how I never said that you had to like it, just understand it. You don't actually need to play scoring based bullet hell shmups to understand the appeal, you'll naturally start understanding it as you become better at shmups as a whole no matter what you play. Eventually you will learn the basic movement/bullet reading/routing skills and will start desiring something with more unique engaging systems, and replaying early levels will start becoming boring because they will lack depth moment-to-moment, something scoring alleviates. Also understand that not all games are about instant gratification, some demand patience but then reward you greatly for your investment. Again realize that as a newbie you don't know shit and there are good reasons why experienced players prefer what they do. You don't have to like it but closing your mind to it is just stupid.

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Yeah the problem is that a couple of shmup and bmup faggots can't resist shitting on every single jrpg thread that appears and whine continuously as in non-fucking-stop, that jrpgs are taking over the board. I'm sure some are falseflagging agitators at this point but it doesn't change that the problems are:

1. A significant volume of JRPG fans on /vr/ and too many Final Fantasy threads specifically.
2. A few immature shmup and bmup foggots and associated false-flaggers who cannot resist trolling those threads.

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If Gradius is too hard, try the Nemesis arcade version. It helps you recover better
I hope you realize that liking such games for their looks leads to touching them for a bit and then forgetting about them

>> No.4884879

Glad you've seen the light of JRPG's being cancer and embraced the superior arcade gaming culture.

>> No.4884880

It's not surprising after months of relentless whining and shitposting that someone decided to take the fight to the other side.

>> No.4884882 [DELETED] 

This is an AUTOSCROLLING genre with games that last 60 minutes tops, that you have to play over and over due to how challenging they are. Yeah, it wears off.
Link me to the shitposting right now

>> No.4884886 [DELETED] 

It happens more than you think, players that value challenge gradually start to get bored with RPGs even if they enjoyed them in their teens.

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I'm an RPG guy and even I agree that the FF representation is way too high. I almost think they're troll threads created to anger the anti-JRPG shmup fans, like there's people who enjoy seeing a wedge driven into the board community.

>> No.4884895 [DELETED] 

Nah, the JRPG overrepresentation is real. In every general thread you see them getting more posts
see >>4884774
happens every single time
Anyway, that's not the point. /vr/ is simply a place where these players congregated, and us who prefer shmups went to our general on /vg/ since we were a minority

>> No.4884896 [DELETED] 

that guy who keeps making FF7 threads is just one troll, but the rest of those FF threads are genuine

>> No.4884897 [DELETED] 

I was one of the very few (seemed like 4 people tops) so called "shitposters" in a couple jrpg threads but I stopped bothering those guys weeks ago so it really must be random fags jumping in for the attention.

>> No.4884903 [DELETED] 

Yeah, they call shitposting having a slightly different opinion than the norm lmao

>> No.4884915 [DELETED] 

Anyway, noobies: try this one. It's awesome and easy by arcade standards. Pick player one and the green power-up

>> No.4884918

That's fair. I'll keep playing the shmups I like until I can actually beat them reliably (so far the only one I've ever beat is Thunder Force III) and I'll see where the road takes me next.
I mean, that is actually my favorite game of all time and I haven't even posted in that thread yet. I guess tons of people just love JRPGs man. They can like shmups too though, it's not mutually exclusive.

>> No.4884923

>If Gradius is too hard, try the Nemesis arcade version. It helps you recover better
Thanks, I'll check it out. I was mostly going for a no miss run because of how difficult it is to recover. With some luck I can make it to stage 4 before I die.

I never said they were cancer. I started playing Shin Megami Tensei recently and actually enjoy it for what it is. I probably won't finish it though because I lack the commitment.
They definitely aren't Games the way shmups are, especially the RPGs that have absolutely no role-playing/character customization.

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>> No.4884928 [DELETED] 

>so far the only one I've ever beat is Thunder Force III
It's funny because I used to be into jarpigs as a teen too and got into these with the same game, TFIII. Now moslty an arcade lover, though TFIII is still awesome as awesome as an easier made for console shooter can be.
Shmups require commitment though in a different way. Each session may be less than 30 minutes, but you have to play a lot to get good.

>> No.4884929

Is stage 4 the volcano? That one is pretty tough to get through with full power-ups, as the enemies are very aggressive at that point. If you learn how to make a recovery there it would help a lot.

>> No.4884932 [DELETED] 

Which is why I suggested Nemesis, as you know in that game when you die and respawn there are a lot of orange enemies there so you can get decently powered up instantly again.

>> No.4884934

Can they really be called RPGs if they lack a Progress System™, though?

