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Best Resident Evil 1 version?

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There is no best version. They all have their pros & cons. Just don't use the Director's Cut Dualshock version because they changed the musics and it's worse. Regular Director's Cut is good on a first play.

I recommend the Saturn version.

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The not /vr/ one.

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If you can look past the horrible music, Director's Cut Dual Shock is ok. The Saturn version looks and sounds worse than the original and doesn't have auto-aim if I recall.

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Directors Cut Non Shock version. As good as the REmake is I feel like a lot of the camp appeal is lost and frankly the drab color pallet made me really miss the PS1's blues. I mean I know it's a horror game but that doesn't mean you have to be muddled

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DC version with original musics mod

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REmake is objectively the best version of re1 and objectively the best resident evil game.

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T. gamecube baby

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Play them all

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Nope, been going hard on the vidya since snes but nice try kid.

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t. dead to the world and unable to think

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DCDS version with 'Ultimate Director's Cut Dual Shock' patch to restore uncensored cutscenes and put back the music that doesn't sound like this:

Failing that standard Director's Cut.

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>Unironically recommending anything but the original US release
Enjoy your auto-aim and extra ink ribbons, kiddos.

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okay morbidly obese turbo autist

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The only bad music is the basement one that always gets posted here. Other than that it's just fine. DualShock DC is the best version of RE1 overall.

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Also, yeah that track is bad, but you're only in that part of the game for maybe five minutes.

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This. I'm normally a stickler for originals but honestly REmake got it absolutely right and the originals just seem like worse-looking versions of the same game.

>As good as the REmake is I feel like a lot of the camp appeal is lost

I think its merits as camp are debatable,since camp is a deliberate stylistic choice. RE1's "campiness" is just really, really bad dialogue and voice acting because back then there were no standards for game scripts and the fact that there was significant amounts of recorded voiceover work at all was still new and exciting.

"You, the master of unlocking" isn't funny, just stupid. The acting isn't self-aware enough to be campy.

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REmake is better overall but as others have pointed out in previous RE threads, the original still has its merits. I agree with people that point out the brighter color scheme for example.

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Just watch this and take your pick.


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>RE1's "campiness" is just really, really bad dialogue and voice acting because back then there were no standards for game scripts

Well yes. That's what makes camp, CAMP. Original RE1 is goofy but not intentionally so. Camp, really endearing camp, comes from that sincerity

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Just watch THIS and take your pick.

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Even if you don't consider that one track it still has worse musics. It's fine as a novelty to play once but the original are better.

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The save room track is also disappointing compared to the original, but yeah those two are all I can think of.

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I like the original Resident Evil for its difficulty. It is more unforgiving than later games. Hunters are NOT to be fucked with in RE1. They can insta-kill you with almost no warning.

Otherwise, it has never been my favorite because I find it a bit dreary and lonely to play. The music in some versions is a part of that; makes you feel tired.

That said, an overlooked feature of the original Resident Evil is how dynamic the story is. It's just little things and mainly only in Jill's game, but you can meet Barry in lots of different places, getting different dialogue or skipping bosses. REmake kept this, but only partially.

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While I enjoy all version, the REmake is way and away the best. Fuck, even the graphics looks better than most modern games.

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PC for uncensored movies
DC for Arrange
DS for Rebirth if you want 1 to play more like an action-focused game

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>just seem like worse-looking versions of the same game
except they aren't the same game you mutt, RE1 and REmake are different from each other as far as gameplay is concerned

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>Anything made after 1999 is shit!
Congratulations, you now understand why /vr/ is called a containment board.

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I think you will feel more at home on one of these boards

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The basement soundtrack is such a tiring meme at this point


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>REmake is objectively the worst version of re1
>and objectively the best resident evil game
not even in the top 5

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The original mode in the Director's Cut version still has all that stuff plus the added costumes and arrange mode. Yes, the original release is harder due to lack of auto aim but meh. I'd hardly consider Director's Cut a "novelty".

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If you truly think the new soundtrack in DualShock DC is horrible(it really isn't), then I'd say Deadly Silence. You get the original soundtrack and the helpful additions of a dedicated button for the knife and quick turn plus new costumes.

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Absolutely. I believe that it's still the best remake to this day.

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I do like how in the original (non DC) Resident Evil ink ribbons are actually more precious but honestly Arranged mode in Director's Cut makes up for any gripes with difficulty you might otherwise have.

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I personally like like the original more than REmake, but what games best it in the top 5? imho the top five include 1, 2, 3, CV and REmake, in no particular order.

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in no particular order (because they all peak in different aspects)
Outbreak 1
Outbreak 2
7 (has god-tier atmosphere like REmake but at the same time it surpasses REmake in several aspects, primarily the characters and the core gameplay)
id rank REmake at like 6th or 7th, alongside 0 I know most people don't like 0, but I rather found it to be extremely mediocre than bad.

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>I like the original Resident Evil for its difficulty.

