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I don't know about you, but that cover looks pretty badass. I'd play it judging by cover alone.

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Hi Ashens

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He did post a bunch of shitty Euro PC games aside from this...

Stuart. Please stop eating all of that dangerously expired food.

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Im just a fan of his shitty vids

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But that's genuinely good box art. If you hate clowns that's on you but there's nothing wrong with that artwork.

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I guess your right I do like clowns. art is subjective anyway.

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reminds me of that tom cruise laughing meme

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Jesus! Did Rob Liefeld draw this?

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ssh, no need to be upset, let your jimmies unrustle

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Couldn't be, muscles are too small.

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did capcom ever give an explanation behind this?

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When SFxT came out, it had bad Megaman in it as a playable character. I remember at the time they were asked what was up and they just said they hired somebody, told him nothing about what the game was actually like, and he just made a blue guy with a gun.

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Nobody would mention this game anywhere near as frequently as they do if not for this ridiculous box art.
In that sense, this is the best kind of box art you could hope for.

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Which is what they were going for, otherwise it would've been just another forgettable shooter.

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That's why I posted it, it's secretly a modern masterpiece of video game box art.

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That old man is probably dead now. :(

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> s0yb0y
> megacuck
that's what it looked like to me at first glance.

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If I remember correctly, that weird cover was made that way on purpose to draw people's attention to it.

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Bertil Valley, construction company owner and volunteer mall Santa. Passed away in 2004.

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Is no Master System the hard mode of the thread?

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shit like this is why the master system wasn't that popular in the states

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The box art was simple, but the games were very good. Though it would have made more sense to have used the same format as the Mark III art.

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No, it's secretly as masterpiece of marketing. As actual art, fuck no, it sucks.
But you stopped when you saw it, though.
You went, "Wait, was that some old fucker with a banjo, what is this?" So you picked it up, turned it over, read what it was actually about. And the back of the box didn't waste words telling you, PHALANX PHALANX PHALANX. Now it lives in your brain, probably forever.

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Absolutely. I have no idea what Phalanx actually looks like but that box art is eternally burned into my brain from seeing it at video stores.

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The developers of Hokuto no Ken must have been pissed with the cover for the localisation if this game.

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Bad box art, not best box art

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Why this keeps getting posted in every bad cover art thread, at least is original in a funny way.

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The only thing wrong with Phalanx's cover is that it's a far more interesting setting than the one in the actual game.

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The only thing wrong with Phalanx's cover is that it's a more interesting setting than the one in the actual game. I love the chiaroscuro "Losing My Religion" aesthetic, I love how the spaceship streaks by like a shooting star, I love the dog.

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They turned him into the mascot for a Mexican candy brand sitting in the back of a sketchy corner store, lightly covered in dust, the faint odor of tamarind leaking through the wrappers.

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classic turbografx art

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When you're console is directed towards the Chads.

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It was literally phoned in and created by someone with no semblance of the game; they finished in an hour
Pretty much exactly what you'd expect

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Poland can into covers.

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I have no words about this picture. Literally every single thing on it is ridiculous.

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>literally done with crayon

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Why is this the most generic thing ever. It's not even "an attempt was made" with some creative flair, or overtly bland like the SMS games. I can feel the artist sweating bullets and trying not to include anything he shouldn't.

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Why would they commission someone to make an inferior copy of the original bad-ass art?

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