>> No.4884936

Did you look into the rank management aspect of Gradius? It's not vital for 1 or anything but it's useful to know and it's something most shmups have. Nemesis makes the rank more prominent iirc which means the game gets harder quickly if you're fully powered up and don't die, but it throws more power ups at you if you do die making sure you don't have to nomiss it. Better balanced for newbies in my opinion.
Also I mostly play shmups and dislike rpgs but still find SMT fun

>> No.4884940

Hey, I played the Genesis version of that game, pretty fun and sweet soundtrack.

>> No.4884943 [DELETED] 

That was my whole argument back in the JRPG threads, that I feel the genre would be better without them, I see such wasted potential in them. Mazes with tactic turn based encounters could be cool without progression systems. But alas, this is too triggering for /vr/

>> No.4884945

Credit-fed through Thunder Force VI the other day. The soundtrack got pretty "SO HEAVY METAL" toward the end.


>> No.4884946 [DELETED] 

This is the sequel, not the same game at all

>> No.4884948 [DELETED] 

Credit feeders can't even respect the board's rules

>> No.4884949

Raiden Trad > your favourite STG

>> No.4884953

There's nothing wrong with credit-feeding, especially if it's a game you don't feel like replaying.

Also, Thunder Force is a retro series, so 6 can be discussed here freely.

>> No.4884956 [DELETED] 

Good ol' /vr/ stayin' classy

>> No.4884958

Oh, whoops. I noticed a ton of these games are on MAME... I hate using my tiny laptop to play vidya and I haven't had a desktop since 2008. Is there a good way to play arcade shmups on a CRT?

>> No.4884959 [DELETED] 

>Also, Thunder Force is a retro series, so 6 can be discussed here freely.
Nah, that's not how it works. Otherwise we'd have FFXIII threads up the wazoo.
>especially if it's a game you don't feel like replaying.
Why even play (let alone buy)it in the first place then

>> No.4884960

You can totally get away with talking about FFXII if it's in a Final Fantasy thread. You can also discuss Megaman 9&10 (despite being on non-retro hardware) in MM threads without any backlash from the mods, speaking from experience.

>> No.4884967 [DELETED] 

It's an arcade genre. There were plenty of ports and even made for console games in the 80's and early 90's when the genre was mainstream, but it was still an arcade genre mainly. After that it went almost full arcade (except for indie/doujin)
To this day there are many (and good) shooters that can only be played on MAME or getting an actual arcade.
They're also fully built around arcade sensibilities, even the console ones are mostly that.
You can get a CRT with a computer to play these.

Armed Police Batrider is an example of an amazing arcade only game

>> No.4884971 [DELETED] 

(Kinda how beat em ups and fighting games got some console ports or games but were arcade genres still)

>> No.4884978

>Shmups require commitment though in a different way.
Definitely, in the long run they're even more time consuming if you want to be good. Last RPG I was really into was Pokemon, and that was only for the competitive aspect.

I think the true progress system is one's skills at shmups etc. An RPG is like a simulation of that. Which is to say, being able to 1cc some shmup blind after playing other shmups for thousands of hours is "real" progress, whereas leveling up your characters is fictional progress. Arguably you could get really good at RPGs and reify this progress system, but the community just doesn't seem to care about that. Anyway I think we should just get along. People get their dopamine in different ways.

I did. For me it seems easiest to fly around really fast and kill everything with lasers before it can shoot. Nemesis sounds good, recovering in Gradius feels too frustrating to be worth it and gives me arm cramps sometimes.

>> No.4884985

No shame in using autofire

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Well, my laptop has an HDMI out. Are these cheap junkers good for getting MAME on a CRT or will there be input lag?

>> No.4884998

>Progress System
Still not sure what that means

>Mazes with tactic turn based encounters
Not sure what that's supposed to be. Like Wizardry or something?

>> No.4885001 [DELETED] 

Not only it can't be compared at all, the issue comes when people into these personal skill based games have become tired of an industry that has almost 100% become about progress systems. Back then you had skill games and JRPGs, now even action genres are progressfests.
>Still not sure what that means
Actions that increase the power of your character permanently, and you can save this progress. In a way that you can grind and improve your character instead of actually improving yourself as a player.
And yes, like Wizardry (maybe more complex) except without experience points and all that stuff. In fact, same genre but without that (it's just that later on the mazes were de-emphasized in favor of cinematic corridors)

>> No.4885060

Are you the anon that also has a dislike for unlockables?

>> No.4885064 [DELETED] 

Precisely, it's pretty much the same shit. It gets people to play to unlock everything and then not touch the game again, instead of just enjoying the damn game by itself

>> No.4885068 [DELETED] 

Should Skinnerbox Simulators (e.g. JRPGs) get their own containment board?