Yes. One thing to know about is that difficulty may vary depending not only on region but also on version. In some versions zombies take more hits and deal more dmg as well than in others, but there is no proper documentation as to how each version is since it's quite a mess.

For instance I think that the PC version uses the easier Jap difficulty in all versions; unlike the original Saturn/PS1 releases which are harder.

>That said, an overlooked feature of the original Resident Evil is how dynamic the story is. It's just little things and mainly only in Jill's game, but you can meet Barry in lots of different places, getting different dialogue or skipping bosses. REmake kept this, but only partially.

Yes, it's a very overlooked feature which was also rather influential. It seems plenty of games were inspired by it or even used a very similar system, even non survival horror games.

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And you get to palpate Jill's body with the touchscreen, all while she's in a new, slut outfit. Definitely the way it was meant to be played.

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You literally have shit taste

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/v/core is usually the epitome of shit taste

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pretty sure /v/ was head over heals for 7 senpai

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damn son that's a good question

maybe the PC one? it's hell to get it to run tho.

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Mostly good reception, but not entirely positive. And that's okay because it's a good game.

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Unironically DS

Here it is running on Windows. Of course you can actually get the game and a DS, this is just for show. I like the scanlines filter (to the right), it looks very close to an actual DS.

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reminder that if you havent read every single diary you havent really played the game.

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Crimson heads will always scare the fuck out of me. I will always burn fucking every dead zombie ever.

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The standards by which all remakes are judged.

Not /vr/, though

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The main downside to Deadly Silence is occasional slowdown that doesn't exist in other versions. Otherwise, I agree. One of the best ports to a portable system ever.

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Which version is available on the US ps store digitally if I'm buying on PS3? When I look in the classics section it says Director's Cut, but doesn't specify if it's the dual shock version or not. Help!

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If you’re in North America, it’s the DualShock edition. I think it might be just the regular Director’s Cut in other regions.

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Cube one, doesn't look like shit and I always hated the tank controls.

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That’s the remake of the first game. OP is asking for the best version of the actual PlayStation original.

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For ps1 resident evil ultimate director cut

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I liked that instead of a flooded basement with small sharks you had a huge lab with big sharks.

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>straight outta /v/

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so I actually went through this obvious psychopath's video and I have to say the version that makes the most sense to play (besides REmakeHD of course) is the one for the NDS. It pretty much combines all the good stuff, has many extras, and it feels the most complete.

If you want the best looks and decide to live in an alternate reality in which REmake doesn't exist, or just want to get the uncensored bits, you'd go for the Windows version.

All other versions are flawed in one way or another and not worth the "sacrifice".

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For the remake version, that would be the PS4.
As for the Original, just get the Sega Saturn version. Avoid Director's Cut on the PS1, because that one has crappy music.

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>For the remake version, that would be the PS4.
Why's that?

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The PS4/Xbone versions run at 1080p 60fps. The DualShock Director's Cut soundtrack being bad is a meme btw. It's literally just one track in an area that you're in for five minutes.

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Yep. RE1 is nothing but a funny trash game for today standards, REmake still transport the feeling you had when you played RE1 when it first came out and still looks fantastic.

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>>> SO MUCH THIS <<<

I swear to fucking God, most people who complains about DC:DS soundtrack are fucking memers who saw their favorite e-celeb complain about it and played the infamous basement song.

DualShock have the original American difficulty AND analog + rumble support.

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And arrange mode is fucking great for people that played the original to death. Not to mention the new bonus costumes.

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But that is present on the original DC release.

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True but I like the added rumble and the revised soundtrack being bad is way, way overblown.

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Director's Cut DS has my favorite track from any of the classic RE games:


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REmake HD looks off to me somehow. Everything looks too sharp, and it's distracting to me. Then again, I've I only ever seen it at my friend's house. I still only have a CRT.

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THANK you, I was literally going to post this.

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It's so good. Perfectly eerie and reminiscent of the Exorcist theme.

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It honestly creeped me out the first time. (I played REmake first and wasn't expecting it). Isn't that also the moment when you discover the zombies eating each other? Really fucked up. I'm surprised it wasn't in the remake.

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Yes. It's only played in that blue colored hallway that's connected to the very top floor of the mansion. Really captures a feeling of insanity for me.

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The backgrounds are pre-rendered. The higher your resolution, the worse it will get.

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that only makes the game harder and therefore better

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>Isn't that also the moment when you discover the zombies eating each other?
i dont remember this on any version, not even Deadly Silence, got any source on this?

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They all god their pros and cons. Yes that even includes the Dual Shock Edition of the Director's Cut a lot of retards like to meme about because of ONE SONG.

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I played RE:DS these days and the zombies were so fucking easy to dodge (like they would constantly walk in circles or trying "to get inside walls").

Is the original like this too? I can't remember.

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IMO DS. You get the complete experience with some QOL adjustments to bring it more in line with 2 and 3. I especially like having the map on a separate screen. The Windows and Director's Cut editions are good choices too if you want to play on a bigger screen.
REmake is excellent of course but it's basically a brand new game and I think it's best when it's messing with your expectations from 1.

