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Monkey Island 1 and 2 were the only good ones in the serie. Prove me wrong. also graphic adventures thread

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09hFwEFL72A



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or obviously the blazoned one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9X2L4nJCZE

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nothing wrong with Curse.

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Curse was good too. The voices and art style took a while to get used to. I can't imagine it looking any different now but at the first blush I was let down.

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Curse simply doesn't have the touch the first two had. Feel, irony, style, speeches, art etc. were all better on 1-2.

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They were both overrated and boring. Then again I was already a teenager when they came out so maybe they are geared more for pre-teen as far as their sense of humor and level of difficulty goes.

>rub every item over every interactive spot until you progress
>no way to fail in you make a wrong decision or mistake
>good gameplay

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>better than Curse
Part 3 of 1 is boring as fuck and Part 1 gets repetetitive after the trials. Curse has much great parts and islands, though the finale is a bit shit.

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Only Ron Gilbert knows the true Secret of Monkey Island.

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I mean they were all different, but that was the point & goal. And just being different doesn't make them inherently worse, and indeed I haven't seen you make an actual argument to that effect. I for one absolutely love the cartoon art style, and the voice acting did nothing but improve the franchise. Hell I even enjoy the overall sillier tone, as I feel that's what ultimately a Monkey Island game should be.

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I found out way too late that you miss out on content if you play 2 and 3 on easy mode.

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>I mean they were all different, but that was the point & goal
Not accordingly to the original creator
Curse's speeches went to the point that bored me, it's like it has no spirit, imho. But regarding what you said for the first one i can agree only to certain degrees, but in the end i think that we can agree that LeChuck's Revenge is the patrician choice.

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Monkey Island 2 had
-best soundtrack
-best islands
-best Guybrush
-best story
-most cozy

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>Curse simply doesn't have the touch the first two had

What an empty statement.

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According to your opinion.
Very nice picture, kek.

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About Monkey Island 3a

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> Some puzzles will be hard, but all the puzzles will be fair
Yeah, like that Jojo the Monkey one. Fucking bullshits, lol.

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The puzzles in MI2 was hard for me. I tried the easy mode with walkthrough in a logal computer magazine. But the walkthtrough doesn't cover the hard mode. I couldn't even finish chapter 1.

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I like all of them including Escape. I agree the first two are the best but if you were around when it was new, Curse of Monkey Island's cartoon graphics were amazing.

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I prefer MI2's design of Guybrush. With beard and moustache.

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That's fair. I know a lot of people didn't like the change to his Ichabod Crane look but I grew to like it.

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Guywood Threepbrush and Larry Laffner in Eric the Unready ads.

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Guywood Threepbrush and Larry Laffner in Eric the Unready game box.

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Even if you prefer that particular Guybrush design, every other character model in Curse is tits. Don Bluth wishes he could make an animated game like this.

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Much like the barrel on Sonic 3, I never had a problem with this.

But I suppose it depends on if you're familiar with the term "monkey wrench" or not

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Yes and according to the original creator Curse might not have been as good as his games but it was still a fine addition to the franchise. It was Escape he didn't like

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>[OST] [CD1]
Get that shit out of here.


This is what it's supposed to s-
>that wrong patch on 1:47
Jesus Christ. Well, at least we have actual recordings from the actual g-
>that overblown reverb and fucked up volume levels

I give up, this soundtrack ain't ever seeing a proper release on Youtube. There's still the Special Edition which wasn't that bad, plus the FM tracks which are also great.


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Is that so? Well that surely change up the things a little. I'm in EU so i didn't know about that term.

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Water effects made through palette cycling make me moist.

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How do you play these games today, to be precise, what do you use for music output? Back in the days I only had a Soundblaster and used adlib for music. It was alright, but not perfect. On my annual replay of various LucasArts games, I use scummvm with a gravis ultrasound soundfont for FM Synthesis. It sounds incredibly good. There are various sound fonts available, even some dedicated LucasArts ones, but gravis seems to have the most oomph.
I tried Roland emulation but it has too many faulty instruments on my test runs.

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Did you set it up correctly? I used the MUNT Roland emulator, and it works perfectly. You can also patch the game so it uses the Roland fr the music and SB for sfx.

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The first two are on a huge discount on Steam. You can switch between the classic look or the new hand drawn one, so you won't have any problem for that matter... If you're going with emulation well, good luck with that. I don't know much about Roland.

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I only tried scummvm's internal Roland emulator. I'll give MUNT a shot now. Thanks for the tip.