>> No.4885070 [DELETED] 

They already have it, it's called /vr/

>> No.4885071 [DELETED] 

This is the containment board.

>> No.4885079

What games has everyone 1cc'd lately?

>> No.4885085 [DELETED] 

Sengoku Ace 1-ALL No Miss, I have the replay.
Wanted to 2-ALL quickly but got burned out and started to play very badly, so I'm taking a break. Yesterday I played once again and I'm doing quite good again, but I'll still wait some more.

Game is very good, even if I'm not a big fan of the slow charge times as well as the RNG bombs in one of the first stages. The way it's built to point blank like crazy is very fun. I also like how the first stages don't get too boring while replaying.

>> No.4885086

Gunbird 2, hard game

>> No.4885095 [DELETED] 

Don't let them win, man. Retro gaming is fundamentally arcade-oriented since that style of games predate role-playing faggotry by years. /vr/ should be the arcade and arcade-style board,

>> No.4885097

gradius neo, truly the greatest game in the series

>> No.4885098 [DELETED] 

They have already won.
>Retro gaming is fundamentally arcade-oriented since that style of games predate role-playing faggotry by years.
Right, yet this board is mostly focused on the latter since it's filled with modern-minded gamers playing older stuff. So they gravitate to what's most similar to the modern stuff they like, which is RPGs.
>/vr/ should be the arcade and arcade-style board
It seems that we either get another board for that or jarpigs just outnumber us so hard. When I came here I expected stuff like classic arcades to be the focus (like popular ones: Pacman, Donkey Kong)... but nope, nothing. No people playing those, no scoring competition, just endless RPG and baby console storyfag circlejerks

>> No.4885101 [DELETED] 

I was just joking.
Although this reminds me that there used to be a JRPG general over on /vg/. What happened with that? It's weird how Final Fantasy can maintain multiple generals over there while an entire genre can't.

>> No.4885103 [DELETED] 

It's the most popular JRPG franchise outside of Japan by far. If there only was a JRPG general it could work even if that board would bet spammed with FF.
It's similar to how us have the Touhou general and the "other shmups" general

>> No.4885107 [DELETED] 

>It's weird how Final Fantasy can maintain multiple generals over there while an entire genre can't.
I bet it's mostly discussions about 11 and 14 (the MMO's) which still receive new content/patches.

>> No.4885114 [DELETED] 

There's a general for 14 and a different general for the rest of the series.

>> No.4885118 [DELETED] 


>> No.4885124

>RPG fans are modern gaming kids!
No, a lot of us grew up loving RPGs on NES, SNES and PSX. A lot of us really don't like most modern games or the way RPGs have changed. But sure, keep stereotyping

>> No.4885126 [DELETED] 

modern-minded is not the same as a kid

>> No.4885135

What has changed about modern JRPGs and retro RPGs, other than combat being improved because it is now action, not turn-based?

>> No.4885137

Classic JRPGs aren't popular with modern gamers. There's even a thread in /vr/ on the front page about this topic. This is the only place we can post about the games we love. It's the same for arcade players.

>> No.4885142 [DELETED] 

I guess DLC and other general modern practices. Other than that, not much, particularly because /vr/ allows FFVII and other cinematic later JRPGs. There are still turn based ones coming out by big devs.
Their niche is still very strong, they get big mainstream releases still (see: the latest DQ, and more). And you can't ignore the fact that JRPGs just dominate /vr/ while there are plenty of genres with in a much MUCH worse state nowadays, shmups as dead as they are are one of the better ones in this regard. Now arcade beat em ups for instance, fucking F

>> No.4885147

There's very few of them, and the ones that still get released are plagued with waifufaggotry

>> No.4885154 [DELETED] 

I guess you don't count stuff like Pokémon, which is still one of the biggest franchises ever, and it's still about monsters and not waifus.
Or Dragon Quest, same as ever really.
Also, not trying newer games just due to how they look is telling of how shallow you guys can be, and this is coming from someone that dislikes anime.
Dude, you don't know shit about dead genres.

>> No.4885157

Name 1 retro JRPG that is not guilty of this as well.

>> No.4885158

Yeah, I won't argue that JRPGs are in a much better state than shmups and bmups. We're about at the level of 2D platformers, getting a nice release every couple years or so. But that's a shadow of what it once was. FPS games ruined the console game scene forever in my eyes, turning into a big multiplayer social scene, which is what I got into gaming to escape from.