They used a sharpening filter on the prerendered backgrounds for REmake HD and altered the lighting a bit. Looks as good as you could hope for 480i prerendered backgrounds blown up to 1080p but it definitely looks different if you've played the GCN version.

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I can't for the life of me find a reference to it, but I saw it with my own eyes playing the dual shock version, and remember reading about the scene in Gamepro's walkthrough of the original long before I ever played it. So I'm sure it's in Deadly Silence. It's at the base of a set of stairs, I believe.

Kek, I remember accusing them of this on their Facebook page and they denied it.

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Nothing will ever beat this.


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Guess the music in Resident Evil is so much part of the atmosphere that I never put much thought into it. Now I need more.

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What Thinkpad?

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Why do people constantly confuse camp (which is an intentional comedic approach from writers and actors who know they're being absurd but play it straight) with garden-variety incompetence (which can be hilarious but not on purpose).

The Adam West Batman series was campy. When Adam West whips out bat-shark repellent or does the Batusi without giving away the joke, it's not because he didn't get the joke, it's because him not acknowledging it's funny makes it more funny. He's deadly serious in character but he knows it's a joke.

The naked gun is campy. When Leslie Nielsen says "don't call me shirley" he knows it's a pun. He gets the joke. His character doesn't, and that makes it funnier, but he gets the joke.

When Barry calls Jill "the master of unlocking" the writers are completely serious, because they were not good at writing dialogue and probably didn't even notice how awkward it sounded because they were hastily trying to translate from japanese. And the voice actor is completely serious because he wasn't thinking about it very hard and just read what they put in front of him with whatever inflection the scene called for. They don't get the joke because it wasn't a joke. They were serious, they were just so bad at being serious it became accidentally funny. And incompetence is not ironic, it's just funny in the same way a guy accidentally getting hit in the balls is funny. You can laugh at it, but don't give the creators credit for being genre. I doubt the guys who wrote the game even knew camp was a thing.

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uhm... T530

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Well, they DID remodel some of the environments in 3D. It's pretty easy to pick out the new assets from the older ones though. The lighting is also generally colder than the original.

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So are people recommending the Saturn version trolling? Because worse graphics, sound, and no auto aim...

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The Saturn version has *some* exclusive content to it, like a new monster, and also a special tyrant encounter, not to mention battle mode, which features a golden tyrant as a challenge.

The game doesn't perhaps look the greatest overall, but it at least tries to make a case for itself with some special content. And hell, if you had a Saturn, and you wanted to play Resident Evil, that was a way to do so.

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What are crimson heads?

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They were added in the Gamecube remake.

Basically, when you kill a zombie, his body will persist, and as time passes in the game, the body will mutate and turn into a much stronger, fiercer and faster zombie. You can tell if the body has transformed if the skin has turned red and his nails have grown out into claws. You can also see him move very slightly if you stand still and look closely.
As you move close, he will soon spring up and attack you, like he's lying there and waiting to ambush you.

To prevent Crimson Heads from happening, you have to either have destroyed the head of the zombie when you killed him, or you need to douse the body in kerosene and set him on fire with a lighter. The thing is though that the kerosene flask takes up an inventory space, and can only hold two doses of kerosene at a time, further there's only a couple of kerosene cans around the mansion, and they all have limited content. Further, if you're too late and attempting to burn a body, the Crimson Head might spring up on you as you're pouring the kerosene, wasting your dose.
One body in a hallway is scripted to already be transforming early in the game, and one encounter is set up later with an extra strong one, as a small bossfight. All the other zombies and bodies come down to chance.

It is, I think, one of the neater additions to the remake, and it really changes up the gameplay, as you need to weigh the use of 1 inventory space as Chris (who has a lighter in his 'special' slot), and 2 inventory spaces for Jill (where the lighter takes up inventory space). You either make it a point to systematically clear places out and burn bodies as necessary, going back and forth to refill your flask, occasionally lucking out and destroying zombies' heads, saving you doses, or you don't, and risk numerous dangerous encounters at numerous bad times, at the advantage of a less crowded inventory.
I like both the tactical element and the horror element that this all adds.

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>I was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.4891449

>Well, they DID remodel some of the environments in 3D
Interesting, I did not know that.
Perhaps I should play through the remaster on my friend's XBox sometime.

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> I doubt the guys who wrote the game even knew camp was a thing.

That sentence is too much. Next time take it way.

>worse graphics

The 2D backgrounds look better than on PS1.
The 3D models look more 'raw' indeed, but some even argue they look better.

>worse sound
Not true. Check the technical comparisons online. Comparisons, even 'technical', always have an angle, opinion, but it should convince you that even if not better, sound is not worse.

> and no auto aim...

Which is how the original release is like. How the game was originally balanced for.

> *some* exclusive content to it,

The Battle Mode is one of my favourites with RE3's and started the trend of battle modes.
The exclusive costumes are the best of any version, especially Chris's

Zombies have a different AI in the DS version, even in 'original' mode. That's part of the differences. I thought they were harder to dodge but it's been a long time.