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Ah, right, I wanted to try that too, but it shit itself before it could make a single sound. DOSBox + MUNT works perfectly, and it's not hard to set up.

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3 is also good. If you were so taken by the 1st two games that you get asspained over the difference between them and 3, then you are taking things way too seriously. Probably about 60% of the posts online complaining about 3 are actually made by Ron Gilbert.

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I liked 3 more than 2.
1 is best though.

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1 was a little overrated.
2 was spectacular.
3 was underrated.

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>1 was a little overrated
>2 was spectacular
>3 was underrated
imho it's the other way around. too overrated. the only ones that said otherwise back in the day were the same that now say that Monkey Island finished with 2 and with his original creator. (sorry for my english btw)

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I enjoyed a lot the third, not at the level of the second, probably the best adventure game I played as a child, but anyway, the third was fun enough to make me finish it and not drop it at any point.

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>monkey wrench
What do you guys call it? A spannery-dannery or something?

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I walk around humming the various Woodtick tunes all the time.
Wally's theme especially

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The only thing that really sets 3 apart negatively is the seafaring interlude. IIRC you could skip it, but it was a waste of space anyway.

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That much is true. For me the best experiences i had were with said LeChuck's Revenge and the notorious Broken Sword, the first one was really cozy and well thought. The second too, but not as much, imho. But besides that, MI2 was a blast in every single aspect you can think of, that's for sure.
In my country we call it in a way that is exactly translatable in "English wrench", kek. So no monkeys there.

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Well, my anonymity can go fuck itself so here's what you wanted to know.

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I liked the rhyming insult duels, but the ship battle minigame wasn't that fun. Good thing it's skipped if you fail the duel afterwards so you don't have to do it again.

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>monkey island fag
>he's Italian

Like clockwork.

>tfw la traduzione italiana di monkey 2 รจ un casino immondo anche se col suo fascino

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Fuck off Ezio, i played it in english back in the day. It's when i replayed it with the special edition that i realized the italian text was a bit farfetched

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Jeez how did your nipples get so erect m8 like chill out dude. I probably know more things about Monkey Island than you'll ever do in your sorry shitposting carrier :^)

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The special edition soundtracks + original graphics has been my preferred combo for years now, though the MIDI tracks are still immensely nostalgic.

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>I tried Roland emulation but it has too many faulty instruments on my test runs.

You probably didn't set it up correctly.

I encourage using DOSBox because ScummVM has some slight inaccuracies in the midi output, but the internal emulator is just a mirror of MUNT so it supposedly sounds the same.

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Go back to >>>/v/ kiddo. I won't even argue with the likes of you.

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What is there even to argue at this point, and how in the fuck did you get all ippity uppity from outing yourself as an Italian when it's shit literally nobody cares about. Well except me because us Italians really do seem to love Monkey Island for some unscrutinized reason. Please go get some medication amico.

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graphic adventures are not games

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kys please

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Kill yourself I just stated a fact, next you are gonna tell me VN are games too

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Define "game".

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Did you even read the thread or you're just plain autistic? I was pointing out how the monkey wrench pun didn't affect the italian version of the game, so it was somewhat harder. You stupid animeposter meatball eater

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Have I ever argued or even mentioned that monkey wrench tidbit in any of my posts? Doesn't look to me like I did you dum dummerole. You made however a huge deal over larping as a non-specified EU inhabitant instead of simply stating you were from the bel paese.

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I think the key word here is novel. Visual novel = comic books. Pictures and words and pages on a screen. Even if there were animations it wouldnt be a game. There is an overlap IF you are reading a choose your own adventure visual novel. That would be like an extremely rudimentary graphic adventure.

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Please answer my question.

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>outing yourself as an Italian when it's shit literally nobody cares
Ok, you're autistic.

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>behold, my reading comprehension

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The irony is that you're the one that apparently can't even read, but i'm tired of phrasing the same thing over and over, you're just dumb.

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Even the definitions support graphic adventures being games. There are many games that involve heavy text, like a fucking text book. This argument of yours was never correct. Think, if you will, through logic. There is reading material in games, but not all reading material are games.

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>Fuck off Ezio, i played it in english back in the day. It's when i replayed it with the special edition that i realized the italian text was a bit farfetched
>Go back to >>>/v/ kiddo. I won't even argue with the likes of you.
>Did you even read the thread or you're just plain autistic? I was pointing out how the monkey wrench pun didn't affect the italian version of the game, so it was somewhat harder. You stupid animeposter meatball eater
>Ok, you're autistic.