>> No.4885163 [DELETED] 

>But that's a shadow of what it once was.
Okay, but it's so ridiculous that this place has such a big boner for JRPGs that it has a thread complaining about how it's not as popular, considering it's one of the most popular old-style genres still. You should be grateful that it still has such a big niche still, we could use some of that.

>> No.4885173

SaGa Frontier 1 & 2, Legend of Mana, Vagrant Story, Front Mission 3, Tactics Ogre

>> No.4885182

Pretty sure all of those games feature at least one female character, thus can attract waifufags.

>> No.4885185 [DELETED] 

This waifufaggotry debate is silly, what about trying games for how they play, you shallow fags

>> No.4885191

One day there will be a board somewhere on the internet where old Halo fans will go to complain about battle royales, lootcrates and gachashit and some old crusty JRPGfag will tell him he should be grateful that "old school console style FPS games" still have a following somewhere

>> No.4885201

>Vagrant Story
>best rendered female ass on the playstation isn't enough to attract waifufags

>> No.4885213 [DELETED] 

Except JRPGs and autoscrolling shmups are about as old as each other. The difference is that the former is much more akin to modern games (due to the progression and narrative approach) thus more modern-minded players give JRPGs a chance. You see this a lot here, many people make threads like "getting into RPGs, recommend..." or "getting into X popular RPG, what am I in for", while you barely see this for other genres, much less shmups.

>> No.4885232

Yeah, that's all true. There are fringe cases though. I grew up with platformers and RPGs throughout my early years, was huge into fighting games throughout my 20s and more recently I've started getting into shmups. I just exhausted all my old genres or they aged into something I stopped liking, so I tried to get into a new genre from my time that I skipped out on before. I think you're right in saying that a lot of younger gamers probably won't decide to get into this genre. I don't really have any advice to offer to get new players to join, as any recommendations I can think of would result in casualization. Maybe you experts can think of some.

>> No.4885247 [DELETED] 

Nah, classic gaming is too far gone

>> No.4885275 [DELETED] 

Nice rpg thread guys

>> No.4885276 [DELETED] 

>janny deleted the Skinnerboxvania thread
Mods confirmed for role-playing sǫybǫys.

>> No.4885281

Earthbound and Mother

>> No.4885285 [DELETED] 

We already have a shmup thread on /vg/ with all the /vr/ posters, so of course this would fill with the resident JRPG fans that are curious about shmups.

>> No.4885290

>implying Anna, Paula and Kumatora aren't sexualized as hell

>> No.4885292 [DELETED] 

We already knew that to be the case. Still, don't anger them again, last time they followed us to the /vg/ thread

>> No.4885308
File: 101 KB, 480x272, Vagrant-Story-026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>best rendered female ass

>> No.4885324

Kumatora sure, she’s the more mature of the female characters but I hardly see any people sexualize Paula and Ana, they’re too pure.

>> No.4885328

Ashley is pure

>> No.4885329


>> No.4885330 [DELETED] 

Shmup thread on a JRPG board, what did you expect

>> No.4885338

>Nah, classic gaming is too far gone
>grumble grumble JRPG board
You guys are just grumpy old men

>> No.4885345 [DELETED] 

Weren't we supposed to be edgy teens? Make up your mind

>> No.4885363

You are so fucking obsessed with this mysterious "KOF gifs guy" lol
Take a pill. Better yet take a whole bottle of them.

>> No.4885368

People will say Final is bad but I never get it. It one of the only games I obsessively played in order to unlock everything. I love the weird lore too and I'm a sucker for a bad-end.

>> No.4885372 [DELETED] 

>It one of the only games I obsessively played in order to unlock everything. I love the weird lore too
Well, shmup players don't play to unlock shit or for muh lore, you know. They play for the game, and that one's definitely lackluster once yo get past that surface level stuff.

>> No.4885380

so what's the worst shmup you guys have played? As in actual retail/arcade release, not some shitty flash game or whatever.

I played one on Genesis, I can't even remember its name, but it was slow, your ship had a life bar and it was huge and ugly and it was just about the most miserable experience.
I do remember it had boxart that looked cool as hell though.

>> No.4885381


>> No.4885382

>Well, shmup players don't play to unlock shit
Obviously, I played a shmup and I did just that.
shit like that is why you faggots got run off this board.

>> No.4885386 [DELETED] 

A tie between Touhou 6 and Super Aleste (too boring / easy)
If we count euroshmups then Jets n Gus
Well, are you really into the genre? By "shmup players" I mean big fans of the genre.