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original for comparison. I enjoy both desu, I just can/t stand the DC DS save theme.


>> No.4891826

It's in the mansion basement.


>> No.4891859

No, they run at 30 fps. Only the Steam release runs at 60.

>> No.4891930

Oh, for some reason I remember the other music to that scene. I might have been wrong.

>> No.4892225

There are 'cannibal' zombies in the basement but also in that weird blue hallway as well.

>> No.4892229

>Which is how the original release is like.

Only in North America. The Japanese original PlayStation release of RE1 has auto aim.

>> No.4892232

You're technically right but you know what they mean; don't be an autistic nitpicker over semantics.

>> No.4892243

Woops, I'm misremembering. That creepy music plays the whole time when you're on the top floor but that blue hallway I'm talking about is the one briefly shown here at around 1:50:


>> No.4892248

Shit, wrong video lol.


>> No.4892257

Y'know, as much as I love REmake, the excessive, pixelated gore of the old games is just unbeatable.

The way the Tyrant is just fucking obliterated with the rocket launcher at the end, leaving him without his upper torso, and on fire, that shit is perfect, I really wish they would have emulated that for the REmake.

>> No.4892265

Agreed. I was so disappointed when Code Veronica removed the exploding zombie heads.

>> No.4893209

>The only bad music is the basement one

Most of the tracks are worse than the non-Dual Shock counterpart. They might not be bad, but they're certainly not as good.

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Best version is american original PS1.

Hardest difficulty (no auto-aim, original damage levels, less ammo and ink ribbons per pick-up) is the most important to me, because beating the game feels more "complete". Beating the game in worse circumstances means you beat the hardest challenge. Knife-only playthroughs are significantly harder without automatic aiming, so it's an important distinction for bragging rights...

I also prefer the PS1 aesthetic (and the Saturn to a lesser extent) to the polished Remake graphics.

Dual Shock controls are complete bullshit, easy-mode, casualization. They do not make sense in fixed-angle games, and anyone defending them should be shot in the head.

>> No.4893498

I don't think anyone actually uses the analog sticks for movement. I just like the added rumble.

>> No.4893729

>reminder that if you havent read every single diary you havent really beaten the game

>> No.4893847

i thought so too at first, but i think you can play the game just for the action of it, to kill zombies and shit. you can still beat it that way and it isnt wrong or incomplete, if thats all you want.
but then, diving into it to get the whole experience is what truly playing the game means, imo. its not just about beating it but about the experience you get as you play through it. from that pov one could say that beating it is actually playing it in all its possible scenarios, getting all endings items etc. thatd be another level.

>> No.4893904

there's a non-dualshock director's cut, you know

>> No.4893905

>best version of 1
aside from 7 being in your top 5 your list is pretty top tier there, anon

>> No.4893910

>hardest difficulty
arrange mode would like to have a word with you

>> No.4893942

I just meant in terms of the original campaign, I think of arrange mode more like an extra feature

>> No.4893961

I mean, it is just the original campaign but with a slight mix, and it's available from the start
it's the game's turbo hard mode

>> No.4893994

Oh I agree

>> No.4894013

Its cool that depending, barry can be a good or bad character but shit like him dropping the rope and then expecting the player to actually wait is downright dumb and out of gameplay-character for the game.

>> No.4894049 [DELETED] 

shit like him dropping the rope and then expecting the player to actually wait

they should have made the story so that Barry tells Jill to "wait here" in some way, so the player actually felt like staying. They really fucked it up.

>> No.4894054

>shit like him dropping the rope and then expecting the player to actually wait

they should have made the story so that Barry tells Jill to "wait here" in some way, so the player actually felt like staying. They really fucked it up.

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File: 78 KB, 677x478, 1496660061619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He says
>Wait! I'll go and get another rope!

Personally I was amazed when I found out waiting actually did something. Before that I had always thought it was typical video game BS and nothing could happen if I waited, so I never even tried.

>Knife-only playthroughs are significantly harder without automatic aiming

This; I only ever beat the game knife only using auto aiming. The only time it makes a real difference to me is against Tyrant in the lab, but it makes a substantial difference.

>> No.4895664

The Saturn models are higher poly and have more detailed textures. You can complain about the lack of 3D filtering which is a fair criticism, but the models themselves are superior.

>> No.4895685

It also has some extra costumes and an extra mode.

>> No.4895702

>iirc no auto-aim, just a basic bitch version. jp version has auto aim though
>director's cut
>adds rookie/arrange mode, 2 new costumes(for arrange mode), "new" pistol for arrange mode
>DC dualshock
>director's cut but with a music change, for better or worse
>battle mode, 2 new alt costumes, new enemy in underground, better graphics I believe
>moddability, skippable door transitions, 2 new alt costumes, an unlockable gun for chris and jill each. better graphics too
>deadly silence
>horribly compressed backgrounds, much nicer character models, co-op/vs multiplayer mode, new costumes for rebecca, chris, and jill, rebirth mode, ability to touch jill/rebecca's butt/breasts and chris' butt/hair, quick turn, dedicated knife button, map on top screen, uglier menu screen, health indicator on top screen

that's what I recall, at least
basically deadly silence is the most bang for your buck

>> No.4895710

I can deal with some low res, but the DS resolution is just TOO low for me at this point.