Find me the common thread between these spazzy, overly defensive (inexpicably so) posts while also matching them out to mine so you don't come off as a total lunatic, and I'll leave you the fuck alone.

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Ok, so that's precisely what I was arguing for? Good to know.

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Nobody cares about non English versions of games though, same with those fags who keep talking about how great the German voices of the Simpsons are.
Nobody cares about language!

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>Nobody cares about language!
As a professional translator, I am triggered.

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Just like a /v/ kid, you're reporting only my phrases. You were the first one attacking for no good reason, even though i was simply replying to an user interested in how the item in question was called. I didn't put any emphasis on the country aspect because the name of the item aside, it was pretty irrelevant. At least now, you do realize you're an idiot, right?
And i absolutely agree, but that wasn't the point you absolute retard.

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>You were the first one attacking

You may need to consider getting off this place, it's getting to your brain.

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>Attacking the form and not the message
Confirmed. Go away.

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>stating falsehood right off the bat
>a-attacking the form!!

Why should I have bothered reading further?

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Sure, whatever pleases your childish, doubtful line of reasoning.

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Find me any signs of aggression in >>4880531 and I'll concede. Otherwise, stop making such an orbital fool of yourself.

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That's not the one, Luca. It's this one, the one where you started bitchin' like a redditor would: >>4880592 and don't come to me saying that "Fuck off Ezio" triggered you, because that much was a little, simple joke. If we misunderstood each other then fine, let's end it here for once and start talking about our guy.brush

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Just fuck already.

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nice post

>> No.4880969

Thank you anon. I'm not too familiar with DOSbox and its cycles. I'm never sure if emulation problems are related to my cycle settings or some other problem. I would probably not notice slight midi inaccuracies. I'll give it a shot though.

>> No.4881016

I'm talking about ScummVM's internal MT-32 emulator, they just basically included MUNT's code, so it *should* sound the same as using the standalone emulator or another version of DOSBox with integrated emulation (which you are probably going to get, since the last official DOSBox is OLD). I use DOSBox SVN Daum but I'm been reading the last versions are broken, so you may get the earlier ones from 2015.

If using ScummVM is far more simple for you, just use that. As I stated, the MT-32 emulator is totally the same, you must have done something wrong if you heard faulty instruments, did you get the ROMs required for it to work? What's your CPU?

>> No.4881034

Oh ok, misread your post. To be honest I tried it on the scummVM port for the original Xbox since I mostly play in the living room. clearly too slow. It works fine on my quad-core laptop.

>> No.4881064

>clearly too slow.

No wonder, ScummVM uses a tiny buffer for MT-32 emulation while you can change it in whatever value you want on the standalone MUNT which does help giving you a consistent output at the cost of delay. The CPU requirements for a real time MT-32 emulation are at least Pentium 4 tier. Glad you ironed it out btw.

>> No.4881085

>The CPU requirements for a real time MT-32 emulation are at least Pentium 4 tier.
But anon, some Pentium IIIs were a lot faster than early Pentium 4s.

>> No.4881093

Yeah but P4 supported SSE2 and it is strictly a clock rate issue as far as MUNT is concerned, so
a 700MHz P3 isn't going to do the cut compared to a much higher P4.

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>>that wrong patch on 1:47
the fuck are you talking about? That's the iMuse system adjusting to the new theme of the cartographer's place.

>> No.4881198

That's interesting as hell. It never occurred to me that such a simple gag would rely so heavily on language. I can see how the Jojo part would seem random as fuck without the context of what a "monkey wrench" is.

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ikr? Fucking monkey... I WANT JOJO! JOJO! JOJO! wait, definitely wrong thread. But yeah, i'm glad someone else found out this thing.

>> No.4881260

I think i replied to the wrong person...

>> No.4881263

Wow, thats dumb. I tecently started learning japanese because of how many wacky and great awesome arcade puzzle simulation fighting games just weird crazy cool Japanese games off PS1 Super Nintendo Nintendo Sega Saturn you're an absolute fool it's never going to be able to experience that awesomeness just because you think that nobody cares about language

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nico was so thicc

>> No.4881876

I like Escape from Monkey Island. Come at me

>> No.4881889

It certainly had some highlights. I hated how LeChuck kept morphing though

>> No.4881937

Escape's premise seems a little dull at times, but it's actually a pretty funny game, possibly the best-written out of any of them. There's lots of clever shit in there on bureaucracy and commercialism, it just doesn't always feel like Monkey Island necessarily. Plus, GrimE just isn't really as satisfying as SCUMM, and it's the only game with the shitty Elaine.