>> No.4885389

I don't know, it seems fucking awesome to me. I love the idea of trying out tons of different ships. I haven't played it yet though. I absolutely love Delta - I've been trying to beat it since I started playing it on and off two months ago. So far I can make it to level 4 before game over. Awesome game

>> No.4885391 [DELETED] 

The ships are very similar. Also, level design is way more important than ships in these games, that's where Final kinda fails at. It was a misguided game, too affected by consolitis

>> No.4885395
File: 58 KB, 500x454, IMG_8865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4885398
File: 14 KB, 188x269, download (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found it.
It was this.

>> No.4885401
File: 35 KB, 600x441, AzgCB_8CMAA6S2L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4885404
File: 27 KB, 250x357, bangaio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not even the worst Treasure STG, which is pic related.

>> No.4885406 [DELETED] 

Best STG

>> No.4885417

Skinnerbox-Type Game?

>> No.4885420 [DELETED] 

Doesn't matter, best game ever. If you disagree, you're just a contrarian shitposter

>> No.4885432

You're allowed to say Tactics is better

>> No.4885439 [DELETED] 

That's because it's a different style of JSTG, that's fine

>> No.4885440

FFT is just casualized Tactics Ogre, which was casualized Ogre Battle.

Also Shining Force is better.

>> No.4885469

what are some good console ports of vr shmups? I hear that dodonpachi ps1 port is solid, as well as donpachi. Is it safe to assume all the dreamcast ports are solid?

>> No.4885476 [DELETED] 

>I hear that dodonpachi ps1 port is solid
You heard wrong
Retro arcade games in general didn't get good ports till post-/vr/ consoles with some exceptions (ST-V arcades for the Saturn, and the Dreamcast in general)

>> No.4885485

There's no way Shining Force is better than Ogre Battle.

>> No.4885486

now that's bullshit, I can think of plenty of good ports in 5th gen

>> No.4885493 [DELETED] 

There's a difference between pretty good ports and actual 1:1 ports

>> No.4885497

what about namco museum?

>> No.4885498

What now?

>> No.4885507 [DELETED] 

Yeah, by 5th gen 1:1 ports for very old arcades (late 70's-early 80's) were already becoming a thing. For newer stuff than that tho, rarely

>> No.4885508

Toaplan ports. Not arcade perfect but clearly made with love, even bringing the games closer to what they wanted difficulty wise without pressures from the owners

>> No.4885512 [DELETED] 

Said "pressure from the owners" is what made these games the way they are, see what happened to games when that disappeared. Show more respect

>> No.4885513


>> No.4885525

stfu retardo I respect it when appropriate and also I dont remember saying that theyre better just that theyre made with passion instead of being cashgrabs

>> No.4885528 [DELETED] 

The whole genre exists due to that environment in the first place, the fact that later on some decided to make them easier on home systems doesn't change this

>> No.4885530

I ask again: what now?

>> No.4885537

No the genre exists and is good because the developers had their own idea of good difficulty and respected players instead of blindly following the whims of arcade owners, both were important and the balance of the 2 is what mattered. The dev vision is worth observing and respecting too especially since Toaplan were very particular in how they handled difficulty for their games

>> No.4885538 [DELETED] 

Hey, you, watcha gonna do

>> No.4885539 [DELETED] 

>both were important and the balance of the 2 is what mattered.
Indeed, but the owner's influence was integral to how shmups were made. Were it not for them they wouldn't exist the way they are. That's my point and why I think they deserve some respect.

>> No.4885541


>> No.4885545 [DELETED] 

It's pretty much undeniable, arcade genres were built that way due to how that particular environment was (devs having to appeal to both the owner's and the player's demands) as opposed to directly to the player like in home systems.

>> No.4885546

Party people in the house let's go

>> No.4885550

Super multiloop autism counterstop

>> No.4885553

Overly compicated scoring systems that require you to jump through hoops. Also who the fuck cares about score anyway? It's 2018 for fucks sake. Clearing the game without excessive credit feeding is challenging enough.

>> No.4885554

console shmups still had to be hard to prevent them from being beaten in a rental period

although that usually just came from limiting continues and having overly long stages

>> No.4885558

Not applicable to a good chunk if not most /vr/ shmups also
>current year argument

>> No.4885560

fuck you and fuck that gay ass movie

>> No.4885562 [DELETED] 

See how the genre has fallen to obscurity once arcade owner's demands disappeared and console games (like RPGs) became longer? That's the point.
Most shmups aren't like that, in fact that stuff only became a thing in the mid 90's. Youre clearly baiting here, though.

