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Daily reminder that emulation is not legit and definitively not the way developers intended you to play their games. What's your rationality for playing video games wrong and often broken on emulators that STILL don't even emulate properly?

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because it's free retard

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daily reminder that museums are not legit and definitively not the way painters intended you to view their art

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Not an argument.

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There’s nothing wrong with Emulation if the game is inaccessible

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>There’s nothing wrong with Emulation if the game is inaccessible
Yes there's absolutely everything wrong with emulation. The game is broken when played on an emulator that messes up the sound and looks awful on an LCD monitor.

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If you weren't poor you wouldn't need to emulate. There's literally no excuse to be your age and not making enough money to buy legit carts, consoles and CRT tvs (the ideal game room has at least 2-3)

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As someone who prefers the original hardware, I can absolutely understand why somebody would want to emulate, scumbag sellers inflating the prices of games fuck you metaljesusrocks or being unable to find them locally, MAME especially exists for this

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Resellers sell their wares at affordable and competitive prices. Do you have something against capitalism? Perhaps you should focus on that problem and not honest vendors.

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Hardware & flash cart master race

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Yes, Earthbound at 200 dollars is totally affordable for the average autist that wants to play his favorite satirical JRPG on the original hardware

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$200 is quite reasonable for such a rare game that had a very limited release in the states. Perhaps you should learn Japanese and play an import (cheaper) version of the game, rather than insult resellers.

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I owned it and sold it for 180 dollars. Now I'm going to sell the guide for nearly the same amount.

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This is the true patrician choice.

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>t. reseller the thread

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EB isn’t that rare, 150,000 carts is rather low, but not as rare as say, an NWC cart

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I have the consoles and a cancer ray tube. I emulate for other raisins.

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I assure ive played,completed and enjoyed more video games through emulation than collector fags have done in their whole lives.

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While you've played a lot of games, they really were not games, they were emulated facsimiles. So with this logic, collectors have played more REAL games than you have.

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If you buy an old FPS on Steam chances are you'll have the thing on dosbox, a software that emulates a dos interview; you did buy it, though. What's wrong with that?

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There's your problem. Play it on a win95 machine or don't play it at all. Emulation is NOT legit.

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Daily reminder that VHS/DVD/Blu Ray/Netflix is not legit and not the way film makers intended for you to view their films.

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what a fag, you just hate emulators, not piracy.

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Just as cinema directors intended viewers to see their films on the theater screen, game devs intended their games to be played on real hardware, cart and 30 + crt.

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What about Beta and Laserdisc?

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What would you say if I told you I know some people who worked on games in the 16-bit era and they ONLY play video games from that era via emulators now?

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Proof or you're lying.

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