>> No.4895723

it makes up for it with the ability to touch jill's butt though

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I just beat RE1 for the first time with both Jill and Chris and I still don't understand what was really going on. If you can't answer this without spoiling RE2 or later then let me know, but what was the relation between the bioengineering going on and the year 1967? I'm assuming the bioengineering was something for military purposes happening more recently, while the mansion was turned into a booby-trapped madhouse in order to protect the bioengineering secret from trespassers/spies. But was the mansion booby trapped as far back as 1967? Was it built with that purpose in mind? Or was it repurposed later after initially being built as a regular mansion? As far as the virus that affected the 60s family, was that a naturally occurring virus that they just so happened to discover? Or one man-made by the military of the time that continued to work with it for the next 30 years?

Basically if someone could just layout the backstory for me in a way a 5 year-old could understand, that would be great.

>> No.4896017

REmake actually explains what's going on with the mansion, and the gravestone that leads to the basement is a leftover from a cut story regarding the architect of the mansion

>> No.4896378

I meant they should do it really obvious, like Barry telling Jill "wait here, don't leave this room" or whatever, maybe even in a way that doesn't involve a hole and a rope.

I can't see why they thought it was better to have the player unaware they were making an important choice by how they progress. Elsewhere in the game it just flat out asks you if you want to follow Barry or not with a yes/no prompt, you would never expect the same game to do something so meta. It's just funny to me

>> No.4896663

The DS version is great for what it is, especially because it's the only one which lets you skip doors AND cutscenes, but it's just not the classic game.
Between the re-done 3D models, the new moves, and the altered zombie AI, it's just not the classic experience.

Also out of all 'bis' modes (Director's Cut, etc) the DS arrange mode is the worst, it's really bad.

>> No.4898218

Original PC version with uncut full gore cinematics. I own a copy.

>> No.4898754

IIRC the PC version uses the original easier Japanese difficulty. Not 100% sure though.

Fun fact about the PC version: it has an extra Beretta clip, located in the Tyrant lab room in the shadows next to the door.

Maybe a hit from the PC devs that the Tyrant can actually be killed with less than 15 Beretta bullets?

>> No.4898762

Play the Director's Cut not Dualshock version.

REmake is good and all but it got really annoying with the Crimson Heads and also it doesn't feel like they added much else to the plate from DX other than being a total remake for the then-modern GameCube and the currently modern PS3/4 and 360/XB1.

>> No.4898769

I love the Crimson Heads, best addition of the game.

>> No.4898938

I don’t know about that. There were quite a few added or greatly expanded versions of existing areas. The aqua ring is definitely the most notable one though.

>> No.4899929

I like your wallpaper

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is there a rebecca mod?

>> No.4900376

In a ps1 thread there are comments about clown zombies farting in the basement of the Spencer Mansion. Can anyone elaborate on this? I've only played REmake.

>> No.4900434

I do, I'm the one weirdo who really likes tank controls with an analog stick. Feels so smooth to do.

>> No.4900494

the dualshock version of the director's cut had a soundtrack done by the deaf "japanese beethoven"
who, as it turns out, was actually a fraud who did had other people do most of his scores for him

the mansion basement theme was replaced by a score actually performed by the man himself, and it sounds like clowns farting through a hundred sad trumpets

>> No.4900501

>I'm the one weirdo who really likes tank controls with an analog stick

>> No.4900519

lmao okay. Do you happen to have a link to this particular track?

>> No.4900531


To me it sounds like John Carpenter had a sudden stroke over his keyboard and desperately continues playing.

>> No.4900541

I find it easier to make smooth turns while moving when I just need to move the stick over a bit compared to the D-pad.

>> No.4900543

Not as bad as I thought. Kinda dark and creepy but at the same time pretty retarded.

>> No.4900545


>> No.4900549


>> No.4901160

let me know if you want it

>> No.4901354

There was one planned for RE1 and one for RE3 but they never happened

However on PC and on DS you can switch the models around. On PC you can switch sounds too, etc

On PC it's harder to do it doesn't work completely, Barry and Rebecca aren't made to hold guns other than the Beretta so the guns aren't textured properly; but on DS due to the MP mode which lets you play as anyone from both Bravo and Alpha teams, you can easily switch models around and play the game as anyone and it's completely functional


>> No.4901397

REmake is great and I liked the DS version.

>> No.4903581

Bump for interest

>> No.4903616
File: 221 KB, 1600x1200, e7e7cb4a-2237-481b-9236-3c155225e539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got the japanese saturn version the other day. There absolutely IS auto aim present. The models look much cleaner. The textures have more contrast and detail. The music is ok. The sound effects are slightly muffled. Voices are great. So far i like this better than the PSX version.