>> No.4885571

Its the balance retardo, too much influence from arcade owners and you have glorified pachinkos, too much influence from devs and you have casual trash. Truly a fine balance

>> No.4885573 [DELETED] 

Of course, but 0 influence from them would mean that shmups wouldn't have existed the way they are. It's why they need to be respected too
You're right and we agree

>> No.4885592

g darius in taito legends 2. it isn't arcade-perfect, but that's only because it has less slowdown.

>> No.4885596 [DELETED] 

This, but the PS1 one has more slowdown than the original

>> No.4885603

yeah, way more. the ps1 port is to be avoided.

>> No.4885607 [DELETED] 

That port was the usual 5th gen port, actually. Very close and quite playable, but not exactly the same. Maybe there's more slowdown, or some animations have cut frames, or the resolution is worse, etc.
Then by 6th gen ports got very very close to the point that in the cases where there's differences, you'd have to be an expert at the game to even notice them (with exceptions as always)

>> No.4885625

Funny rant an autist just wrote up on another chan in reaction to the term Skinnerbox as it's used for RPG elements:

>hurr muh grandan is operant conditioning
>Yeah, no shit, nigger. You know what else counts as operant conditioning? Limited lives. They conditioned you to throw quarters at your arcade cabinet of choice until you either mastered the game such that you could complete it in a single credit or gave up out of frustration and after throwing away more quarters than public phone booth could collect in three years.

>> No.4885634 [DELETED] 

Fucking JRPGfags, I swear

>> No.4885642 [DELETED] 

Fucking no personality anti-JRPGfags, I swear.
I AM impressed by how many threads you've decided to spew your shit into today. Though that's exactly the kind of OCD autistic behavior a shmupfag tends to display...

>> No.4885643

fuck is this bollocks? i'm a gradius fanboy you feral dadshit hyper cunt.

>> No.4885652

go back to /vg/ kid, your bantz are weaksauce

>> No.4885653 [DELETED] 

jrpg are the epitome of fucking infantile underdeveloped man child anti skill muh story baby gay cunt shit for low i.q no talent no perseverance skinnyfat fucks who want to wander around as queer elf in a game to detract from how shite their life is.

>> No.4885659

it isn't a maybe. the game slows to a crawl at points.
the ps1 port is bad compared to the ps2 port. there are no pros, only cons. a broader assessment is superfluous since a direct comparison can be made.

>> No.4885662 [DELETED] 

This is an American board, fuck off

>> No.4885667

post your scores big boi.

>> No.4885668 [DELETED] 

I can't finish reading these posts without crying of laughter, I swear.
Anyway, inb4 RIP the thread. I still don't know why OP bothered to open a thread here, though. You can clearly see that where's only JRPG fags here.
I was talking in general terms there and you seem to have misunderstood me, I just added that the PS1 port is worse than the arcade.

>> No.4885671 [DELETED] 

well maybe if shmups let me play as a queer elf this wouldn't be a problem

>> No.4885673 [DELETED] 

explains your anti skill attitude i guess eh? you each nachos off your tits and gunt?

>> No.4885674 [DELETED] 

lmao this thread is killing my sides

>> No.4885675
File: 27 KB, 485x443, IMG_8920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4885676

ketsui is a suicide homo sex mission, no troll.

>> No.4885681

well this just moved toward the top of my to-play list, right after jigga wang

>> No.4885682 [DELETED] 

There's also Go Wank

>> No.4885685

giga wang

>> No.4885689 [DELETED] 
File: 222 KB, 500x312, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fucking hate this board

>> No.4885691 [DELETED] 

>Giga Wank: March 1999
>Go Wank: June 24, 1999
Cave ripping off as usual
Go to your other countless JRPG threads, sensitive pussy. If you actually like shmups just talk about them.

>> No.4885695 [DELETED] 

Show me on the doll where the JRPG touched you.

>> No.4885701 [DELETED] 

Show me on the doll why you're on a thread about a genre you don't give a flying fuck about
Otherwise, go ahead, talk to me about shmups and stop complaining like a bitch.

>> No.4885729 [DELETED] 

I'm far more intrigued on why your molested ass is so preoccupied with the JRPG boogyman. Tell me about that.

>> No.4885731 [DELETED] 

>wanting off topic shit gone makes you a jrpgfag

>> No.4885732

>Overly compicated scoring systems that require you to jump through hoops
How so?

I don't get the joke.

>> No.4885740 [DELETED] 

Where were you these last days and weeks with absolutely 0 shmup threads on /vr/? Oh, that's right. You actually don't care about these.
At least you're honest

>> No.4885765 [DELETED] 

>At least you're honest
I mean its your own fault. You came in here screaming about a King of Fighters and JRPGs and it's clear you father put his finger in you so even you have to admit that story's more interesting than a shoottan game

>> No.4885768 [DELETED] 

Yeah, what's this then

>> No.4885852 [DELETED] 

Looks like someone familiar with your JRPGphobia and baiting you.
So about that systematic sexual grooming your father committed with you.