>> No.4882002

>possibly the best-written out of any of them. There's lots of clever shit in there on bureaucracy and commercialism,
Either underage or legit retard.

>> No.4882013

Legit retard, thank you.

>> No.4882213


Listen to the same track on 19:42, that video you're referring to loads a wrong instrument (I call them patches) because of too many reasons to guess. The one I linked above, emulation and other issues aside, is the full soundtrack as it's intended to sound. I wish the Special Edition guys knew what they were doing when recording the classic's soundtrack.

>> No.4882235

>I wish the Special Edition guys knew what they were doing when recording the classic's soundtrack.

I say this, but it wouldn't have hurt for them to learn about MI2's soundtrack in general so that the rearranged tracks didn't sound off in some parts or so that the iMuse implementation was 1:1 with the game, which is sadly not the case. Woodtick's transitions were pretty much gimped.

>> No.4882483

I agree with you, MIDI will always be on a soft spot in my heart but damn, just put away those nostalgia headphones and give the special edition's versions a chance. They did an egregious work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpVF2t39jEc best part starts from 3:07 btw.

>> No.4882774

Just played through Shadow of the Comet. What a ride, the game really captured that Lovecraftian terror.

>> No.4882797

>Shadow of the Comet.
Thank you for reminding me about that game. I was too little back in the day to remember it vividly, but now it stroke me like a thunderbolt.

>> No.4883045

I still dont see what your talking about. That second example with the fade out defeats the whole purpose of iMuse.

What the hell wrong instrument do you think you're hearing?

>> No.4883073

>That second example with the fade out defeats the whole purpose of iMuse
Because iMuse is intended for gameplay, not soundtracks.

>What the hell wrong instrument do you think you're hearing?
On the wrong example, you hear a midi track (as in channel, not actual track) with this instrument, which already appears in another track, it's a pretty cool hammond which is everywhere in Monkey Island.


On the last video I linked, Wally's theme uses the intended instrument for that midi track/channel, which is this amazing harmonic synth.


Hope you'll be able to catch it now. The reason it's wrong on the earlier video is probably because either the .mid recording he was playing was broken, or his MT-32 skipped a command because of sub-optimal midi environment, or maybe because it's just old (dated units can't catch a break).

>> No.4883139

On closer inspection, it seems like they are just inverted, I didn't notice this, I thought there were two identical instruments. Of course you don't hear anything on the organ shuffle side because the attack rate for Harmo Pan is very long. So it's likely an error in the midi file he played back.

>> No.4883189

Why is everybody on /vr/ so nice? /v/ is pure cancer compared to this board. How did I not browse this place much sooner?

>> No.4883413

We try to stay radical as Tre/vr/ would want. We're not perfect and often falter from the path, but we nonetheless we try.

>> No.4883426

Yeah I see it now that I'm at home and hearing it on not-phone-to my-ear-speakers

The echoey, aural part is played by the wrong organ and the other part is played by the echoey synth instead.


>> No.4883479

2 Didn't have an easy mode, only 3 did. Unless they added one in the remaster? To be honest 2 has the hardest puzzles of the bunch.

>> No.4883501

We have standards, its kind of like the guidelines. We all have a similar attitude towards a time when common sense and common courtesy were real things. Something that seems to be lost amongst the masses of automotons.

>> No.4883520

Did you even read the thread? Two pastaniggers were aiming at each others throats.

>> No.4883545

>2 Didn't have an easy mode

2 very much had an easy mode, which was even advertised on the back of the box. Later CD releases cut it out for some reason, but the scripts inside the game still exists and are started by ScummVM. Special Edition also cut it because it has an internal hint system.

There are some funny scenes that only happen on easy mode, such as Fin's rat asking for help when you cut Fred's leg or Wally urinating on the killer candle to extinguish it. There are some missing NPCs like Kate Capsize and the cannon fellow on Booty, and I recall that drunk guy in Phatt and the fisher at the pier being absent as well. Plus you don't get to see the bone dance. That mode was perfect to entice players who played easy mode into having another go in regular, since they would be seeing much more game as reward for getting a harder adventure. Curse didn't really do much, since you only lost a few lines of dialogue for playing in easy mode while not actually gaining anything substantial. All of the game's locations were there on both difficulties.

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