>> No.4903620

I suppose the difficulty is the same as the original Jap PSX release, which is easier than the US one.

Enjoy dem costumes and dat Battle Mode

>> No.4903623

its against /vp/ bible but REmake is so fucking good
The movement and look is so much better when you can run and turn at the same time instead of stopping and turning manually

>> No.4903630

Are you talking about the camera centric control schemes added in the re-release?

That thing is a cheat. People who don't realize that to grasp the concept of gameplay.
Those controls allow moves you're not supposed to be able to do, had the game been designed with those moves in the first place, then enemies would also have different moves.

Example on the first zombie, see how much easier it is to bait him with these new controls.
For those who don't know, once a zombie is baited, you can safely run past him


>> No.4903762

I don't really care about that stuff. The updated analog controls definitely feel better.

>> No.4904020

As others have pointed out in the past, it's probably the instrumentation that is fucked, not the composition itself. You can almost hear how the notes make sense, if you imagine, say, piano sounds, instad of the horrible ass trumpets.

Maybe some of the tracks have merit as is, but compared to the originals they are just garbage. ESPECIALLY the basement theme, which is the best track of the original soundtrack, if you ask me.

>> No.4904030

>when you can run and turn at the same time instead of stopping and turning manually
>The updated analog controls definitely feel better.

It also makes it easy as fuck, practically game-breaking, which makes it shit.

>> No.4904032

Eh, just crank up the difficulty and it's fine.

>> No.4904125

Why is this board so obsessed with everything having to be high difficulty in order to be good? It’s bizarre.

>> No.4904131

Having my friend play RE2 and he was groaning about tank controls even before he started (I debated letting him use analog becuase he's playing N64 version) and I remember telling him he should be used to it, he played REmake. But then I realized he played it on his Xbox and was probably using the analog controls.

>> No.4904186

Sounds like a Downs Syndrome patient playing a shitty Casio keyboard

>> No.4904228

>And the voice actor is completely serious because he wasn't thinking about it very hard and just read what they put in front of him with whatever inflection the scene called for. They don't get the joke because it wasn't a joke
I've heard stories from the voice actors that they actually could've played their parts better but the Japanese recording director wanted them to speak the lines the way they ended up in the finished game. So if anyone didn't get the joke, it's the director.

>> No.4904250

Suzuki did the same thing with the English Shenmue dub. It's completely possible they just don't understand how silly it sounds to native English speakers.

>> No.4904362

>Downs Syndrome patient

Patient would imply that down syndrome is something that can be treated for.

>> No.4904803
File: 713 KB, 2048x1536, 0714181712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got my copy of Resident Evil Directors Cut (Japanese version) in the mail. If anyone wants me too, I'll take some pictures. The manual is really cool, since it has a lot of character art work.

BTW, Japanese sellers are always putting in thank you notes when I order stuff from Japan off ebay. It's the cutest damn thing ever.

>> No.4904810

>If anyone wants me too, I'll take some pictures.
Well I don't see why not.

>> No.4904825
File: 664 KB, 2048x1536, 0714181721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Alright. I'll start with this, the cute message the seller put on the game

>> No.4904887
File: 734 KB, 2048x1536, 0714181735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.4904891
File: 820 KB, 2048x1536, 0714181735a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4904895
File: 831 KB, 2048x1536, 0714181736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.4904897

Sorry to interrupt but let's settle this once and for all: is the guy on the memorably hideous North American box art supposed to be Chris or Richard?

>> No.4904901
File: 881 KB, 2048x1536, 0714181736a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.4904902
File: 1.79 MB, 3232x2175, 48930-resident-evil-old-full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oops, forgot the pic.

>> No.4904908

Looks more like Richard but I'm like 99% sure it was supposed to be Chris anyways. Honestly I don't think the art is ugly at all, just hilariously detached.

>> No.4904913
File: 786 KB, 2048x1536, 0714181737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


5/5, these were the most interesting things in the booklet. If you guys want more, I can dump everything but I didn't think it would be that interesting to you. I really do love the art work.


Pretty sure it's Chris, as Sylvester Stallone in Judge Dredd. (I'm not kidding)

>> No.4904916
File: 140 KB, 640x451, megamanboxart01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd put it up there with the infamous Mega Man box art. Capcom has had some memorably weird stuff.

>> No.4904918
File: 1.31 MB, 1698x1643, 1398126261254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4904921

Saturn version? Kys

>> No.4904923


>> No.4905091
File: 55 KB, 324x463, d407f7d430bfcab46a13701084418bd4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These are great, thanks.

>> No.4905126

Iirc from gamefan didn't the storage boxes in the Japanese version not carry over as a shared inventory? In other words if you placed a key in the inventory box in the mansion and you need it in the guest house you have to go all the way back to that one box to get it. It made a huge difference in lessening frustration with the limited slots.