>> No.4885859 [DELETED] 

We've had shitposting like that coming all the way to the /vg/ thread, retard. In fact, it probably was you

>> No.4885940 [DELETED] 

You underestimate how obnoxious you idiots are if you think it's only one guy who cant stand you.

>> No.4885952 [DELETED] 

triggered manginas. Talk about shmups or fuck off. Even the supposed progress "shitposting" was on topic.

>> No.4886051

>Talk about shmups or fuck off
So in the last stage of Soldier Blade, did your dad insert it his finger all the way in dry or...

>> No.4886067

>insert it his finger

>> No.4886298

You sure enjoy making up sexual stories involving kids. Something you'd like to share with us, pedobear-kun?

>> No.4886590

lmao these guys are fucking stupid, you COULD actually play around with the definition of operant conditioning until it fits arcade games but jrpg fags are too moronic and clueless to do that

>> No.4886601

>you COULD actually play around with the definition of operant conditioning until it fits arcade games

>> No.4886605

Why would I intentionally give you mongs more shitposting ammo? Use those brains atrophied by decades of rpgs and work this one out yourselves

>> No.4886648

>They are just as hollow as jrpgs.
LMFAO, any pleb can do a jrpg but very few can get anywhere near a wr score in a stg because of all the meticulous planning, calculations, execution and so on, it's literally the deepest genre out but you literally don't have the intelligence to even recognize it, like a fucking baby looking at algebra. Go back to storing mushrooms and orc piss to cast again the wizard of cock forrest you tragic manbino fag stick and stop putting skidmarks in your zelda pants you cunt.

>> No.4886719

Is this parody? Is it satire?
I'll assume it is because the alternative is too damning for humanity.

>> No.4886880 [DELETED] 

It's for real. Shocking, I know, since everyone here dickrides JRPGs. That's what echo chambers do to you.

>> No.4886946

It's everything you despise ie the truth.

>> No.4887042

It's a retarded analogy because fun doesn't come from inserting a quarter (unlike the RPG high of leveling up), but rather from gitting gud at the game and seeing your initials in the #1 spot of the scoreboard or stomping some fool in a versus match.

>> No.4887046 [DELETED] 

They already know this, but think we're stupid enough to fall for the bait

>> No.4887651

So it is pointless dick waving

>> No.4887658

Not as pointless as grinding those level ups, JRPG boy.

>> No.4887659 [DELETED] 

You're back? How's your waifu, Shermie?

>> No.4887743

>masturbation is less pointless than masturbation

who and what

>> No.4887762 [DELETED] 

Tell us about your favorite shmup, JRPG faggot

>> No.4887790

Good question. I suck a bit too much ass to give a good answer, and have only really played around with the games in >>4884285, though I found all of them pretty fun. Always had a soft spot for R-Type though.

>> No.4887794 [DELETED] 

>the games in >>4884285
Which ones? What
Fucking KoF shitposter

>> No.4887863

The ones in the mega link in the shmup general.

>> No.4887868 [DELETED] 

You mean shmupmame pack
Are you currently playing one?

>> No.4887986

Yeah, that thing. No, I'm playing them casually since I suck at games and am trying to 1CC them. Furthest I've gotten in one was Stage 3, which was the game that gave bonus point capsules like crazy and shouted BONUS! every time you got one.

>> No.4888008 [DELETED] 

Try Batsugun Special Version, you should be able to beat the first loop after a bit of practice at most
If you prefer horis, play Nemesis. It's a bit harder but not by much

>> No.4888185

tfw you game over to gob robo

>> No.4888671 [DELETED] 

So this thread is mostly one guy who wasn't allowed to have RPGs as a kid, right?

>> No.4888681 [DELETED] 

Fuck off with that shit already, half this board has already been deleted. End this shitty forced war

>> No.4889694

What's the best Dreamcast Milestone shooter?

>> No.4889712

Recently discovered Grind Stormer for the Genesis. Good game. Plays a lot like Truxton.

