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>look up videos of Mortal Kombat Trilogy on N64
>the graphics are mangled up in an emulator
Was it that difficult for the game to be properly emulated?

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> huehuehue
> n64 emulation is bad mem


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>n64 emulation isn't bad

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I've never had problems with 100% of the... 5 games I ran on it. So no one ever had problems with any games too. Shut up!

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Nope, they did that on purpose. If you don't like their blatant trolling you could always take a minute or two to code your own 100% accurate N64 emulator.

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looks fine.

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I don't see problems

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It's not like the N64 had more than that anyway.

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That's because emulators suck. It's better to play on an actual system for accuracy.

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MK Thrilogy has worked fine for a good decade on N64 emulation.
Look up the settings you need OP.

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Anybody try cen64 yet? It can boot a few games but it's supposed to be uber accurate it's just wicked slow right now.

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Daily reminder that 5th gen only had 7 good games.
3 on Saturn
3 on N64
1 on PS.

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Epic bait

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Not bait. It's truth that emulators aren't 100% accurate.

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>MK Trilogy on the N64...
Come on, the PS1 version is where it's at

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depends on the console and generation we're talking about

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You may be baiting, but just in case, PS1 version has loading times (even in-match loading time in the case of Tsung) and doesn't support 3 on 3 tag battles.
The N64 version is the one used in tourneys, too.

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n64 version is better because it doesn't decide to randomly jack the difficulty up even when set to very easy.

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