>> No.4905142

I think they considered that when the game was in beta but was never implemented in any of the final releases.

>> No.4905189
File: 146 KB, 496x496, 8c3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>RE autists/speedrunners all agree REmake is GOAT

>/vr/ contrarian shit head says it's not

>> No.4905228
File: 918 KB, 2048x1536, 0714181946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


No problem, here is a slightly better picture of the the section with all the S.T.A.R.S. Members.

In case you are wondering, it was only 12.50 for the game including shipping. I think it's a really fair price for a Japanese version of RE. The Art work is worth it alone, and it's pretty crazy to play the original RE from Japan.

>> No.4905238

Who's the guy with the mullet right next to Rebecca?

>> No.4905298

I used to like 3, but it's just not a good game.

The movement controls are nice, and there's plenty of replay value due to random elements and challenge run potential. Gun powder is a great novelty too.

The problems start when you realise the following:

>the game is made up almost exclusively of streets, hallways and narrow paths. This makes exploration simplified, yet still more time consuming. So unlike earlier games, which could be beaten faster once you know the layout, RE3 stays the same length for the most part.
>it's an action game, but the combat sucks. Dino crisis 2 proves this point perfectly.
>it's an ineffective survival horror game because puzzles are all either incidental (needing to use a wrench or hose) or their only "challenge" comes from randomization of some kind
>item management is pointless, because gun powder trivializes it entirely. You could just make whatever ammo you need and coast. Never needing healing items, unless you fuck up massively.
>the plot is of no consequence and can (and has) be summed up in a line of dualogue in another game. On that topic, none of the epilogues ever lead anywhere either.
>combat is as it is because "muh horror" yet it's by far the least creepy, atmospheric or horrific RE game. And RE4 and on prove atmosphere is possible in an action game. So they effectively nuetered the potential in the combat for no reason. turning a potentially amazing game into a dull slog
>the game is built on gimmick game mechanics. Like that shit dodge function, ammo creation, random elements and etc. It's a house built on very shaky ground with no solid foundation, if you will. Any one of those would have been fine, but all of it together makes it feel like a novelty game that's no good without it's gimmicks. Which is actually true...

So it's a bad action game, bad horror game, bad action/adventure game, and has no other genuine redeeming qualities, aside from movement controls being smooth. It's a bad game.

>> No.4905302

Forest. He's the one that gets killed by crows on the balcony.

>> No.4905307

Perfectly sums up how I feel about RE3. The idea of Nemesis himself is fantastic but it's a fairly mediocre RE game as a whole.

>> No.4905372
File: 1.91 MB, 375x212, hwaaat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying autism isn't why we're all here

>> No.4906221

Did Zero add another Bravo team member? Who was the guy who got killed on the train? I don't remember.

>> No.4908374

So what's your guys best score for RE1 Saturn Battle mode?

Chris: 479 points, time: 9m29s

if the letter is a rank I have no idea how one is supposed to reach A rank... maybe knife only?

For what it's worth I'm using PAL version, no autoaiming, not sure if the timer has its speed reduced accordingly either

>> No.4908448

Just played through Zero. All I have to say is that it's definitely my least favorite classic style RE ever. So much infuriating bullshit on this game.

>> No.4908469

I didn't hate it, but once I finished, I felt "I'm glad it's over."
I usually replay a Resident Evil a few times, but not that one.

>> No.4908473

Zero is good game, but it's just... painfully average, soulless.

Everything about it is "been there, done that", all they do is recycle stuff from previous RE games, like for instance puzzles, and only make them a little more different, a little more complicated. I genuinely believe this wouldn't have been a problem had it come out on N64, N64 version which looked a lot more colourful as well.

Everything new that the game brings is also not good. Good idea on papers, but terrible execution... like the lack of item boxes which in return only make the game more painful..

The Leeches, main theme of the game, also fail to be good enemies, both in terms of sheer horror or gameplay wise.

The 2 characters thing, the problem of which being Rebecca has so few hp and there is no point in using her... and there is no point is using the help AI to bring to a fight either except in a couple of overcrowded rooms, because they'll waste a shit ton of ammo and health.
If only this would have been a real 2 player co-op, now that would have been amazing. Even if it took to link 2 TVs, 2 consoles and 2 games I don't care, it should have been a thing, especially after Outbreak.

The story is a disaster as well, and technically speaking, between the controls, the moves, the 3D models and the FMW, the game is below REmake.

>> No.4908474

Yeah, REmake is SO much better. I guess the B Team must have worked on Zero.

>> No.4908478

Weird, I liked it a lot. I would actually consider it my 2nd favourite "classic" RE after 2.

The "2 characters" mechanic wasn't nearly as annoying as I'd feared, the graphics were really sweet and the levels were interesting. It didn't reinvent the wheel or anything, but it was a good last effort at having a classic style RE before the series moved on.