>> No.4889731 [DELETED] 

Play the arcade originals, much better
They feel similar because it's by the same devs, Toaplan, which was the most influential company that focused mostly on shoot em ups in its era (and then after its bankrupcy people that worked there kept being amongst the most influential on the genre, for instance the guy that made GrindStormer is responsible for the DoDonPachi series)

>> No.4890260

>Overly compicated scoring systems that require you to watch and imitate youtube videos of actually good players

>> No.4890273 [DELETED] 

This is only if you want to compete faster for WR or something, you don't have to

>> No.4890438

Radirgy > Karous > Chaos Field

>> No.4890576

THIS. This exactly. Just because a bunch of shmup fans are hyper competitive people who rub many the wrong way doesn't mean the games themselves have to be played competitively. In fact, some people even play RPGs competitively, like FF1 speedruns. Just play the game you enjoy and quit worrying about some internet bully

>> No.4890580 [DELETED] 

You can just PB your own scores and discovering the scoring strats by yourself, taking your time. Some speedrunners also do this.

>> No.4890626

karous is my fav with radirgy a close second. They aren't survival games though, gotta play for score and they're super fun.

>> No.4891217

give me a quick rundown on their scoring systems

>> No.4892569 [DELETED] 

Saving this thread too.

>> No.4892584

Ikaruga > CAVEshit

>> No.4892586 [DELETED] 

Fuck you and fuck shmupfags shitting up our board, no wonder the thread was dying, nobody cares about these silly autismo games. And only one thread lmao at you
Play a real game and have fun for once, /vg/ kids

>> No.4892592 [DELETED] 

Go start another FF thread then faggot.

>> No.4892602 [DELETED] 

Triggered that your genre is hipster shit nobody likes? Most of your community is collector dads that never play

>> No.4892609 [DELETED] 

desu /vr/ retards not caring about the genre is pretty much a complement, this place is exclusively made up of clueless no skill collector goons, I woudn't be surprised if you're all shit at rpgs too

>> No.4892612 [DELETED] 


Assblasted summerkid that never 1CC anything, go grind until theres no challenge left in your JRPG

>> No.4892616 [DELETED] 

Yet JRPG fans actually play the games. Gotcha

>> No.4892626

Should I buy Psyvariar2 or Under Defeat next for my Memecast?

>> No.4892627 [DELETED] 

Judging from the types of discussion they get, hardly lol

>> No.4892628 [DELETED] 

Skies of Arcadia, play a real game with a good story for once

>> No.4892630

Replace Under Defeat with Zero Gunner 2 and buy both. Actually play them too.

>> No.4892653

Already have it. So P2 or UD?

>> No.4892659

Do you play primarily for scoring or survival? Psyvariar for scoring, UD for survival

>> No.4892950


A man of culture.

>> No.4893040


>> No.4893084

fucking tranny mod mad again

>> No.4895154


>> No.4895176

hey retardo, where is the thread

>> No.4895297

Recently I asked how to git gud in this kind of games and I was told to youtube videos of the game and have them open on my phone while playing. Was my friend right?

>> No.4895306

Sure, but that's like reading gamefaqs to beat an adventure game. If you don't come up with your own strats, you're a faggot.

>> No.4895314

Your friend is having a laugh at your expense, youre probably the retard of the group

>> No.4895348

muchi muchi pork

>> No.4895379

Of course. You can learn a lot from replays. Wether it's noob survival play, or playing for score. There is always stuff to learn from other players, and studying replays is the best way to do this.

>> No.4895445

wrong, wr tier strats require so much execution and in depth knowledge you can study them until you go blue in the face you still won't be good enough to replicate them without a shit load of investment.

t. aquas

>> No.4895476
File: 26 KB, 300x286, copy_monkey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cee defending copy-monkeying

Go back to solo teaming Batrider because you aren't good enough for mixed team runs, scrub.

>> No.4895493
File: 715 KB, 480x676, IMG_9004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come Change Air Blade never caught on? Why weren't more versus shmups or versus modes made? The genre probably would've caught on more if there were more modes besides score attack.

>> No.4895508

Literally who and what?

>solo teaming
>mixed team
What's the difference, really?

>> No.4895659

I advise anons to migrate to /1cc/ on 8ch*n to avoid the jrpgfags and casuals who shitpost the arcade threads:


>> No.4896604

>What's the difference, really?
strategy wise a hell of a lot.

you mad because i can beat all your team scores with solo? lmao.

>>cee defending copy-monkeying
wrong, learn to read.

>> No.4896715

>I advise anons to migrate to /1cc/ on 8ch*n to avoid the jrpgfags and casuals who shitpost the arcade threads:

> /1cc/
>Implying there is actually any discussion there and not just Hues begging for cracked games and a few posts complaining about Teknoparrot

>> No.4897294

>>Implying there is actually any discussion there and not just Hues begging for cracked games and a few posts complaining about Teknoparrot
Still beats /jrpg/ which you're posting on right now.

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