>> No.4908489

I really like 0 for what it is, but it fails badly compared to all the other classic games. 0 would have been an A+ game if you could choose to play as either Rebecca or Billy in the same way you chose to play as Jill or Chris in REmake. The partner thing was literally retarded. ALL it did was force you to send items up and down dumbwaiters and use Billy to push stuff that is too heavy for Rebecca. The no item box is a result of the partner system as well I suppose...also cancer. The fact that I am forced to stand behind a door and tell my partner not to follow and then have to run through a hallway twice and dodge the same thing TWICE (four times if I have to run back....) because I can't trust the AI to not start shooting makes me so mad. As another anon has said, there are a few rooms where you bring both characters to clear it but most of the time you run in solo because you can't trust the AI to not fuck up...fucking painful. The locations that you got to explore were fun though...

>> No.4908498

Oh hey actually, checking my Jill score:

rank S / 1146 pts / 7min43

No idea how i achieved that

>> No.4908504

The only good part of Zero were the graphics, the game looks really beautiful, better than REmake.. Everything else is cancer.

>No item boxes, which means that you have to constantly backtrack to bring everything you have to the next safe room.
>Six item slots, and several weapons use two.
>The two character system means that you have to babysit the one you're not using, and will spend twice as much ammo and healing items
>Rebecca is brought down to orange Caution after one zombie bite, and you can't leave her behind because you need her as a pack mule and several puzzles require both characters.
>The puzzles and overall game progression is particularly convoluted and cumbersome, even for classic RE standards, worse than CVX
>Enemies are very cheap, and can easily stun lock you to death. It seems very hard to dodge them, too, forcing you to fight everything.
>LEECH ZOMBIES. I'd rather face Crimson Heads than those.

>> No.4908510

>>Rebecca is brought down to orange Caution after one zombie bite
I am pretty sure this is true with REmake as well though. On hard mode in REmake there is like a 50/50 chance of that zombie (2nd floor in the statue hallway after the fat zombie) at the start of the game after you get the arrow biting you and it brings you down to orange every time unless you're playing as Chris and get really lucky.

>> No.4908513

The bosses are also the lamest in the series. Yes, the giant snake and spider in RE1 are pretty nonsensical but where the fuck did the scorpion even come from? Just leapt onto a moving train?

>> No.4908515

The bat in the church is the worst. All of those little bats that swarm you and you lock onto them with the way aiming works lol.....painful.

>> No.4908520

If you check the floor plan of the mansion, the snake in RE1 makes no sense either really, in both locations.

Initially he was planned for outdoor, in the room with the crank and stepladder right after you use the 4 symbols, which I guess made a little more sense. It's also the reason why there is no door there in the Hunter video.

i guess they changed it so it's better gameplay wise even if it's worse 'realisticly'

hate that shit, and the camera angle doesn't help either... you have no idea how many times I failed there when trying to do Hard - No Save/no Spray runs.
Hard mode for RE0 is really painful, it's Hard yes, but not for the right reasons, unlike REmake's different difficulty settings

>> No.4908527

Normal on Zero is equivalent to Hard on REmake. Zero’s Hard is a kick on the teeth unlike any other RE game

>> No.4908557

>I'd rather face Crimson Heads than those.
I don't get why people hate Crimson Heads, I think they're great.

>> No.4908565

Does being bitten by a zambie on hard take Rebecca down to danger?

>> No.4908579

I think it's the same, but there is a lot less supplies.

>> No.4910308
File: 476 KB, 1280x480, Jill_RE1_traje_SS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are the Saturn version costumes so good?

Why is the Saturn version Battle Mode so good?

Why is the Saturn version the best RE1 version?

>> No.4910315

that feel

>> No.4910790
File: 2.18 MB, 1500x1080, RE_Forest_Dead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4910808

The extra pale skin contrast makes this much more grosser than I remember.

>> No.4911386

The wonderful thing about it is, even if they did it accidentally, they wound up making the exact game equivalent of a horror B-movie. Which is why it's so bad it's good in so many ways.

Which is also why RE2 feels like the A-budget sequel to the surprise cult hit B-movie. It ... honestly kind of was.

That's probably why I like the schlockier versions, tank controls and all. That's not to say that I don't also like REmake for different reasons: again, it's the higher-budget remake, complete with (sometimes unfortunately) partially redubbed voices.

>> No.4911605

There's very much the air of a b-horror movie in the fist one, and that's what makes it more charming than anything.
Some of it lingers a bit in the early games, but man, the voice acting and the live action scenes, they can't be beat, equal parts funny and corny, and equal parts, 'actually pretty cool'.
For the low production value and goofy style, Chris still looks like a complete badass lighting a smoke, and Barry looks serious and focused, loading his revolver.

>> No.4911701

Oh my cod!

>> No.4911734

>chris laughing at the tyrant
>"you can't kill ME"

I don't care what anybody says, that's cool.

>> No.4912041

Steam doesn't have physical copies. PS4 and Xbox One does.

>> No.4913610
File: 298 KB, 1920x1080, Alpha 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you guys got the alpha versions, right?